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Ben Carson Has Presidential Ambitions, But Is Soft On Illegal Aliens

by Jerry McConnell on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

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jerry020414Dr. Ben Carson has been a bit quixotic about his ambitions to run for the presidency in 2016, but he is always free about answering questions from information-gathering sources.

In the book, America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson, p.102,  the author touched on a subject that is of great interest to me when he said this about the immigrant population in this country, “I believe we have taken the moral low road on this issue. Some segments of our economy would virtually collapse without these undocumented workers—we all know that—yet we continue to harass and deport many individuals who are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Is there a way to apply logic to this issue and arrive at an intelligent solution?”

Yes, Dr. Carson, I know what you’re saying when you mention the “moral low road” on the issue of illegal aliens; but, I think we are on that same “moral low road” when we allow foreigners to come into our country illegally and then get paid for doing work when we have millions of legal citizens without jobs.  In Carson’s view,  I guess I’m old-fashioned in my thinking that we are rewarding people for breaking our laws when we acquiesce with those views.

“Oh well”, say the opponents of deportation, “our jobless workers would not want those jobs”.  To make that statement believable you must have the printed results of a poll that was taken consisting of a very large percentage of jobless workers from all areas of our country and not just in the locale of where illegals are now employed.

In answer to Carson’s question on an intelligent solution, I believe that AFTER our borders are firmly closed with assuredness of remaining tightly and firmly closed, our current immigration laws can be temporarily eased to allow LEGITIMATE immigrants to enter our country LEGALLY and apply for those jobs where our jobless citizen workers are not in enough numbers to satisfy the vacancies.

This is not “immigration reform” it is “IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT” where no laws are broken, but comply exactly with all requirements as amended if that is the case.  Allowing illegal aliens to take jobs that jobless citizens would accept is exacerbating illegality and law-breaking; which is no way to run a government.

This last action of filling the jobs is perfectly acceptable for Obama; but then disregarding our established laws as authorized by our U. S. Constitution is also perfectly OK with Obama.

More and more people, it seems, are finding Obama’s abandonment of established laws in favor of “whatever works for socialism” to be permissible and another knock against conservatism.  Which always reminds me of a great quote from Lady Margaret Thatcher, England’s late Prime Minister, when she uttered this about socialism:  “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Obama seems to believe that he can keep raising taxes from the more affluent citizens to pay for his “freebies” and food stamps and welfare for those who have little or none.  But there never is any effort to determine WHY this group has “little or none”.  And there is never any effort to place those who have “little or none” in jobs that are unfilled.

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4 More Years: Obama’s Forward Program to Socialistic-Communism Is Easier; Let’s Deny him

by Jerry McConnell on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

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I’m having a hard time making up my mind whether so many Americans are actually incredibly stupid or just terribly naïve.  The ones I am referring to are mostly Democrats with a smattering of RINOs included.

You’ve heard of RINOs,  haven’t you?  Not to be confused with those big ugly animals with big ugly tusks in the middle of their foreheads, these RINOs are registered Republicans who, when it comes to making decisions, can’t make up their minds whether they are socialist liberals or patriotic conservatives who follow the principles of our founding fathers and not the teachings of Communists such as Trotsky, Stalin and Gorbachev.

It is a well known fact that 66 million residents, not necessarily all legal citizens, of a once good solid 80 percent Christian-believing country turned their backs on their Christian roots and religion and voted for a Communist trained and raised Socialist who pretended he was of the Christian faith who was theologically mentored by a false practitioner who proudly proclaimed, “God Damn America” to his followers and to the world in general, leaving no doubts that both the false minister and the pretend Christian, Rev. Wright and Barack Obama were and are deep-souled socialist-communists ready and willing to take all of your worldly goods and treasures and pass them on to whom they call “the needy” and to others as “the greedy” who refuse to make do for themselves; meanwhile adding to their own prodigious fortunes in the process.

Why so many American citizens deserted their Christian upbringing and endorsed a Communist to lead them into a form of government that has not been successful in any country in the world where it has been forced on to the people in dictatorial fashion has to be amnesia-type behavior.

The defenders of this charlatan say he has done nothing that should make people distrust his motives.  There is an old saying that “there are none so blind as those who will not see” that surely applies to the majority of non-seeing followers of Obama.  It is quite baffling how his personal charm and mountainous ‘BS’ has so entranced so many people who can’t see the ultimate path to destruction he has projected for America into communism and poverty for the working classes being stripped of their worldly goods by the corrupt and nefarious United Nations in their “redistribution of the wealth” of which he frequently speaks.

When I hear Obama’s followers praising him I ask what he has done for the country and incredibly they will comment on “how well things are today”. After I have recovered from a near unconscious state of amazement I always ask them to name “just one good thing he has done for the country in his first 4 years in office.”  The blank looks on their faces always preface some utterings regarding the economy sending me back into the state of paralysis and unbelievability.  When I bring up the matter of our current mountain of public debt they can offer no better explanation than to once more place the “blame on Bush.”  Then, adding to their total loss of credibility, they bring up how he has straightened the mess of public healthcare with the absolute disaster of ObamaCare.  At that point, I slowly walk away, sadly shaking my head.

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Abraham Lincoln Freed the Slaves, Barack Obama Freed Illegal Aliens!

by John Lillpop on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

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In his hysterical scramble to reinvent himself as one of America’s “great” Presidents for historians, the not-so-great Barack Hussein Obama actually betrays any proximity to Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, or other notable great men, and, in fact, makes a strong argument against his being regarded as even modestly gifted intellectually.

The president’s own anti-Obama campaign features incredibly bizarre presidential actions which can only be described as breathtakingly, mind-numbingly stupid.

For example, Father Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th President, is credited with freeing millions of African-Americans from forced indenture (slavery), a modest first step in putting teeth into the notion that “all men are created equal” as trumpeted in the Declaration of Independence.

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and victory in the US Civil War paved the way for the rehabilitation of African- Americans from the curse of discrimination and dehumanization at the hands of those who would deny the black man his rightful place in the community of God’s children, solely because of skin color.

Remember, too, that most slaves were born on American soil and were, therefore, technically legal citizens, notwithstanding the despicable Dred Scott Supreme Court decision of 1857 which wrongly ruled in favor of barbaric, anti-human intolerance which, as Lincoln correctly pointed out, was unsustainable.

Fast forward to 2012 where we have the foolish spectacle of an inept community organizer posing as an American president.

Barack Hussein Obama glibly likens himself to the legendary Abraham Lincoln and to prove his Lincolnesque mettle, our befuddled community organizer has decided to free the 11 million or so invading criminals who have ignored US borders and immigration laws and have taken up residency where they are neither welcome nor deserving.

Whereas Abraham Lincoln freed African-American slaves largely in the pursuit of justice and humanitarian considerations, Barack Obama’s advocacy on behalf of foreign invaders is a ruthless, reckless act waged to increase the numbers in his corrupt Democrat party.

Whereas African-Americans were forced to provide labor without compensation, illegal aliens advocated by Barack Obama compete with American citizens for jobs in an environment of ultra-high unemployment.

Obama’s illegal aliens also cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year at a time when the federal government is bankrupt.

Barack Obama as Lincolnesque? Hell no!

Remember, Lincoln freed black citizens, while Obama is working to enslave citizens so as to curry favor with millions of foreign invading criminals

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Obama’s October Surprise May Be His Ugliest Action Yet

by Jerry McConnell on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

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Obama's October SurpriseIf you think the illegal aliens problem in this country is bad; if you think the outrageous amounts of our legal citizens’ tax paid dollars is unfair to legal citizens; and if you think that all the other free benefits such as welfare, housing, clothing, food, education even into the post high school years and preferences in employment are too burdensome now, as the saying goes, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

In the Vision to America (VTA) July 27, 2012 online Newsletter an article titled “Obama Plans Massive 2nd Term Amnesty for Illegals”.  A follow-up sub-heading read, “Program would immediately register new Americans to vote.”  How does that grab you?

I would simply ask you what you are thinking.  Not waiting for your reply, I can guess that the great majority of you would say, “Holy somethingorother” and then start planning to move to an island in the South Pacific.

Before you start packing your duffel bag, let me state that Obama himself did not make that horrifying statement or statements on the illegal aliens in this country and the millions more soon to be crossing a U. S. border near you; according to the Vision to America, “The schemes and many more are documented in the soon-to-be-released book “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed.”

The book, by New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, uncovers the template for Obama’s next four years – the actual, extensive plans created by Obama’s own top advisers and progressive strategists.” The article continues, “The second-term amnesty plans come in the form of interagency directives, legislative attempts and a series of Executive Orders similar to Obama’s June 2012 Order to stop deporting young illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children if they meet certain requirements.”

One section in their book, “Fool Me Twice,” is dedicated to liberal-progressive organizations such as the Center for American Progress who helped with the language of the reform bill introduced December 15, 2009 in Congress by two Hispanics, Reps. Solomon Ortiz, D-Texas, and Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., with 91 original co-sponsors, was called the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009.”  As of this writing in late July 2012, the 645-page bill has yet to pass.

Klein and Elliott state in their book that progressive organizations helped to craft Obama’s initial immigration reform policies and formed the basis for policies and recommendations for amnesty during his second term.  The book shows plans for new limitations placed on the apprehension of illegal aliens and new members of a new “vulnerable population” including those who provide full and direct support to their minor children, parents and other dependents – or most illegal aliens already in the U. S.

Specific amnesty plans documented in “Fool Me Twice” include a call for new restrictions placed on apprehending illegal aliens who are members of a newly defined “vulnerable population.”

The “vulnerable population” definition includes “individuals who provide financial, physical and other direct support to their minor children, parents or other dependents”-in other words, most illegal aliens inside the U.S.

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by Stephen Levine on Thursday, July 19th, 2012

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Never before in the history of the United States have we seen such a confluence of corrupt politicians; all vying for the power to use the facilities of the United States Treasury to purchase enough votes to empower their political party in perpetuity.

How else can you explain the continue subversion of the voting system in which an extremely small majority is able to tip the balance in this deeply polarized nation. Polarized by the actions of both political parties in order to convey advantage to their respective political candidates.

How else can you explain the Department of Justice fighting against voter identification when that same level of identification is needed to open a bank account, cash a check, purchase alcohol, fly on an airline or enter a federal building?

How else can you explain the acceptance of proprietary voting systems whose software is hidden from the public and unable to be vetted by computer security professionals?

How else can you explain the use social media to enable the registration of voters; especially in light of the lax voter registration controls we saw in the ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) voter registration fraud debacle?

It is one thing to make it easier for legal citizens to register and vote; but quite another to enable unqualified people such as illegal aliens to register with impunity – using the Internet which does not currently have the facilities to provide for the identification of individual users. It is quite another thing to allow the manipulation of the voting process for political purposes.

So why am I not surprised that the liberal democrat-controlled State of Washington will be the first state in the union to offer registration using FACEBOOK and other Internet sites with an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows unoffical third-parties to solicit registrations. With the potential for allowing third-parties to accumulate additional non-public personal information which can be aggregated in databases and sold to the highest bidder.

Capture7-18-2012-10.39.18 PM

How it works …

“Designed by Microsoft, the application or API (application programming interface) will put a screen from the official state website into a user’s Facebook page, and will automatically add some of the information already in a Facebook profile, including name and date of birth.”

“Voters will have to supply the obvious documentation such as a Washington state driver’s license or other government-issued ID.”

Can the system be used to link voter intent with someone on your “friends” list? Can this data be used by Facebook to enhance their database or at least flag the user as an “interested voter?” Can this action result in data being sold to political parties, politicians and “issue” campaigners to provide targeted messages to affect your voting? Can the system be screen-scraped to allow third-parties to see your interest in political matters?

Facebook is not the only one using the system …

Rock the Vote also launched a new feature on Friday that directly connects its voter-education and registration effort with Washington’s online voter registration system.” “The novelty here is that preliminary information entered into the Rock the Vote site will automatically populate in Washington’s voter-registration page.

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by Stephen Levine on Thursday, July 12th, 2012

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In the final analysis, it all comes down to what benefits you and your family …

Projected Income Current Tax Rate Obama Romney
Over $388,360 35% 39.6% 28%
TOP DIVIDENDS 15% 43.4% 15%

In this case …

  • if you are a senior citizen with investments, your lifestyle will be greatly diminished.
  • if you are investor, you need to risk more to make less
  • if you are a small businessman, your business and margin must significantly increase to keep pace with your present earnings.

The recipients …

  • a growing entitlement culture that believes it is moral and necessary to take from those who have assets and give to those who do not have assets. The Marxist mantra: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.
  • a growing number of illegal aliens who are overtaxing (pun intended) our social and financial systems which diminishes resources paid for and meant to be for legal citizens.
  • a growing number of public employee union members who are given defined benefit pensions at whatever cost is necessary while private sector employees get defined contribution pensions which pay out at market rates.
  • a growing class of government whose jobs are secure while those who are in the private sector are subject to marketplace whims.
  • infrastructure being built for political purposes; rather than repairing and replacing critical infrastructure that makes a difference. (Example: building an unnecessary high-speed rail line with low ridership while the water distribution infrastructure affecting everyone continues to crumble.)

Bottom line …

If you and your family want to maintain your present standard of living or thrive on your achievements, there is no choice but to throw out Obama and his fellow Marxists in 2012. Clean democrats out of the House, Senate and from local and state governments.

If you do not, ye shall reap what ye sow … and the picture will not be pretty. Think Tijuana, Mexico, East Los Angeles, South Central Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, and the other inner cities who have received billions and are decaying cesspools of crime, disease, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy on the democrat’s watch.

— steve

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Don’t We Have Enough Criminal Citizens Now?

by Jerry McConnell on Sunday, May 1st, 2011

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On April 29, 2011 CNS published an online news story titled, “Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U. S. Citizenship by Obama Administration, written by Edwin Mora.

This story had all the necessary elements to make decent and real American citizen’s hackles stand up on the backs of their necks.

Of all the fighting we legal citizens of this country have had to do to try to stop this anti-American, anti-U. S. Constitution, anti-responsible fiscal housekeeping, Socialist-communist government save for one half of the otherwise corrupt Congress from absolute criminal actions intent on the total destruction of our once good and honest country; we are now faced with openly dishonest and country killing “in-your-face-America” decisions by its leadership.

It seems that the more “we the people” complain about the illicit and undesirable conduct of people like Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid and a vast array of corrupt and dishonest labor union bosses, the more they arrogantly stand right there and seemingly take everything just one more step farther in disobedience and disrespect for the majority wishes.

The story by Mr. Mora is an summation of the results of a March 2011 audit by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) entitled Criminal Alien Statistics: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests and Costs and shows that three individuals were among “defendants where the investigation involved an identified link to international terrorism but they were charged with violating other statutes [not directly related to terrorism], including fraud, immigration, drugs, false statements, and general conspiracy charges,” referred by DOJ as Category II terrorism-related cases.

If those are Category II terrorism-related cases, I guess we should be happy they weren’t involved in Category I cases.  What sort of depraved and heinous acts of villainy must Category I entail?  Would we be looking at axe-murderers, serial rapists, pedophilia?

As it is, Category II terrorism-related cases are certainly bad enough that I wouldn’t want any one convicted of offenses in those classifications of fraud, immigration (I presume ‘illegal’), drugs, along with false statements and general conspiracy charges to be granted Sociallst-style freebie and ‘don’t-forget-to-vote-for-me-in-2012’ thank you citizenship grants from Obama living in my neighborhood.  Would you?

The story on the GAO Audit goes on to say that there were 403 defendants on that list of investigations conducted from Sept. 11, 2001 through Mar. 18, 2010 which,  according to the GAO, at least 34 percent were aliens – both legal and illegal at the time they were charged with crimes.

Now pay close attention to this bit of Attorney General Holder and his (un) Justice Department cockamamie and über Socialist reasoning:

“Prosecuting terror-related targets using Category II offenses and others is often an effective method—and sometimes the only available method—of deterring and disrupting potential terrorist planning and support activities,”

explained the DOJ in the document that listed the defendants.

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Government shutdown: the perfect test to weed out government employees deemed as “nonessential”

by Stephen Levine on Friday, April 8th, 2011

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The budget process is about as political as it can get. On one side, you have the politicians fighting for special interest projects in their states and districts. On another side you have government agencies fighting for personnel and project funding. And, on yet another side, you find the unions mixing it up in the media to insure that their “members” are protected against the consequences of budgetary cuts. And in the melee, the American taxpayer is nowhere to be found.

Pretty much why the budgetary process is neither rational nor employs commonsense.

If the American taxpayer and legal citizens would elect honest brokers to serve “We the People,” perhaps we would see a budgetary process that can be easily and quickly simplified.

It is all about prioritization …

As an illustration, let me show you how the decision-making should be implemented.

First pass: Gentlemen and ladies – submit your budget requests …

Agency and
Public Benefit
Past Success
Agency – ID#1
Agency – ID#1
Agency – ID#1

The list is prioritized – is the program in the number one slot more important than the program in the number two slot; if not move it down to the next slot – keep repeating the process until you have a prioritized budget.

Second pass: Gentlemen and ladies – justify your budget requests by either cutting out non-essential services and people or risk being prioritized out of business …

The list is once again prioritized using the same methodology – is the program in the number one slot more important than the program in the number two slot; if not move it down to the next slot – keep repeating the process until you have another prioritized budget.

Third pass: Gentlemen and ladies – justify your request by using constitutional authority, not case law, but the actual constitution and once again justify your budget requests by either cutting out non-essential services and people or risk being prioritized out of business …

Preference is given to the defense of our homeland and maintaining critical infrastructure, much of which is in immediate need of repair or replacement.

The list is once again prioritized using the same methodology – is the program in the number one slot more important than the program in the number two slot; if not move it down to the next slot – keep repeating the process until you have another prioritized budget.

Fourth pass: Gentlemen and ladies, please attach your name to the budget items you support – you may do anything you wish, but you will be accountable to the people of the United States in the next election.

You keep doing this until the budget is prioritized.

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Fraud in Nevada election supported by hard data.

by Greg Hedgepath on Thursday, November 4th, 2010

I put some effort into compiling this data and hope it may help prove, with hard data, that the Nevada “election” was not a one-legal-citizen, one-vote affair. I believe the Angle campaign has a case based on a comparison of the accuracy of polling of other races with that of their own, where the result was well outside the MOE of an aggregate of polls. Off one pull fine. Off seven by a wide margin, not kosher.

The first data points (EXHIBIT A) are from a sampling of races and the poll aggregates leading up to election day.

The second set of data points (EXHIBIT B) represent the polling for the Nevada race and shows a great deviation not only outside of the consistently polled trends but well beyond the margin of error of multiple, agreeing polls. I think the Angle campaign may have a case, and it’s critical, if nothing else, that they use this golden opportunity before them to begin cleaning up the corruption that hampers the democratic process and disenfranchises thousands of legal citizens. PLEASE… Move forward with this!


RCP Average             10/24 - 10/31	--	   49.5	45.0	Toomey +4.5
PPP (D)                 10/30 - 10/31	772 LV	51	46	Toomey +5
Morning Call Tracking   10/28 - 10/31	474 LV	48	44	Toomey +4
Quinnipiac              10/25 - 10/30	1244 LV     50	45	Toomey +5
Rasmussen Reports       10/28 - 10/28	750 LV	50	46	Toomey +4
McClatchy/Marist        10/26 - 10/28	461 LV	52	45	Toomey +7
Susquehanna             10/24 - 10/27	800 LV	46	44	Toomey +2

Toomey won by 2%.
source )

Boxer/Fiorina race
RCP Average		10/26 - 10/31	--	48.3	43.3	Boxer +5.0
PPP (D)			10/29 - 10/31	882 LV	50	46	Boxer +4
SurveyUSA		10/26 - 10/31	587 LV	46	38	Boxer +8
Rasmussen Reports	10/27 - 10/27	750 LV	49	46	Boxer +3

“The AP called the race as Boxer took a lead of 48 percent to 46 percent, with 15 percent of precincts reporting.”
source )

RCP Average		10/25 - 10/31	--	47.0	30.0	19.2	Rubio +17.0
PPP (D)			10/30 - 10/31	773 LV	47	30	21	Rubio +17
Sunshine State News/VSS	10/29 - 10/31	1527 LV	48	31	20	Rubio +17
Quinnipiac		10/25 - 10/31	925 LV	45	31	18	Rubio +14
Rasmussen Reports	10/27 - 10/27	750 LV	50	30	16	Rubio +20
Mason-Dixon		10/25 - 10/27	625 LV	45	28	21	Rubio +17

Rubio won by 19%.

Marco Rubio	REP	2,604,892 (49.00%)
Kendrick B. Meek	DEM	1,070,242 (20.13%)

( source )

RCP Average			10/18 - 10/31	--	44.8	41.5	Kirk +3.3
PPP (D)				10/30 - 10/31	814 LV	46	42	Kirk +4
FOX News/POR-Rasmussen		10/30 - 10/30	1000 LV	46	42	Kirk +4
Chicago Tribune			10/18 - 10/22	700 LV	44	41	Kirk +3
Post-Dispatch/Mason-Dixon	10/18 - 10/20	625 LV	43	41	Kirk +2

Kirk won by 2%.

Kirk (R)	1,749,941	48.4%
Giannoulias (D)	1,667,527	46.1%


Blumenthal/ McMahon
RCP Average		10/24 - 10/31 — 53.0 44.3 Blumenthal +8.7
Rasmussen Reports		10/31 - 10/31 750 LV 53 46 Blumenthal +7
Quinnipiac			10/25 - 10/31 930 LV 53 44 Blumenthal +9
PPP (D) 			10/27 - 10/29 759 LV 54 43 Blumenthal +11
CT Capitol Report/MRG 		10/24 - 10/26 1846 LV 52 44 Blumenthal +8

Blumenthal by 8% Johnson/Feingold RCP Average 10/25 – 10/28 — 52.7 45.0 Johnson +7.7 McClatchy/Marist 10/26 – 10/28 491 LV 52 45 Johnson +7 PPP (D) 10/26 – 10/28 1372 LV 53 44 Johnson +9 Rasmussen Reports 10/25 – 10/25 750 LV 53 46 Johnson +7
Johnson by 5%

RCP Average 			10/14 - 10/27 — 53.0 39.0 Coons +14.0
Monmouth University 		10/25 - 10/27 1171 LV 51 41 Coons +10
Fairleigh Dickinson 		10/20 - 10/26 797 LV 57 36 Coons +21
Rasmussen Reports 		10/14 - 10/14 500 LV 51 40 Coons +11

Coons by 16%

RCP Average 		10/12 - 10/31 — 50.3 37.5 Burr +12.8
PPP (D) 		10/29 - 10/31 847 LV 52 40 Burr +12
SurveyUSA 		10/22 - 10/25 590 LV 53 38 Burr +15
Civitas (R) 		10/18 - 10/20 600 LV 44 34 Burr +10
Rasmussen Reports	10/12 - 10/12 500 LV 52 38 Burr +14

Burr by 12%

These demonstrate the veracity of the polling mechanisms.

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