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Unfortunately, last week’s attack on the Canadian Parliament seems to have doomed some simple long needed reform of gun control

by John Lott on Sunday, October 26th, 2014

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The Huffington Post is quite happy about this:

The Conservative government appears to be quietly shelving its controversial “Common Sense” gun bill in light of Wednesday’s shooting.

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan’s office was silent Friday about the future of Bill C-42. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office refused to comment, directing inquiries to Van Loan. The Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act was scheduled to be debated for the first time on the day of the shootings, with three days set aside for discussion. It no longer figures on the government’s stated agenda.

But NDP Public Safety critic Randall Garrison told The Huffington Post Canada on Friday that he understands why the government might want to shelve this bill for the time being.

“I think it’s obvious that the climate where firearms were used to murder a member of the Canadian Forces and to bring an attack into the House of Commons means that the climate for a discussion on a bill that would loosen, in any way, restrictions over the licensing of firearms is unlikely to be something the government wants to do right now,” he said. . . .

Unfortunately, these restrictions are the exact opposite of what they should be doing.

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"Controversial"?: University of Rhode Island finally becomes the last public university in the country to allow campus police to carry guns

by John Lott on Saturday, September 20th, 2014

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This past April when the University of Rhode Island System trustees voted 8-to-1 to let campus police carry guns, you would see stories such as this:

University of Rhode Island campus police will soon carry guns under a policy announced Monday, ending the school’s status as the only public university in the country where campus police do not carry firearms. . . .

This is where we stand now:

The University of Rhode Island has begun training campus police officers to carry guns after a controversial decision in April to arm the campus police force.

Public Safety Stephen Baker says the goal is to have all 27 campus officers carrying guns by the start of the Spring semester.

“State police have completed 17 of the background checks and they’ve been delivered to us. The next step in that process is to have those officers go through psychological examinations,” Baker said. “Then we’ll begin the actual firearms training, and that’s planned for the month of October.”

The officers participated in preliminary firearms training in August. URI has ordered and started receiving the semi-automatic handguns they will carry, which are similar to those carried by State Police.

In addition to the gun training, URI police and some other staff have received special training to recognize and handle mental health issues. The university is also finalizing plans for an addition to its public safety facility, which will house the firearms. . . .

If this is so controversial, why is it that every other public university system in the country has armed campus police and that none of them are reconsidering that decision?  The police here are very important, but they still have limitations.  Since the police are in uniform, they will actually be the first ones to be attacked if terrorists were ever to strike.  That is one of the benefits of permitted concealed handguns.

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California’s new proposed gun control laws

by John Lott on Monday, August 12th, 2013

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From the San Jose Mercury News:

Public Safety Committee will hear bills already passed by the state Senate that would ban all semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, make it a crime to leave a gun unlocked when you’re out of the house and require those who own high-capacity magazines to get rid of them.

And while a few bills — such as a 10 percent tax on ammunition and a ban on using lead ammunition for hunting — now seem less likely to advance, many others are waiting to be heard in coming weeks. So gun control will be at the fore even as lawmakers grapple with about 1,000 bills on such subjects as health care reform, fracking and environmental regulations.

“We’re going to be open to amendments and suggestions from the administration and the Assembly, but we think we’ve hit the sweet spot in a lot of these areas,” state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg told this newspaper. . . .

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Terrorism: Liberals now asking “How Do We Know That the Boston Bombings Were an Act of Terrorism?”

by Stephen Levine on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

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First, it was the uber-liberal Ruth O’Brien who suggested that we cannot understand the terrorists motives, not yet. And, called for an internal affairs investigation for the possible use of excessive force during the capture of the terrorists.

Now, it is Glenn Greenwald asking: “How do we know that the Boston Bombings were an act of terrorism? Can an act of violence be called ‘terrorism’ if the motive is unknown?”

What is it with this liberal meme, that we need to understand the terrorist’s motives before we can use the word terrorism? Or, even worse, Islamic Jihad Terrorism?

Glenn is either crazy or a liberal; perhaps both …

Glenn Greenwald: How Do We Know That the Boston Bombings Were an Act of Terrorism? — Can an act of violence be called ‘terrorism’ if the motive is unknown?

Authorities have used a public safety exception to delay reading Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights to remain silent and to have an attorney present, a move that has sparked controversy. The Obama administration has been criticized in the past for rolling back Miranda rights after unilaterally expanding the public safety exception in 2010. A group of Republican lawmakers have also called for Tsarnaev to be held as an enemy combatant, but the Obama administration has signaled its intention to try him in civilian court. Constitutional lawyer and Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald joins us to discuss the legal issues surrounding the case. “It’s sort of odd that the debate is Lindsey Graham’s extremist theory [to hold Tsarnaev as an enemy combatant] or rushing to give President Obama credit for what ought to be just reflexive, which is, if you arrest a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil of a crime, before you imprison him, you actually charge him with a crime and give him the right to a lawyer,” Greenwald says. “The fact those are the two sort of extremes being debated, I think, is illustrative of where we’ve come.”

Read more at: Glenn Greenwald: How Do We Know That the Boston Bombings Were an Act of Terrorism? | Alternet

Bottom line …

You observe a pile of horseshit on a trail, do you immediately question the motives of the horse before you can label it horseshit? You observe a liberal who spouts nonsense, do you immediately question their motives before you can determine it is bullshit?

— steve

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Paul Krugman on owning guns for self-defense

by John Lott on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Number of Concealed Handgun Permits in New Mexico Increases

by John Lott on Monday, January 21st, 2013

With its very high fee for the permits and the 15-hour training requirement, New Mexico is one of the most difficult right-to-carry states to get a concealed handgun permit.  Still, while the total number of permits is low, there has been a substantial increase in the number of permits.  Just since 2009, there has been a 50 percent increase in permits statewide.  From the Las Cruces Sun-News:

New Mexico
2007: 7,000
2009: 16,708
2012: 25,109
— Source: New Mexico Department of Public Safety

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With cuts in police department budget, City Attorney Tells San Bernardino Residents To ‘Lock Their Doors,’ ‘Load Their Guns’

by John Lott on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Why is it so inappropriate for the San Bernardino City Attorney to tell people to protect themselves when the police aren’t able to do it?

The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to “lock their doors and load their guns” during a city council meeting.

The official explained that because the city is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets people will need to start protecting themselves.

City Attorney Jim Penman said he doesn’t regret what he said.

“You should say what you mean and mean what you say,” Penman said. . . .

Besides the politically correct outrage, the other sad thing about this advice is that it is essentially telling people that they have to be locked up inside their homes.  It would be nice if California joined the rest of the country and let people defend themselves when they are outside their homes.

I was just on Coast-to-Coast AM to discuss these statements.

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Having solved all other problems, Rahm Emanuel begins crusade for healthier vending machines in city buildings

by Doug Powers on Friday, November 16th, 2012

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nullIf you’re in Chicago and the tragically high number of shootings have you living in fear of getting killed by a vending machine, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s got your back:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he’s cracking down on the caloric content of vending machines in city buildings and plans to replace them all with healthy vending by next year.

A proposed ordinance, to be introduced this week, will lay out plans for the new machines and detail guidelines on fat, sugar and calorie content starting in January 2013.

“These new vending machines will make it easier than ever before for city employees and the public to make healthy lifestyle decisions,” Emanuel said. “When city employees take their wellness into their own hands, we can reduce health care costs and also serve as a model for the residents of Chicago when it comes to making healthy choices.”

Emanuel’s guidelines dictate that only 25 percent of the new machines’ cold beverages can be “high calorie,” or contain 25 calories or more per eight ounces. All hot drinks must not be high-calorie, and all vended drinks must be limited to 12 ounces.

According to the plan, at least 75 percent of food offerings should contain 250 calories or less and at least five items should contain 250mg or less of sodium per serving. A gluten- and nut-free option also must be provided.

Apparently Emanuel’s applying the Remington-Flockhart Theory of Public Safety, which posits that stray bullets are slightly less likely to strike thin people.

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Politifact Texas: black women: “fastest-growing demographic group in…Texas seeking concealed handgun licenses.”

by John Lott on Sunday, October 7th, 2012

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Sue Owen with the Austin American-Statesman evaluated a claim by Republican state representative Stefani Carter on permit holders.  Before going into the specifics, let me say that I was impressed that Ms. Owen went the extra mile to evaluate the claim.

You might be surprised to learn who cares about the Second Amendment, lawmaker Stefani Carter suggested in a recent USA Today opinion article.
“What is the fastest-growing demographic group in my state of Texas seeking concealed handgun licenses? Black women,” wrote Carter, a Dallas Republican running for re-election to the Texas House, in the Aug. 30, 2012, piece.
We decided to check out who’s taking advantage lately of Texas’ concealed-handgun law, which since January 1996 has allowed permit holders to carry such guns in most public places while excluding others, such as churches. . . .
Our ruling
Carter claims black women are the fastest-growing group of permit-seekers.
We accept her explanation that she meant to refer to permits issued each year. And her statement fairly captures available data and research.
However, the lack of information on Hispanic permit recipients makes it impossible to conclude which Texas subgroups are getting permits most often.
We rate the statement as Half True.

I would have given Carter a higher rating than the “Half True” that Politifact gave her since she was using the demographic breakdowns provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety, that her op-ed was really relying on a statement from an academic who she apparently double-checked, and there is no evidence that other breakdowns would have produced alternative results.  Hispanics are included as either white or black and not separately broken out. Given that black females exceed all other well defined groups it is pretty unlikely, though not impossible, that Hispanic females would have exceeded black females.  Given all this, I would have given Representative Carter a “Mostly True” rating.

In any case, even if Politifact believed that the evaluation should have included other possible demographic breakdowns that weren’t reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety, I would have placed most of the blame on the original academic evaluation that Representative Carter relied on. At the very least, if Politifact were to be fair, it should criticize both the original academic reference and the DPS as much as Rep. Carter since their information is also in the public domain.  The legal/academic website that she relied has a large circulation.

Finally, I looked at other “Half True” evaluations, and it seems that Politifact is being tougher on Representative Carter than on those other cases.  Take for example the post on Gail Collins saying that the Texas GOP opposes public schools teaching “critical thinking.”  While it is true that the GOP used that term, if one read the entire sentence, Collins’ inference is clearly false and Collins must have read that sentence in writing her piece.  I just don’t see the similarity between Ms. Collins’ deliberate misinterpretation of a statement and Rep. Carter accurately reporting what an academic had found and even double-checking those numbers herself with the Texas DPS.  There is a level of distortion in Collins’ writing that is simply not there for Carter.

I have other graphs on this issue available here.

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Empire State shooting injures at least 8 in workplace dispute; gunman dead; Bloomberg can’t refrain from gun control politics; some victims may have been shot by NYPD

by Michelle Malkin on Saturday, August 25th, 2012

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Another mass shooting this morning — this time in NYC, where gun control reigns. Please keep all the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Twitchy has full, continuing coverage here. Nanny Bloomberg will speak shortly at a press conference…live coverage here.


Update: Bloomberg acknowledges that some of the victims may have been shot by NYPD, and closes his public statement by touting NYC public safety record and invoking leftist gun control politics: “…we are not immune to gun violence.”

Bloomberg says tape shows the perpetrator pulled out a gun and tried to shoot at police. Two officers opened fire and took him down. They ID’d him after a construction worker witnessed shooter murdering ex-co-worker and followed him, then notified NYPD.

Good news: City says bystanders who were shot will all survive.

Bloomberg’s last words: “There’s an awful lot of guns out there.”

Was that necessary?

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