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The War on Men’s Wages

by Selwyn Duke on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

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Arm-wrestling-Man vs. WomanA market economy is absolutely the worst system in the world — except for all the rest. This isn’t just a play on Winston Churchill’s quip about democracy, it’s also true. Pity that we have to rely on those vice-ridden, flighty creatures called human beings to make decisions about what products and services we’ll enjoy. The only thing worse is having those decisions made by the subset of human beings called bureaucrats or politicians.

“Study: Hollywood execs have own ‘war on women,’ choking off major roles, salary from women,” reads the headline at Washington Examiner. At issue is a new report by the Women’s Media Center (WMC) — arch-feminista Gloria Steinem’s group — showing that in terms of warm-body count and amount of cold cash, women lag behind men in all corners of media and entertainment. We’re to find these data troubling and, as Time magazine wrote in a headline, “depressing.” In perhaps some comic relief, Time followed that note with the subtitle, “Jennifer Lawrence makes $11 million less than Adam Sandler.” Yeah, hey, pass the Prozac.

I don’t know, is it depressing that men do more dangerous jobs and suffer vastly more work-related injuries and deaths? Is it depressing that the whole workaday world, so unjustly dominated by men, was created by them in the first place? Is every difference among demographics that doesn’t happen to benefit “victim” groups to be thought depressing?

What’s really depressing is that this wage-gap wailing is part of an effort to destroy the market.

All the more alarming is that, instead of refuting the propaganda, conservatives have been all too happy to pile on to score political points. We saw this with recent reports on the intersex wage gap in the Obama White House, and now we’re seeing it again when the issue is the liberal bastions of media and entertainment. And, hey, they deserve to take it on the chin — but the truth doesn’t.

As to this, the Washington Examiner wrote,

Women represented just 28.8 percent of speaking characters in the top grossing films of 2012, had just 16 percent of the top executive movie jobs in 2013, and of the 16 biggest paychecks for actors per film, not one went to a female actress.

The top earning actress, Angelina Jolie, earned $33 million, roughly the same amount as the two lowest-ranked men on that list provided by the New York Film Academy. It also quoted a 2013 Forbes ranking that showed the top 10 actresses making a collective $181 million versus $465 million for the top 10 men, or about 39 percent what the guys took home.

Wow, talk about broken champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

The operative term here is “top grossing.” Since these films satisfy the market more than other movies, people, presumably, prefer films dominated by male characters. In this vein, do you really think Hollywood pays male actors more out of some old-boy-club allegiance? Nothing would please producers more than equalizing the sexes’ pay — by reducing the men’s.

The WMC also reports:

• Over a five-year period ending in 2012, the 500 top-grossing movies had 565 directors, 33 of whom were black and two of that 33 were black women.

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Of Course: Obama Blames Health Care Law’s Lack of Popularity on Fox News

by Doug Powers on Saturday, September 28th, 2013

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Sorry, but there aren’t nearly enough Fox News viewers to account for the upside-down national public opinion of Obamacare.

This is one of the most disingenuous human beings ever to personally slow the rise of the world’s oceans:

Fox News isn’t the one sending out policy cancellation notices and cutting hours, but nice try, Prez.

For me this isn’t one of those stories where you just hear about the negative effects. I now personally know a half dozen people who are losing their current health insurance as a direct result of Obamacare. Obama is welcome to give them a call and tell them it’s because of Fox News, but I don’t think they’d buy it.

As Obamacare approaches full implementation, we’ll witness a disaster of epic proportions. DAMN YOU, FOX NEWS!

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

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Planned Parenthood’s Sickening Reaction to Gosnell Murder Convictions

by John Lillpop on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

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self-serving statement:

“The jury has punished Kermit Gosnell for his appalling crimes. This verdict will ensure that no woman is victimized by Kermit Gosnell ever again.

“This case has made clear that we must have and enforce laws that protect access to safe and legal abortion, and we must reject misguided laws that would limit women’s options and force them to seek treatment from criminals like Kermit Gosnell.”—Eric Ferrero, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Vice President for Communications

Not a single word about the helpless babies, human beings all, alive and kicking, who were butchered like wild hogs by the evil Gosnell.

May Gosnell AND Eric Ferrero burn in the hottest hells of fire for eternity!

And may this case serve as an impetus to overturing Roe V. Wade!

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The Left’s War on Science

by Daniel Greenfield on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

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“We did not come to ask for mercy from nature,” Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin, the Lysenko of Soviet agriculture, once declared. “We must wrest it from her.”

Communist science was guided not by the journey from hypothesis to fact but by the dusty
proclamations of Marxist theorists. Soviet scientists were expected to reject capitalist science and formulate a science that matched the Communist worldview.

The Communist worldview insisted that every living creature could be completely transformed into anything. It rejected natural selection as having a competitive capitalist bent that suspiciously resembled a biological version of free market competition. And pseudo-scientists like Lysenko and Michurin matched bad science to bad ideology laying out an official dogma in which transforming the environment could transform any creature and in which intraspecies struggle did not lead to evolution.

The USSR’s politicization of biology crippled its agriculture. Its leaders rejected free market competition on the human level and in the plant and animal kingdoms. They insisted that nature had to follow Marxist dialectical materialism and locked up and murdered the scientists who disagreed. By the time the USSR fell, a land which had once exported wheat to the world had gone deep into debt to buy wheat from the United States.

But bad ideology driving bad science didn’t die with Lysenko and Michurin. The new Lysenkos are Warmunists like Michael Mann and James Hansen. The environmentalists, like the Communists, believe that human beings have total control over the environment and that the environment determines all. Where they differ is the perceived effect of that influence. Warmunism, like Communism, originates not from science, but from ideology. The Communists divided industry into two types by ideological classification; the good cooperative Socialist industry and the bad competitive Capitalist industry. The Warmunists similarly ideologically classify two types of industry; environmentally conscious green technology and dirty non-socially conscious brown technology.

The Warmunists, like the Communists, classify science and industry not by outcome, but by ideology, and then paper over that classification with bad science. Green technology is often dirtier and less efficient than the so-called brown technology, but like the collective farms and the idiotic ramblings of Michurin and Lysenko, it’s better because it more closely fits the Socialist vision of how things ought to work.

Scientists debate, but ideologues delegitimize. The Communists did not debate science. They declared dogma and locked up anyone who disagreed. The Warmunists don’t have the power to sentence their critics to prison, though some among them have broached the notion, instead they plot campaigns of character assassination against those who question the theories that they try to pass off as final facts.

The Warmunists, like the Communists, are not interested in learning how the world works, but in using their notions of how the world ought to work to develop a model of how human beings ought to behave.

The Communists rejected the free market and natural human competition. They extended that metaphor to all living things because they feared the dissonance between how the world worked and how their ideal society was meant to work.

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‘If Charles Dickens were writing A Christmas Carol today, surely he would have replaced Ebenezer Scrooge with the figure of the joyless, rage-fuelled Dawkins spitting out ‘Bah, humbug!’ at families sitting down to the Christmas turkey…’

by Donald Douglas on Thursday, December 27th, 2012

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I wish I’d posted this on Christmas Eve, but definitely better late than never.

From Melanie Phillips, “Raising a child as Christian worse than sex abuse? Oh, do put a sock in it, you atheist Scrooge“:

It is not just [Richard] Dawkins and his followers, however, who are dancing prematurely on Christianity’s grave.

In the eyes of just about the entire governing class, cultural milieu and intelligentsia, belief in Christianity is viewed at best as an embarrassment, and at worst as proof positive of imbecility.

Indeed, Christianity has long been the target of sneering comedians, blasphemous artists and the entire human rights industry — all determined to turn it into a despised activity to be pursued only by consenting adults in private.

As it happens, I myself am not a Christian; I am a Jew. And Jews have suffered terribly under Christianity in the past.

Yet I passionately believe that if Britain and the West are to continue to be civilised places, it is imperative that the decline in Christianity be reversed.

For it is the Judeo-Christian ethic which gave us belief in the innate equality of all human beings, the need to put others’ welfare before your own and the understanding of absolute truth. Without this particular religious underpinning, our society will lose the moral bonds that instil respect and care for other human beings. Without a belief in absolute truth, it will succumb to the dominance of lies.

Melanie Phillips is freakin’ awesome.

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Unions Uber Alles … Suffering Citizens Be Damned

by J.J. Jackson on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

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Liberal labor unions in New Jersey have a message for those suffering in the wake of hurricane Sandy. That message is that you will suffer longer than necessary … in the name of union power.

Yes, while millions struggle without power, the unions are blocking utility crews from helping people get their power back on and their lives back on track. And why? All because the utility crews coming in to help are not unionized [1] and wont agree to union rules while working in the State.

Meanwhile, Governor Christie’s office flipped and flopped, issuing several different takes on the incident [2]. Funny how, at first, the story was called, “not true”. But then, later on, the Governor’s people stated, “The story is probably true …”. And then, finally, “We are welcoming whatever help comes in, union or non-union, to assist with the recovery,” once the news spread like wildfire.

Question for all you people in New Jersey who keep voting for liberals and who support the unions be they right/wrong/indifferent: How does it feel? How does it feel to suffer because the people you support turn away the help you now so desperately need?

It really does speak volumes about the sorts of people in charge of the unions in New Jersey.

What kind of uncaring creeps would turn away help and leave millions of residents to suffer?

What kind of vile human beings are so worried about something as trivial as to whether or not someone was union or non-union when so many are in need of help?

What absolute dregs of society think that it is a good idea to delay a return to normalcy because people who offer to help have chosen not be to part of their little group?

It is a shame to hear of such pettiness in the wake of a disaster the size and scope of Sandy. But there are apparently people who care more about their own power than a desire to help others. Worse, it always seems to be the same people who are standing in the way of things getting done.

Someday, maybe, people will wise up and stop letting these same people get in the way.


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The Philosophy of Abortion – Intrinsically Flawed

by Rev. Michael Bresciani on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

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If this article were entitled “The Philosophy of Abortion is Demonic,” some readers would have never started reading, especially, after seeing that the author is a minister. It would have been a far more honest title, but trying to explain how the inspiration that originates with the “god of this world,”  (Satan,) results in what is known as the “doctrine of devils” would be daunting.

The biblical teaching provides a definitive and decisive blow to abortion and all pro-abortion arguments from several perspectives, but one verse alone speaks to abortion in no uncertain terms. To wit:

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Mt 18: 6)

First, who would argue that ‘death’ for a tiny unborn human being (fetus) would constitute a very serious offense? Secondly, who has the right to decide the extent or fullest meaning of the words “little ones” in the verse? The meaning of the verse cannot be strained so as not to include the unborn, which are indeed, the littlest of all human beings.

It is not the lack of scriptural knowledge alone that plagues the credulity of the pro-choice movement, but rather, it is a lack of genuine honesty on many levels including its own philosophical premise or foundation.

The heart of the pro-choice argument is based on the argument or more accurately the deleterious notion that aborting ones offspring is exercising a woman’s right to decide all matters concerning her own body.

Pro-life philosophy is based on the belief that the child in the womb is not ever the woman’s body, but it is an entirely separate entity. The pro-life and the pro-choice view both raise questions that no abortion advocate has been able to answer yet. Let’s examine.

If the fetus is the woman’s body why would any woman do something harmful to her own body? We try to protect people from themselves if they are prone SI syndrome (self-injury) or suicidal. They are sedated, counseled, treated or incarcerated to keep them from inflicting bodily harm or death – to themselves. Only in abortion do we march, rally, advocate for and enact legislation to make it possible for a woman to hurt, maim and kill what they insist is their own body. More than a mere philosophical delusion this is high level stupidity and hypocrisy combined.

If, as the argument goes, the unborn child is part of the woman’s body, why doesn’t that ‘part’ of her body have the same rights extended to it, to choose, to thrive, and to live? The absurdity of ‘rights over a woman’s body’ fails to answer this question.

Why doesn’t a woman give up an arm or a kidney willfully? What we have is rights, but on a very selective basis. In every case, however, the part of her body she has decided against, the part that is discarded like waste material can be removed without any serious discomfort or pain to the mother, how convenient. Take the liver, the heart, the brain, they too, are just part of her body, but that will never happen.

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Dear MSM, You’re Part of the Problem. Stop Being Part of the Problem.

by Jimmie Bise Jr. on Monday, September 17th, 2012

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Oh, William Saletan, you are so close. Just drop the blinding stupidity of political correctness and you’ll be able to write what you should write with real boldness.

Dear Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Jews,

You’re living in the age of the Internet. Your religion will be mocked, and the mockery will find its way to you. Get over it.

If you don’t, what’s happening this week will happen again and again. A couple of idiots with a video camera and an Internet connection will trigger riots across the globe. They’ll bait you into killing one another.

Stop it. Stop following their script.

Here’s the thing. Christians don’t riot when their religion, whichever Christian religion they practice, is mocked. If we did, Hollywood would have burned decades ago and Broadway would be a ruin after “The Book of Mormon” opened in its first theater. Jews don’t march in the streets when someone mocks their faith, or even their very existence. I know this because the faithful Jews of New York City didn’t shut down the whole town when Holocaust-denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with our government’s permission, spoke at the United Nations last year.  Hindus don’t…

…come on, people. Do you really believe a Hindu would riot over a video? Ever? I know a couple Hindu folks and the thought that they would take to the streets to rampage, burn, and kill over anything less than a mass slaughter of their own is laughable. If the religious of this nation were as twitchy about insults to their faith as Muslims of the world are about insults to theirs, Bill Maher would be dead right now, or living somewhere far, far from other human beings under an assumed name. That he can make his bilious, blasphemous, bigoted show every week and beam it to millions of homes is a testament to the deep tolerance of the American people and the immeasurable power of our First Amendment. It’s painfully obvious to me that Saletan doesn’t know a single devout Christian, observant Jew, or faithful Hindu just as he doesn’t know a serious Muslim of the sort that, right now, is burning buildings and spewing hate from every orifice like a perfect Fountain of Rage.

I assume William Saletan is an intelligent man, with at least enough upstairs to be able to tie his shoes and whang on a keyboard until intelligible sentences happen. I also assume that because he is intelligent, he knows that Jews don’t riot, Christians don’t slaughter Ambassadors, and Hindus don’t drive authors and newspaper publishers into hiding. So why the mass grouping of all religious people into the Great Bundle of Hyper-Sensitive Maniacs? Simple. He lacks the courage to face the real problem. Islam today is controlled almost entirely by people who want the religion placed on a pedestal far above every other. This is a point I made in the latest episode of The Delivery and it bears repeating here. While there are no doubt millions of otherwise tolerant Muslims living peacefully around the world, they are not in charge of their own religion. They don’t run nations. Their voices are not heard in the halls of the United Nations of the Oval Office.

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Hillary Really Sorry Somebody’s Freedom of Speech Caused People with ‘Fundamental Respect for Human Beings’ to Kill US Ambassador and Others

by Doug Powers on Friday, September 14th, 2012

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I’d say “unbelievable” but we have to remember who we’re talking about here:

The assault on freedom of speech is being aided by those in the highest levels of our government.

Any real US leaders would be saying “there is no excuse for cold blooded murder… none. Period.” But the people currently in charge rarely miss an opportunity to apologize for our constitutional freedoms with their “battered spouse syndrome” approach to foreign policy.

Update: Jay Carney: “This is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy.”

Weapons grade ignorance combined with political desperation is embarrassing:

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History Happens Again

by Jerry McConnell on Friday, September 7th, 2012

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“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  That or the many variations of the same thoughts that have flowed over the tongues of many different Americans and others worldwide are credited to the Spanish born, Americanized George Santayana, philosopher, poet and writer.

Though raised and educated in the United States,  he never renounced his birthright or his Spanish passport and in 1911 at the age of forty-eight he left his position at Harvard University and returned to his native country never to return to America.  But his authorship of the above saying will most likely be that for which he will be most remembered.  Life is replete with such trivia over substance.

But the references made regarding learning from history do play important roles in all of our daily ventures and adventures.  Americans, never ones to downplay trivias, bathe in the game; just as those who are guilty of actively participating in proving the merit of that long-ago saying that has endured the ages.

Just moments ago it seems, I read an article in “The Patriot Update” penned by David L. Goetsch on September 03, 2012, titled “Democrats Are Still Exploiting Blacks” and my first thoughts were that there are some cases in life where we just never learn from the experience.

Goetsch wrote on his “growing up in the South at a time when blacks were exploited by the Democrat Party.  To these Democrats of old, blacks were not viewed as human beings to be treated with dignity and respect. Rather, they were viewed as a commodity to be exploited for cheap labor.”

Ah the indignity of it all; the pompous and fatuous Democrats living high off the hog in their elected splendiferousness, patting their black subjects, er, constituents on their heads while reminding them of all the nice things that those same condescending dolts have gotten for them just for their simple vote to keep them in office.

Problem was, the con artist pols didn’t recognize that those same people were beginning to identify that they were being humbled and degraded and maintained in a state of servitude and debt in a modern day style of slavery.  And many were finding education sources to help enlighten them.

Little was said in those days, but just as sure as Reverend Jesse Jackson is much more of a racist than I am (Hymie-town anyone?), the abusive treatment both verbal and physical inflicted by the Democrat politicos against the African Americans, who were not then known by that appellation, was racism at its worst.

The reason why Democrats and their minority followers think that racism is found only in white Caucasians is because they believe that only whites ‘benefit’ from the use of that bit of nastiness.  How do they benefit?  That is the question I would like them to answer which I doubt they could logically do without resorting to lies of a ponderous nature.  And I don’t really believe that they actually know what racism is, except for what the Democrat Party leadership tells them it is to be.

They should all step back and examine the question, ‘just what is racism, and how does it affect me?’?


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