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Obama Tells Michigan Governor He is Displeased with ‘Right to Work’

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

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It’s hardly a surprise that Obama-the-Spiteful is incapable of letting states legislate without putting in his two cents (which were worth five cents when he took office, by the way) worth of federal intimidation:

Lots of folks scoffed in town when reports surfaced that Democrats had petitioned the President of the United States to insert himself into the unseemly debate over Right to Work. Some asked out loud, doesn’t POTUS have more important things to do than lobby Gov. Rick Snyder on that?

But lobby the president did.

During an exclusive one-hour sit down on WKAR-Public TV, the governor confirms that he and President Barack Obama shared a few minutes in private and the president looked the governor in the eye and said, “He wasn’t pleased with Right to Work,” Mr. Snyder reveals for the first time.

And the governor’s response?

Short, sweet and to the point. “I said thank you for sharing that with me.”

And that was it?

“Pretty much, yeah,” the GOP governor glibly recalls.

Too bad Snyder didn’t reply, “Yeah, well I wasn’t pleased when Obamacare passed either, but we can’t always get what we want.”

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Obama asks for an amen from students racking up loan debt

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

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President Obama spoke at the University of North Carolina today about keeping lower interest rates for students, and the speech had a bit of a “debt revival” feel to it:

Obama told the students that since they were born, tuition and fees at colleges have doubled.

“And that forces students like you to take on a lot more loans, there are fewer grants, you rack up a lot more debt,” Obama stated.

“Can I get an Amen for that?” he asked the crowd who cheered, “AMEN!”

“Now, the average student who borrows to pay for college, now graduates with with about $25,000 in debt, that’s the average, he added,

“Some have more,” he said. “Can I get an Amen for that?”

“AMEN!” the crowd who cheered.

“Because some folks have a lot more debt like that,” Obama chuckled, as another person in the crowd shouted, “AMEN!”

Amazingly, I think that last “amen” came from an American who hasn’t even been born yet.

If these students are counting on Obama and the Dems (along with a sizable chunk of the rest of Washington for that matter) to be the ones to deliver them from a life of insurmountable debt, they are in for some serious dissapointment. “OMG Tiffany, we’ve got to do something about our out of control student debt — let’s ask the people who say you have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt for some advice!”

What the students didn’t hear:

“In 2007 I missed two votes to extend the student loan bill that I now want you to believe is the most important things I’ve ever promoted. Can I get an amen?

“More than half of all young college grads are now jobless or underemployed. Can I get an amen?

“According to my own Vice President, government meddling in the free market actually increases college tuition. Can I get an amen?

“Since I took office, over $5 trillion has been added to the national debt — or over $16,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. Can I get an amen?

“Student loan interest rates are set to double because the then Democrat-controlled Congress voted to do so. Can I get an amen?

President Obama suggested Twitter users make use of the hashtag #DontDoubleMyRate, and boy are they.

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If I Were Running Things

by Burt Prelutsky on Monday, April 11th, 2011

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It’s true that nobody has asked me how I’d go about getting America’s financial house in order, but that’s not unusual. After all, I’m not an expert. No “Dr.” before my name and no “PhD” after it. That’s why nobody ever invites me on TV and asks me to deal with the really important things. Instead, I get stuck with taking out the trash and feeding the dog.

Well, we’ve seen what a great job the experts have been doing. I say it’s high time that I got a crack at the major problems facing us, and let Tim Geithner take out the trash and Janet Napolitano feed Duke.

First off, I’d make people stop dumping Social Security in with that hodge-podge of government giveaways collectively referred to as entitlements, but which we all know are merely crude attempts at buying votes with other people’s money. It so happens that Social Security actually is an entitlement inasmuch as it is one of the few things that Americans are actually entitled to receive from the feds.

Although it remains the most massive Ponzi scheme ever devised by the mind of man, the people who stand to collect the monthly checks upon retirement are the very people who paid in to the plan.

That is what differentiates it from all those various forms of welfare that take money from one group of people and hand it over to another group, allowing politicians to pass off extortion as benevolence. Calling the process by the high-sounding term, “redistribution of wealth,” does nothing to help it pass the smell test. Socialism is socialism, no matter what the left-wing creeps choose to label it.

It’s true that when FDR and the rest of his gang of New Dealers hatched Social Security, most people were not expected to live long enough to collect. But that’s because nobody in the 1930s envisioned that Americans would start outliving their parents and grandparents by 20 or 30 years. As a result, now, when people suggest that far down the road retirees might have to wait another couple of years before collecting their checks, everyone has a hissy fit. It seems we have become a nation of very nasty, very demanding, brats.

So, even though the times and conditions have radically changed, most people are unwilling to change with them, even though by not changing they risk killing the not-so-golden goose. But, perhaps I’m expecting a miracle. Heck, people are so stubborn that even though the average basketball player is a foot taller than he was a few decades ago, they refuse to raise the basket. Worse yet, people are so cockeyed, they still cheer when a seven-footer with a nine-foot wingspan dunks a basketball through a hoop just 10 feet off the ground.

With Social Security, the big lie was always that the money was safe and secure in a locked box. Right, it was the same sort of locked box the stage magician uses when he makes the pretty lady disappear. The only difference is that she always returns to take a bow.

I was actually hoping that with the election of all those Tea Party Republicans last November, we might actually see a new dynamic in Washington.

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My Advice to the POTUS about the SOTU

by Alan Caruba on Monday, January 24th, 2011

Some of you will have more important things to do on Tuesday evening than to listen to President Barack Hussein Obama’s second State of the Union, commonly referred to as the SOTU and, of course, he is the POTUS.

Is there an acronym for B-O-R-I-N-G and P-R-E-D-I-C-T-A-B-L-E?

Here’s some free advice for the POTUS. The highlight of your first SOTU was the way you insulted the members of the Supreme Court seated in their robes right in front of you. Way to go, Barack!

A big time Harvard Law School grad like you surely knows gobs more about the law than they do and, don’t forget, you taught a course on the Constitution as an adjunct professor or some such position. At the time, you concluded that the Constitution was a “negative” instrument of government because it wouldn’t let the Congress or you go hog-wild and pass any law you wanted. As we all know, the Constitution is filled with too many phrases that begin “Congress shall make no law…” plus all that checks-and-balances stuff.

When you had a Democrat majority, you showed America what you wanted to do. You, crazy Nancy Pelosi, and the ever-cheerful Harry Reid, rammed Obamacare through even after a million people showed up to say don’t do it. Were the voters grateful? Hell, no! They voted out a ton of those Democrats, replaced them with Republicans, and those new members of the House just voted to repeal your beloved bill.

Well, after two years of waiting for those “shovel ready” and “Green” jobs to show up while you were creating a Marxist worker’s paradise, it’s clear that the SOTU will have to be all about J-O-B-S, with an emphasis on the last two letters.

Most of the genius economists who advised you in the first two years have since fled back to academia and even Rahm has left for the blessed streets of Chicago. So now it’s time to talk about J-O-B-S, with an emphasis on the last two letters.

Your own resume is a bit thin as regards anything most people would regard as a job. Remember when “community organizer” was considered a joke? It still is. Only no one is laughing because they are all out looking for J-O-B-S.

We all know you have to toss in some catchy phrases about foreign affairs, but other than blaming Israel for all the problems in the Middle East including flatulence and sand, no one cares about the rest of the world very much. They’re mostly trying to hold onto or get a J-O-B.

Word is you will also speak about the need for more spending. This is a really bad idea because you and the Democrats have spent us into virtual insolvency at this point and Americans really, really, really hate this.

Just stick to your script from those glorious campaign days in 2008. Remind everyone that everything wrong in the world is the fault of the unexceptional and arrogant U.S.A. Remind everyone that it is all Bush’s fault.

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Cass Sunstein ‘Food and Shelter should NOT be a right’. So why is HealthCare?

by Greg Hedgepath on Sunday, June 13th, 2010

I want to open your eyes to a concept.  The concept of basic human needs.  Food, water and shelter.  These three items are by far the most important things to human existence.  Right?  So if these are the most important items to sustaining human life, keep in mind you can live without health care, then why is health care a mandate?  The fact mankind walks the earth still today is proof of that we can survive as a species without health care. The same cannot be said for food, water and shelter.

You should be aware of Sunstein’s words on this very subject.  These words need to be applied to the upcoming court battles that will take on the federally mandated ObamaCare law. Cass Suntein’s own words in this video should play a role in how those hearings go. These words particularly from this man should help move America closer to a repeal of the ObamaCare law.

The person speaking in this short clip is Cass Sunstein, Obama’s “Regulatory Czar”.  One of the few that was actually confirmed by the Senate.

The video is from an interview that took place with Cass Sunstein on Nov 13th 2005.  It has particular importance when understanding his reasoning about basic human needs.

Cass Sunstein stated “But I think it would be a huge mistake, an abuse, a form of arrogance for the supreme court to understand the Constitution to require everyone to have food and a place to live.”

So lets look at this.  The legislated or Congressional mandate to call for a ‘right’ to food and shelter on its face would be an arrogant abuse of power.  Hmmm…

So how does this apply to a mandate on Health Care?  Would Sunstein’s position still not have to be the same.  Or is the defense of ObamaCare from the progressive left just more hypocritical activism pushing a mandate that is an arrogant abuse of power that gives big government more control?

Even on its face it would seem that Cass Sunstein would find the ObamaCare legislation un-Constitutional.  This would seem to be the general conclusion of his statement since in a range of human requirements he thinks that two of the 3 most essential should not be mandated, food and shelter. We can assume the third as well since some would classify water as a form of food.  So why would Health Care be required as a mandate?  Perhaps we should ask Cloward and Piven why Health Care should be a mandate.  Or perhaps Saul Alinsky knows.

If you have trouble locating Cloward and Piven or Alinsky then ask a Labor Union leader like Andy Stern.  He can direct you to them straight away or probably even explain it better than they might.  After all the Labor Unions have a “$pecial Interest” in seeing this through.  You can Marx my words on it!

Click here to sign the petition to repeal the ObamaCare bill.

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