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Why So Much Anger At Manti Te’o?

by J.J. Jackson on Sunday, January 20th, 2013

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So Manti Te’o lied about having a girl friend who was in a car accident and died from leukemia.  So Manti Te’o played the media to hype his own run for the Heisman Trophy.  So Manti Te’o and the University of Notre Dame continued to lie even as the sham was falling apart.

The Question I have is why is there so much anger directed at him by the media who feel they were duped?  Why?  After all, this is the same media that has ignored every lie, both little and big, President Obama has told and then been caught in.  So why the double standard?

Manti Te’o was just following President Obama’s example.

President Obama has repeatedly tried to paint himself as a man of the little people, yet his entire life has been of privilege.  He was privileged rom the time he entered one of the most prestigious private schools as a child to the moment he was swept into office on a wave of “Hope and Change” that no one with a brain in their heads believed.

President Obama regularly talked about how he would halve the national deficit by the end of his first term.  And what did we get?  Another six trillion in debt on top of our nine trillion at the time.  And the media just sat there and acted like it was no big deal.

President Obama begged and pleaded with people to believe him when he said he didn’t want to take away the second amendment rights of Americans.  Yet what is he doing today?  He is trying to do an end run around Congress and seeking ways to impinge upon the second amendment rights of Americans.

Obama lied about his mother and the evil health care company that supposedly cheated her.  Then, of course, there was the lie by Obama’s surrogates about Mitt Romney causing the death of a man’s wife with cancer during the last campaign.

Fast and furious?  All but buried.

Benghazigate?  Every time Hillary is slated to testify she has another slip and fall or complication to her health.

The list goes on and on.

So I say to the mainstream media, give Manti Te’o a break!  At least until you are serious about investigating the goings on of the Oval Office.  You know, something that actually matters?  As compared to a demented college athlete who once again showed how easily you fools can be taken?

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Tuesday Morning/Afternoon Open Thread: Brent Musburger Mentors Boys on How to Pick Up Chicks as Hot as AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend

by Doug Powers on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Lots going on this morning and early afternoon, so I doubt I’ll be able to get to anything of political substance until a little later.

Until then, here’s Brent Musburger’s mind (and other things) wandering during last night’s Notre Dame/Alabama game. When I was a kid I don’t recall Tom Brookshier giving pointers like this during his play-by-play calls:

For a minute there I thought Brent was going to start diagramming with the telestrator ala John Madden. “Boom!”

I’ll be back in a while. For some reason my son wants to go out into the backyard and throw the football around.

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Catholic lawsuit against Obamacare mandate cites 1993 legislation written by Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer

by Michelle Malkin on Thursday, May 24th, 2012

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Yesterday, 43 Catholic institutions, including the Archdiocese of New York and Notre Dame University, filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over the contraception mandate’s infringement upon on religious freedom. The plaintiffs have two liberals unexpectedly working on their behalf to win the lawsuit against the Obama administration:

The biggest legal threat to the White House’s birth control mandate could come from a decades-old law that was championed by liberal Democrats, according to legal experts.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has been mentioned in nearly all of the more than 30 lawsuits pending against President Obama’s administration over the mandate. One, filed by the University of Notre Dame on Monday, cited RFRA’s protections in the first paragraph.

Legal scholars see the merit in challenging the mandate with RFRA, which then-Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) introduced in 1993 to protect religious exercise from laws that might unintentionally restrict it.

According to the article, the law was introduced nearly 20 years ago after two Native American Church members in Oregon were denied unemployment benefits because they had been fired for using peyote in a religious ceremony (Elizabeth Warren was only allowed a 1/32nd mescaline dose but it still culminated in some pretty good recipes), but now the Kennedy and Schumer’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act might cause this particular provision in Obamacare take a trip and get overturned.

Related Media Bias Fun Fact: On last night’s ABC, NBC and CBS nightly newscasts, one of the largest (if not the largest) religious lawsuits in American history warranted a grand total of 19 seconds of air time between the three networks.

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Bishop Says Obama on Hitlerian Path

by Cliff Kincaid on Thursday, April 19th, 2012

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Comparing Obama to Hitler is something that the liberal/left used to blame on the Tea Party. However, posters and signs showing Obama with a Hitler moustache were inevitably traced to followers of Lyndon LaRouche. They sometimes tried to portray themselves as conservatives, but in reality LaRouche is a former Marxist who ran for president as a Democrat. They like to cause deliberate political confusion.

Now that an educated Catholic Bishop with knowledge of history and a commitment to religious freedom has made the comparison, however, the national media cannot decide on how to respond.

When I saw the headline, “Bishop Compares Obama Policies to Hitler, Stalin,” over an article on, the conservative website, I thought at first it must be an error or exaggeration. Was a Catholic Bishop actually being this harsh? I have reported on the reaction of the Catholic Church to the Obama Administration’s birth control mandate affecting religious institutions. My local priest called it evil and demonic and has suggested the church will be persecuted and ministers jailed for resisting the federal onslaught. But comparing the President personally to Hitler and Stalin?

The Newsmax headline about the charge concerned a story from The Daily Caller titled it: “Illinois Bishop: Obama ‘intent on following a similar path’ as Hitler, Stalin.”

I went to the and the headline over its story was only slightly different: “Obama taking ‘similar path’ as Hitler and Stalin: Illinois bishop.” The question then became—were these stories somehow exaggerating what the Catholic Bishop said?

The Catholic Post ran the full text of the homily of Bishop Daniel R. Jenky at the Mass during the April 14 “A Call to Catholic Men of Faith” in Peoria. The homily is also available on podcast. The headlines did indeed capture the essence of what he said. The Bishop goes by the title “Most Reverend Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C., D.D.” CSC stands for the Congregation of the Holy Cross, the order that runs Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. D.D. stands for Doctor of Divinity. He is an educated man. His education includes:

  • College: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
  • Novitiate: Holy Cross Fathers’ Novitiate, Bennington, Vermont.
  • Seminary: Moreau Seminary, Notre Dame, Indiana
  • Theology: Moreau Seminary, Notre Dame, Indiana

Taking aim at Obama, Hollywood and the media, the Bishop said:

“For 2,000 years the enemies of Christ have certainly tried their best. But think about it. The Church survived and even flourished during centuries of terrible persecution, during the days of the Roman Empire.

“The Church survived barbarian invasions. The Church survived wave after wave of Jihads. The Church survived the age of revolution. The Church survived Nazism and Communism.

“And in the power of the resurrection, the Church will survive the hatred of Hollywood, the malice of the media, and the mendacious wickedness of the abortion industry.

“The Church will survive the entrenched corruption and sheer incompetence of our Illinois state government, and even the calculated disdain of the President of the United States, his appointed bureaucrats in HHS [Health and Human Services], and of the current majority of the federal Senate.” (Applause)

It turns out that the Bishop was just getting warmed up.

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The Three Straws That Break AKA Obama’s Back…

by Jayme Evans on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

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…with a little help from Congress

  1. There is enough evidence to seek a federal indictment against AKA Obama for Social Security fraud
  2. AKA Obama has admitted that he is not a “Natural Born Citizen” which is a requirement for the Office of President under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution
  3. AKA Obama has never been properly vetted as being born in the United States, and many other aspects of his history have been hidden from the citizens of the United States.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Let’s take a closer look at each of these three “straws”:

1. The Social Security Issue – AKA Obama – We’ve Got Your Number – 042-68-4425

Update: just to make things more solid look at this:

This application (Thomas Louis Wood) is only one number off from AKA Obama’s (or Jean Paul Ludwig’s) number (042-68-4425) and was applied for on 3/21/77 in Hartford, CT.  Thomas Louis Wood died at age 19 but that probably isn’t relevant.

The record shows an 87 year old man, Jean Paul Ludwig, applied for a second SS# when he already had one issued in 1951-1952.  Or did someone else fraudulently apply for this number?  Conveniently, as Obama needs a number, Ludwig dies in 1981 and his 4 year old SS# is deactivated.

Now AKA Obama uses this number 042-68-4425 on his selective service application.  The original Ludwig number 045-26-8722 was never reported as deceased and thus Jean Paul Ludwig is 121 years old on the Social Security records.

I don’t know quite what to make of this in total.  But we do know that the selective service application displays a SS# that couldn’t possibly be Obama’s and is the number of a dead man from CT who applied for a SS# when he was 87 years old.

If I can figure this out I will take a crack at Unified Field Theory.  Actually I have a better grasp of Unified Field Theory than I do of AKA Obama’s fraudulent Social Security number.

There isn’t any doubt about the social security number AKA Obama used when he filed for a selective service number.

Here is a close up crop of Obama’s Selective Service card.

The full document is available HERE

The only thing that is causing confusion for some of my readers is the identity of who legitimately was assigned the social security number 042-68-4425.  It is recorded as belonging to Jean Paul Ludwig.  However Jean Paul Ludwig had two SS#s recorded in his name.  The original Ludwig number  045-26-8722 was never reported as deceased and thus he is 121 years old on the records. One of these numbers wasn’t assigned until 1977 and Ludwig died in 1981 at the age of 91.  Why would any one ask for a new SS# when 87 years old if he already had a SS#?

There are so many SS#s and addresses assigned to AKA Obama that it is very confusing.  It appears that multiple SS# and addresses were created by someone deliberately attempting to frustrate investigators.

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Notre Dame Professor Disputes Pro-Terror Quote in New York Times

by Cliff Kincaid on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

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“The subsequent quote from me, ‘You call it violence, I call it resistance,’ was one part of a longer interview in which I was explaining what Qaradawi thinks—not what I think.”

In a report noting that Al-Jazeera television personality and Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi has supported violence against Israelis and Americans, The New York Times quoted Professor Emad Shahin of the University of Notre Dame as saying, “You call it violence; I call it resistance.”

But the professor is now disputing the quote. “The placement of my quote in David Kirkpatrick’s report on Sheik Yusef al-Qaradawi is deeply disturbing, as it suggests that I condone violence of any kind,” he said in a statement. “As a scholar of Islamic law and political movements, I have studied the thinking of many clerics and political leaders in Egypt and throughout the Arab world. Kirkpatrick correctly states that Sheik Qaradawi has long argued that Islamic law supports the idea of a pluralistic, multiparty, civil democracy, but that he makes exceptions for violence against Israel or the American forces in Iraq. The subsequent quote from me, ‘You call it violence, I call it resistance,’ was one part of a longer interview in which I was explaining what Qaradawi thinks—not what I think. My own position is that violence is not only morally wrong but ultimately ineffective, and that peaceful resistance (as we just saw in Tunisia and Egypt) is far more powerful than violence ever will be.”

Shahin is the Luce Associate Professor of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding in the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. The institute is named for Joan Kroc, the third wife of McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc.

The professor’s webpage lists a number of media appearances, including CNN, National Public Radio, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Voice of America, and Al-Jazeera Arabic and English.

Reporting from Cairo, David Kirkpatrick of The New York Times had noted that al-Qaradawi was banned from the United States and Britain for “supporting violence against Israel and American forces in Iraq” but delivered his first public sermon in Egypt in 50 years last Friday, “emerging as a powerful voice in the struggle to shape what kind of Egyptian state emerges from the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.”

Kirkpatrick called him the “popular television cleric whose program reaches an audience of tens of millions worldwide,” failing to note that the television channel that features al-Qarawadi is none other than Al-Jazeera, now demanding more access to U.S. media markets. This is the same network praised by such figures as Sam Donaldson of ABC news and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC for covering demonstrations in the Middle East.

Florida broadcaster Jerry Kenney, who has been drawing attention to public TV stations in the U.S. airing the Al-Jazeera channel, counters: “I remember years ago when a man in California was praised for reporting fires. Then they found out he was lighting them.

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