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Safety, Security and Preparedness

by Douglas J. Hagmann on Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Most people who are paying attention to current events are concerned about “what’s coming,” whether it’s a financial collapse and the consequential fallout or something more. You’re constantly being told to “prepare,” especially by members within the ‘alternative media,’ but prepare for what? How? Of course, there’s always the budget factor.

If you listen to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report or other radio talk shows like ours, you’ve undoubtedly heard us – and others – talk about getting prepared. Even if you have not tuned in to our show, you’ve probably seen the reality based (I am using that phrase loosely) television programs about “preppers.” The few shows I’ve seen cause me to wonder about the mental faculties of some of the people thrust in the spotlight of national television. Frankly, I haven’t converted an empty missile silo into alternative living quarters and have no plans to do so, but as the saying goes, to each their own. I prefer to live a more normal existence, with emphasis on a more thoughtful and intelligent approach to my own safety, security and preparation and that of my family. Additionally, budgetary and space constraints are a factor.

Whether or not you believe that there will be some major calamity that will befall us soon or in the not-too-distant future, it’s prudent to take certain steps to insure your comfort or even survival in times of crisis, regardless of the nature of the crisis. Much like having a spare tire for your car or insurance for your home and property, it’s responsible to take steps to assure your safety and security in everyday life. The degree to which you feel it’s necessary to prepare is a personal decision that involves many factors.

As hosts of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, we believe that warning our listeners of exceedingly tough times ahead without offering practical advice and assistance is much like yelling fire in a populated building, but not calmly guiding people to safety. We’ve received many e-mails over the last several weeks from listeners asking for advice on what they should or could do in their own situation. Many of the questions share common elements, and many listeners of our show and readers of our site share common concerns.

A large number of people are looking for practical tips on such things as personal safety and the safety of their loved ones in common, everyday life – absent of a crisis.

To assist our listeners on matters of personal safety, security and practical preparedness, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be offering a series of show segments dedicated solely to this topic. Starting tonight and continuing for the next six consecutive Fridays, we’ll be devoting half of our program to this topic. Our safety, security and preparedness “teacher” will be a man who is known by the pen-name “Yoda,” who is the founding member of the popular website the Magnified View.  He works closely with U.S.

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Obama on his first term: Good policies that I will explain more effectively my second term

by Doug Powers on Sunday, July 15th, 2012

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The other day, James Carville offered President Obama some advice: If you want to keep any hope of being reelected, don’t reflect on your first term and instead focus on what you’ll do in your second term.

So far Obama is meeting Carville halfway and seems to be planning to do the same stuff in his second term that he did in his first term, except to somehow make the exact same policies more successful by doing a better job of telling the story:

In an exclusive interview with “CBS This Morning” host Charlie Rose set to air Sunday morning, President Barack Obama, accompanied by the First Lady, opened up and revealed what he considers to be the biggest mistake of his first term.

No, it has nothing to do with his policies, those were good, he explained.

Instead, Obama told CBS News he needs to do a better job “explaining” where his policies will take the country during his second term — having good policy just isn’t enough.

He would also like to do a better job of “inspiring” the American people in the next go round.

“The mistake of my first term – couple of years – was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. And that’s important. But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.”

Garrison Keillor could be close to getting an offer to be the nation’s first “storytelling czar.”

If better storytelling still doesn’t turn the economy around, the Obama administration will consider the nuclear option, which is to order all Americans to close their eyes and click their heels together three times while repeating “there’s no place like hope… there’s no place like hope…”

A preview of the segment CBS will air on Sunday:


Drew M’s headline at Ace of Spades sticks the landing on this story: Obama: I Regret Not Speaking Slower And Using Smaller Words. If I Had, You’d Realize How Lucky You Are I Let You Have Me As Your President

Be sure to take a close look at the graph as well.

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‘The Thing’ That Scares Romney And Obama

by John Myers on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

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‘The Thing’ That Scares Romney And Obama

The economic crisis is an issue Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are too scared to touch.

“I supposed you’d all feel better if someone else was in charge.” — Donald Moffat as Garry in “The Thing”

Few things have scared the wits out of me more than seeing the movie “The Thing” 30 years ago. With just six months to go until the election, both President Barack Obama and Republican front-runner Mitt Romney seem to have their own “Thing” that scares them: the economy. Neither candidate has said how he would deal with what could be the hardest challenge America has faced since World War II.

One of these two men will have to lead the Nation for the upcoming four years. We know where they stand on gay marriage, gays in the military or, in Obama’s case, having a gay old time with Hollywood friends.

Supporters of both candidates have weighed in on other issues such as extending low interest rates on student loans, who bullied whom in high school and who had a tougher time growing up.

Is gay marriage important? That depends. For some people it must be, because so many people have weighed in on it. But I have a hunch that those same people won’t really give a rat’s behind about gay marriage if the economy implodes.

If millions of people lose their jobs and cannot feed their children, who among us will even care about gay marriage as an issue?

My mother used to say: “Everyone is principled until the wolf comes knocking at the door.” Having survived the Great Depression, my parents knew all about the wolf. More than anything else, it shaped who they were. I will never forget how my dad used to smoke his cigarettes right down to the filter even after he became successful. There was always a part of him and my mother that remembered how hard it was to put food on the table and pay the rent.

Most of us don’t have a memory of really tough times. And not one in 100 would even believe that times could be that tough again. Yet in many ways the world’s economy is hanging by a thread, and we might be facing something even worse than the Dirty Thirties.

I believe the President’s and Romney’s advisers have told them how bad this “Thing” can get, and that is why neither candidate has a clue as to how to handle this economic crisis. Both Obama and Romney seem worried that anything too negative could start a panic in the investment markets that one of them will have to deal with as President. This explains why we have witnessed the stupidest Presidential campaign in living memory.

If you think economic collapse can’t happen, you should start paying attention to the warning signs.

It’s Alive!

Four years ago, the financial meltdown that almost turned into a depression began at the doorstep of Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld Jr.

That first domino fell hard, and Fuld could not believe his firm would not be rescued by the Federal government. But it wasn’t.

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Chrysler’s Super Bowl Ad Featuring Clint Eastwood: An Obama Ad in Cheap Disguise?

by Doug Powers on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

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Sunday night I watched the Super Bowl but must have ducked out in the kitchen for another beer and Dorito re-load when they showed the ad that’s being talked about in political circles: The Clint Eastwood “Halftime in America” ad for Chrysler that could double as an Obama for America ad. It does have that certain “Hope & Change” ring to it:

It’s halftime. Both teams are in their locker room discussing what they can do to win this game in the second half.

It’s halftime in America, too. People are out of work and they’re hurting. And they’re all wondering what they’re going to do to make a comeback. And we’re all scared, because this isn’t a game.

The people of Detroit know a little something about this. They almost lost everything. But we all pulled together, now Motor City is fighting again.

I’ve seen a lot of tough eras, a lot of downturns in my life. And, times when we didn’t understand each other. It seems like we’ve lost our heart at times. When the fog of division, discord, and blame made it hard to see what lies ahead.

But after those trials, we all rallied around what was right, and acted as one. Because that’s what we do. We find a way through tough times, and if we can’t find a way, then we’ll make one.

All that matters now is what’s ahead. How do we come from behind? How do we come together? And, how do we win?

Detroit’s showing us it can be done. And, what’s true about them is true about all of us.

This country can’t be knocked out with one punch. We get right back up again and when we do the world is going to hear the roar of our engines.

Yeah, it’s halftime America. And, our second half is about to begin.

Watch below and judge for yourself. Just keep in mind that David Axelrod was moved by it, and the White House thought it made some good points. Eastwood said the ad wasn’t political in nature, at least, not to him.

Chrysler’s CEO said the ad was not political, which is total BS from a corporate perspective. When you’ve gotten several billion dollars from the government and don’t want to burn any bridges, everything is political.

Eastwood opposed the bailouts. So, why did he do the ad? Because he’s also a capitalist:

It’s halftime in America. Can taxpayers come back from a halftime deficit of $1.3 billion? No.

Bonus trivia: Footage shot specifically for Chrysler’s ad about how “Detroit is back” wasn’t even shot in Motown, but rather filmed in New Orleans and Los Angeles.

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Jay Carney Asked About Separate First Family Flights to Hawaii

by Doug Powers on Saturday, December 17th, 2011

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I’m glad what started out in the blogosphere is now catching on among some reporters covering the White House hypocrisy beat.

It’s funny to watch this administration pretend to be unable or incapable of understanding why the “separate flights to Hawaii” thing is viewed as hypocritical, especially weeks after signing a “promote efficient spending” directive for Federal employees, and after years of carbon emissions chicken-littling about global warming. All Jay Carney can do when called on it is stand up there and justify why it’s okay for the President to spend hundreds of thousands of extra dollars and spew unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere because he’s the president, dammit! I’d agree it’s a perk of the job if they weren’t always telling everybody else to sacrifice wherever possible during these tough times:

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When Revolutions Roll Out Of Control

by John Myers on Thursday, October 27th, 2011

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When Revolutions Roll Out Of Control

UPI Occupy Oakland protesters camped out in front of City Hall in Oakland, Calif.

This is the autumn of our discontent. I believe something sinister is coming down the pipe. Week after week of demonstrations around the world could be a harbinger of revolt and even mass violence.

I am in the second half-century of my life. All my life, I followed the news because I was at the side of my father, a writer and publisher whose job was to predict investment trends. Not once in all these decades have I seen such troubled times, and that includes my memories of the 1960s.

I suspect a spark has been struck and we are all headed down a very destructive path, one that will not only destroy wealth through economic deflation but something worse: a period of violence wrought by tough times and widespread anger.

It will be up to historians to decide if the genesis of economic and social implosion began with the crash of 2008, the discontent that followed in Europe, or recent events — the mass protests that have been visited on major centers from Wall Street to Warsaw, Poland.

What is certain is that Western democracies are reaping what they sowed, especially in the United States. What began as a small group of protesters in Manhattan’s financial district has grown steadily. It now encompasses student groups, labor unions and, in some cases, the dregs of society.

The protesters in the United States call themselves “the 99 percent.” They say they represent the vast numbers of Americans struggling to pay their bills, while the income gap between the rich and the middle class widens. Throughout the ages, we have seen how small protests can turn into whirlwinds of violence.

Henry Ford said, “History is bunk.” I am convinced that the good and evil that have been expressed throughout the ages reside in today’s world. The worst evils are committed by “the crowd.” It is “the crowd” that rolls forward like a hand grenade with its pin set to slip out any second. It is “the crowd” that created the bloody madness that was the French Revolution.

The similarities between those events that lead to The Terror in France and what is occurring in the citadels of today’s civilization should not be ignored. Key to anticipating the future is an understanding of the past.

Like the United States that fought both the Cold War and decade-long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, 18th century France spent decades fighting wars it could not afford. This overextended King Louis XVI’s treasury. Rather than taxing the elite of French society in an attempt to make up the imbalance, the king taxed the commoners who faced higher inflation as well as greater demands from the crown. The Bourbon Dynasty, which had persisted for 500 years, was forced to make compromises to the French people in 1789 because masses of unemployed people drifted toward urban centers where they were stirred into a frenzy.

In 1781 Louis approved a new council. A year later, the monarchy was abolished. However, that did not save the king’s head or the head of his wife, Marie Antoinette.

France had all the ingredients for revolt that we see in the United States.

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Opposed to Another Stimulus Fiasco? Then You Must Surely Fancy Rape and Murder! -

by John Lillpop on Friday, October 21st, 2011

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The science is in and the truth can no longer be denied: Those who support reduced spending and an end to trillion- dollar deficit spending are racists, through and through.

Despicable scalawags are we for wanting to wean the poor off the public doles, even if some belt-tightening could save America from ruin and do wonders for the self-esteem of government-dependent moochers.

There is more:

As if being a wild-eyed racist were not bad enough, VP Joe Biden has added to the shame and humiliation of those who wallow in the glory of balanced budgets, lower taxes, and other shameful cult beliefs by accusing such degenerates of being pro-rape and pro-murder.

As reported at the reference, in part:

WASHINGTONVice President Joe Biden doubled down Wednesday on his charge that rape and murder will rise if Congress fails to pass the American Jobs Act.

Minutes after addressing a firefighters rally in a Senate office building to push for passage of (at least) a $35 billion provision that would pay for the hiring of hundreds of thousands of police officers, teachers and firefighters, Biden was challenged by a reporter over his crime claims.

Biden insisted, “Murder will continue to rise. Rape will continue to rise. All crime will continue to rise.”

Conservatives have criticized Biden for linking crime rates to stimulus spending, saying the money was wasted on all sorts of things that had nothing to do with increasing safety.

But in this case, the vice president was making a much more direct link. Biden—who in the 1990s was one of the original authors of the COPS legislation, which led to the hiring of some 100,000 police officers—was arguing that cities and towns hammered by the economy would continue to cut police forces without the federal aid now sitting in the Senate. And fewer police officers would lead to more crime in these tough times.

After the Senate filibustered the American Jobs Act last week, the White House broke it into several pieces, starting with the $35 billion measure on municipal workers—which includes $5 billion for some 18,000 police officers and firefighters.

“Police departments, as I said, in some cases [have been] literally cut in half, like Camden, N.J., and Flint, Mich.,” Biden said during the rally. “In many cities, the result has been—and it’s not unique—murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up.”

Actually, Mr. Veep, rapes and murders are up due to the putrid economy fostered by you and your boss.

That and the job-killing demands of Gestapo Labor Unions have combined to do in police and firemen all across the nation.

The solution? Cut taxes, repeal ObamaCare, and outlaw greedy labor unions.

Then just sit back and watch the rapes and murders drop quicker than Obama’s approval ratings!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California

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