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Gov. Christie Should Not Get in the GOP Race

by Alan Caruba on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

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Does anybody recall the frenzy surrounding the question of whether Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and Fox News host of his own show, would toss his hat in the ring and seek the GOP nomination?

That same frenzy is occurring now regarding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and, as a lifelong citizen of the Garden State, I would bet a bushel basket of its excellent tomatoes that he will not.

Why? Because he says he will not and I believe him.

There are, however, a lot of other very good reasons why he won’t plunge into the political maelstrom that is our system of selecting a presidential candidate.

If Gov. Christie were to announce as a candidate for the GOP nomination his brief record while Governor would come under intense examination and it would reveal that he is not the conservative savior that many perceive.

Putting aside his great rhetorical gifts, his no-nonsense approach to answering questions in town hall meetings and interviews, his saving sense of humor, and other attributes that have generated the appeals from some party insiders and members of the public, Christie is conservative-light.

Candidate Herman Cain, speaking on Fox News Sunday, has done his homework. According to an October 3 article in the Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest circulation daily newspaper, Cain noted that “Christie is far too liberal on gun control, climate change, same-sex unions, and immigration to satisfy Republican voters.”

Nor has his record as Governor gone unnoticed on the left. “Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland blasted Christie’s stewardship of New Jersey’s economy. He cited the state’s unemployment rate, among the highest in the country at 9.4 percent, and a series of downgrades to New Jersey’s bond ratings this year from the top credit rating agencies.”

None of these economic factors, unfairly attributed to Gov. Christie or not, bodes well for a run for the presidential candidate nomination. When one adds in the lateness of such an effort and the difficulties of raising huge sums of money for the campaign it suggests that such a move would not turn out well for him.

There is no question that Gov. Christie, a former U.S. District Attorney for New Jersey, has earned the gratitude of the state’s citizens for taking on the civil service unions that have bled it dry with cushy contracts featuring handsome pension and healthcare plans. Beyond that, however, many Garden State conservatives have winced to see his decisions in other areas of concern.

Many applauded his decision to withdraw the state from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative that would have required that a percentage of energy serving New Jerseyeans come from “renewable” sources, wind and solar power. However, in August Gov. Christie signed an act that would facilitate offshore wind power for use in the state. Had he signed an act to permit offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, the state and the nation would have been far better served. Wind power would only increase the cost of electricity.

Moreover, Gov. Christie is on record saying that climate change is “impacting our state.” This is a position that is 180 degrees from a town hall meeting the previous year when he declared himself skeptical that climate change is the result of human activity.

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Special Forces Take Out Osama Bin Laden.

by Skip MacLure on Monday, May 2nd, 2011

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This is great news, for a number of very good reasons. The Blighted One will probably try and take credit for the manhunt that was initiated by Obama’s much-maligned predecessor, George Bush. The truth is, and don’t let any of the BS we’re about to hear blasted across the airwaves fool you, that this is the culmination of a manhunt that began on September 11, 2001. It is very much like Obama to take credit for other people’s work… and ideas. No matter, it’s still a great boost to American morale.

The early hours of May 2, 2011… the crowd at Ground Zero remembers.

We found out how very close we came to bagging him during the combined ops assault on the mountain fortress of Tora Bora in December 2001. Since then, the noose has been slowly tightened by hundreds of special forces operatives and intelligence agents. I’m listening to the Dismal Failure in the White House as I’m writing this and, true to form, it’s ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’ all over the place. This may turn out to be the one highlight in Obama’s one term (from my keyboard to God’s ears) presidency.

More importantly, it tells every two-bit bad guy out there that if he becomes a big enough pain in the butt we’ll come after you and we’ll kill you. We can expect the Islamists to go ape doo doo over this. Well and good. We may as well let them know that we understand that we are in a war to the death with their seventh century cult of death.

The message is this… we may have our internal issues but our country has a way of cleansing itself of people like Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist cabal. People in countries around the world also know that China and their puppet surrogate North Korea, Russia, Iran, Syria, and that idiot in Venezuela notwithstanding… this is, and shall remain, the greatest country in the world… and they know it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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Apocalpyse Not!

by Alan Caruba on Sunday, January 9th, 2011

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By Alan Caruba

There is no religion, past or present, that has not generated an End Times prediction. As the year 2011 begins, you can be sure that the media will begin to fill up with articles about the Mayan calendar prediction that the world will end on December 12, 2012.

There are two very good reasons to ignore this prediction. The first is that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old! The second is that the Maya civilization no longer exists, having achieved its peak around 900 A.D. and was in decline thereafter until the arrival of Spanish conquistadores in the late-1500s finished it off.

Recently there was a news item about James Byron Birkhead of Owensboro, Kentucky, who, after seeing the movie “2012”, became so frightened that he began to create a bomb making factory in his home to protect his family. When welfare workers visited his home to check on his 12-year-old daughter, they heard of his plans and notified the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. They paid him a visit. Making bombs in your kitchen is as likely a way to put an end to your own world as any other.

We live in a world of real and utterly false threats.

World War Two ended in a cataclysm of violence unleashed on the world with the invention and use of two atomic bombs. The world since then has had to deal with the acquisition of nuclear weapons by large powers and small. I grant that human nature suggests that, sooner or later, some nation will use them. It will not, however, exist as a nation for too long after that.

Since the 1980s, the chimera of “global warming” has existed to enrich those who heralded it and as the platform for the transfer of trillions from wealthy industrialized nations to those that have failed to keep pace with modernity. The reason for the latter is because they are ruled by predatory criminal thugs or because, as in the case of the Middle East, Islam has resisted change since its arrival in the seventh century A.D.

There is no “global warming” of the kind described by heads of state, deceitful scientists, and, in particular, the United Nations where the hoax was originated. The recently concluded UN conference on climate change all but abandoned the hoax while advancing its one-world government agenda.

There is no “global warming” because the Earth is a decade into a predictable and natural cycle of cooling, not unlike previous ones, but one which may signal an equally predictable new ice age. The interval between the Earth’s previous ice ages has been 11,500 years and we are at the end of the current interglacial period.

All that passes for civilization has occurred during the last 11,500 years. Humans spread across the face of the Earth. Empires have come and gone. Wars, large and small, have been fought and in the past century nations became locked in a struggle between capitalism and communism, the former offering opportunity and freedom while the latter offers only slavery to the dictates of the state and the oligarchy that runs it.

Dating back to the earliest origins of mankind, religions emerged. Central to the monotheistic religions has been a theme of violence.

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The State of the Unions

by Burt Prelutsky on Thursday, October 14th, 2010

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There was a time in my life, as well as the life of the nation, when unions were a positive force. There was a time when only through the power of collective bargaining that workers had the opportunity to be treated humanely, to be anything but the cheapest, most easily replaced, cogs in the wake of the industrial revolution. In those bad old days, machinery mattered, people didn’t.

Those days are long gone. By this time, the pendulum has swung so far over, so far to the left, that unions are now among the most vile and corrupt entities to be found on the American landscape.

One can almost long for a time when the worst thing one could say about union leaders like Dave Beck and Jimmy Hoffa is that they were in bed with the mob. Today, they’re in bed with Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

There are two very good reasons why when the unions say “Jump!” the Democrats never ask why, but only “How high?” One, thanks to the dues pouring in from their members month after month, the unions have hundreds of millions of dollars with which to finance political campaigns. Two, they are able to mobilize huge numbers of “volunteers” who are only too happy to do everything their pet candidates require, and that includes everything from stuffing envelopes to intimidating conservative voters.

Unions and the Democrats have what is called a symbiotic relationship. Like pilot fish, the little guys that aren’t eaten by sharks because they serve as dental floss — clearing out food particles from between the shark’s teeth — unions owe their prosperity, not to mention their very survival, to the land-based sharks, otherwise known as left-wing politicians.

There is a reason, after all, why the lawyers unions, the teachers unions, the UAW and, particularly, the SEIU, never have to go hat in hand to Obama. There is a reason why the former head of the SEIU, Andy Stern, who remains a close advisor of the president’s, has spent more time in the White House than Michelle Obama. And there is a reason why civil servants are now paid roughly 50% more in salary and pensions than those folks who battle it out in the competitive private sector, but who, nevertheless, are responsible for feathering the nests of those who lacked the courage or the drive or the talent to spurn the government teat. You don’t require a Ph.D, after all, to understand that there’s something rotten with a system that makes the rest of us the servants of so-called public servants.

But there are disgusting things about unions that even I was unaware of until I read Deroy Murdock’s article, “Hypocrisy is Big Labor’s Big Problem,” written for National Review Online.

For instance, Mr. Murdock reported that Jim Callaghan worked for 13 years writing speeches and newsletters for New York’s Federation of Teachers. But when one of his colleagues was fired without cause, Callaghan tried to organize his 12 fellow non-union writers.

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