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The Art of Being a Happy Warrior

by Daniel Greenfield on Thursday, November 15th, 2012

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When we celebrate Thanksgiving in a little over a week, after being thankful for family and friends, for health and comfort, for food and shelter; it may be time to be thankful for the left.

I have seen far too much despair and defeatism, too many comments that suggest there is no hope for America and the only thing left to do is pour a glass of wine and watch the sun go down. I understand the place of despair and pain that such words come from. But they also testify to how sheltered Americans are from the cold winds outside.

Eight years of Obama is bad, no doubt. But try sixty-nine years of Communism on for size. That’s what generations of Russians had to live through. Ask some of the conservative activists in Europe who have never had any of the freedoms that we still take for granted whether they’ve given up hope. Ask people from countries where criticism of Islam can mean a jail sentence and homeschooling is illegal, whether they’ve given up hope.

There are countless tales of courage over the last century of men and women who did not stop fighting, who did not stop teaching their children so that they would not stop resisting. And those stories have not ended. They are taking place today in Europe. They are taking place in South America. And those people would envy the conditions under which we fight, where we can protest without being shot or sent to prison, where we can at least have a shot at winning elections if we try hard enough. Where we are, compared to 100 percent of the rest of the world, still free.

We face a hard fight, not only for our freedom, but the freedom of the world. The international left has made America its special project. It knows that if it can extinguish the hope of liberty in this land then it will drive the rest of those who hope for freedom across the ocean deeper into despair. And it wants your despair. It wants you to give up so that the rest of the world gives up too and bows under its chains.

And yet this fight is a glorious one. This fight is our birthright. And we should be thankful for the fight.

It would be more pleasant if there were no Obama or Axelord. If Alinsky had never been born and Marx had never been whelped. It would be nice if we lived in a world where red were just a color and the Democratic Party were a rural movement suspicious of the Federal government and dreaming of an agrarian utopia. But then so would never having to work for a living or getting up out of bed.

Life is challenge and we face all kinds of different challenges. We get up early out of bed in the morning and drive to work. We rise in the middle of the night when the baby cries and we go to the hospital when our loved ones need us there. We do dreary things and terrible things that seem so different from the life we imagined as children. And we do them not only because they are duty, but because these challenges make us who we are.

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Back To Iraq

by Bob Livingston on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

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Back To Iraq

In August, President Barack Obama visited Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, to mark “the two-year anniversary of the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq.”

President Barack Obama is having a “Mission Accomplished” moment, not that you’d know it based on coverage by the lamestream corporate media whores.

In August, Obama went to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, on “an official trip marking the two-year anniversary of the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq.” There he said: “You left Iraq with honor, your mission complete, your heads held high.”

Not so fast. Last week, The New York Times quietly reported that Iraq and the United States are negotiating an agreement that could result in the return of small units of American soldiers to Iraq.

This is eerily reminiscent of President George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” proclamation just months into the Iraq war that then dragged on for another nine years, a fact the media and the progressive talking heads (sorry for the redundancy) mentioned at every opportunity for as long as Bush was in office.

On Dec. 15, 2011, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared the combat mission over. For Obama the mission somehow ended in August of 2010?

The truth is, the region remains a tinderbox thanks to the CIA-instigated “Arab Spring” uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Syria in which the United States used agents provocateurs and al-Qaida terrorists as instruments of regime change. And now, our military, overused and weary from perpetual war, is once again being sent back to Iraq.

The perpetual war machine hums merrily along.

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Chicago jihadi pleads guilty, planned to join Al Shabaab in Somalia

by Jim Kouri on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

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A homegrown, radical Islamist from Chicago pleaded guilty on Monday to planning a trip to Somalia in 2010 specifically to help a terrorist organization in its fight against Somali government forces. He also toyed with the idea of going to Afghanistan to kill American soldiers.

Shaker Masri pleaded guilty to intentionally trying to help provide material support to Al Shabaab, a designated foreign terrorist organization, knowing that the group was engaged in international terrorism. The guilty plea resolves all charges that have been pending since Masri was arrested as he was preparing to leave the United States in August 2010.

The 28-year-old U.S. citizen lived in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, and will remain in federal custody awaiting sentencing, which U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman scheduled for Oct. 16, 2012. Masri’s plea agreement calls for a sentence of nine years and 10 months. Attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization also carries a $250,000 fine in addition to the prison time.

According to records, on July 19, 2010, Masri told an associate, who at the time was a government cooperating source (CS), that he had decided to travel abroad to engage in a jihadist conflict as a combatant. Masri trusted the associate and confided that he would either travel to Somalia to aid Al Shabaab or to Afghanistan to aid al-Qaeda in fighting and killing members of the American-led forces.

Masri told the CS that he decided to travel to Somalia and assured the cooperating source (CS) that he was determined to join a jihadist conflict and only needed funds to facilitate his plan. The CS responded that he had money to fund Masri’s proposed travel, but only if he could join Masri in traveling to Somalia to join Al Shabaab. Masri agreed to the arrangement.

On July 23 and 28, 2010, Masri and the CS met to discuss their travel plans and Masri suggested that, to avoid suspicion, they should avoid traveling directly towards East Africa. Rather, Masri suggested that they travel to southern California, where they could cross the U.S. border into Mexico.

From Mexico, Masri explained that they could travel through a Latin American country that did not cooperate with United States’ law enforcement before heading to East Africa. When asked by the CS how they would link up with Al Shabaab once in Somalia, Masri assured the CS that the area of southern Somalia where they would be traveling was controlled exclusively by Al Shabaab, an ally of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

In addition, Masri assured the CS that, after arriving in Somalia, he expected they would be placed with a faction of Al Shabaab’s militia comprised of foreign fighters.

Masri admitted in his plea that he knew that Al Shabaab was a terrorist organization that had engaged in violent activity. He was also aware that Al Shabaab’s leadership had issued statements advocating terrorism, and he was aware that the United States had designated Al Shabaab a foreign terrorist organization.

Masri told the CS that before they left, he needed to discard his laptop and purchase a new computer. Masri explained that he needed to destroy his computer because it contained incriminating information, and the CS agreed to help.

However, on Aug.

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How to Turn a Memorial Day Address Into a Campaign Speech in One Sentence

by Doug Powers on Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

He just can’t help himself:

“For the first time in nine years, Americans are not fighting and dying in Iraq,” Obama said. “We are winding down the war in Afghanistan and our troops will continue to come home. After a decade under the dark cloud of war, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. Especially for those who’ve lost a loved one, this chapter will remain open long after the guns have fallen silent.”

Full transcript here.

On the topic of veterans, the latest Gallup poll found that vets favor Romney over Obama 58 percent to 34 percent. This will be the first presidential election since 1944 where neither candidate has a military background.

Meanwhile, far left loons weighed in and kept it classy — none of which was unexpected. And then there’s this idiot.

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House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer flip flops on balanced budget amendment

by John Lott on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

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Hoyer can no longer support a balanced-budget amendment because of the deficits under Bush? There are so many ways that statement doesn’t make sense. Do reporters just laugh when politicians make these statements? The vastly bigger deficits under Obama don’t matter? The fact that deficits are bigger now make a balanced-budget amendment less desirable? From The Hill Newspaper:

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer argued Tuesday that his current opposition to a balanced-budget amendment is perfectly consistent with his past support for similar legislation.

The Maryland Democrat said the political environment was much different in 1995, when he voted in favor of amending the Constitution to require Congress to balance its books each year. He blamed Republicans in the White House and Congress for since adopting “irresponsible” policies that he said make such an amendment unworkable now.

“What I said in 1995 I absolutely agree with today,” Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol. “Unfortunately, I did not contemplate the irresponsibility that I have seen fiscally over the last nine years, or eight years, of the Bush administration and Republican leadership of the House and the Senate, and this last few months where Republicans took America to the brink of default.” . . .

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Friday Afternoon Roundup – Classless Warfare

by Daniel Greenfield on Saturday, September 24th, 2011

The UN is now hard at work pandering to terrorists and shutting down midtown traffic, but do we really need the UN?

My Freedom Center pamphlet, 10 Reasons to Abolish the UN argues that not only don’t we need it, but the whole world would be better off without it.

The 51 founding members of the UN were roughly balanced between democracies and dictatorships. As the United Nations membership expanded, the ratio of tyrannies to democracies increased.3 According to the Economist’s Democracy Index, there are 26 full democracies and 55 authoritarian regimes with the latter outnumbering the former in population 3 to 1.4 The average UN representative is statistically less likely to be speaking for a democratically elected government and far more likely to be there as the personal representative of a tyrant or an oligarchy.

…and then there’s this…

During the Cambodian Genocide, the UN Security Council did not issue a single resolution on it. While millions were dying, the UN occupied itself with condemning the Israeli expulsion of the Sharia judge of Hebron and the United States for allowing former members of the Rhodesian government to enter the country.The United Nations, after being approached by the Cambodian government nearly two decades later, finally got down to the task of trying some of those involved for genocide.

That was 1997. An agreement to conduct the actual trials was signed six years later. Another three years after that, actual judges were finally approved to preside over the tribunal. It had taken nine years just to get to this point.

In 2007, the first indictment was issued against Pol Pot’s second in command. Nuon Chea had been 70 when the UN was first approached. He was now almost 80. Today he is 84 and the trial is still going on.13 The odds are very good that he will die before it is all over.

So far the only man convicted of anything in the proceedings, whose origins date back to the 90’s and have budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars, is Kaing Guek Eav, who ran the Tuol Sleng prison. The Khmer Rouge Tribunal could hardly have sent a louder message about UN impotence in the face of genocide.

If you read the pamphlet, you’ll find that this is a common pattern with UN genocide tribunals. If the UN Genocide Tribunal had ever gotten hold of Hitler, he would have died of old age.

And there’s lots more from outrageous corruption to dangerous threats to the US Constitution from the UN– all reasons to give back Turtle Bay to the turtles.

Frankly George

Soros and Frank. No it’s not the worst law firm on the planet (though it might be) it’s also the topic of this week’s two articles. Remember those “social protests” in Israel. Well they’re more like socialists and the world’s leading socialist James Bond villain is behind them.

In late February, the Israeli Knesset passed the NGO Funding Transparency Bill by 40 to 34.

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Obama did something EVEN Hitler did not do!

by Greg Hedgepath on Monday, May 30th, 2011

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Sieg Heil Fuhrer Obama!

The following is from the detested and much hated and for GREAT REASON.. ACLU.

They have been known to get it right once or twice.  Let us hope they maintain the correct view on this as well.

NEW YORK – President Obama today issued an executive order that permits ongoing indefinite detention of Guantánamo detainees while establishing a periodic administrative review process for them. The administration also announced it will lift the ban on bringing new military commissions charges against detainees that don’t already have ongoing cases in the substandard system.

The American Civil Liberties Union has long called for Guantánamo to be shut down and opposes the indefinite detention of prisoners there, some of whom have been imprisoned by the U.S. without charge or trial for nine years. The ACLU has also long called for an end to the illegitimate military commissions and for the government to prosecute terrorism suspects in the federal criminal courts.

The following can be attributed to Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU:

“The best way to get America out of the Guantánamo morass is to use the most effective and reliable tool we have: our criminal justice system. Instead, the Obama administration has done just the opposite and chosen to institutionalize unlawful indefinite detention – creating a troubling ‘new normal’ – and to revive the illegitimate Guantánamo military commissions.

“While appearing to be a step in the right direction, providing more process to Guantánamo detainees is just window dressing for the reality that today’s executive order institutionalizes indefinite detention, which is unlawful, unwise and un-American. The detention of Guantánamo detainees for nine years without charge or trial is a stain on America’s reputation that should be ended immediately, not given a stamp of approval. Moreover, the procedures for providing more process are flawed as they vest too much discretion and power in the Secretary of Defense, essentially asking the fox to guard the hen house.

“Even with recent improvements, the military commissions rules are inadequate under established criminal law and international law. Where credible evidence exists against Guantánamo detainees, they should be charged and prosecuted in our federal courts, which have a proven record of prosecuting terrorism suspects and are the only way to provide the fair and reliable outcomes that Americans deserve.

“The only way to restore the rule of law is to put an end to indefinite detention at Guantánamo and the broken commissions system, and to prosecute terrorism suspects in federal criminal courts. Today’s announcement takes us back a step when we should be moving forward toward closing Guantánamo and ending its shameful policies.”

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Why do we still run the Diversity Visa Lottery, anyway?!

by Michelle Malkin on Monday, May 16th, 2011

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The entitled world is up in arms over America’s botching of the annual Diversity Visa Lottery. A “glitch” in the State Department’s computer system has caused the bureaucracy to conduct a do-over of the random visa giveaway. WaPo reports:

Tens of thousands of would-be immigrants may be unable to move legally to the United States after the State Department said Friday that a computer glitch is forcing them to scrap the results of an annual worldwide lottery for U.S. visas.

More than 14 million applicants entered a lottery last fall for one of 50,000 visas distributed as part of the annual Diversity Visa Lottery, designed for people who would otherwise have little chance of legally entering the country. The program doesn’t require applicants to have a family or employer as a sponsor.

…David Donahue, deputy assistant secretary of state for visa services, said the glitch discovered earlier this month prompted the computer program to unfairly select people who submitted applications in the first two days of the 30-day application process that ended Nov. 3.

“These results are not valid because they did not represent a fair, random selection of the entrants as required by U.S. law,” Donahue said in a video statement posted on the State Department Web site.

It’s a “devastating blow,” the U.K. Daily Mail reports.

Sorry, but the only tears worth shedding are over the fact that we still have this ridiculous program in place nearly 10 years after the 9/11 attacks. For all their talk of “never forgetting,” homeland security officials remain stuck on 9/10 stupid. Nine years ago, I reported on the State Department’s idiotic Diversity Visa Lottery program and called for it to be abolished in Invasion. Why, I asked, are we leaving homeland security to random chance in the wake of September 11? You can read all about the program on the State Department website here. The GAO has raised lingering questions over lax vetting of Diversity Visa lottery winners, including those from terror-sponsoring countries.

Here’s a refresher course on the Kennedy-Bush I roots of the program:

Deadly diversity, dumb program
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
July 20, 2002

In the drawer of dumb, post-September 11 immigration ideas, the State Department’s Diversity Visa Lottery program sits near the top of the heap. What could be more out of touch with the national security goals of the War on Terror than giving away visas randomly to thousands of people from the Middle East to fulfill a politically correct social agenda?

Nearly 55,000 lucky lottery applicants and their family members qualify for permanent residency visas (green cards) every year, which put them on the path to American citizenship ahead of millions of other foreigners patiently waiting to come to this country. The visa lottery was championed by Sen. Ted Kennedy and signed into law by President George H. W. Bush in 1990 to admit more “underrepresented” immigrant minorities into the U.S.

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Home sales plummet 9.6 percent in February, median price lowest in 9 years

by John Lott on Monday, March 21st, 2011

The housing market continues to get worse. It isn’t too surprising that the gap between new and old home prices is getting bigger. Prices for new homes have to be above a certain level or they won’t get built.

Fewer Americans bought previously occupied homes in February and those who did purchased them at steep discounts. The weak sales and rise in foreclosures pushed home prices down to their lowest level in nearly nine years.

The National Association of Realtors said Monday that sales of previously occupied homes fell last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.88 million. That’s down 9.6% from 5.4 million in January. The pace is far below the 6 million homes a year that economists say represents a healthy market.

Nearly 40% of the sales last month were either foreclosures or short sales, when the seller accepts less than they owe on the mortgage.

One-third of all sales were purchased in cash — twice the rate from a year ago. In troubled housing markets such as Las Vegas and Miami, cash deals represent about half of sales.

The median sales price fell 5.2% to $156,100, the lowest level since April 2002. . . .

New-home prices are now 45% higher than prices for previously occupied homes. A more normal difference is about 15%, an indication that old homes on the market are being sold at comparatively cheap, and affordable, levels. . . .

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The Kindergarten Congress

by Alan Caruba on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

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The Founders in their genius created a Constitution that was intended to slow down the process of legislation precisely because they wanted the new nation to avoid being destroyed by the passions and trends of the day.

So what do we have today, a month away from the largest transfer of power in Congress since 1946?

We have a Senate being asked to vote on whether, not when, to extend the tax rates that have been in existence for the past nine years.

We have no indication of a resolution to continue funding the operation of government.

We have extraneous issues such as whether Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be imposed on a military, a large portion of which do not want to have openly gay members in their midst.

We have seen a vote allegedly on food safety that will destroy yet another segment of the economy, the small, usually family-owned farm.

The majority leader of the Senate wants a “Dream Act” amnesty program that would fund the college education of the children of illegal immigrants. And while this is being contemplated, since January 2000 census data shows that 13.1 million immigrants, legal and illegal, have arrived in the nation. In 2008 and 2009, 2.4 million new immigrants settled in the United States at the same time that 8.2 million jobs were lost.

Across our southern border Mexico is in a state of anarchy that threatens States from Texas to California, but the present administration is suing Arizona for taking action to respond to the threat.

We have seen the White House push for approval of a critical nuclear weapons treaty that clearly needs to be subjected to further thought before we allow the Russians to decide how many such weapons we can have.

We have an Environmental Protection Agency threatening to ignore Congress and initiate an authority it does not have, the imposition of regulatory control over carbon dioxide emissions. This would give it control over all energy use and thus control over our lives and the future of our economy.

The present Congress, until December 31, is filled with defeated Representatives and Senators, or those about to retire. It should be enacting only such legislation as will maintain the government until a newly-elected Congress takes office in 2011.

And we have a President who sat down this week with the present and future leaders of Congress for two hours in the White House and resolved absolutely NOTHING.

If we replaced the Democrats in Congress with randomly selected kindergarten children, we could do no worse than the ones who forced so-called Medicare reform, Obamacare, on a majority of Americans who expressed their opposition in “town hall” meetings and mass marches.

We have a government-owned automobile company producing obscenely priced electric cars that can barely travel beyond forty miles despite a massive infrastructure that will ensure that gasoline powered automobiles can transport Americans anywhere they want to go.

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