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It’s high noon: we the people vs Obama

by Lloyd Marcus on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

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Dear Brother and Sister patriots,

With so many folks seeming to water down their full-bodied Conservative values into Liberal-Lite – sadly seeking to get along with Obama and win over his low-info-voters, I feel a little like Gary Cooper in the movie western, “High Noon.”

As sheriff, Cooper unsuccessfully sought help to tackle bad guys scheduled to arrive on the noon train. While cowardly town folks peaked from behind drawn curtains, Cooper stood and confronted evil alone.

Cooper had no one. Thank God, I have you guys…We The People.

As Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, I am proud to announce the release of our first national TV ad pushing back against Obama’s socialist agenda and imperialistic modus operandi.

Please watch our ad, share it and make it go viral! You can also help us get it seen on TV sets across America by making a donation to our TV ad campaign.

© Lloyd Marcus

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WORLD: I Thank God I’m an American

by La Shawn Barber on Thursday, July 5th, 2012

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Declaration of IndependenceToday we observe the anniversary of our country’s independence. I thank God I was born in the United States, the greatest country on the planet. I thank God I get to live in a place where I can practice my faith without fear of imprisonment or death or worse. I love my country, and every day I’m grateful to be a participant in the Great American Experiment. Being a Christian in America is easy. Most of us will never know the kind of persecution perpetuated around the world. Some Christians must practice their faith inconspicuously, mindful of who might be watching or listening. For now, we still live in a county where we may criticize our government and petition it for redress. Christians in America are free to gather in the open and pray and worship. Christians in America don’t have to smuggle in Bibles or read them in secret.

Religious freedom is the cornerstone of America’s foundation. Within our Declaration of Independence is the acknowledgement that all men are equal before their Creator. The fundamental belief that we were made by One greater than ourselves shaped a nation that eventually lived up to the promise of securing the unalienable rights of all citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit—not the guarantee—of happiness. America and Christianity, and not just religion in general, are inseparable. Morality, an objective distinction between right and wrong, is of divine origin. Without it, freedom from tyranny is impossible.

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion,” John Adams said. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Twenty years after America’s declaration, George Washington said in his Farewell Address:

“[L]et us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect, that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.

“It is substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. The rule, indeed, extends with more or less force to every species of free government. Who, that is a sincere friend to it, can look with indifference upon attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?”

As we observe the Fourth of July and express gratitude to the men and women who fought and died to maintain our freedom, let us also remember our freedom in Christ. The bondage of sin and death is broken. We are unshackled from the vain labor of securing our salvation, which was agonizingly finished on the cross.

And as we celebrate our country’s independence and express gratitude to God for being Americans, let us also pray for persecuted believers around the world. We have what they don’t—the choice to openly and safely worship the living God. We are without excuse.

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US Department of Justice in Milwaukee to monitor recall election

by Doug Powers on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

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“Thank God, it’s the… Department of Justice.”All eyes are on Wisconsin tomorrow, including completely objective orbs from the US DoJ:

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, a Republican, announced over the weekend that the Wisconsin Department of Justice will be sending assistant attorneys and special agents to polling locations.

“The June recall election is a significant event in our state’s history. The people of Wisconsin need to have confidence that their rights are being protected and the laws are being followed,” said Van Hollen.

Seven teams will be assigned to Milwaukee and two will be assigned to Madison. Teams will also go populated areas of the state such as Appleton, Green Bay, Eau Claire and La Crosse.

The U.S. Justice Department also is sending observers to monitor the election.

The US DoJ put out a press release confirming they’d be in Wisconsin on Tuesday, among other states.

Also, David Axelrod said the Dems would “have an army of lawyers there [Wisconsin] ready to protect the vote on Tuesday.” Whew — I can feel the election getting more fair already.

Meanwhile, the closest President Obama has gotten to the recall election in recent days is this Tweet. Obama’s standing by Walker’s opponent Tom Barrett… just not literally.

I was going to post a link to the latest Wisconsin poll, but at this point it doesn’t really matter. The vote begins soon, and we’ll keep up to speed with everything tomorrow as it’s happening.

(alright, if you can’t handle the suspense, that poll is here)

Get out and vote, Wisconsin!

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Latest Layoffs Courtesy of Obamacare

by Doug Powers on Thursday, May 31st, 2012

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The Democrat Convention is coming up soon in Charlotte, North Carolina, so maybe these soon to be laid off workers can walk over and ask the Dems about their glorious signature piece of legislation:

In the warped minds of Nancy Pelosi and company, the above story is proof that it’s a good thing the Dems passed the law — because now those newly unemployed individuals will still have health care coverage. Thank God the Democrats are here!

Update: On the topic of socialized medicine, check out this 50 year old warning featuring Ronald Reagan:

(h/t Hope for America)

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COURT RULES; Satellite TV is a basic human right.

by Greg Hedgepath on Monday, August 8th, 2011


 Thank God for your Dish TV!

it’s a human right you know?

Banning satellite dishes on listed buildings and private homes could be a breach of human rights, an equality watchdog was warned.
Thousands of historic buildings and rental properties have made desperate attempts to prevent the dishes being installed on their brick work.
But a European court’s ruling suggests that banning the dishes will infringe the right to freedom of information, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said.

The quango issued guidance which details a recent case at the European Court of Human Rights that could become a landmark case in satellite dish battles.
Two tenants in Sweeden took their government to court after they were evicted by their landlord in a dispute over a dish.
The couple installed one of the dishes on their rented property but the landlord ordered them to take it down. They refused and were later thrown out of the property.  Keep Reading

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A cure for Republicans caved on the debt ceiling blues

by Lloyd Marcus on Thursday, August 4th, 2011

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As I left the store, a blue shirted elderly woman sporting a warm smile said, “Thank you for shopping at Walmart..”For some reason, it struck me, “Wow, all this was started by one man, Sam Walton.”

I caught a bit of the Walmart story while flipping through the channels a few days earlier. Walton’s wife said, “We were finally out of debt and living comfortably. But, that was not enough for Sam. He had an idea for a new store.”

A businessman on the TV program said, “I liked Sam. So, when he showed me his new store, I leveled with him. I said it was the worst store I had even seen and could never work. Thank God Sam did not listen to me.”

Sam Walton following his dream, passion and vision created a worldwide phenomenon employing two million associates in the U.S.; one man affecting the lives of mega millions. Wow!

Patriots, like so many of you, I am extremely frustrated by the debt ceiling deal. We worked our butts off to get tea party candidates elected and the Republicans still caved. Our country is disappearing and this latest fiasco in DC left me feeling pretty helpless to change anything.

But, that little old lady thanking me for shopping at Walmart, Sam Walton’s legacy, reminded me of the power and impact of just one man. I felt inspired.

I am only one man. Despite political betrayals, with all that is within me, I will stay diligent in my efforts to free my beloved country from this vile, tyrannous and evil enemy within known as Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.

History is full of individuals like Sam Walton who changed the world. Patriots, each of us possess more power than we can imagine. Please, please, please do not give up. Stay committed to do your part to take back America.

Like Sam Walton, one committed man or woman can make a world of difference.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Vice Chair: Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama

Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

© Lloyd Marcus

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Democrat Who Called for Shooting Governor Now Says “Only Fruitcakes” Take Him Literally!

by John Lillpop on Saturday, January 15th, 2011

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There is a perfectly good reason why Paul Kanjorski was booted out of Congress by Pennsylvania voters in November.

Actually, there are two: Stupidity and insolence.

Following the Tucson slaughter of a week ago, the deposed Democrat decided that the American people would benefit from his words of wisdom on the subject of violence.

Lunatics at the New York Times agreed and thus did they publish a New York Times op-ed in which Kanjorski engages in sanctimonious lecturing by writing:

“It is incumbent on all Americans to create an atmosphere of civility and respect in which political discourse can flow freely, without fear of violent confrontation.”

Powerful words those, intended to inspire politicians to tone down the angry rhetoric and rise to a better place.


Kanjorski’s lofty words in January, 2011 might be more believable and inspirational if the hypocritical Representative had not scraped bottom with these words of violence aimed at Republican Rick Scott last October.

“That Scott down there that’s running for governor of Florida,” Mr. Kanjorski said. “Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him. He stole billions of dollars from the United States government and he’s running for governor of Florida. He’s a millionaire and a billionaire. He’s no hero. He’s a damn crook. It’s just we don’t prosecute big crooks.”

Hmmm2. Sure sounds like a hypocritical contradiction, and another perfect example of the sort of stupidity that has Nancy Pelosi in a snit after being deposed as Speaker.

What say ye about that, Mr. Kanjorski?

This is where the insolence takes over.

Challenged to explain his own violence-laced rhetoric, Kanjorski brilliantly offered that “only fruitcakes” would take his statement about Scott literally.

So, when a Congressional Democrat proposes to stand a Republican against a wall and shoot him, those who are offended and outraged are “fruitcakes” ?

Whereas folks like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and anyone with an R next to his or her name is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder for the crime of disagreeing with the Marxist agenda of Barack Obama and fellow Marxists?

Thank God Pennsylvania voters saw through this dim-witted vermin who, when you think about it, is the only true “Fruit cake” running around!

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Moving Beyond the Travesty Known as “Immigration Reform”

by John Lillpop on Thursday, December 30th, 2010

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When Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, American sovereignty, the rule of law, and preservation of America’s rich cultural heritage, including the greatest language in human history, fell dangerously vulnerable to extinction given the unprecedented power ceded to anti-American liberals.

On that fateful afternoon, both the Executive and Legislative branches of government were simultaneously in the hands of radicals dedicated to destroying the traditional notion of what it means to be American.

At that fateful moment, advocates of open borders and amnesty for invading criminals seemed destined to prevail against the wishes of the majority of patriotic Americans.

A huge amnesty for 12-40 million invaders seemed all but inevitable.

Thank God that grave moment passed without a smidgen of success for amnesty. The blessings continued when even the foolish DREAM amnesty was squashed in the last days of the worst Congress ever; namely, the Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi travesty officially known as the 111th Congress.

Confirmation of the “worst congress ever” label came with the Tsunami of common sense ballots cast in November, when nearly 70 Democrats were sent packing.

Which means that when the 112th Congress convenes next week, both chambers of Congress will be less amenable to rewarding invading criminals with a path to citizenship, or anything even remotely similar.

This also means that the era of “Immigration Reform” is a failed, old school concept which deserves a decent burial to mark its long overdue death.

With even more carnage sure to further weed out the ranks of moon bats in the House and Senate come 2012, and the likelihood that Barack Obama will be facing a huge CHANGE of address himself, the time is ripe to begin work on the post-Immigration Reform Movement.

That means a dedicated effort by patriotic Americans to demand that the border with Mexico be sealed with military force, if need be, and that existing laws be enforced to the maximum.

Why NOT give rule of law a chance by:

( )Imposing severe financial and criminal penalties on business owners that hire invading criminals.

( )Rounding up and shipping out tens of millions of illegal aliens through mass deportations. The cost of such action would be paid for in one year, after that the nation would save ~$110 billion a year, or more than a trillion dollars over a decade.

Want to cut the deficit by more than a trillion dollars, upgrade homeland security, reduce classroom size, reduce the prison population by 30 percent, honor the rule of law, and preserve American culture, all in one fell swoop?

Then cut out the cancerous growth known as illegal immigration!

Take America back by ending the “Immigration Reform” travesty!

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