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The REAL Americans Begin to Fight Back to Re-Claim Our Country

by Jerry McConnell on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

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jerry040814[1]Just recently while I was gathering notes here and there in an effort to truthfully inform my readers of what is happening to our beloved country and not the ruinous, distortioning terms of the far left; I mean VERY FAR LEFT; I came upon an online column by Larry Kudlow for, published on April 04, 2014, titled, “Charles Koch Fights Back” and it struck me that everything that I had been seeking was staring straight at me.

Larry (formally) Lawrence Kudlow of Creators Syndicate, Inc. and along with CNBC is a fair-minded person who, as he says in his mini-bio for the website he has “always tried to represent all points of view. I have tried to listen and learn and debate both my liberal and my conservative friends.”

Mr. Ludlow’s very interesting column as mentioned in my opening paragraph reminded me of a column I wrote which was published in the March 24, 2014 online edition of the Canada Free Press that covered the well known industrialist, Charles Koch and the barrage of criticism leveled at him and his business partner and brother for Koch Industries.

The fact that Charles Koch chose to combat the nefarious liar, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, was what I had been hoping to hear about and to feast my eyes on, and there it was on

Unlike Mr. Kudlow, I do not represent all points of view; I merely report and comment on all points; I save my loyalties for the conservative point of view.  And there online was the article named above with Kudlow giving Mr. Koch some very high-minded and conservative support for the “brilliant Wall Street Journal op-ed by Charles Koch. and the continued sluggish recovery in jobs, business investment, and the overall economy.”

Kudlow opened his support by stating, “Mr. Koch seems to make a plea for a big dose of free-market capitalism. He argues, ‘The central belief and fatal conceit of the current administration is that you are incapable of running your own life, but those in power are capable of running it for you. This is the essence of big government and collectivism.’

Kudlow went on to point out that “Charles Koch and his brother David have been vilified by the left for fighting hard to get political candidates with free-market points of view elected. Protected by U.S. Senate rules against libel, Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has called the Kochs virtually every name in the book – including “un-American.” But now the Kochs are fighting back. And I hope they do more of it.”

It isn’t often I get to see two big-name personalities in a discussion of a matter that I had just the week before covered in the Canada Free Press. Not that their discussion was about something that I had written, but the subject matter was the same.

Kudlow went on in obvious praise by remarking, “Charles Koch’s op-ed reveals a consistency of thought. He writes, ‘I have spent decades opposing cronyism and all political favors, including mandates, subsidies and protective tariffs – even when we benefit from them.

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by Stephen Levine on Saturday, December 7th, 2013

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The brats aboard this bus were so out of control, the bus driver was forced to call the police. Even after the police left, the little brats continued their fracas. So who gets in trouble? The police for swearing at these latent monsters. With the parents outraged – at the police, rather than the little shits that caused the problem.

Something stinks when a police officer is screwed over for shocking the little bastards with the very profanity used by these children …  

Bottom line …

Perhaps the police chief should defend his men instead of mouthing politically correct platitudes. And, as for the parents, perhaps instead of being upset at the officers and demanding they be sanctioned, they deal with their own children in an appropriate manner that makes this type of conduct unnecessary and rare.

— steve

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by Stephen Levine on Friday, September 6th, 2013

  • It is not a matter of whether Assad or the rebels used chemical weapons on Syrian citizens.
  • It is not a matter of national prestige, projection of power, or credibility.
  • Is it not a question of morality, as the Muslims involved have their own code of morality.




— steve

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by Stephen Levine on Friday, June 7th, 2013

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Sad to say it, but it appears that the ONLY red flag that the IRS missed during their application reviews of new tax exempt organizations were those that were flying a REAL RED FLAG!


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Florida Prosecutors Worried That Trial Will Reveal the “Real” Trayvon Martin and not the Sanitized Youngster Verson that the Gun Control and Race-Baiting Activities Portrayed in the Media

by Stephen Levine on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

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The activists all flocked to the cameras … positive that George Zimmerman was a racist gun-toting wanna-be policeman white guy looking for trouble …

As details leaked out, the story changed, but not the attitude. Zimmerman was Hispanic, with a history of helping fellow citizens who happened to be black. Doing nothing more than protecting his community. Not drawing or firing his legally-permitted weapon only when in extremis – head being bashed against the ground as he was allegedly being straddled by Trayvon Martin. Martin’s family, even in their grief, urged the activists to allow the law to take its course, peacefully and without agitation or violence. Not that it did not stop one major media outlet from editing a tape to portray Zimmerman as a racist. Nor did it stop the death threats and harassment.

When the story does not rise to the level of agitation required by the activists, somehow they have a way of stoking the fires of hell to create chaos and self-serving situations.

Hiding the gangsta?

One might ask if the gun control activists and race-baiters are pressuring prosecutors to demonize Zimmerman and evangelize Martin as an innocent victim of a crazed racist.

State prosecutors in the case against George Zimmerman are pushing to keep Zimmerman’s attorneys from bringing testimony about Trayvon Martin’s past during the trial.

The state said in motions filed on Friday they want to prevent Zimmerman’s attorneys from bringing up Martin’s personal life, including his school records, previous suspension from school, fights, text messages sent prior to his death unless related to case and his social media use. The motion also says the state wants to prevent the defense from using Martin’s toxicology report, which showed the level of marijuana in Martin’s blood the night he was shot and killed.

The state’s filings suggest they fear the defense may try to attack Martin’s character, instead of focusing on whether Zimmerman murdered Martin. Assistant prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda argued that Martin’s past is irrelevant and would clearly be designed only to prejudice the jury. Read more at: State pushes to keep Trayvon Martin’s past out of George Zimmerman trial | News – Home

Waiting for the trial …

I am hoping that justice prevails – either way. But, from the information that has been exposed to-date, it looks like Zimmerman is innocent of murder and manslaughter and that the real trial is to keep the jury from becoming an OJ-like jury where facts are replaced by feelings and justice must mean that the black man prevails over everything else. Where the threat of race-based riots color the outcome of the trial.

— steve

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Benghazi and IRS Scandals Prove That America Is Threatened by REAL, Not IMAGINED, Tyranny!

by John Lillpop on Monday, May 13th, 2013

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During the recent gun control wars in the US Senate, Senator Harry Reid characterized the legitimate concerns of gun owners thusly, as reported at Reference 1:

“And I will vote for the ban because saving the lives of young police officers and innocent civilians is more important than preventing imagined tyranny.”

Imagined tyranny, Senator?

Since Reid made his foolish remarks, two scandals have exploded into the news headlines:

Benghazi Cover-up:

During a hearing in the US House on May 8, three whistle-blowers confirmed that the Obama administration has, at the highest levels, worked to cover-up the truth surrounding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that cost four American patriots their lives.

Scrubbing the “Talking Points” memo to remove references to Al-Qaeda and other facts inconsistent with Obama’s campaign rhetoric can hardly be seen as anything but an attempt to misrepresent the truth (lie!) about the tragic murders of four American diplomats.

Deliberately obscuring the truth about the murder of Americans strictly for political reasons IS tyranny, Senator, real and in your face!

IRS Profiles Based on Political Ideology:

While Hillary Clinton, the White House, and other key administration departments and figures were working to keep Benghazi contained, it turns out the IRS was abusing their power by selecting conservative groups for review based on the fact that the groups were conservative.

IRS weasels were particularly fond of looking into the doings of organizations with the words “patriot” and “tea party” in their profiles.

Singling out citizens who call themselves “patriots” for extra scrutiny by the IRS certainly sounds like REAL tyranny to me, Senator!

In addition, have you forgotten the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Marxist health care nightmare which was passed against the wishes of the American people and despite stern warnings from conservatives of both parties, Senator?

It is called ObamaCare, sir, perhaps the most hideous example of REAL tyranny ever dumped on the American people by elected ‘representatives,’ passed by fiat in the twilight hours of Washington, D.C.

Perhaps you, in your declining years, Senator, still take pride in replacing the world’s greatest health care system with Marxist tyranny.

However, fellow Democrat Max Baucus does not share your foolish pride. He sees an imminent train wreck as the Obama administration struggles to implement the 2000 pages of idiocy that Nancy Pelosi urged passage of so that “we could learn what’s in it.”

Imagined tyranny, indeed!

Had ObamaCare been subject to the normal procedures for Democratic debate, the damn thing would have been incinerated before it was promulgated!

But that is what happens when real tyranny rules, driven by the desire to create a legacy for an unqualified community organizer posing as president!

Then we have the matter of 20 million or so illegal foreign aliens nesting in America at a cost of $113 billion a year to the American taxpayers besides threatening home land security and American culture.

These invaders should have been sent home long ago, but because of tyranny and corruption, they remain an albatross around the necks of law-abiding citizens and the whole concept of rule of law in America.

Shame on you and other tyrants, Senator, who are about to force 20 million illegal aliens down the throats of we the people!
That is genuine tyranny, sir!

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Massachusetts senators demand Gov. Patrick comply with REAL ID

by Jim Kouri on Friday, March 8th, 2013

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Lawmakers from the Massachusetts State Senate submitted a letter to Gov. Deval Patrick on Wednesday, demanding the state government’s full compliance with the federal REAL ID Act, according to Maria Sliwa, spokeswoman for a public-interest group and sister of Guardian Angels founder and talk show host Curtis Sliwa.

The senators’ action follows the filing of a Public Records Request with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) by the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License (CSDL) regarding that state’s low level of compliance with the federal identification regulations.

Enacted in 2005 during the Bush Administration, the REAL ID Act requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to establish standards for state issued driver’s licenses that would be used for “official purposes,” such as boarding a commercial airplane, obtaining a U.S. passport, and other activities requiring the verification of identity.

The Act was based on a recommendation by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, a/k/a the 9/11 Commission, which stated that, “[T]he federal government should set standards for the issuance of birth certificates and sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses.” DHS published the REAL ID standards in January 2008.


State Senators Robert Hedlund, Michael Knapik, Bruce Tarr, and Richard Ross urged “immediate action” to remedy their concern that falling behind on compliance with the law has made “Massachusetts a magnet state for criminals and others seeking to fraudulently obtain driver’s licenses under assumed or fictitious identities,” according to Maria Sliwa.

In addition, the Republican Senators noted their concern that Massachusetts will be “one of few states whose permissive driver’s license practices may bar residents from boarding airplanes.”

As a result of the passage of the REAL ID Act, most of the U.S. states’ governments have made significant progress toward securing their jurisdictions’ identification documents. A progress report released by DHS in August 2012 revealed that, “all states meet or commit to meet 83 percent of the material compliance benchmarks, which DHS believes may understate state progress.”

However, according to documents received through the Public Records Request by the non-governmental organization (NGO) CSDL, Massachusetts hasn’t made much progress in complying since 2009.

Although Congress passed the REAL ID program in 2005, the implementation of the full program has been delayed several times due to state opposition. While some states, such as North Carolina and Georgia, have supported the program, many states are opposed. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 25 states have passed resolutions rejecting REAL ID and it is illegal to comply with the law in 15 states.

DHS officials have noted that so far 19 states are currently compliant with the REAL ID Act. While all states have received a “temporary deferment,” DHS plans to announce enforcement of the REAL ID Act in the fall of 2013.

Brian Zimmer, President of CSDL stated, “Senator Tarr and his colleagues are right to be concerned. MassDOT is gambling with long odds that DHS will do nothing. Meanwhile, as more and more states move forward with compliance, Massachusetts will be left further and further behind.”

Rachel Kaprielian, the Massachusetts Registrar of Motor Vehicles, was also copied on the letter, according to Ms. Sliwa, who is a former New York City Police officer and adjunct faculty member at the Columbia School of Journalism.

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by Stephen Levine on Sunday, February 17th, 2013

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Standing in front of all the movers and shakers, in the neighborhood where a 15-year old student was gunned downed by gangbanger, the President speaks obliquely about gun control, but fails to address the real cause of the problem: minority gangs, the source of the majority of gun violence, crime and drugs causing the killing and disruption of life in the neighborhoods of Chicago and similarly situated inner cities. As I have said many times before, it is not a gun control issue, it is a crime control issue. And, the President of the United States, the leadership of the State of Illinois, and the leadership of Chicago stand their like the corrupt liberal ideologues they are and refuse to address the real issue: gangs.

Here are the excerpts of a speech from the nation’s top executive, the President of the United States, in front of the leaders of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. All committed liberals, all anti-gun advocates and all disingenuous and dishonest when it comes to telling their constituents the truth …

Remarks By The President On Strengthening The Economy For The Middle Class (Hyde Park Career Academy Chicago, Illinois)

THE PRESIDENT: Hey, Chicago! (Applause.) Hello, Chicago! Hello, everybody. Hello, Hyde Park! (Applause.) It is good to be home! It is good to be home. Everybody have a seat. You all relax. It’s just me. You all know me. It is good to be back home.

A couple of people I want to acknowledge — first of all, I want to thank your Mayor, my great friend, Rahm Emanuel for his outstanding leadership of the city and his kind introduction. (Applause.) I want to thank everybody here at Hyde Park Academy for welcoming me here today. (Applause.)  A couple other people I want to acknowledge — Governor Pat Quinn is here doing great work down in Springfield. (Applause.) My great friend and senior Senator Dick Durbin is in the house. (Applause.) Congressman Bobby Rush is here. (Applause.) We’re in his district. Attorney General and former seatmate of mine when I was in the state senate, Lisa Madigan. (Applause.) County Board President — used to be my alderwoman — Tony Preckwinkle in the house. (Applause.) And I’ve got — I see a lot of reverend clergy here, but I’m not going to mention them, because if I miss one I’m in trouble. (Laughter.) They’re all friends of mine. They’ve been knowing me.

Some people may not know this, but obviously, this is my old neighborhood. I used to teach right around the corner. This is where Michelle and I met, where we fell in love


THE PRESIDENT: This is where we raised our daughters, in a house just about a mile away from here — less than a mile. And that’s really what I’ve come here to talk about today — raising our kids.

AUDIENCE: We love you!

THE PRESIDENT: I love you, too. (Applause.) I love you, too.

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New Illinois driver’s license law opens door for criminal aliens: Coalition

by Jim Kouri on Sunday, January 13th, 2013

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The General Assembly in President Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois passed legislation (SB 957) to establish a “lower tier” driver’s license for individuals who assert that they cannot provide proof of lawful presence within the United States. It now awaits Governor Pat Quinn’s signature, notes a public-interest group, concerned with the security of driver’s licenses, on Friday.

The Illinois Senate on Dec. 4, 2012, passed SB 957 on a 41-14-1 vote, and despite the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police’s testimony that the bill is “unsafe,” because it lacks “basic public safety and homeland security safeguards,” and despite bi-partisan opposition, SB 957 passed the Assembly by a vote of 65 – 46.

During the Bush Administration, several U.S. states either passed legislation allowing illegal aliens access to driver’s licenses or were toying with the idea. However, with the current administration pushing de facto amnesty and other perks for illegal aliens, states are re-evaluating their laws regarding illegal aliens, wrote the Law Enforcement Examiner in a Sept. 11, 2011, report.

Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License (CSDL) President Brian Zimmer said, “We concur with the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Given Illinois history and the state’s stiff gun laws, this law should have included safeguards. For example, applicants for these lower tier licenses should provide fingerprints that can be compared by state police against prison and jail records. Illinois needs to guard against foreign criminals getting driver’s licenses just so they can buy guns.”

SB 957 is very similar to a Utah law, which provides a driving privilege card to people who similarly assert they cannot provide proof of lawful presence. However, Illinois’s “temporary visitor’s driver’s license” application process will lack very important requirements contained in that Utah law. Illinois’ new law will allow illegal aliens to use Matricula Consular ID cards as a means to obtain a driving privilege card.

New Jersey police sergeant Stan Rodgers points out that Consular IDs from Mexico and other countries are highly suspect as genuine identification.

“In fact, criminal aliens arrested by police were found to have several Matricula Consular IDs with the same photograph but multiple names and aliases,” Rodgers added.

There are several important differences between the Utah and Illinois driver’s license laws. Utah requires each applicant for its driving privilege card to present a passport or a foreign birth certificate. Illinois’s new law allows an applicant to present either a passport OR a consular ID card. This is a vital distinction. Passports are subject to internationally set standards for proof of identification under United Nation’s agreements. Consular IDs have no standards for issuance or for card security. Consular ID cards are not reliable proofs of identity or nationality, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation has testified before Congress.

Utah’s rules for proof of lawful presence match up well with federal REAL ID rules for driver’s license issuance, while those of Illinois do not. Utah complies with many of the REAL ID rules. Illinois, by contrast, does not come close to meeting the REAL ID security standards for driver’s license issuance. Utah’s history of driver’s license issuance is virtually fraud free and untouched by scandal and the state has a very low crime rate.

Illinois has a very different history.

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by Stephen Levine on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

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For decades the democrats have engaged in “Medi-Scare” tactics telling senior citizens that the evil republicans are going to cut Medicare and put them out on the street.

But one look at what Obamacare does and the average senior citizen should be scared enough to vote the evil democrats out of office. To fund Obamacare without appearing to go over budget dollars, the democrats appear to be reducing Medicare benefits by $500 BILLION dollars, mostly from the Medicare Advantage program.

The Obama administration got slapped by the Government Accountability Office for using an $8.3 billion slush fund to temporarily cushion the blow from cuts that ObamaCare requires to a program called Medicare Advantage. Millions of seniors could be at risk of losing ‘the coverage they have now’ if these spending cuts take place.” <Source: Forbes>

The Affordable Care Act will save approximately $500 billion over the next ten years through reduction in extra subsidies paid to Medicare Advantage plans, reductions in the rate of growth in provider payments, and efforts to make the Medicare program more efficient and to reduce waste, fraud and abuse. These reductions will lead to corresponding savings for beneficiaries through lower copayments and premiums. <Source:>

Hear Barack Obama in his own words …

Obama In November 2009: Right, One-Third Of ObamaCare Funding Comes From Cuts To Medicare

ABC REPORTER JAKE TAPPER: “One of the concerns about health care and how you pay for it — one third of the funding comes from cuts to Medicare.”


But that’s not even the scariest part …

Your healthcare will be regulated by an appointed panel of 15 people who are not subject to Senate confirmation or any form of Congressional oversight. They are not subject to lawsuits or judicial review. And these 15 people, known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board are going to regulate healthcare by telling physicians, facilities and device-makers exactly what the government will reimburse and what is not covered. Fifteen people will determine which seniors live or die – unless they are independently wealthy or able to seek medical attention outside of the system, perhaps outside of the country. Or, in Sarah Palin’s words: a death panel.

Can it be more scary than this?


Medicine will be practiced by economics, Medicare will pay for the most common treatments which show results. For those that deviate slightly from the norm, reimbursement will be tricky. Those who might receive treatment modalities deemed “experimental” by the panel will see their procedures and drugs become non-reimbursable.

Bottom line …

Obamacare, which guts Medicare as we know it, is a clear and present danger to every senior citizen. Panels, not physicians will determine what treatment you will receive – and according to Obamacare, there will be an emphasis on “end-of-life” counseling for those beyond economical treatment means.

The democrats are busy trying to tell you that Obamacare enhances Medicare – and they are lying through their teeth. The are showing commercials of a republican, reportedly Paul Ryan, throwing granny over the cliff. But truth-be-told, the last thing they want any voter discovering is what is actually in the 2000+ page bill that no legislator read nor understood before voting.

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