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Junk science job-killer Salazar strikes again, shuts down oyster company

by Michelle Malkin on Friday, November 30th, 2012

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The Interior Department is on a roll — a steamroll over American jobs at the expense of common sense, sound science, and integrity in government. Earlier this week, I called attention to the 9.6 million acre land grab masquerading as a northern spotted owl rescue that will cost thousands of timber-related jobs, while subsidizing the shooting of a different species of owl to save the other.

Yesterday, loathsome cowboy/Interior Secretary Ken Salazar administered another blow to the economy. He announced he would not renew the lease of a popular family oyster farm at Point Reyes National Seashore in California that has been in business for four generations. The move ushers in the end of more than a century of shellfish production.

The decision will allow the National Park Service to turn the picturesque bay where Sir Francis Drake landed more than 400 years ago into California’s first federally designated marine wilderness area.

Salazar made his decision a day before the 40-year lease allowing Drakes Bay Oyster Co., to harvest shellfish in the estuary expires and one week after visiting the site.

“After careful consideration of the applicable law and policy, I have directed the National Park Service to allow the permit for the Drakes Bay Oyster Company to expire at the end of its current term and to return the Drakes Estero to the state of wilderness that Congress designated for it in 1976,” Salazar said in a statement. “I believe it is the right decision for Point Reyes National Seashore and for future generations who will enjoy this treasured landscape.”

As usual, the decision is tainted by cronyism and book-cooking. I reported on the ethics mess related to the government’s targeting of Drakes Bay Oyster Co. in February:

–Take Obama’s head of the National Park Service, please. While serving as the Pacific West regional director of the NPS, Jon Jarvis was accused of at least 21 instances of scientific misconduct (pdf) by Dr. Corey Goodman, a high-ranking member of the National Academy of Sciences. Extensive information about Jarvis’ alleged role in cooking data about a California oyster farm’s impact on harbor seals at Point Reyes was withheld during the 2009 nomination process. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has ignored complaints and follow-up from both Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Republican Sens. James Inhofe and David Vitter.

The National Research Council determined that the NPS had “selectively” slanted its report on the oyster farm. The federal Marine Mammal Commission found that “the data and analyses are not sufficient to demonstrate a causal relationship” between the farm’s operations and harbor seal health. In a letter blasting the NPS for bullying the small oyster farm, Feinstein — normally a reliable eco-ally — concluded earlier this month that the “crux of the problem is that the Park Service manipulated science while building a case that the business should be shuttered.”

Given Salazar’s own role in manipulating science while building his case for the White House offshore drilling moratorium — actions for which several federal judges spanked Salazar in the past two years — it’s no wonder he’s looking the other way. Remember: Two years ago, Salazar and former Obama eco-czar Carol Browner falsely rewrote the White House drilling ban report to wholly manipulate the Obama-appointed panel’s own overwhelming scientific objections to the job-killing edict.

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Obama the Job-Killing Owl-Killer

by Michelle Malkin on Thursday, November 29th, 2012

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Obama the Job-Killing Owl-Killer
by Michelle Malkin
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Welcome to the pretzel logic of liberal environmental protection: In order to “save” owls, the Obama administration is going to shoot them dead.

This is not — I repeat not — an Onion parody.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the White House released a big fat policy turkey: its final critical habitat rule for the endangered northern spotted owl. The Obama plan will lock up 9.6 million acres of land (mostly, but not all, federal) in Oregon, Washington and northern California. This is nearly double the acreage set aside by the Bush administration. Thousands of timber workers (along with untold thousands of related support jobs) will be threatened in the name of sparing a few thousand spotted owls from extinction.

As House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., pointed out earlier this year, timber-dependent counties hit hard by the federal land grab and unending environmental litigation remain racked by high unemployment. “The loss in economic activity caused by the original spotted owl plan caused an astounding decrease in federal tax receipts of nearly $700 million per year — all from rural Northwest communities.”

Despite two decades of massive government intervention and the near-destruction of the northwest timber industry, the furry bird is vanishing faster than ever. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, “(t)imber harvest on 24 million acres of federal land had dropped 90 percent from its heyday” by the year 2000. Yet, northern spotted owls are now “disappearing three times faster than biologists had feared.” Indeed, spotted owl populations in key parts of Washington State “are half what they were in the 1980s.” And overall, the bird has seen a 40 percent decline over the past 25 years, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Punishing loggers and bringing the timber industry to its knees have made vengeful environmental groups fat and happy. But the northern spotted owl they claim to care so much about is catastrophically worse off thanks to green zealotry. One root cause: habitat loss (thanks in part to raging wildfires resulting from poor forest management and green opposition to thinning/controlled burns).

The other major, nonhuman culprit: the barred owl.

These barred owls began migrating from the East Coast in the 1950s, and the USFWS reports that the larger, more aggressive and more adaptable birds “are known to displace spotted owls, disrupt their nesting and compete with them for food.” Barred owls are more prolific breeders, less finicky about their food and less picky about where they live. They also don’t bow down before the Endangered Species Act or the hallowed “threatened” status of its weaker brethren. They are brutal predators known to slam into spotted owls, slicing them with their talons and decapitating them in their nests.

Conservation groups whine that barred owls are victims of “scapegoating.” But USFWS Director Dan Ashe spoke the truth earlier this year: “We can’t ignore the mounting evidence that competition from barred owls is a major factor in the spotted owl’s decline.”

Instead of admitting failure and letting nature take its course, however, command-and-control bureaucrats have appointed themselves Mother Nature’s judges, juries and executioners. Their “main priority” is “reducing competition from barred owls.” How? By gunning them down.

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Why many conservatives support socialism

by Terrence Aym on Monday, October 1st, 2012

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Several years ago, this reporter submitted an article to the Washington Times that was rejected. I was not surprised it was rejected because it touches upon a raw nerve too many conservatives don’t want to confront: the fact that many who call themselves conservatives are conserving socialist legacies.

The problem stems from the fact that the definition of words such as socialism, communism, and fascism have become so muddled over the decades due to creeping political correctness.

How socialism invaded America

The past few years, TEA Party members have railed that the Obama administration is steering America into socialism. Yet the country had already been steered into socialism with the adoption of Amendment XVI to the U.S. Constitution on February 3, 1913.

What is referred to as the progressive income tax system is a concept originally formulated by the father of socialism, Karl Marx. The German economist saw the model of a progressive income tax as the means of converting a capitalist society into a socialist society by redistributing wealth and using it as a bridge to the “proper” socioeconomic society of Man: communism.

The famous credo of “From each, according to ability; to each, according to need” sprang from the Marxian economic model and was adopted in various forms by much of Europe during the ensuing decades.

Yet eventually socialism works as a disincentive for those that produce. The needs of a collective against individual producers is never-ending and eventually society is reduced to a mass of individuals barely above the poverty level.

Teddy Roosevelt’s progressivism

It can be argued the first president to move the United States onto the path of socialism was the self-styled progressive Republican, Theodore Roosevelt. The 26th president chose an apt label as progressivism is another word for socialism and his administration introduced some of the policies of European socialism into America.

Besides making a land grab and federalizing sovereign states’ property, Teddy Roosevelt introduced new regulatory agencies and rules that fell well outside of the limited authority granted the federal government within the Constitution. Some of the policies promulgated upon private business and citizens were socialist in nature and attacked the capitalist system.

Perhaps the most bizarre socialist policies that his administration tried to enforce was a bureau that was the precursor of the Food and Drug Agency (FDA). Called the Bureau of Chemistry, it was created under the provisions of Congress’s Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 and headed by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley.

Incredibly, this bureau embarked on a war with the Coca-Cola Company.

Dr. Wiley’s bureau had the power to regulate, inspect, and if deemed appropriate, to sue violators of the Bureau’s edicts. Letting no grass grow under his feet, Wiley immediately began a campaign of threats and harassment of farmers, food processors, and food manufacturers. He and his agents targeted everything from fake whiskey and makers of ketchup to string bean farmers, the canning industry, and the Coca-Cola company.

Under Wiley’s orders a federal lawsuit was brought against the Atlanta-based company. Shipments of the product crossing Georgia’s state lines were seized by federal agents.

The Roosevelt administration went to war with Coca-Cola. The company stood accused of being a habit-forming drug. The government sought to drive Coca-Cola out of business.

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White House lied, jobs died

by Michelle Malkin on Friday, May 11th, 2012

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My column today follows up on yesterday’s House Natural Resources Committee release of internal Interior Department Inspector General e-mails detailing the continued White House obstruction and cover-up of Team Obama’s drilling moratorium data manufacturing. I’ve attached relevant e-mails below the column. Note especially the warning from the DOI IG senior agent to his bosses that the “chickens may be coming home to roost” and that he expects the issue to rear its head in a big way “when the R’s take over the House.” Make it happen.

As I write below, the 2012 election is not just about the jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s about the lies, lies, lies — and culture of corruption that permeates every corner of this destructive administration.


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White House lied, jobs died
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2012

While the White House and its media water-carriers try to distract the American public with gay-marriage talk and half-century-old tales of Mitt Romney’s prep school pranks, the inconvenient truth remains: President Obama is responsible for perpetrating jaw-dropping, job-killing scientific fraud. And his minions are still trying to cover it up.

New internal e-mails disclosed by the House Natural Resources Committee this week show that a supposedly exculpatory report on the administration’s doctored drilling moratorium analysis — issued by the Department of Interior’s Inspector General’s office — was itself incomplete, misleading and unsubstantiated. Even more damning, the documents reveal that the White House actively blocked investigators and refuses to comply with subpoenas.

Now, as one senior IG agent warned his bosses, “the chickens may be coming home to roost.”

A quick refresher: After the BP oil spill in 2010, the White House imposed a radical six-month moratorium on America’s entire deepwater drilling industry. The overbroad ban — inserted into a technical safety document in the middle of the night by Obama’s green extremists — cost an estimated 19,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in lost wages.

The anti-drilling administration based its draconian order on recommendations from an expert oil spill panel.

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HR 1505: Giant Land Grab For The Police State

by Chuck Baldwin on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

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Montana Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg lent his support for ceding more power and authority to the federal government’s emerging police state by supporting HR 1505, the “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act.” This monstrous bill empowers the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to confiscate to itself tens of thousands of acres of land across the US northern border. This is for “national security” reasons, of course. Gag!

My friend, Dr. Ed Berry, has written a very astute summary and analysis of HR 1505 on his web site, I am going to be borrowing heavily from his research in this column.

Dr. Berry rightly notes that the DHS is the giant head of no less than seven federal agencies: Transportation Security Administration (TSA), US Customs & Border Protection (CBP), US Citizenship & Immigration Services (CIS), US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Secret Service (SS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and US Coast Guard (USCG).

Dr. Berry says pointedly, “FEMA is the one with the small cages to put you in if you do not behave. TSA is the one that gives you a useless body scan before you get on an airplane, bus, etc. DHS is the one adding its sensors to streetlights around America and the promoter of E-Verify and Real ID as a cradle-to-grave biometric tracking system for every American.” And it is CBP that the DHS is using to seize property along the US northern border.

According to Denny Rehberg, the reasons the DHS needs to seize all this property are: 1) to stop the “turf war” between federal agencies, 2) Drug growers are hiding in our forests, 3) to catch criminals hiding in our forests, 4) to stop illegal aliens from coming in America.

Let’s first acknowledge that the federal government has absolutely no natural right or constitutional jurisdiction to claim (much less seize) land and territory outside of the District of Columbia. In many of the western states of the US, for example, the vast majority of land in any given State is now regarded as “federal” land. Ask yourself, where is the constitutional authorization for this federal land grab? When did the various State legislatures vote to give these properties to the federal government? When did the various State governors sign the State laws giving these properties to the federal government? When did the citizens of the various states vote to give these properties to the federal government? The answer is, nowhere, and they didn’t!

How is it, then, that we have elected representatives such as Denny Rehberg–people who took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States–who are either so ignorant of the Constitution that they took an oath to uphold, or who are so flippant and careless about that oath, that they so quickly and routinely trample, not only the federal Constitution, but the natural laws and principles of God, and the sovereign rights and authority of the several states?

Now, let’s look at Rep. Rehberg’s reasons why he supports HR 1505 one at a time:

*To stop the “turf war” between federal agencies

This is a very specious argument, to say the least! No federal agency has any claim to State land! The land doesn’t belong to those miscreants inside the Beltway!

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Obama’s War on the West: Another judge rebukes job-killing rogue Interior Department

by Michelle Malkin on Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Since day one of the Obama administration, I’ve chronicled Loathsome Cowboy Ken Salazar’s War on the West, War on Jobs, and War on Science/Rule of Law as head of the Interior Department. His eco-radical sidekick Carol Browner is gone, yet Salazar remains in place. Federal judge after federal judge has spanked Salazar and Obama’s job-destroying eco-nitwits for lawlessly and fraudulently imposing their junk-science drilling ban . Salazar spearheaded the pulling of scores of oil leases by invoking bogus eco-claims and has presided over an expansive land grab through administrative fiat.

Yesterday, yet another federal judge smacked Obama/Salazar and the US Forest Service over their onerous drilling regulations in a lawsuit brought by the Western Energy Alliance:

A judge on Friday threw out Obama administration rules that sought to slow down expedited environmental review of oil and gas drilling on federal land.

U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal ruled in favor of a petroleum industry group, the Western Energy Alliance, in its lawsuit against the federal government, including Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

The ruling reinstates Bush-era expedited oil and gas drilling under provisions called categorical exclusions on federal lands nationwide, Freudenthal said.

The government argued that oil and gas companies had no case because they didn’t show how the new rules, implemented by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service last year, had created delays and added to the cost of drilling.

Freudenthal rejected that argument.

“Western Energy has demonstrated through its members recognizable injury,” she said. “Those injuries are supported by the administrative record.”

Congress had mandated the expedited review process that Obama/Salazar ignored in order to encourage American oil and natural gas development where the impact is minimal and/or where environmental analysis has already been conducted. Salazar’s Interior Department steamrolled over the congressional requirement and curtailed the expedited reviews without a formal process and public comment period.

Freudenthal was appointed to the federal bench not by Reagan or Bush…but by Barack Obama. Which makes the rejection of the White House’s claim that it did no harm to the economy all the more noteworthy:

“Those injuries are supported by the administrative record.”

Mark those words.

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GOP blocks Obama land grab

by Michelle Malkin on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Map via Frank Jacobs, Strange Maps blog/Big Think

Yes, dear readers, corruptocrat Interior Secretary Ken Salazar can be stopped.

Since day one of the Obama administration, I’ve chronicled Loathsome Cowboy Ken Salazar’s War on the West, War on Jobs, and War on Science/Rule of Law. The last straw was his attempted Wild Lands grab. GOP leaders rose up with farmers, ranchers, and Western governors to stop the scheme in its tracks. Utah and Alaska have filed suit. Wyoming joined the litigation this week.

And now, Salazar has officially announced the backpedal:

Understanding how wilderness is designated and how wilderness-quality lands are managed in the U.S. just got murkier. On Wednesday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued a memo that promised to abide by a congressional mandate that essentially made it impossible to identify wild public lands that merit protection.

Salazar’s memo noted there was broad interest in managing public lands in a “sensible manner” and promised to work collaboratively with members of Congress. He directed Interior officials to draft a report on how best to manage wilderness-quality lands. But the days of holding land in a kind of hands-off limbo while officials decide whether it needs more protection effectively are coming to a halt, again:

“On December 22, 2010, I issued Secretarial Order 3310 to address the BLM’s management of wilderness resources on lands under its jurisdiction. Under Secretarial Order 3310, I ordered the BLM to use the public resource management planning process to designate certain lands with wilderness characteristics as “Wild Lands.”

On April 14, 20II, the United States Congress passed the Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011 (Pub. L. 112-10)(2011 CR), which includes a provision (Section 1769) that prohibits the use of appropriated funds to implement, administer, or enforce Secretarial Order 3310 in Fiscal Year 2011.

I am confirming today that, pursuant to the 2011 CR, the BLM will not designate any lands as ‘Wild Lands.’ “

GOP Rep. Doc Hastings of the House Natural Resources Committee said yesterday that he will make sure the administration doesn’t get away with any underhanded moves:

“It’s welcome news that the Interior Department will follow the law. After this positive initial step of halting the ‘Wild Lands’ order, we’ll be taking a close look at how the Administration proceeds. Congressional oversight has served a vital role in this entire process and the Committee’s active oversight on this matter will continue. Attempts to prohibit forms of public access, block job-creating activities and manage land as wilderness, even though they haven’t been designated as such by Congress, will be met with a strong reaction by this Committee. It’s important that BLM maintains this new promise of an open process, through conversations with interested parties, states, and Congress.”

Where there’s a will against Team Obama’s culture of contempt and corruption, there’s a way.

Fight on.

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States rising up to fight Obama land grab: Alaska, Utah file suit

by Michelle Malkin on Thursday, May 5th, 2011

This is article 4 of 8 in the topic Federal Lands

Map via Frank Jacobs, Strange Maps blog/Big Think

It happened with immigration.

It happened with health care.

And now, thank goodness, it is happening with the Obama land grabs.

States are rising up to challenge federal abuses. More power to them.

I’ve been reporting on the stealth Obama land and ocean grabs for the past year now. Quick review: Last August, I told you about the “Great Outdoors Initiative” to lock up more open spaces through executive order. This came on top on top of a separate, property-usurping initiative exposed by GOP Rep. Robert Bishop and Sen. Jim DeMint earlier this spring. According to an internal, 21-page Obama administration memo, 17 energy-rich areas in 11 states have been targeted as potential federal “monuments.” The Obama War on the West is a War on Jobs that extends from land to sea based on politicized junk science by executive fiat and czar evasion. In November, I noted the expansive Interior Secretary Ken Salazar/NLCS designation. And in February, I mentioned the federal wild lands grab slipped through by Salazar during the Christmas season lame duck session.

Late last week, the state of Utah filed a lawsuit to stop the wild lands gambit:

The lawsuit challenges Salazar’s Secretarial Order 3310, which gives broad latitude to the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management to re-inventory the public lands within its purview for potential wild land characteristics.

Herbert said this upends an ongoing and successful process to designate wilderness land already in place in the state.

“This order puts in jeopardy all that work, all that effort,” he said. “It says, essentially, let’s have a do-over.”

Herbert said it would also hinder economic development in the areas in question — which could amount to “tens of millions of acres,” according to Chief Deputy Attorney General John Swallow.

Currently, 1.6 million acres in Utah have been designated as wilderness.

Herbert was joined at the news conference by Swallow, county commissioners from Uintah and Washington counties, state public lands policy coordinator John Harja and environmental adviser Ted Wilson.

There are currently wilderness designation policies and programs in place in Washington and Uintah counties and others, with other counties planning to follow. Now, Herbert said the federal government seeks to use the order to start from scratch and to do so without going through the proper channels.

“This secretarial order was created out of thin air,” Herbert said. “There was no statutory order to it. It’s counterproductive to efforts we made in good faith. This is not good for Utah, not good for America.”

Alaska is joining the challenge:

Gov. Sean Parnell is going to court against the federal government again, this time in a Utah case that challenges the Bureau of Land Management’s “Wild Lands” policy…Parnell’s office put out a press release late Friday saying Alaska would join Utah in challenging the legality of the program.

In the press release, Parnell contends the new policy would create potential costs and delays in permits for development on BLM lands and would override existing land use plans.

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The Job—the true endangered species

by Marita K. Noon on Friday, January 14th, 2011

The Obama administration wants us to believe that they will really focus on jobs and the economy. The announcements and “pro-business” staff members are just window dressing. While no one is looking, they’re continuing the job-killing policies.

On December 14, the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced that the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard “faces immediate and significant threats due to oil and gas activities and herbicide treatments.” As a result, they propose it be listed as “endangered”—under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)—which starts the clock for a 60-day public comment period. Hoping no one would notice, the proposal was announced during the throes of the holiday season. We, the public, need to take notice.

Ranchers, farmers and oil and gas producers who will be impacted by the potential listing have been working with the FWS on a brand new program called a Candidate Conservation Agreement (CCA). Some had already signed a contract agreeing to conservation measures above and beyond what is currently required—and more were about to. The CCA was seen as an effective way to avoid more government regulations by voluntarily preserving the species. In addition to protecting the lizard, they committed to reclaiming abandoned oil wells and paying additional fees that would go into special funds for habitat restoration. The CCA was thought to be a pilot project for industry/agency cooperation. But that cooperation went out the window with the surprise land-grab-action on December 14. The lizard and man’s land use could have co-existed. But, this is not about the critter. It is about control—as most endangered species issues are.

The Dunes Sagebrush Lizard lives in the Permian Basin’s prime ranching/farming and oil/gas country—encompassing Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. Both private landowners and industries are “threatened” as working the land might “take” a lizard. Instead they take jobs. If listed, ranching, farming, and drilling will be severely restricted in the region. Funds will not be available for protection or restoration. A line will be drawn in the sand and the lizard will be left as he is.

If the lizard receives the ESA listing, oil and gas development will be virtually stopped for those that have not yet signed the CCA and no new exploration will be allowed—which means even higher prices at the pump. As we’ve seen with the closing of the Alaska pipeline, the less supply we have, the higher the price. If the economy’s really important, wouldn’t Washington want to keep prices low for the consumer and to help recovery?

An ESA listing will also block potential wind farms and solar installations. The news release states that “Habitat loss and fragmentation” is due to the “creation of roads and pads, pipelines and transmission lines.” Transmission lines are needed to get the renewable energy from “out there” where the land is to “in here” where the people are.

The endangered species we should all be concerned about is “the job.” The economy of this entire portion of the country is dependent on ranching/farming and the extractive industries. Take them away and you take jobs away. The region will become the victim of policy-induced poverty.

The proposed listing of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, and the Lesser Prairie Chicken expected to be proposed next, are premiers for the job-killing regulatory action being taken nationwide.

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Federal Land Grab… Obama Style

by Jason Whitman on Sunday, December 26th, 2010

This is article 3 of 8 in the topic Federal Lands

Courtesy Jason Whitman Photography

If you want to know the fastest way to piss off a Wyomingite, or most people in the intermountain west, suggest closing off even more of our lands to multiple use.

In Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming we have already seen the devastation of a nearly a century of proper game management with the reintriduction of the wolf. The wolves were shoved down our throats even though we knew what would happen to our game herds if they were not managed properly. We fought the good fight to prevent their reintroduction, but we failed.

Just as we expected would happen, the Federal government has prevented each of the individual states from managing the wolves for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. They have constantly moved the recovery targets and used the Endangered Species Act as a bludgeoning tool to prevent proper management. When each of the states involved finally devised management plans endorsed by the USFW allowing for de-listment of the wolves, they were struck down by U.S. District Judge Molloy (a liberal appointed by the Clinton Administration).

I say all of that to say that Federal management of our natural resources in the west has been decidedly awful. In fact, everything the Federal government touches turns out to be a disaster. This is likely to be no exception.

DENVER – The Obama administration plans to reverse a Bush-era policy and make millions of undeveloped acres of land once again eligible for federal wilderness protection, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Thursday.

The agency will replace the 2003 policy adopted under former Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Salazar said. That policy — derided by some as the “No More Wilderness” policy — stated that new areas could not be recommended for wilderness protection by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and opened millions of acres in the Rocky Mountain region to potential commercial development.

Apparently the Obama Administration is blissfully unaware of a concept we like to call “multiple use”. Lets all say that together… “multiple” “use”. Multiple use is the apparently antiquated notion (if you are a liberal) that Federal lands should be available for a variety of legal and responsible uses, including… gasp, commercial use. Secretary Salazar felt it was necessary to clarify their position:

That policy “frankly never should have happened and was wrong in the first place,” Salazar said Thursday.

Yes, it is wrong for the American people and American business to be able to use our own lands. The “wizards of smart” in the environmental movement don’t seem capable of understanding that multiple use is best use. We need to be able to responsibly log our national forests without having jobs, economies, and ecosystems destroyed because of chicken little paranoia about spotted owls. Much of the west has been devastated by the pine beetle, and guess who stood in the way of logging and managing the forest?

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