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Gunmen shoot and wound 3 Saudi Arabian cops

by Jim Kouri on Thursday, February 27th, 2014

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Suspected Islamists in Saudi Arabia with high-powered weapons opened fire at a police stationhouse in Awamiya on Tuesday, in a “hit-and run” attack that left three police officers wounded, according to several Middle East news organizations.

The three police officers were on their posts outside the police station when the still unidentified attackers began to fire at the officers and their stationhouse, said the Saudi Press Agency report.

One of the wounded police officers is listed as being in critical condition, the ministry said, after all three officers were rushed to a hospital emergency room.

A police dragnet is underway to trackdown the perpetrators of the sneak attack on the law enforcement facility, according to SPA.

Last week, a shootout in the same community ended with two police officers dead along with two radical Muslim gunmen.

Meanwhile on the same day, a criminal court judge in the Saudi city of Riyadh handed down an 18-year prison sentence to a Saudi radical Islamist, Jeddah Dhu-AlQa’dah, for issuing fatwas against the royal family and their government, and for assisting jihadists travel to Syrian, Somali, and other Muslim countries experiencing armed conflicts, according to Arab News.

During his trial, it was revealed that he was cognizant of plans by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to perpetrate terrorist attacks throughout the Kingdom.

Following his prison term, the judge said the “jihadist facilitator” would be banned from traveling abroad for an additional 18 years.

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Al-Shabaab terrorists attack and kill Kenyan cops

by Jim Kouri on Monday, May 27th, 2013

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Terrorist group Al-Shabaab on Saturday night killed six Kenyans during an attack on police border posts on the Somalia-Kenya border, according to an Israeli counterterrorism expert who monitors terrorist groups in North Africa.

Two of the Kenyans killed during the attack on the police posts were law enforcement officers, according to Carl Krasnoff, a former police analyst in New York now living in Tel Aviv.

A spokesman for the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the sneak attack which comes after a number of threats against Kenya’s new government by radicalized Muslims.

While the African Union claims the Somali and AU forces have reduced Al-Shabaab‘s control of several regions in Somalia, the terrorists continue to launch surprise attacks at the border Somalia shares with Kenya.

Al-Shabaab, or “The Youth” in Arabic, enforces a extreme interpretation of Sharia law in Somalia’s provinces controlled by the al-Qaeda ally.

Al-Shabaab has conducted a number cross-border operation since October 2011, when the Kenyan government said it would send troops into Somalia to kill or arrest radical Islamists.

Kenyan military troops were part of the African Union peacekeeping force that has been credited with weakening al-Shabaab’s power and control of Somali territory. However, the Somali Muslim extremists have on several occasions launched “revenge” attacks on Kenya, Nigeria and other African nations.

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Is Pearl Harbor Ancient History?

by Alan Caruba on Friday, December 7th, 2012

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I recall in my youth thinking that the Civil War (1861-1865) was ancient history. As with most children, anything that occurred before my birth was “ancient.” In point of fact, the Civil War had ended just 72 years before I was born in 1937 and there were likely some men still alive who had fought in it or recalled it as youth.

I suspect that the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941, the day that Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “will live in infamy” is ancient history to several recent generations of Americans, many of whom are the aging baby boomers, the children born after our troops returned home, married, and began to raise families after 1945, the year World War II ended.

What I fear most is that the children and grandchildren of those baby boomers may not even know what occurred on that Sunday morning 71 years ago.

The general ignorance of Americans about their own history comes with its own price. Forgetting or never knowing that a long Cold War was fought with the Soviet Union from the end of World War II until its collapse in 1991 has left this nation with a President whose ideology concerning capitalism and centralized government closely mirrors the communist empire America expended blood and treasure to defeat.

While younger generations may have a fleeting grasp of the 1970s Vietnam War, most probably do not even know that, shortly after World War II ended, many U.S. servicemen were called to duty to fight the invasion of South Korea by North Korea, 1950-1953, a communist satellite of China whose troops were involved. I have an older brother who served in the Tokyo-based Supreme Headquarters Far East Command during that war. You can bet he remembers it.

The Korean War ended in a stalemate. Technically, only a ceasefire agreement exists. South Korea went on to become an industrial success story while North Korea still cannot keep the lights on at night. It makes nuclear weapons and missiles to pay the bills these days, in addition to a variety of other criminal activities. The grandson of its first dictator is the new dictator and observers have dubbed North Korea “China’s hidden dagger” because nothing happens there without Chinese oversight and permission.

Pearl Harbor has a special place in American history because it marked the U.S. entry into World War II. The war had been raging in Europe since 1939 and, frankly, a lot of Americans did not want to get involved in a second European conflict since memories of World War I which had ended in 1918 were still relatively fresh in people’s minds. Pearl Harbor changed all that.

Men lined up to enlist to fight World War II. They volunteered in the thousands because they understood the threat to freedom the regimes of the Nazis and the Japanese Empire represented. Similarly, after 9/11 there was a surge of enlistments to fight the rising tide of Islamic aggression.

The Cold War was still active when President Lyndon Johnson decided to increase the numbers of U.S. forces in Vietnam. The war had begun in 1955 against the French for whom Vietnam was a colony. By 1975, after the U.S.

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Israeli air force destroys WMD factory in Sudan

by Jim Kouri on Saturday, October 27th, 2012

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While the Obama administration continues struggling to conceal their ineptness in dealing with the Benghazi, Libya, terrorist attack, the Israeli air force on Wednesday destroyed a weapons factory in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, during a well-planned, well-timed sneak attack, an Israeli counterterrorism source told the Law Enforcement Examiner. The factory also manufactured chemical weapons.

According to the Israeli source, Sudan, which is predominately Muslim, has for years been an accommodating arms supplier for the terrorist group Hamas, which now controls the Gaza Strip along with other radical Islamist organizations.

The Law Enforcement Examiner source said that the Israeli government reported to news reporters that four Israeli military planes attacked and destroyed the arms factory in Khartoum around midnight Sudanese time.

The Israeli military attack ignited a huge fire in the destroyed weapons plant and surrounding buildings, according to the description given by the Israeli government.

“Unlike the Obama administration’s feckless reaction to the killing of Americans at their consulate, the Israeli’s will not allow their people to be terrorist targets no matter from where they emanate,” said an Israeli police source, who once worked as a law enforcement officer in the United States.

Sudan has been a reliable source for weapons and other military supplies to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Most of the weapons come from Russia, Iran, and China, while others are manufactured in Sudan. The arms are then loaded onto ships, which off-load the weapons shipment on the western coast of the Sinai Peninsula, where Bedouins, who are paid by the Iranians, deliver the shipments to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

While Sinai had been relatively quiet during the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, his downfall last year basically spelled trouble for Israelis living close to that border especially with the new Islamist government taking over the military, said the Israeli police source.

Since President Mubarak’s ouster as the dictator of Egypt, and with the Egyptian government now run by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Sinai Peninsula has become a hotbed for terrorists and organized crime groups.

The central smuggling route to Gaza is based on the transfer of weapons from Iran to Sudan, from where the weapons are moved into Egypt before being smuggled into Gaza. Because Egypt’s government remains in a state of flux, weapons smugglers are finding it easier to move contraband from Egypt into the Palestinian territories.

According to the confidential Israeli source, hundreds of rockets (mostly with ranges of 20-40 kilometers), about 1,000 mortar shells, dozens of individual anti-tank missiles and tons of explosives and explosives-making materials have been smuggled via this route.

Haaretz reports that the powerful explosion at the military factory shook Sudan’s capital on Wednesday, sending detonating ammunition flying through the air and causing panic. News agencies report that thick black smoke covered the sky over the Yarmouk Military Industrial Complex in southern Khartoum. Sudan’s media reported that nearby buildings were damaged by the blast, their roofs blown off and their windows shattered.

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Yom Kippur 2011 for Jews and the World

by Alan Caruba on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

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Ever since the Yom Kippur War in 1973 in which Egypt and Syria chose the holiest day in the Jewish calendar to attack Israel, I have always felt a frisson of concern as the day approached. For Jews it begins the evening of Friday, October 7, and continues through Saturday for a full day of prayer that ends with the ancient, inspiring expression of hope, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

Even in Jerusalem, they say “Next year in Jerusalem” because it confirms the faith’s enduring bond with the land of Israel that survived not one, but two destructions of their Temples there, exiles, and, in the last century, the Holocaust followed by a return to and rebirth of Israel as a Jewish state.

The Yom Kippur war was the fourth Arab-Israeli war, fought from October 6 to 25, and ending with decisive defeats of Egypt and Syria. What has always struck me most forcefully was the decision by the Arabs—Muslims—to choose Yom Kippur as the day of the sneak attack. It demonstrated Islam’s utter and complete contempt for Judaism, but it demonstrates its contempt for Christianity as well, for both Judaism and Christianity are theologically bonded together.

Among the early Jews to immigrate to Israel, other than the founders who came initially from Europe in response to its anti-Semitism, were an estimated 600,000 Jews who fled Middle Eastern nations under the threat of death when Israel came into being in 1948. Many had lived in those nations from biblical times. Now it is the turn of Christian Arabs to flee, if not to Israel, to anywhere else in a world, but it is the world itself that is threatened by the rise of fundamental and fanatical Islam.

Writing for Jihad in late September, Raymond Ibrahim noted a recent report “that unprecedented numbers of Copts, Egypt’s indigenous Christian population, are emigrating from their homeland in response to the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.” The attacks on Copts and their churches have been mounting. It is anticipated that within a decade a third of Egypt’s Copt population will leave.

The threats against the Copts are mirrored throughout the Middle East as Christians immigrate from Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon in search of refuge. Examples include the October 31, 2010 massacre of the Iraqi congregation of Our Lady of Deliverance Church and other attacks; the ratio of Christians to Muslims in Iraq has gone from 8% to 2% in the past decade.

We wait for word on the fate of an Iranian pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani, who has refused to renounce Christianity. On September 27, an Iranian court upheld a death penalty for the Islamic crime of “apostasy.” Leaving Islam has always been punishable by death. If the sentence is carried out, he will be the first Christian known to have been executed for his faith in 21 years in Iran. He will not be the last so long as the fanatical ayatollahs hold Iran in its grip.

The irony is that the Persian king, Cyrus the Great, (580-529 BC) freed the Jews from slavery, telling them to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple. Until the Islamic Revolution in 1979, a large Jewish community resided in Iran.

Meanwhile, on September 25th, a suicide bomber killed himself and wounded at least 22 other people in an attack on an Indonesian church.

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Press Fails to Tip Off Osama Bin Laden—Mission Successful!

by Rev. Austin Miles on Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The dramatic death of Osama Bin Laden provoked a myriad of responses. But the most profound of all was a sense of bi-partisan unity for the first time since 9-11. At that time America with all its diverse opinions came together in collective outrage against those who attacked us on our shores, killing thousands of innocent people, without provocation. The horrendous sneak attack, directed by Osama Bin Laden, was killing for the sake of killing and showing power to possibly cower this nation into a surrender to Islam. The nation stood together for the first time in decades which gave the United States new strength.

During that brief time, prayer was suddenly OK, churches and Christianity itself was OK. Americans were more cordial toward one another. Republicans and Democrats worked together for what was good for America.  That unity, unfortunately, was short lived.  After the attacks, while the dead were still being found and buried, atheist Michael Newdow had filed a court case challenging the legality of the Pledge of Allegiance because it contained the words, “Under God.” The lawsuit itself which argued yet another version of “Separation of Church and State,” created a new divide as people began fiercely debating the issue.

The liberal courts switched back to their old stance against God and ruled that indeed, the Pledge of Allegiance was illegal because of the God-word, the very pledge that was comforting to all of America during the grieving of its citizens. This insane rulling was headlined in all newspapers, heralding a victory for atheists (at the expense of America) and the new divide widened to the point of being impassable while hostilities increased with atheists and socialists shouting that there was no place for God in any oaths in America, a country ironically founded on the principles of God. The lawsuits began. Even this writer was sued by Newdow, with heavy support from the Liberal courts, for publishing a piece about his lack of standing to bring such a case. After six years, the courts ruled against Newdow.

With the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden, the most vicious terrorist in history, the world, including those on both sides of the aisle have come together in collective relief that the Al Queda leader was finally hunted down and dispatched. A secret mission to take him out had been in the works for several months. So secret that even Congresswoman Jackie Spiers was unaware of it. Obama took the presidential reins in this one and made certain that the operation was just that…..secret!  And THAT was the reason for the success.

Had the word leaked out, The New York Times would have published all details of the upcoming mission which would have been thwarted.  Exactly as The New York Times prevented the capture of Osama Bin Laden shortly after 9-11 by publishing that the CIA knew his whereabouts by his cell phone and they were planning to move in. The terrorist immediately got rid of his cell phone and disappeared in another location.

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From Hiroshima to Iran

by Alan Caruba on Monday, February 28th, 2011

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These days it is fashionable to decry the use of not one, but the two atomic bombs that were used to convince the emperor of Japan and his warlords that the United States would destroy its cities if forced to invade. Within days World War Two was over.

America, since December 7, 1941, when it was the victim of a Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, had been fighting in the Pacific theatre as well as in the European one. There was no doubt that, just as Germany had been reduced to rubble to achieve victory, so too would Japan if needed. Expectations of American casualties if an invasion was required were huge.

Long before September 11, 2001, war had been declared on America by Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of al Qaeda. The destruction of the Twin Towers shocked Americans. A decade later, however, they were debating whether Muslims have “a right” to build a mosque within a short walk of Ground Zero. That’s blindingly stupid.

Short memories can lead to big defeats. It is worth reminding Americans that our troops did not lose in Iraq. We went there to depose a psychopathic despot who killed his own people with impunity. We went there to see whether democracy could take root in a region where it never had. (Only a secular Turkey was the exception; its military kept the Islamists at bay, but that too is changing.)

In the midst of the turmoil that has taken much of the Middle East and northern Africa, along with the rest of the world, by surprise, it is worth noting that the only thing keeping Israel from being attacked and utterly destroyed and that is its nuclear arsenal.

A people who lost six million of their families, their brethren, whose motto became “Never again”, will not to fail to use them to defeat what has been grandly called “an existential threat.” There’s nothing existential about it.

The U.S. has developed a sophisticated arsenal of weapons in the years since 1945 and has become the world’s policeman, fighting a Cold War with occasional hot outbreaks in Korea, Vietnam, and elsewhere. We have tolerated a Communist Cuba just off the border of Florida. We have watched Venezuela go Communist.

We have not used our nuclear arsenal and we presently have a President who wants desperately to reduce it in order to appease the Russians who are not our friends.

I have no doubt that Israel will use its nuclear weapons and I can think of no reason why they should not.

It is the barbaric leadership of Iran that is the enemy, not its people. Israel understands that. Thus, attacks would likely target Iran’s nuclear and military facilities, not its cities.

Throughout its sixty-two years, Israel been repeatedly attacked by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Despite a cold peace with Egypt and Jordan, both nations find themselves challenged by a largely Islamist movement. Israel watches and waits.

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Tucson Funerals Begin-Fred Phelps Family STAY HOME!

by Rev. Austin Miles on Friday, January 14th, 2011

The shooting rampage in Arizona on Saturday underscores our need for God more than ever. As you remember, we allowed a communist in 1963 to push prayer (and God) out of the public schools and ultimately out of public life in general. A year after that insane decision, the federal crime rate increased 100% (actual statistic) in our nation. We kicked God out and terror came in. And this latest violent attack on citizens is a direct result.

Tonight, the funerals began in Tucson, including that of a 9 year old girl, Christina Taylor Green. Ironically, this little innocent third grader was born on a day of violence, September 11, 2001, and she died on a day of violence, Saturday, January 8, 2011. And now, a hate group plans to demonstrate at her funeral tonight and burial tomorrow!

As this massacre took place, atheist Michael Newdow was nursing another lawsuit he just filed, this time to get rid of our national motto, In God We Trust. This is the same bizarre timing as when he filed the lawsuit to make the Pledge of Allegiance illegal because it had the phrase, “Under God” in it—while we were still finding our dead at the World’s Trade Center.

It should be added that after that horrific Muslim sneak attack on America, our country came together, united for the first time in decades, and it was finally considered OK to pray and go to church. We had come together in collective outrage against a common enemy, vowing to never let this happen again. Newdow, who works as a doctor at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, California (!) was able to divide our nation once again over the issue of God, which in turn weakened our strength against them.

Intruding into the violent tragedy in Arizona that has grieved America, Fred Phelps and his family plan to come and picket the funeral of the little girl tonight and burial tomorrow.  I saw his raving video where he yells, “God Bless that shooter! God sent that shooter.”  This is a display of criminal insanity.

The liberal-Socialist media happily declare that this is an example of Christianity and that his ‘church’, Westboro Baptist Church is a ‘fundamentalist’ church. Phelps is not a Christian nor his family. He does NOT represent God in any way. His “church” is not a church. Only family members gather in a space, Still, it has worked out for them to be called a ‘church’ with tax exemption. To my knowlege no member of the public attends. The name Baptist is used fraudulently. They are in no way affiliated with the Baptist union. As for as being fundamentalists, that would apply to religion and they are not a legitimate religion.

It is strongly believed that the Phelps family were invented by a ‘progessive’ leftist who pays them handsomely for every negative publicity stain on Christianity that is published in the media that they can generate.

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What Would You Resolve To Do If The World Were To End In 2012?

by John Myers on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

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What Would You Resolve To Do If The World Were To End In 2012?

Countdown to 21.12.2012. It is called the end of time; the end of the world, a.k.a. the end of Mayan Long Count. Whether you call it that or just the apocalypse, some say that all of us have less than two years to live. That’s when the Mayan calendar runs out.

I don’t give a whole lot of weight to the Mayans and their calendar, even if they did build a great empire. If they really had a crystal ball you would think they would have been forewarned that the Spaniards were bringing smallpox to the Yucatán in the 16th Century and they wouldn’t have let themselves be enslaved to relatively few soldiers wearing funny hats and riding strange animals.

Still, there are books out there, along with text and video on the Internet, that claim we are counting down towards destruction worse than Noah faced.

I don’t know much about the Mayans or how good they or other ancients were at prophesying the future. But after almost 30 years in the business, I know a thing or two about publishing. Frankly, doom sells. After I worked as a reporter in Calgary for a year I came to work for my dad’s newsletter in 1980. I was, as he said, a dumb college kid and ill prepared to be a contributing writer to his newsletter. So I started off reading everything that came into my office. That included almost every newsletter that was published at that time.

One of those publications was The Granville Letter, written by Joe Granville, who knew my dad. Granville had a huge following at the time. In January of 1981, he had become extremely bearish. His office made 3,000 phone calls to clients urging them to sell everything. Granville didn’t make this prediction because he foresaw the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates or a sneak attack by some foreign power. Instead, he said the Dow Jones Industrial Average was going to collapse because California was going to be struck by an earthquake measuring 8.3 Richter in Los Angeles in May.

Here is the really interesting part. Some people actually believed his prediction. You don’t have to take my word for it, just Google, “Joe Granville earthquake.”

On the day of Granville’s dire forecast the Dow Industrials actually fell 24 points, or almost 3 percent, in what was then the heaviest volume in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. As it turned out, Granville had it dead wrong, and not just about the earthquake. Eight months following his prediction the Dow hit its final bottom and started an 18-year bull run which would take it from 777 to 11,750.

My doom and gloom research culminated 11 years ago this month when I was an editor for Mark Skousen’s newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies. I was reading what some others were predicting about Y2K and what they said would be the ensuing economic collapse. Over the years I have read much about coming calamities. I have even been accused of being a doomster myself.

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The Bugout Kit

by Bob Livingston on Monday, December 13th, 2010

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The Bugout Kit

It’s not likely to be a terrorist attack or a sneak attack from the Communist Chinese that forces you from your home. It could be a weather event (hurricane) or other natural disaster (earthquake or fire) or even an accident from a chemical spill or natural gas leak.

Regardless, a bugout or emergency evacuation kit (EEK) is a critical component of any crisis scenario. But what should your EEK contain? Jack A. Spigarelli writes in his Crisis Preparedness Handbook that you can’t prepare for every possible scenario, so to prepare your EEK you must first consider what type of crisis is most likely to befall you.

“To function adequately, the EEK must fulfill some well-chosen criteria,” Spigarelli writes. “The first is to match the anticipated crises. Ideally we would like to be prepared for all possible crises, but that is seldom possible due to cost, space and weight limitations. The EEK should be prepared to handle the high-probability, high-risk crises.”

Spigarelli provides a list of 10 items that should be part of everyone’s EEK:

  1. Container: The container should be sturdy and large enough to hold everything you need. It helps if it is waterproof. A backpack is a good place to start, but a plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid also works well. A plastic bucket can serve many purposes: hold items, carry and hold water, be used as a seat or a toilet. One container per person is recommended for personal items, with another container or two for the whole group.
  2. Water: Water is bulky and heavy. Each individual should have a 1- or 2-quart canteen, some purification tablets or other means of purification. A 2 ½ gallon collapsible bucket or jug with a spigot would be a great thing to have if you aren’t using buckets for your container. In the desert, a solar still would be handy. Store a 5-gallon container of water near the vehicle you’re likely to use.
  3. Food: It’s best to store foods that don’t need refrigeration and can be eaten without being cooked. Don’t worry about having your meals nutritionally balanced for the short term. Palatable calories are more important. You should have enough for three days for each person in the group. Store foods like canned meats (Vienna sausage, tuna, etc.), stew, jerky, pork and beans, peanut butter, cheese, soda and graham crackers, canned and dehydrated fruits, hot chocolate, powdered milk, fruit juices, chocolate bars, nuts, hard candy, soup, bouillon cubes, protein bars and sugar. If you have babies, be sure to include baby foods, formula and a supply of bottles with nipples. Each container should contain a spoon, fork and sharp knife. A plate and stainless steel camping cup would be ideal. And don’t forget a can opener and some detergent and pan in which to wash your dishes and utensils.
  4. Clothing and bedding: Have a change of warm, durable work or outdoor clothing suitable to the temperature you expect. Remember outer wear like a coat and rain gear.

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