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Updating the dead girl, live boy rule

by Drew McKissick on Friday, August 2nd, 2013

carlos dangerFormer Democrat Governor Edwin Edwards of Louisiana gave the political world what has since become known as the “dead girl, live boy rule” of politics when, en route to his 1984 election to a third term, he estimated his chances by saying “the only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy”.

It’s a metaphor for doing something so insanely stupid as to upend politically reality, or at least getting caught doing it. As another former Louisiana Governor Earl Long put it in the movie Blaze, “A politician’s got to be discreet in his indiscretions”.

But being discreet is getting tougher.

Since the dawn of the Internet, along with email and its spawn text messaging, a smart politician with any survival instincts has to know that anything sent to anyone – no matter how trusted they may be at the moment – can one day pop up on the front page of the newspaper, show up on TV, or in the email in-boxes of every voter in their district. Many a job has been lost on account of the “reply all” button.

Further, thanks to the ubiquitous smart phone, virtually everyone everywhere is equipped with a handheld digital camera and voice recorder that can quickly capture that obscene rant at a constituent, or the discreet exit from the no-tell motel with that hot new intern, and post it on Facebook in a matter of seconds.

Despite that, human nature is what it is, and people continue to do dumb things. Add that to a culture that continues to chase the lowest common denominator and you end up with a lot of unfortunately “candid” moments and busted careers. On the bright side, this gives voters a chance to see what they actually got on Election Day, often much to their disappointment.

That said, the “dead girl, live boy rule” has been more than adequate to cover the idiocy of politicians of all stripes up to this point. But every now and then someone comes along who does something so colossally and epically stupid that rules have to be re-written to account for it.

Clearly it’s one thing to get caught doing something foolish, but it’s something else to willfully and repeatedly do so in a self-absorbed, sociopathic and exhibitionist way, especially after you’ve already been busted and drummed out of office for doing it once before. Which brings us to the latest case of Anthony Weiner and what I’ll call the new “Carlos Danger corollary”, which covers using technology in an insanely moronic and reckless way – like taking pictures of yourself naked and intentionally sharing them with someone in a format that is just one mouse click away from being front page news.

So here’s the updated rule: never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy; or take pictures of your junk and send them to people. Politicians, take note.

Now that it’s becoming so much easier to get caught, we’ve got an increasing number of politicians who want second chances; a trail blazed by Bill Clinton and followed by many more ever since.

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You’re In the New Army Now

by Daniel Greenfield on Monday, January 28th, 2013

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Sending women into combat, like the end of the ban on official homosexuality, has been met with worried remarks about its impact on the “warrior culture”. But the new military that the left has been building for some time now is not interested in warriors; it wants peacekeepers.

The old army fought for a nation. The new one fights for vague concepts such as human rights or international law. Its goals are as intangible as those of the ideology it serves. It doesn’t fight actual enemies, but concepts and social problems. It fights against climate change, poverty and obesity. It fights for education, tolerance and the right of everyone to the gender of their choice. It isn’t really the army, it’s the hall monitors of the United Nations, the State Department, NATO and every liberal group on the planet.

Their ideal new soldier is not a warrior; he speaks three languages, appears non-threatening and can direct refugees, hand out aid to them and quickly pick up the local culture and religion. He is uncritical when witnessing child molestation, human sacrifice or any other quaint local custom. He is willing to die, not for his country, but to win the hearts and minds of the locals. He will not fire in self-defense if there is a single unarmed man, woman or child within twenty miles.

American soldiers have played the role of peacekeepers before, but in the new military that is their only role. They are the Peace Corps,  riding in under a U.N. flag when the video game boys back across the ocean have used remote drones to take out that portion of the enemy force that didn’t manage to find a human shield in time. Their mission is to set up generators, dig wells, patrol roads and smile a lot, unless smiling is not approved of by the local culture.

A warrior culture is supplementary to peacekeeping requirements. Warriors try to kill things. They want to win wars, instead of accepting that conflicts can only be resolved through negotiations and that their presence is a negotiating tactic, not a fight for survival.

The new soldier is a policeman of the world, watching crimes that he isn’t allowed to stop. He is a diplomat with a gun. He isn’t there to shoot anyone, except as an absolute last resort. Rather he is there to represent the United States on that great mission that is the only task of worth in a fatherless country, to be a role model. He is there, smiling and handing out candy, to convince the locals that even though we bombed their country, frightened their sheep and wiped out a lot of their smuggling income, that they should not hate the United States of America.

The old army projected the hard power of killing the people who wanted to fight us until they were either dead or willing to switch to competing with us by making transistor radios and electric shavers. The new army projects the soft power of winning over the locals so that they don’t want to fight us anymore. It’s not about winning wars, it’s about preventing the need for wars; even when already in the middle of a war.

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Prop-a-palooza: The Use and Abuse of Kiddie Human Shields

by Michelle Malkin on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

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Prop-a-palooza: The Use and Abuse of Kiddie Human Shields
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2012

The president of the United States will release a binder full of new gun-control executive orders on Wednesday. Instead of standing alone, bearing full responsibility for the imperial actions he is about to take, President Obama will surround himself with an audience of kids who wrote to him after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. This is the most cynical in Beltway theatrical staging — a feckless attempt to invoke “For the Children” immunity by hiding behind them.

What has happened to the deliberative process in this country? Public debate in Washington has deteriorated into Sesame Street sing-a-longs. We are already inundated with logical fallacies: argumentum ad populum (it’s popular, therefore it’s true); argumentum ad nauseam (if you repeat it often enough, it’ll become truth); argumentum ad hominem (sabotage the person, sabotage the truth); and argumentum ad verecundiam (if my favorite authority says it’s true, it’s true).

To that list we can now add “argumentum ad filium”: If politicians appeal to the children, it’s unassailably good and true. The Obama White House has shamelessly employed this kiddie human shield strategy at every turn to blunt substantive criticism and dissent.

During the legislative battle that rammed the federal health care takeover through Capitol Hill and down our throats, President Obama and the Democrats piled up youth props around them like bunker sandbags. Nancy Pelosi wore babies like Wonder Woman bracelets, one on each arm, to deflect troublesome questions about costs and constitutional concerns.

Obamacare stage managers paraded 11-year-old Marcelas Owens of Washington state in front of the cameras to make the case for the half-trillion-dollar tax hike plan. The boy’s “qualifications”? Owens’ mother, Tiffany, had died of pulmonary hypertension at the age of 27. A single mother of three, she lost her job as a fast-food manager and lost her insurance. She received emergency care and treatment throughout her illness, but died in 2007.

As I noted at the time, Washington state already offered a plethora of existing government assistance programs to laid-off and unemployed workers like Marcelas’ mom. For some reason, unexplained by the family or its zealous exploiters, she didn’t bother to enroll. Moreover, she died nine months after she reportedly lost her health insurance. By the time she lost her coverage through her employer, she was apparently already in dire health straits. It’s not clear that additional doctor visits in the subsequent months would have prevented her death. Nor did Obamacare do anything to address very real flaws with our employer-sponsored health care system.

Young Marcelas admitted he didn’t understand health insurance reform and didn’t “think it’s anyone’s fault” that his mom died. No matter. Big government-by-anecdote doesn’t need the anecdotes to be true or the solutions to do anything effective to solve our problems.

The intellectual infantilization of politics and public policy is nothing new, of course. The Clintons engaged in one of the most notorious examples of poster child abuse involving an ailing 7-year-old girl named Jennifer Bush.

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Team Obama’s Brother Sharpton Moment

by Michelle Malkin on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

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Team Obama’s Brother Sharpton Moment
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder’s people have no shame. After months of stonewalling, misinformation and petulant disregard for the victims of the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal, President Obama’s Justice Department is hiding behind the most despicable race-card demagogues on the planet. “Post-racial” America never looked so bitter, clingy and cowardly.

At a Tuesday press conference in Washington, D.C., human shield Al Sharpton condemned the upcoming House vote on a contempt motion against Holder as “reckless” and “morally reprehensible.” Yes, the infamous hate-crimes hoaxer, cop-basher and riot incitement specialist is now the self-appointed sheriff of Capitol Hill morality. A Huffington Post report hyping Sharpton’s protection racket decried the contempt citation as an “assault on minority rights.” In typical race-baiting style, Sharpton told the leftwing website: “I’m not saying that this is because Holder is black, and I’m not calling (Republicans) racists. I’m saying what they’re doing has a racial effect.”

Of course Sharpton’s accusing Republicans of racism — and by extension, he’s smearing every American demanding truth and justice in Obama’s bloodiest scandal. That includes the family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, whose December 2011 death came at the hands of a Mexican thug wielding a Fast and Furious weapon. What about the Mexican government officials left in the dark about the deadly operation? And the hundreds of families of Mexican victims of Fast and Furious-enabled bloodshed? Yes, yes, they are all racists and minority vote suppression advocates, too.

Sharpton forged ahead, comparing the effort to hold Holder accountable for his serial delays and deception to racial profiling. The race-hustling reverend invoked driving-while-black imagery in lambasting the Republican oversight staffers who have “stopped and frisked” Holder, the nation’s first black attorney general, “without probable cause” to be “made an example of.”

While he regurgitated DOJ talking points about Holder’s “unprecedented” level of cooperation, Sharpton neglected to mention that the agency has delivered less than 8 percent of the 80,000 documents sought by congressional investigators. He forgot to acknowledge that of the 70 DOJ officials involved in Fast and Furious, 48 have been blocked by DOJ from testifying. He failed to detail the withdrawn Feb. 4, 2011, letter to Congress falsely denying the existence of Fast and Furious, Holder’s flip-flops over what he knew and when, and Holder’s blame-shifting assertion, withdrawn last week, that falsely accused former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey of being briefed on a separate gunwalking operation.

Lest we forget, the White House’s racial guardian and MSNBC host is the same bigoted clown who manufactured the Tawana Brawley fake hate crime and tried to frame police officers, railed against “Chinamen,” “Greek homos” and “n****rs,” inveighed against Jewish “diamond merchants,” and stoked black mobs at white-owned Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem, which was burned to the ground in 1995 after protesters broke in and gunned down four employees.

Team Obama can no more dissociate itself from Sharpton’s bloody legacy than Sharpton can dissociate himself from his own poisonous tongue. In return for his blind and tireless defense over the past year and a half, Holder has publicly embraced Sharpton and endorsed his toxic racial smokescreen.

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Colorado bellwether: Voters reject statewide tax increases

by Michelle Malkin on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

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Proposition 103, the only statewide tax increase on the November ballot across the country, is going down tonight, according to number-crunchers in my home state of Colorado. If the results of this massive tax hike referendum had gone the big government/big labor lobby’s way, it would be front-page news tomorrow and Debbie Blabberman-Schultz would be crowing about it non-stop on MSNBC.

Instead, crickets will chirp. White House, pay attention:

Colorado voters have rejected an attempt to raise state income and sales taxes to fund education, The Denver Post has declared.

Colorado voters were saying no to a major tax increase proposal Tuesday night, as early returns appeared to show Proposition 103 failing across the state.

With 38 percent of precincts reporting, Proposition 103 looked to be headed to defeat, with 36.9 percent in favor to 63 percent against.

That was also true in Denver. With 68,471 ballots that had been counted through 7 p.m., the measure was failing 43.7 percent to 56.3 percent.

Even in liberal Boulder County — home to the measure’s chief supporter — the measure was failing, though by a narrow 93 votes.

Our Democrat governor here in Colorado, John Hickenlooper, refused to endorse the $3 billion measure. Voters were mercifully unswayed by the progressive human shield strategy of adorning the job-killing tax hikes with shiny apple images and elementary school kids. Analyst Ben DeGrow noted that contrary to hysterical ed lobby propaganda, total annual expenditures on K-12, adjusted for inflation, from 1999 to 2010 have actually “increased by $3.2 billion or 46 percent. Per pupil spending is up 24 percent.”

Fiscal sanity and the facts trumped teachers’ union demagoguery. Taxpayers in this battleground are not in the mood for more tax-and-spend sinkholes.

Hope for change? Yes, we can!

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Brennan and the bin Laden story bungle

by Michelle Malkin on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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So Politico’s Josh Gerstein reports that White House officials are walking back key details disclosed by Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan at his bin Laden briefing yesterday.

The administration account has now been “modified.” You know all that sensational stuff about bin Laden having a gun and using one of his wives as a human shield? Never mind:

The White House backed away Monday evening from key details in its narrative about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, including claims by senior U.S. officials that the Al Qaeda leader had a weapon and may have fired it during a gun battle with U.S. forces.

Officials also retreated from claims that one of bin Laden’s wives was killed in the raid and that bin Laden was using her as a human shield before she was shot by U.S. forces.

…At a Pentagon briefing earlier in the day, a senior defense official said bin Laden used a woman as a human shield so he could fire shots. “He was firing behind her,” the official said.

In another background briefing early Monday morning, a senior administration official also said bin Laden put up a fight. “He did resist the assault force. And he was killed in a firefight,” the official said.

However, during a background, off-camera briefing for television reporters later Monday, a senior White House official said bin Laden was not armed when he was killed, apparently by the U.S. raid team.

Another White House official familiar with the TV briefing confirmed the change to POLITICO, adding, “I’m not aware of him having a weapon.”

Why the changes? As the famous situation room photo shows, Brennan was in the room watching the raid video along with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others.

He probably disclosed more than he should have and it’s possible his betters were forced to walk back his comments for opsec reasons. What’s your best, good-faith guess?

Unfortunately, the discrepancies are going to be fodder for extremists on both sides of the political aisle. It’s a shame they couldn’t get their story straight and send out someone who had been fully briefed himself on the official narrative before briefing the rest of the world.


2:05pm Eastern White House press secretary Jay Carney used his daily briefing as a do-over on the bin Laden post-op.

Snort-worthy phrase: “We’ve been very clear…”

Previous Brennan bungle: National security nightmare: John Brennan and the notorious flying imam

Related: 24/7, 364 Days-a-Year National Security Secret Revealed; Updated

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Obama administration changes story on what happened with Osama

by John Lott on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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So did Osama fight back? Did he use one of his wives as a shield? This is very embarrassing.

The White House backed away Monday evening from key details in its narrative about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, including claims by senior U.S. officials that the Al Qaeda leader had a weapon and may have fired it during a gun battle with U.S. forces.

Officials also retreated from claims that one of bin Laden’s wives was killed in the raid and that bin Laden was using her as a human shield before she was shot by U.S. forces.

At a televised White House briefing Monday afternoon, Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan said bin Laden joined in the fight that several residents of the Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound put up against the Navy SEALs during the 40-minute operation.

“He [bin Laden] was engaged in a firefight with those that entered the area of the house he was in. And whether or not he got off any rounds, I quite frankly don’t know,” Brennan said.

At a Pentagon briefing earlier in the day, a senior defense official said bin Laden used a woman as a human shield so he could fire shots. “He was firing behind her,” the official said.

In another background briefing early Monday morning, a senior administration official also said bin Laden put up a fight. “He did resist the assault force. And he was killed in a firefight,” the official said.

However, during a background, off-camera briefing for television reporters later Monday, a senior White House official said bin Laden was not armed when he was killed, apparently by the U.S. raid team.

Another White House official familiar with the TV briefing confirmed the change to POLITICO, adding, “I’m not aware of him having a weapon.” . . .

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Day One, 112th Congress: 10 Simple Rules for the GOP

by Michelle Malkin on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

1. Manage expectations.

2. Serve the people, not the press.

3. Neutralize the grievance-mongers: Confront the race card early and often.

4. Neutralize Alinsky’s avenging angels: Counter the human shield strategy early and often.

5. Don’t fall prey to Chicken Little Syndrome again. Don’t.

6. Never forget: Government does not “create jobs.” Politicians don’t create jobs. You are there to stop government from killing jobs in the name of “reform,” the “children,” “emergencies,” global warming, hope, change, etc., etc., etc.

7. Obstruction is not a dirty word.

8. Don’t be afraid to say it: Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats.

9. Show, don’t tell: Transparency. Accountability. Integrity. When you fail, you’ll be called out. The “R” after your name doesn’t give you immunity. Ever.

10. This is your oath of office. Live it: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Feel free to add your own.


GOP House Speaker John Boehner is now @SpeakerBoehner on Twitter here.

The GOP will livestream the opening session on Facebook here.

The New Constitutional Authority Requirement for Legislation is here.

Chad Pergram at Fox News offers up a handy “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Opening of the 112th Congress.”

Reuters spotlights some of the opening-day festivities later this morning:

* Republicans will be in charge of the House, having ousted Democrats from the majority in Nov. 2 congressional elections. The new Republican majority will be 242-193.

* One of the first orders of House business will be the virtually certain election of Republican John Boehner as the chamber’s new speaker, replacing Democrat Nancy Pelosi. She will become the chamber’s new minority leader.

* Once Boehner is selected by the full House, Pelosi is to hand Boehner the speaker’s gavel as the chamber’s presiding officer.

A moment to savor. And then to work: Getting things undone, lifting regulatory burdens, demolishing roadblocks to prosperity, and promoting a pro-freedom, pro-opportunity agenda to counter Barack Obama’s Nanny/Crony State.


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Israel at the Rubicon

by Douglas J. Hagmann on Sunday, August 15th, 2010

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After years of endless debate, delayed decisions, additional deliberations, bald-faced lies and disinformation, followed by economic sanctions packages piled upon other ineffective economic sanctions packages, coupled with incessant Iranian and Western bellicose rhetoric which would have been considered casus belli in years gone by, the announcement made on Friday by Sergei Novikov, the spokesman for the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom), that the fueling of the Iranian Bushehr nuclear plant will commence on Saturday, 21 August has left the State of Israel standing on the southern bank of a literal River Rubicon.

In the absense of a decision by Western governments, the United States of America in particular, to back up its own rhetoric with concrete actions, Israel has been left holding the baggage containing approximately 144 hours of time. At the conclusion of those 144 hours it will have become irreversibly too late for military action to halt Iran and its current apocalyptic regime’s nuclear weapons program. This is the conventional wisdom being related by many subject matter experts in the past 36 hours, experts such as former Ambassador John Bolton. Bolton’s comments to FoxNews last Friday speak of just such a window of time remaining.

However, there’s another window no one is openly considering, a window that may likely already have closed. The name of this window is “Russian nuclear technicians at Bushehr.” Those Russian technicians effectively consistute a “human shield” guarding against a pre-emptive Israeli strike on the Bushehr reactor complex. Not to mention the Russian VIPs who will begin arriving on-site at the Bushehr complex for the opening cermonies prior to the end of the 144 hours.

Short of starting a war with Russia, the physical presence of Russian technicians at Bushehr affords Israel no option but to focus its contingency plans against deeply buried Iranian enrichment cascades, weaponization plants and delivery systems as well as the suppression of Iran’s military retaliation capabilities. The Iranian response to an Israel air assault also includes thousands of missiles, some of them likely tipped with biological or chemical weapons in Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Syria, as well as an Iranian assault against commerical shipping in the Strait of Hormuz.

Have I just described a recipe for an armgeddon-like scenario to unfold in the Middle East? No doubt about it. This is precisely the type of scenario the leaders of apocalyptic Iran want more than anything. Great chess players those Iranians. So here stands Israel on the southern bank of the River Rubicon with virtually no time left to ponder her next move. Irregardless of the next action taken this world will never be the same, and only the ancient Biblical prophets have told us what lies ahead.

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IDF Boards Another Flotilla Ship, Activists Amazingly Cooperative This Time

by Doug Powers on Saturday, June 5th, 2010

When Israeli commandos boarded the first “freedom flotilla” boat, the Mavi Marmara, they were attacked with pipes, metal rods and chairs (the WWF wants their stuff back guys), and the result was nine dead boaters who were amazingly well armed for “peace activists.” It was also subsequently discovered that the majority of those on board who attacked the IDF had links to terror organizations.

Fast forward the tape to early this morning. Another flotilla ship, the Rachel Corrie — named after the left-wing “peace activist” who once burned an American flag and was later run over and killed by an Israeli tank while acting as a “human shield” — was chugging toward the blockade. This time though, the ship was boarded without incident. Early reports are that people on the ship were in contact with the Israelis and permitted the ship to be boarded.

I’m only guessing that this time the “activists” saw to it that the Rachel Corrie was loaded with priests, nuns, boy scouts and cute puppies:

The boarding of the Rachel Corrie containing activists and aid for Gaza was described by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday as a quiet operation. Netanyahu was quick to distinguish between the boat of Irish and Malaysian activists and the Turkish-sponsored Mavi Marmara which was boarded May 31 in an incident that left nine dead and scores wounded.

“The different outcome we saw today underscores the difference between peace activists who we disagree with but respect their right to express their different opinion and flotilla participants [on the Mavi Marmara] who were violent extremist supporters of terrorists,” said Netanyahu.

Below is a video of this morning’s boarding — thankfully, this was quite a difference from the previous one — non-violence begets non-violence:

Meanwhile, here’s a real surprise — a mosque will be built in New York near Ground Zero where a different freedom flotilla took down the World Trade Centers and murdered thousands, and guess what else at least one of the people who getting the Ground Zero “in your face, America” mosque done is involved in?

The imam behind a proposed mosque near Ground Zero is a prominent member of a group that helped sponsor the pro-Palestinian activists who clashed violently with Israeli commandos at sea this week.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a key figure in Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization, according to its Website.

Perdana is the single biggest donor ($366,000) so far to the Free Gaza Movement, a key organizer of the six-ship flotilla that tried to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip Monday.

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