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Happy National Hunting and Fishing Day —and Pass the Bambi Nachos

by Humberto Fontova on Sunday, September 30th, 2012

September 22 marked National Hunting and Fishing Day, which dates from 1972 when President Nixon signed it into law. “I urge all citizens to join with outdoor sportsmen in the wise use of our natural resources and in insuring their proper management for the benefit of future generations,” wrote President Nixon at the time.

Alas, nothing was heard from our current President regarding National Hunting and Fishing Day. But then “people who cling to guns” are not particularly popular with this administration.

And speaking of President Nixon’s recommendation, long ago my family found that among the very wisest uses of our natural resources are Bambi Burgers and Bambi Nachos. Even the “Mamma Grizzlies” (and their daughters) get into hunting down here in Bayou country.

Some of us Bayou boys grudgingly admit that females make better deer hunters than males. Trust me here. I’ve witnessed it time and again. Women, on average, appear more patient than men in most matters. They also pay more attention to detail, and — seriously, according to medical studies — spot contrast and movement better than men.

Rather than decry this female advantage, rather than bewail this naturally-decreed unfairness– rather than stupidly bash my head against this glass-ceiling Mother Nature built against me, I decided to cash in on it. My chum Artie Boudreaux made me a custom deer stand that accommodates both me and my daughter Monica. We were in it the dawn after Halloween last year with the horizon already pink. Daylight seeped slowly into the swamp and the squirrels and birds came alive. It was nice — cool, but not cold. No bugs.

Monica was still, alert, and vigilant. Wish I could claim the same. First I fidgeted—and by 8:00 I was drowsing. “Wake me if you see something, honey.”…Then I dozed off…and dreamed…

… “This is Chris Matthews reporting from Thibodaux, Louisiana. President Obama declared a state of emergency in the Bayou State, where PETA was staging a demonstration against a local deer hunt. PETA’s activists followed the hunters into the woods and employed bullhorns to broadcast the teachings of Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy and Mohandas Gandhi.

“This serves to enlighten the hunters in the ways of vegetarianism and non-violence,” explained PETA spokesperson Paul McCartney, “and to frighten off, and thus save, the poor defenseless deer.” With his right eye swollen shut and 21 stitches in his mouth, the ex-Beatle’s appearance horrified his fans in the press.

“These blokes certainly take hunting seriously,” Paul sputtered painfully into a spittle-flecked microphone held by a snuffling Soledad O’Brien.”Nothing like this happened in New Jersey. Remember, friends, All You Need is Love!”

“We came in the spirit of Gandhi!” blubbered PETA board member Bill Maher, who nursed a grapefruit-sized ear and several facial welts, “and were met by that of George Patton!” Mr. Maher then collapsed in sobs into the arms of his friend Alec Baldwin, who tottered at his side on crutches.

“Get up – up!” Rachel Maddow and chum Ellen DeGeneres yelled while yanking Maher up by the collar and seizing Alec roughly by the shoulders. “You’re lucky we ran those yahoos off!” they snorted at the badly shaken celebrities.

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Federal Land Grab… Obama Style

by Jason Whitman on Sunday, December 26th, 2010

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Courtesy Jason Whitman Photography

If you want to know the fastest way to piss off a Wyomingite, or most people in the intermountain west, suggest closing off even more of our lands to multiple use.

In Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming we have already seen the devastation of a nearly a century of proper game management with the reintriduction of the wolf. The wolves were shoved down our throats even though we knew what would happen to our game herds if they were not managed properly. We fought the good fight to prevent their reintroduction, but we failed.

Just as we expected would happen, the Federal government has prevented each of the individual states from managing the wolves for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. They have constantly moved the recovery targets and used the Endangered Species Act as a bludgeoning tool to prevent proper management. When each of the states involved finally devised management plans endorsed by the USFW allowing for de-listment of the wolves, they were struck down by U.S. District Judge Molloy (a liberal appointed by the Clinton Administration).

I say all of that to say that Federal management of our natural resources in the west has been decidedly awful. In fact, everything the Federal government touches turns out to be a disaster. This is likely to be no exception.

DENVER – The Obama administration plans to reverse a Bush-era policy and make millions of undeveloped acres of land once again eligible for federal wilderness protection, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Thursday.

The agency will replace the 2003 policy adopted under former Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Salazar said. That policy — derided by some as the “No More Wilderness” policy — stated that new areas could not be recommended for wilderness protection by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and opened millions of acres in the Rocky Mountain region to potential commercial development.

Apparently the Obama Administration is blissfully unaware of a concept we like to call “multiple use”. Lets all say that together… “multiple” “use”. Multiple use is the apparently antiquated notion (if you are a liberal) that Federal lands should be available for a variety of legal and responsible uses, including… gasp, commercial use. Secretary Salazar felt it was necessary to clarify their position:

That policy “frankly never should have happened and was wrong in the first place,” Salazar said Thursday.

Yes, it is wrong for the American people and American business to be able to use our own lands. The “wizards of smart” in the environmental movement don’t seem capable of understanding that multiple use is best use. We need to be able to responsibly log our national forests without having jobs, economies, and ecosystems destroyed because of chicken little paranoia about spotted owls. Much of the west has been devastated by the pine beetle, and guess who stood in the way of logging and managing the forest?

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DOJ May Jail Bankers That Did Not Read Foreclosure Docs. How About Lawmakers That Did Not Read The Bills

by Greg Hedgepath on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

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This is short and conscious point.  The news this morning eluded to the fact that criminal charges are going to possibly be filed against bankers that did not read the foreclosure documents.  WHY? I ask.  Is it because they are paid to do so and to not review these documents would be fraudulent?  Yes it is fraud.

So ask your self this.  What about those people hired through elections to manage our country and create new legislation for proper management of our ‘Nations of Laws’.

Not only are they not reading the documents, they are thumbing their elite noses at America about that very fact. ARROGANCE!  They have allowed asked third party collaboratives to write the bills.  For example Obama’s Stimulus bill was written by the Apollo Alliance.  How is this legal?  Apollo Alliance included wording that funneled $80 Billion dollars to its self in the bill.  How is this legal? And do not forget, that is YOUR money!

1:40 Seconds into this video Van Jones eludes to the $80 Billion Apollo will receive

It is time America insist its elected officials do what we elect them for.  READ THE BILL or GO TO JAIL.  This is FRAUD and it must be stopped.

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