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A Developing Bipartisanship That Must Make Team Obama Nervous

by Doug Powers on Monday, June 11th, 2012

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The investigation into what many are saying is a White House that has so many uncontrolled leaks that it’s been offered a role in an upcoming Depends commercial continues.

The latest member of Congress to say there’s no way the White House didn’t have anything to do with the leaks is Rep. Peter King:

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter King (R-NY), sat down with Jamie Colby today on America’s News HQ to discuss the investigation into the leaks on counter-terrorism programs. Congressman King said, “This is the most shameful cascade of leaks I’ve ever heard or seen in government. We’re not talking about an incidental leak coming out … We’re talking about leaks involving two of the most sensitive programs in the United States government.”

He said it’s “clear” from those stories published in The New York Times that the information “came from the White House, came right from the National Security Council, came right from the Situation Room.” Rep. King continued, “For the president to say he’s outraged by this … how come he said nothing about it until a few of us, including John McCain, stood up and took him to task for it.”

But it’s not just Republicans. Before anybody concludes that this is some sort of GOP witch-hunt for reasons of pure politics, this story is catching the attention of Democrats too.

For example, here’s California Lib Senator Dianne Feinstein on CNN recently (h/t Doug Ross):

“I think what we’re seeing, Wolf, is an Anschluss, an avalanche of leaks. And it’s very, very disturbing. You know, it — it’s dismayed our allies. It puts American lives in jeopardy. It puts our nation’s security in jeopardy.

And if you look at terrorism, intelligence is fundamental to knowing what’s going to happen and prevent it from happening in the first place.

So I think the FBI should continue its investigation. We’re going to do ours. I think Armed Services has announced an investigation.

…I can tell you where lives have been endangered.

…I’ve been on the Intelligence Committee for 11 years and I have never seen it worse, I can tell you that.”

Democratic Maryland Rep. and House Intelligence Committee ranking member Dutch Ruppersberger is also following the leak trail.

Obama isn’t the magical, mythical force he was in 2008. He’s making Democrats nervous, and many of them are not going to go down on the ship with him this year.

So, who is most likely to have been spilling the national security beans to the press (::cough:: “Plugs” ::cough::)? Well, Obama would have something to gain by these leaks that show aggressive measures against terrorists and rogue nations overseas. But at the same time, that would be a dangerous game to play and could even culminate in costing Obama the re-nomination from his own party if it’s proven the leaks came from the White House. Either the White House leaked the info to make Obama look good, or somebody else leaked it to make it look that way and put Obama’s presidency at risk. Who would do that?

What do you think about all this, Hillary? Hillary?

Update: Dopey MSNBC host Chris “I’m uncomfortable calling fallen soldiers ‘heroes‘” Hayes says we need more leaks, not less. Did he say that when Bush was President and something leaked?

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It’s Time for Rep. Peter King to Investigate Al-Jazeera

by Cliff Kincaid on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

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In a major blow to Al-Jazeera’s drive for acceptance and respectability in the West, the government of Israel says that one of the channel’s correspondents has confessed to acting as an agent of the terrorist group Hamas. The Israeli government also claims to have uncovered a network of Hamas operatives using Al-Jazeera as a cover.

The U.S. State Department designates Hamas as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” and states that it “was formed in late 1987 as an outgrowth of the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Hamas does not recognize Israel, and its founding charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish state. The group considers Israeli settlers and civilians legitimate military targets.

Samer Allawi, a Palestinian who ran Al-Jazeera’s Kabul, Afghanistan, bureau, was released, sentenced to time served, and agreed to pay a $1,400 fine. He was arrested on August 9 and held in an Israeli prison. Various press freedom groups had clamored for his release.

Some commentators are saying that the treatment of the Al-Jazeera correspondent is evidence of a tougher policy by Israel toward Qatar, an Arab dictatorship which completely finances Al-Jazeera and selects its news and editorial personnel. A classified report prepared by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leaked to the Israeli media in August outlined Qatar’s more radical stance in the Arab and Muslim world and noted evidence of more frequent Hamas visits to Doha, the capital, and funding by Qatar of Hamas.

A story on the website about the report also indicated that Israel may start restricting the activities of Al-Jazeera correspondents inside Israel. It said, “Qatar is also the home of Arab satellite network Al-Jazeera, which the Foreign Ministry considers extremely anti-Israel. As a result, the Ministry has worked in recent months to prevent reporters from the network from operating in Israel, and has stopped giving them visas. Currently, the only way for an Al-Jazeera reporter to enter Israel is using a passport from a country that has full diplomatic relations with Jerusalem, but the Ministry is seeking ways to keep these individuals out of Israel as well.”

Although the emir of Qatar pours hundreds of millions of dollars into the channel, making it effectively a propaganda machine for the regime, he prohibits a free press and free elections at home. Bloggers critical of the royal family are simply taken away and tortured, while Al-Jazeera turns a blind eye and deaf ear to their fate.

But because the country hosts a U.S. military base, it enjoys a moderate and even pro-Western reputation. Qatar uses expensive public relations and lobbying firms like Barbour, Griffith & Rogers (BGR) and Brown Lloyd James.

The Allawi incident confirms what Accuracy in Media has been saying for years—that the channel functions as a mouthpiece for terrorist organizations ranging from al-Qaeda to Hamas and Hezbollah. Nevertheless, Al-Jazeera continues to maintain that it is a legitimate news-gathering operation that deserves carriage on major U.S. cable and satellite systems. It operates out of studios in Washington, D.C. and has a major presence at the United Nations in New York. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even praised it for offering “news” to viewers.

Allawi claimed after his release that his contacts with Hamas “were part of his work as a journalist,” the channel reported.

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Napolitano’s ‘Border Security Index’ an excuse for inaction, says lawmaker

by Jim Kouri on Thursday, May 12th, 2011

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“The President implying, we’ve done enough, the border is secure, does not make it so.  Our border is definitely not secure. The Government Accountability Office has determined that only 15 percent of the border is under operational control.  The time has come for real action, not words.” – Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Napolitano and Obama appear to be on the same page as far as homeland security and illegal aliens. Credits: White House Press Office

During her testimony before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano unveiled President Barack Obama’s plans to develop a “border security index” to measure enforcement progress along the Southwest border.

In an obvious campaign speech on Tuesday in Texas, President Obama heralded the great successes of his administration including his policies on border security and illegal aliens. But many found his speech lacking in substance especially when in the same speech he took bows for a robust economy that few outside his administration can see, according to several law enforcement officials who spoke to the Law Enforcement Examiner.

Despite two congressional reports documenting the obstacles Border Patrol officers face in these dangerous areas, little has been done to remedy the situation and improve security. An overwhelming majority of Border Patrol agents told congressional investigators that certain restrictions continue to limit their access to lands along the treacherous southwestern border.

U.S. Rep. Peter T. King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, released a statement following President Obama’s speech on his plan to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants:

“The President has again called for amnesty for illegal immigrants without offering a single proposal to actually improve the security of our borders. After nearly two-and-a-half years in office, President Obama has yet to present the American people with a comprehensive plan for securing the border against illegal immigration.”

“The President implying, we’ve done enough, the border is secure, does not make it so.  Our border is definitely not secure. The Government Accountability Office has determined that only 15 percent of the border is under operational control.  The time has come for real action, not words.”

The situation is so dire that a group of lawmakers have introduced legislation to prohibit any federal agency — especially the Department of the Interior — from using environmental regulations to hinder the Border Patrol from securing the area. The measure would essentially ensure that Border Patrol, not federal land managers, have operational control of the nation’s borders.

During one of Napolitano’s press conferences she claimed the Department of Homeland Security has initiated unprecedented measures to strengthen border security while avoiding any hindrance of trade and travel along the Southwest border.

Napolitano spoke about the importance of border security in El Paso, Texas as if she was just realizing how serious the problem of border security — or lack of security — is in U.S. cities and towns adjacent to the Mexican border, say law enforcement officials.

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