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Sometimes we need to remember we are a community of individuals and the police are not the enemy …

by Stephen Levine on Friday, May 31st, 2013

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With the news concentrated on the horrors of Obamacare and the scandals swirling around the toilet bowl that is the Obama Administration, this video should serve as a reminder that we are all Americans – and cannot be divided by those who are pursuing their own personal or political agenda. Good news is hard to find in the mainstream media where bizarre behavior is the norm and the rule of the day is “if it bleeds, it leads.”

This little girl’s father, 29-year old Iraq war veteran and Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz,  was struck and killed by a hit-and-run SUV while he was conducting a DUI stop.

Watch as Tatum Raetz graduates kindergarten three days after he father’s death …

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Video of ad starring Samuel L. Jackson: ‘Wake the f–k up! Vote for Obama!’

by Doug Powers on Thursday, September 27th, 2012

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A couple of weeks ago we knew the ad was on the way, and here it is below — bleeped for your protection.

Who can save the country from Republicans ridding the country of civil rights, Paul Ryan pushing old people off a cliff, Mitt Romney sending all our jobs to China and public funding cuts to abortion providers? A little girl waking the neighborhood by shouting obscenities from an open window:

Wow… in 2008 the pitch for Obama promised the harmonic convergence of “Hope and Change.” In 2012 that’s become “Hey! You two had a bake sale for Obama in 2008… where are you now, mo&@#*%$@#*rs!?”

Naturally there’s an accompanying website. Soon fans of the president will be able to wear their “Wake the F–k Up” jackets over their “Still a Big F-in Deal” t-shirts as a way of proudly telling the world “I sure hope treatment for my profanity addiction is covered under Obamacare!”

These ended up on the cutting room floor:

nullnullTrivia: Samuel L. Jackson became an Obama fan in 2008 after sitting down with the then presidential candidate for an in depth chat while promoting a movie (photo of that meeting here).

Update: Where do “ObamaPhones” come from?

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Multiple victim public shooting in France – four dead, two injured

by John Lott on Saturday, September 8th, 2012

The four and eight-year-old sisters have survived.  The four-year-old hid under her dead mom, and the eight-year-old was shot three times and is in critical condition.

A four-year-old girl miraculously survived a shooting in the French Alps that left four people dead by curling up under the bullet-riddled corpses of her mother and grandmother, officials said Thursday.

The little girl spent eight hours concealed on the back seat of her family’s car following a mysterious and brutal gun attack which also left her elder sister seriously injured and killed a passer-by.

Her father, who was found dead in the driver’s seat, was identified Thursday as Saad al-Hilli, a 50-year-old born in Baghdad but resident in Claygate, Surrey in the southeast of England.

The fourth man who died is believed to be a local who happened to be cycling past the scene of the crime. . . .

There is some discussion of this being a professional hit, but it seems unlikely that a professional hit man would leave potential witnesses.

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Jesus & Animals Part 8: Wolf Occupiers-Personality of a Shrimp?

by Rev. Austin Miles on Sunday, November 6th, 2011

A gentle knock on the backdoor of the Oakley, California home sought attention. As the door was opened no one was visible until a glance downward discovered a wee little girl I had never seen before.

“Rev. Miles,” the little girl said sadly with tears in her eyes, “my pet fish just died.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry, this must be terrible for you.”
“Would you come and do a funeral for my fish?”
“Why of course. But first, go and ask your mommy if it is OK for me to come over, then if it’s OK, come and tell me and I will do a funeral for your fish.”

By the time the little girl got to her house, her mother had made funeral arrangements of her own, placing the body in that porcelean object where with a flick of the handle, the fish was immediately transported to that great pond in the sky.

While it can be amusing to think that anyone could love a little fish like that, it was to be discovered that such thinking could only come from someone who never knew a fish.

When my grandchildren wanted a pet, that pet would usually wind up at our house. They wanted a fish. An area pet shop sold little feeder fish for only 99 cents and were said to only live for about six weeks at the most, but a fish was picked out and brought home.

Coming home after a day’s work, it became noticeable that the fish would swim to the front of the bowl as if to greet me. I began to speak to it, then fixed a sandwich for myself and sprinkled fish food in the bowl and we had a snack together. During the day, as I came in, the fish again came to the front of the bowl to greet me. I would fix a baloney sandwich and sprinkle food for the fish and sitting on the counter beside the fish bowl, we would have lunch and hang out together.

With love and good care that little feeder fish, which was only supposed to live about six weeks, lived for 2 1/2 years. One morning I came in and saw he was on his side. When I got near the bowl, he flipped upright and darted back and forth across the bowl, then stopped and would float on it’s side then flip back up. The little fish was fighting for its life.

When the fish died I was very upset, an emotion I never expected to feel. Getting to know that fish, making eye contact as it looked at me, discovering the personality it had, and being able to bond with it, made me exceedingly sorrowful at its death.

I have learned since that time that all creatures, even those that at first glance appear non-descript, do have feelings (as the little fish darted back and forth fighting for life) and they have distinct personalities (coming to greet me) that are delightufully discovered as one spends the time to get to know them.

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Government cracking down on Kids’ Lemonade Stands

by John Lott on Thursday, August 4th, 2011

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Iain Murray has a useful discussion here.

In the past couple of months, police have put children’s lemonade stands out of business in Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. (There’s a great map, with links to the news stories, here.)

The kids have been taught a lesson, but it’s one we should learn, too: You can’t be an entrepreneur in modern-day America without bureaucrats giving you permission in the first place.

The costs of regulation today amount to $10,000 per employee per year for small businesses in the U.S. That’s why the advert where a little girl borrows her father’s phone to help run her lemonade stand and ends up running a multinational just can’t happen. The bureaucrats just wouldn’t let her do it without jumping through the costly bureaucratic hoops first. . . .

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Mother and child

by Marie Jon on Sunday, July 24th, 2011

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.” — Matthew 24:11.

Thus is illustrated the injustice for a little girl named Caylee Anthony. While lawyers celebrated with champagne, there was behind-the-scenes spiritual action transpiring, I believe: “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done” (Revelation 22:12).

It is extremely difficult for compassionate, law-abiding Americans to understand how a young mother who had the support of family members to help raise her child could become a vile, cold-blooded murderer. But, as they say, there is “no new sin under the sun.” We read about senseless atrocities every day in the news, and our culture has become coarse and desensitized to them. These detached emotions are proving to be detrimental to our society.

There is absolutely no way to explain how the jury in the Anthony trial got it wrong when nearly two-thirds of Americans understand the facts. Casey Anthony is the person who committed the heinous act of putting duct tape over her daughter’s nose and mouth, and in doing so, caused her death. Casey Anthony then tossed her child’s lifeless body into the swamp just blocks away from her parent’s home where she lived. There were no intruders, nor accidents involved. Casey Anthony committed murder, by all indications.

Our judicial system only works when the accused has a jury of their peers who are fully committed to do their duty responsibly. They must be willing to keep an open mind regarding the evidence presented to them. Many believe the jurors in this case were too eager to appease their own consciences, having felt extremely inconvenienced while being sequestered.

Because of the outcome of this particular trial, it is imperative that every citizen take the time to educate themselves about our system of jurisprudence. One never knows when he or she might be called to serve as a juror in a murder trial. It is important to understand what constitutes circumstantial evidence, as opposed to direct evidence. Most murder cases are based on circumstantial evidence. It is a rare occasion when you find a camera near a murder scene that leads to an easy and foregone conclusion.

The outrage and sadness comes from the fact that the jurors did not deliberate long enough to reach an intelligent and responsible decision. They did not ask to review any of the prosecutor’s evidence. It appears that they merely shrugged off what was presented to them. During interviews, a few of the jurors merely parroted the words of the defense. There was clearly no critical thinking used in reaching their bizarre verdict.

As a result, their lack of common sense has allowed a murderer to walk out of jail. Their decision is binding and final, and the verdict can never be overturned. A little child is dead, and the woman who took her life will probably benefit financially, as will the defense lawyers, who openly celebrated within the hurting public’s view, sharing laughter and champagne.

We can only pray that Casey Anthony will someday find it within herself to come to The Almighty with a sorrowful and contrite heart and ask forgiveness for the sin she has committed.

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Controversial “Hunted Child” Series Launched

by Rev. Austin Miles on Sunday, February 27th, 2011

(2/25/11)  Oakley, California.  Today the dynamic new series designed specifically to protect children from predators was pre-launched before the media, with the official launching date to be March 1st.  Immediately after the website opened, hundreds of people signed on. The Hunted Child is a shocking but informative new video series.  Child abduction and rape has become epidemic throughout the world and even though predators have been incarcerated, placed under psychological and psychiatric care, once released they go right back to repeat their crimes.

According to Jerry Hanoum who spoke at the news conference, each pedophile, according to statistics, has molested at least 120 children before caught, and goes on to repeat that behavior when released.  No private or government program has been able to provide an effective solution or program to put a stop to these criminal sexual acts. That is until the launching of The Hunted Child Video Series with the goal of bringing a bill to Congress titled, The Mark for Mark Act.

With the passing of this bill, every person who has been convicted of harming a child will be required to have a Mark on his or her name and/or body, to identify that individual as a danger to children. An abused child carries a Mark on his or her life forever.  It is time to put a Mark on those who have Marked our children. The mark can be removed only when that individual has gone though treatment and extensive counseling and has proven beyond doubt to be responsible. However, a GPS device will be on that person for the rest of his of her life, to be certain that our children are protected.

These sexual criminals, who are driven by constant out-of-control lust, can grab your child in an unguarded split-second and disappear. The news regularly reports these stories including the recent one where a pedophile snatched a little girl from the aisle of a Dollar Store, threw her down on the floor and got on top of her in an attempt to rape her while her parents were in the next aisle.

The Hunted Child videos will provide specific preventative measures to keep your child safe.  It is not a ‘predator’ series. The videos re-enact various actual cases and provide specific preventative measures to keep your child safe.

It’s not just the pedophiles who target our children. Kids are also targeted by gangs, witchcraft, Satan worship and by those who want to sell them into sexual slavery which includes prostitution.

Questions were asked by those who packed the facility at Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley.   The first question was to be expected: “Is this movement a Christian initiative?”  Hanoum answered, “This is not a Christian initiative. This is not about religion in any form nor is it about politics, gays, straights or anything else. This is about protecting children from pedophiles. It is all of us against them.”

Another questioner took it further: “Are you instigating this as a pastor?”  Hanoum graciously answered, “I’m a pastor.

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Liberal Lunatics Blame Right for American Tragedy of Tuscon Shooting

by Christopher Morris on Sunday, January 9th, 2011

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A madman shitbag opens fire at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ constituency meeting in Tuscon, AZ and ends up injuring 18 people and killing 5 people. A federal judge and a little girl are among the dead. Giffords was shot in the head but reports indicate she will survive.

Politics immediately came to the front of the news. Liberals were quick to blame the Tea Party. The right hoped that the shooter was not counted among their faithful. Liberals are a sorry lot. many of their Twitter and blog comments were awash in despicable rhetoric tying Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and others to this heinous activity. Asshole Markos Moulitsas, founder of the liberal website DailyKos, sent numerous tweets suggesting that Palin and others on the right were responsible for the attack. Fellow asshole Paul Krugman blamed the GOP as well.

Early reports suggest that Giffords was in fact a lunatic. His rantings in You Tube videos made little sense and simply showed a person who was disturbed.

The problem is the left jumped to conclusions before any facts were released. The facts are beginning to show a person who was actually left wing liberal. People that supposedly knew him Tweeted that he was a liberal. His favorite book is the Communist Manefesto. Nobody in the Tea Party, nor any conservative or Libertarian finds the teachings in that book all that enlightening.He also enjoyed Mein Kampf a favorite of National Socialists, not exactly a favorite book of the conservative Tea Party movement either.

I really don’t care what he was. The left can use this as a way to try to dismiss and condemn the right. Whatever assholes. This is an American tragedy. This is not a tragedy of the left OR right’s making.

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Islam was Born Out of Child Abuse and Rape

by Daniel Greenfield on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

The Senate recently unanimously passed the awkwardly named “International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act of 2010“, which obligates the government to track child marriage rates globally and fund programs to reduce it in countries with a child marriage of over 40 percent. The act mentions only one Muslim country by name (Bangladesh), but it may be one of the most ‘Islamophobic’ pieces of legislation ever voted on by the United States Senate.

Islam is the only major world religion where child marriage has the religious sanction of its prophet. Mohammed ‘married’ Aisha, his most notable wife, when she was six years old. The marriage was consummated when she was nine or ten at the latest. Like so many marriages, it was the product of an alliance between her father and Mohammed. Aisha’s merchant father was Mohammed’s first ally outside his family, and went on to be Mohammed’s successor. That alliance was sealed with the sexual abuse of his little girl.

Such arrangements are still common in the Muslim world today, where little girls are treated as gifts to seal an alliance.

Islam was born out of the brutal rape of a little girl. As the mother of the Sunni Caliphate, Aisha is not just an incidental figure. Her marriage to Mohammed lies at the heart of Islam. The alliance between her father and her abuser made Islam viable by giving its prophet his first real power base. After Mohammed’s death, her father used that connection to the Chief Prophet of Islam, to gain the political upper hand over Mohammed’s son-in-law in the civil war that arose afterward. And it was her father who oversaw the codification of the Koran in its written form.

The spread of the Islamic faith and the codification of the Koran were made possibly only through the rape of a little girl. And there is no way around that. Which is why child abuse remains a permanent part of Islam. To disavow it, is to disavow Islam’s Prophet and his successor, whom Sunni Islam associates with the codification of their religion’s holiest book. Muslims cannot tolerate gently mocking cartoons of their prophet. They certainly are not about to put him aside so that no more 9 year old girls get raped.

And how could they? One of the most awful Hadiths depicts Aisha’s mother taking her from her swing set, wiping her face and then bringing her inside and putting her on Mohammed’s lap. While everyone else left, Mohammed “consummated” his marriage with her. Another describes her friends coming over to play with dolls… after her marriage. Still another mentions that she had originally played with his own children.

There is nothing terribly new here. Child abuse predates Islam. It is not uncommon in the West. But in Islam, it is an organic part of the religion itself. Even when Muslims attempt to inhibit it, they must resort to convoluted arguments that Mohammed was given special sanctions to do what he did, because he was on another level than ordinary men.

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