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Obama Accelerates End of U.S. Combat Role in Afghanistan

by Donald Douglas on Saturday, January 12th, 2013

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Things aren’t going to turn out well in Afghanistan, but this is what the president’s always wanted.

At the Wall Street Journal, “Afghanistan War Goal ‘Now Within Reach,’ President Declares; U.S. to Transition Into Advisory Role“:


WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama said he would speed up troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, signaling his intention to accelerate the end of America’s longest war.

After White House meetings with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Friday, Mr. Obama said the U.S. is moving up the schedules for pulling American forces out of Afghan villages and for ending most unilateral combat operations. That is possible, he said, thanks to what he described as recent gains by U.S. troops and progress in training Afghan security forces to take the combat lead.

“The reason we went to war in the first place is now within reach: ensuring that al Qaeda can never again use Afghanistan to launch attacks against our country,” Mr. Obama said.

“Starting this spring, our troops will have a different mission—training, advising, assisting Afghan forces,” he added. “This sets the stage for the further reduction of coalition forces.”

The shift, announced by the president at a White House news conference with Mr. Karzai, could carry benefits for both leaders as they negotiate winding down the unpopular war, now in its 12th year.

Mr. Obama provided few new details except to say that American force reductions should continue at a steady pace, signaling at least some of the 66,000 American troops now in Afghanistan could leave starting this spring and summer, rather than in the fall, the time frame preferred by commanders.

Top Pentagon officials had said that they envisioned the U.S. shifting from a combat to a support mission, focused on training and assisting the Afghans, in mid-2013. The steps announced Friday by the U.S. and Afghan leaders moved up that time frame by several months, to spring.

A faster withdrawal timeline allows Mr. Karzai to argue back home that he has been able to more quickly recoup Afghanistan’s sovereignty, with Afghan forces taking the lead on security and U.S. troops exiting sooner.

In the U.S., Mr. Obama gets to make the case to Americans that he isn’t only winding down the war, but that he is doing so even faster than he had promised.

To military experts, speeding the withdrawal process may not be the best war strategy. Afghan and coalition officials said Afghan troops still depend on international forces for artillery, air support, intelligence collection and casualty evacuation.

“If this acceleration means the Afghans don’t have access to those combat multipliers…that puts their ability to assume lead responsibility at risk,” said Gen. James Dubik, a senior fellow for the Institute for the Study of War, a think tank occasionally critical of the administration’s strategy.

PREVIOUSLY: “How to Waste a Decade in Afghanistan.”

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Obamacare Decision Coming Thursday at 10 a.m.

by Doug Powers on Monday, June 25th, 2012

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nullThe Supreme Court didn’t take Nancy Pelosi’s word for it that the “Affordable Care Act” is constitutionally ironclad, so they heard the case and their decison on Obamacare will finally come Thursday around 10 a.m.

Based on the mood of the Court today, I’m thinking we should prepare for a split decision with parts upheld and parts struck down.

I do still think the individual mandate is doomed. Then again, I’m not a lawyer. But enough bragging.

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Non Shocker of the Day: Obama Holds Big Lead Over Romney Among Latino Voters

by Doug Powers on Monday, June 25th, 2012

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As a wise man once said: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; Take his fork and he’ll vote for you for a lifetime“:

WASHINGTON – President Obama has built an overwhelming lead among Latino voters, a nationwide USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of Hispanics finds, as Republican challenger Mitt Romney faces a difficult path ahead to make inroads among what has been the nation’s fastest-growing ethnic group for a generation.

The president leads Romney 66%-25% among more than 1,000 Latino registered voters surveyed April 16 to May 31, matching his muscular showing in the 2008 election among Hispanics. Romney is in the weakest position among Latinos of any presidential contender since 1996 — and in those intervening 16 years their percentage of the electorate has doubled.

Romney’s concerning me here because his answer to this is to be “Obama-lite” and offer his own version of what Obama’s doing. It reminded me of the 1994 Senate debate when Mitt tried to out-Kennedy Ted Kennedy.

Romney is not going to win over the Latino vote, and in his futile attempts to do so he risks further alienating some of the Republican base with whom his political relationship is already tenuous at best. Mitt should avoid pandering and instead outline how the conservative approach is the best thing for all Americans and is fair to those Latinos, and immigrants in general, who took the time and did the paperwork to become legal US citizens. But maybe Romney doesn’t agree with the conservative approach.

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Obama Going to Disney World

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

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nullI was really excited about this at first because I thought we’d finally get a photo of Obama in the Magic Kingdom with Goofy. But sadly, Joe Biden won’t be travelling with the President this week.

Why am I guessing that this POTUS assistance will culminate in Disney going bankrupt before summertime?

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will visit Walt Disney World on Thursday to “unveil a strategy that will significantly help boost tourism and travel,” a White House aide said today.

The president will deliver his remarks inside the Magic Kingdom, with Disney’s iconic Cinderella Castle as backdrop.

That “strategy” is looser visa policies to get more visitors to places like Disney World. Loosening visa policies is not a good idea.

And of course, whenever Obama visits a state these days, Dems in toss-up districts scatter like cockroaches when the light gets switched on. Florida Democrats are offering the usual “uh, I have to re-arrange my sock drawer” excuse for missing Obama’s visit and avoiding a possible kiss of political death:

It doesn’t appear, however, that Obama will get much love from local politicians. Aides to U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said the Florida Democrat was unlikely to attend because the office “got word too late” of the visit and had meetings planned in other parts of the state. And Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is scheduled to be in Washington that day for a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Barack Obama — the Maytag Repairman of presidents.

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Obama Administration to Deploy Military Advisors to Uganda

by Donald Douglas on Sunday, October 16th, 2011

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This is out of the blue, or something.

At New York Times, “Armed U.S. Advisers to Help Fight African Renegade Group“:‎

WASHINGTON — President Obama said Friday that he had ordered the deployment of 100 armed military advisers to central Africa to help regional forces combat the Lord’s Resistance Army, a notorious renegade group that has terrorized villagers in at least four countries with marauding bands that kill, rape, maim and kidnap with impunity.

The deployment represents a muscular escalation of American military efforts to help fight the Lord’s Resistance Army, which originated as a Ugandan rebel force in the 1980s and morphed into a fearsome cultlike group of fighters. It is led by Joseph Kony, a self-proclaimed prophet known for ordering village massacres, recruiting prepubescent soldiers, keeping harems of child brides and mutilating opponents.

“For more than two decades, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has murdered, raped and kidnapped tens of thousands of men, women and children in central Africa,” Mr. Obama wrote in a letter to Congress announcing the military deployment. “The LRA continues to commit atrocities across the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan that have a disproportionate impact on regional security.”

The decision by Mr. Obama to deploy armed military advisers into the region was welcomed by human rights advocates who have chronicled the atrocities committed by Mr. Kony and his subordinates. But it also raises the risk of putting American military personnel in harm’s way in another region while the United States is winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, it’s certainly fits the progressive rationale for foreign military intervention: human rights. But 100 “advisers”? Sounds like how the Kennedy administration sent advisers to Vietnam and we ended up with 500,000 troops in country by the end of 1965. And boy, it’s that some creepy group, the LRA. I’d be interested to hear some of the internal White House debate on the mission.

Anyway, see Rush Limbaugh for the critique, which I’m not necessarily endorsing, “Obama Invades Uganda, Targets Christians.” (Via Memeorandum.)

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Obama Signs Executive Order to Trim Diversify Federal Work Force

by Doug Powers on Friday, August 19th, 2011

So how’s that “leading us into a ‘post-racial America’ and a truly colorblind society” thing coming along, Mr. President?

From the Houston Chronicle:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has signed an executive order directing the federal government to design a new strategy for hiring, promoting and keeping workers of diverse backgrounds.

Why can’t that “strategy” simply be coming up with better ways to gauge general competence and productivity? (pause for laughter)

The three-page order released Thursday directs the head of the Office of Personnel Management, a deputy director at the Office of Management and Budget and two other agencies to develop the strategy within 90 days. Agencies then have 120 days to implement it.

An Office of Personnel Management report says that in fiscal year 2010, the federal workforce was 66.2 percent white, 17.7 percent black, 8 percent Hispanic, 5.6 percent Asian/Pacific Islander, 1.8 percent Native American. It was 56.1 percent male.

Read the above percentages again. They’re fairly close to the breakdown of the general population — with the government actually employing a higher percentage of African-Americans than are in the population in general. The “diversity” of Federal employees does seem to reflect the makeup of the country — so what’s with the “Executive Order”? Sounds like even more mandated racism is on the way. And I’m sure it has nothing to do with warding off the Black Caucus’s impending mutiny against Obama — not at all… just a coincidence I’m sure.

Finally, if the president has a problem with the fact that there seems to be slightly more men than women working in government when compared to the percentage of the general population, Obama could easily remedy that by firing Biden as VP, replacing him with Hillary, and then resigning the presidency.

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Obama: We Need to Get a Handle on Long Term Debt So We Can Pay for Jobs Programs Now

by Doug Powers on Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Same old sales pitch

The Obama administration is fully aware that the unemployment rate needs to drop if the president is to have any hope of re-election, so brace for more artificial measures to push down unemployment (besides increasing food stamp usage and extending jobless benefits). What will Obama propose? Mobilizing for a space alien attack? Possibly. But most likely, should the president’s spoken “plan” ever make its way to paper, more “stimulus” could be in America’s near future:

As he prepares to give a major speech with fresh ideas to jump-start the economy, President Obama told a Kansas City television station Tuesday that he wants to rein in the deficit in the long term in order to spend on jobs programs “here and now.”
“I think that we’ve got to take a longer term view — how do we deal with our deficit and debt in a long-term way? If we get that under control, we can actually pay for some additional job programs in the here and now,” Obama told FOX 4 in Kansas City. “It’s that kind of combination that I want to be able to present to Congress when they come home.”

John Boehner’s Press Secretary responded to the “another plan delivered via speech” approach (h/t HAP):


The CBO has said they can’t score speeches — so naturally another speech it is!

In other “Jobs Tour” news, the bus itself has helped create jobs. Well, in Canada, but it’s a start:

WASHINGTON — President Obama is barnstorming the heartland to boost US jobs in a taxpayer-financed luxury bus the government had custom built — in Canada, The Post has learned.

The $1.1 million vehicle, one of two that Quebec-based Prevost sold the government, has been tricked out by the Secret Service with state-of-the-art security features and creature comforts.

At least the Canadian buses would explain the recent appearance of all the hockey sticks.

Also, a couple of days ago, President Obama told the auto industry, “You can’t just make money on SUVs and trucks.”

Judging from his Midwest motorcade, you certainly can if you sell to the administration’s Motorcade Czar:


They were going to include a Volt in the motorcade for “green” promotional purposes, but TOTUS refused to share its extension cord. That’s probably for the best anyway, because this guy was scheduled to drive.

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Obama’s Cool Goes Missing—Again!

by John Lillpop on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

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In what is becoming a familiar ritual in Washington, President Barack Obama went on a 35-minute tirade of angry accusations, name calling, and peeved rhetoric; this time, against his former golf buddy John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House.

Obama’s rant was ostensibly about Boehner’s vacating the “Big Deal” one-on-one talks, but the truth may have more to do with presidential rage over not getting a return call than any specific issue related to the debt-ceiling.

Obama’s ego has long been the “ugly elephant” in the room in solving the debt crisis, but today the elephant seems to have scared off the legendary Obama cool.

Characteristic of Obama’s pompous arrogance was this paraphrased declaration, “I Told Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, and McConnell to be in my office at 11am tomorrow, and be prepared to tell me what they are going to do.”

Who would imagine that the president was talking about the Speaker and Minority Leader of the U.S. House, and Majority and Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate, and not school mates of daughters Malia and Sasha?

Perhaps the 116 degree Washington heat has finally gotten to The One in a manner never anticipated?

Or maybe the president is suffering through a seige of late-stage nicotine withdrawal?

Whatever the answer, this president needs to reign in his uncontrolled anger and deal with this issue in a calm and professional manner!

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If Debt Ceiling Not Raised by August 3rd, the World Will End — That or Obama Will Have a $35,800 Per Couple Birthday Party

by Doug Powers on Friday, July 15th, 2011

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nullThe left’s entire hand on the debt ceiling revolves around panic. Turbo Tax Tim Geithner said that August 2nd is the date that, if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, fiscal armageddon begins. President Obama said government checks may not go out if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. Harry Reid said failure to raise the debt ceiling would be a financial disaster resulting in a global depression. Pretty scary stuff.

Obama seems really worried about it, too:

WASHINGTON–President Obama returns to Chicago on Aug. 3 to mark his 50th birthday with fund-raisers at the Aragon Ballroom, with tickets ranging from $50 a person to $35,800 per couple, which includes VIP seating at a “Birthday Concert” where celebs will be performing and a dinner with the president.

The fundraiser at the Aragon, the historic ballroom in Uptown, will be one of the biggest third quarter events, expected to draw in national supporters. Obama’s 50th birthday is Aug. 4.

Obama expecting people to freak out about what happens on August 3rd but still hosting a high-dollar fundraiser/birthday party on that day reminds me of Al Gore flying around in private jets saying carbon emissions are killing us. If you want people to believe it, act like you believe it yourself.

Good news though — Obama’s birthday party will be televised so those unable to attend won’t feel left out.


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Obama: My Family Would Be Okay With It If I Didn’t Run for Re-Election (what a coincidence, so would mine)

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

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It was nice to discover that my family has something in common with the First Family: We’d both think it was just fine if Obama didn’t run for another term:

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says his wife and daughters aren’t “invested” in him being president and would have been fine had he decided against running for re-election. But he says they believe in what he’s doing for the country.

Asked about his family’s reaction to his wanting another term, Obama said: “Michelle and the kids are wonderful in that if I said, `You know, guys, I want to do something different,’ They’d be fine. They’re not invested in daddy being president or my husband being president.”

The bad news: They believe in what he’s doing for to the country.

Now, another comedy break. This morning I mentioned how President Obama last night told an audience, “If you want partisan rhetoric, I’m not your guy.” It turns out that Barack was just the opening act — here’s the headliner:

First lady Michelle Obama on Monday told a fundraiser in Southern California of the toll the presidency has taken on her husband Barack Obama.
“He reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him,” she said. “This man doesn’t take a day off.”

From the White House Dossier this past weekend:

Today makes 11 weekends in a row that Obama has gone golfing. It’s his 14th outing this year and the 72nd of his presidency.

I know that no president is technically ever “off duty,” but “never takes a day off” is certainly a wild over-exaggeration:

null null null null

Between FLOTUS talking about the “sadness and worry that’s creasing his face” and the president himself talking about how gray his hair is getting, it’s clear they plan to scrap campaigning on any real results and are instead forced to try for the pity vote. Good luck with that.

As David Letterman said last summer, Obama will have plenty of time for a vacation when his one term is up.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

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