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Great News From TV Cultural Wars: “The Bible” Tops “American Idol”!

by John Lillpop on Sunday, March 17th, 2013

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OK, patriots, so America is unquestionably in the sewer economically, socially, militarily, culturally, spiritually and politically.

However, given the fact that our nation is, and has been, under the control of anti-American Marxists like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, what else should we expect?

In computer programming lingo, it’s called, GIGO—or Garbage In, Garbage Out!

GIGO, a most apt acronym for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid tragedy that has America on her heels and headed for the judgment and wrath of the All Mighty!

There are exceptions, of course. As previously reported, Comrades Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz have been reduced in influence by MSNBC, a public service for which all should give profound thanks.

Adding to the emerging trend of civic responsibility among the executive class of TV moguls, is the sensational news that a religious series dedicated to The Bible has roared ahead of the morbidly dull cesspool called “American Idol.”

As reported at the reference:

It’s the David and Goliath of television: an obscure religious miniseries has beaten television’s former top show in the ratings.
The premier of the History Channel’s The Bible attracted 13.1 million viewers, topping American Idol’s 12.8 million viewers on Wednesday of the same week.
The ratings have confounded Hollywood’s biggest decision-makers. Overt religious programming can be a notorious tough sell to the public, while American Idol has dominated television for the past eight years.

The about-turn is evidence again that Idol is just not the ratings juggernaut it once, while also pointing to an opportunity for networks to capitalize on the largely untapped religious genre.

Thursday’s episode of American Idol sank to an all-time low 3.0 rating for its scheduled episodes, attracting a paltry 11.8 million viewers.

The ratings for television’s former top show are less than half of what they were during the height of the shows success, when nearly 37 million people tuned in to watch.”

Perhaps all is not lost, after all?  Maybe Hollywood and the anti-God, anti-American pap produced there is going the way of the typewriter and phone booth?

If so, Forget Hooray for Hollywood: The new refrain will be Good Riddance to Hollywood!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California

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Good riddance and DLTDHYOTWO: Ken Salazar exiting Interior in March

by Michelle Malkin on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

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Screw up, cover up, move up, pack up. After trampling the rule of law, defying court orders, doctoring scientific conclusions, threatening the media for asking inconvenient questions, and destroying countless jobs in the name of environmental protection, President Obama’s loathsome cowboy Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is finally headed for the exit door.

The Denver Post reports late tonight that the rogue Department of Interior chief will step down in March to spend more time with family in Colorado:

The secretary is not shy talking about how much he loves his job as steward of the country’s public lands. He often says the Department of Interior is really the Department of America.

“As I think about my role as secretary of the Interior, it is perhaps the most wonderful job of any cabinet position in the United States,” Salazar said in December. “I would not trade it for attorney general or Housing and Urban Development or Transportation because I would find those jobs a little boring.”

But the pull of family obligations — he and his wife are primary caretakers of their 5-year-old granddaughter who has autism and is enrolled in a special school — was too great to commit to four more years, Salazar’s office said.

His days in Washington are long. Some weeks he spends 16 hours a day traveling from one far-flung location to the other — from some pristine causeway in California to the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged New Jersey coast.

You know whose days are also long? The days of all the workers and companies that Salazar helped crush over the last four years.

Good riddance and DLTDHYOTWO. For the sake of my fellow Coloradans, let’s hope Salazar isn’t headed for the revolving door back into another position of power. We’ve had enough.


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Conservatives in Liberal Media Embrace Cultural Surrender

by Cliff Kincaid on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

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As American conservatives contemplate the future of the Republican Party in the face of President Obama’s Marxist onslaught and reelection, the rapid deterioration of the British Conservative Party stands as proof that the situation could get far worse. British conservatives lead the British government as members of a coalition and are pushing legislation for what they euphemistically dub “Equal Civil Marriage”—gay marriage. They think this is the key to being politically relevant and winning elections.

Here in the U.S., former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman took to the pages of The Wall Street Journal on November 21 to make the “conservative case” for backing gay marriage. But there can be no “conservative case” for gay marriage, unless the term “conservative” is redefined as the British Conservative leaders are trying to do.

Mehlman, a former lieutenant to Karl Rove, came out of the closet and announced that he was a homosexual in August of 2010. He has since launched a “Project Right Side” to make the “conservative” case for gay marriage. He points to Jennifer Rubin, a conservative blogger at The Washington Post, who has declared that social conservatives have “lost” the battle over gay marriage and should just “move on.” Rubin has also attacked conservative Senator Jim DeMint, who is resigning to take over the Heritage Foundation, in a column headlined, “Good riddance, Mr. DeMint.”

Another conservative in the liberal media, George Will, said on ABC’s “This Week” show, “the opposition to gay marriage is dying. It’s all old people.” He had previously endorsed gays in the military and had smeared supporters of the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy as unintelligent.

The same “strategy” would also mandate that Republicans should “move on” by abandoning the pro-life cause and opposition to legalization of drugs. That would leave the GOP in the position of running purely on economic issues, in order to draw a contrast with the Democrats. Romney’s stunning defeat is an example of what happens when that strategy is followed.

The American conservative magazine The American Spectator, which is usually a reliable source of conservative opinion, has published an article suggesting that American conservatives should indeed follow the lead of the British Conservative Party leaders. The author, Robert Taylor, says the British Conservative Party has “stopped trying to turn the clock back to a supposedly golden age of God-fearing, two-parent families” and has become “open, diverse, accepting, individualistic, and multi-cultural.”

According to this logic, American conservatives should applaud the fact that, on December 1, the first same-sex couple was “married” in the West Point Cadet Chapel of our nation’s military academy. This is a consequence of Obama’s gays-in-the-military policy.

The real lesson from what is happening in Britain is that if the Republicans go down this road, conservatives will revolt and the GOP will suffer an even more significant decline than we saw on November 6, when a number of social conservatives sat out the election. Surrender could also lead to more persecution of social conservatives.

In Britain, The Sunday Telegraph reports that a survey of British Conservative Party local officials found that 71 percent think the proposal should be abandoned and that the party is losing members as result of the plan.

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Teens and ‘Free’ Sterilization

by La Shawn Barber on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

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familyThe Winston-Salem Journal published a series of storiesabout forced sterilizations performed years ago in North Carolina. Other states had similar programs, but most retreated in light of Nazi Germany’s notorious eugenics policies. North Carolina, however, expanded its program after WWII and didn’t end it until 1974.Elaine Riddick Jessie, now in her late 50s, was sterilized at 14 in 1968. She and her seven siblings had become wards of the state, and five were sent to an orphanage. Jessie and a sister were sent to live in their grandmother’s crowded house. A man raped Jessie, and she became pregnant. Fortunately, the state didn’t kill the baby. Unfortunately, the state labeled the abused Jessie “feeble-minded” and killed her chance to have more babies. Her illiterate grandmother had signed an “X” on the sterilization consent form without knowing she was signing a sterilization consent form. Jessie didn’t find out until years later she was sterilized.

The North Carolina Eugenics Board sterilized over 7,600 people from 1929 to 1974, and 2,990 ranged in age from 10 to 19. But those days are behind us, right? Yes, and no. The days of forced sterilizations likely are long gone, and good riddance. But the days of minors “consenting” to sterilizations are upon us.

President Barack Obama believes pregnant minors should be allowed to have their unborn babies killed without their parents’ consent. The man who stated he was going to teach his daughters “all about values and morals” also said he wouldn’t want them to be punished with his grandchild “if they make a mistake.” What about sterilization? Would he want his teenage daughter to have herself rendered infertile?

A story on CNSNews goes into detail about an Obamacare regulation that took effect on August 1 that requires health care plans in the U.S. to provide taxpayer-funded (or free, in liberal terminology) contraceptive methods that include sterilization “for women with reproductive capacity.”

Because the recommendation doesn’t specify age, it theoretically could apply to any menstruating girl. CNSNews learned that Oregon allows a minor to consent to sterilization. In that state, a 15-year-old girl can give her “informed consent” to allowing a doctor to render her permanently barren. Whether her parents approve or not has no bearing on her choice.

Think of the average teenager and imagine the scenario. A 15-year-old girl who’s perhaps mature for a 15-year-old girl (benefit of the doubt) decides for whatever reason she never wants to be “punished” with a baby, or that she wants to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant right now. She brings her mature-for-a-15-year-old self to the doctor, tells him/her she wants to be barren, reads and signs the consent form, and has the surgery. Ten years later and more mature, she marries and desperately wants children but must bear the consequences of an “informed” decision she made as a 15-year-old girl. It’s appalling.

In Oregon, a 15-year-old cannot obtain a driver’s license or legally drink alcohol, but she can ask a doctor to make her infertile. In Oregon, a 15-year-old cannot consent to sex, but she can consent to a procedure that will ensure she won’t get pregnant. Ever.

CNSNews asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi about the regulation:

“You mentioned the preventive services mandate.

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Republicans Form A Circular Firing Squad

by Bob Livingston on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Republicans Form A Circular Firing Squad

The Republican Party is tearing itself apart.

We may be witnessing the death of the Republican Party. If so, good riddance!

The party apparatus has lied to its faithful for years: The party of small government… the party of freedom… the party that supports the Constitution… the party of the 2nd Amendment… the party of free enterprise. The rhetoric has never matched the performance, but the faithful proles always held out hope that next time would be different. They held their collective noses and voted for the candidate the elites shoved down their throats.

Once again, the party elites have pre-determined the nominee. It’s Mitt Romney.

Romney has received endorsements from two of the party’s biggest losers: Senator John McCain and former Senator Bob Dole. With friends like those, no wonder the proles are looking elsewhere.

So the party has formed a circular firing squad.

Romney, a Massachusetts liberal, abortion supporter, TARP supporter, stimulus supporter, cap-and-trade supporter, believer in big government, war-loving, anti-gun crusader is the choice of the party’s insiders. But according to the Real Clear Politics polling average, almost three out of four of potential Republican voters want the nominee to be someone else.

Newt Gingrich, a draft-dodging Army brat, big government, cap-and-trade supporter, war-loving, anti-gun faux conservative is showing his true stripes. It’s unclear whether he’s really still trying to win the nomination or has just decided to go out slashing and burning everything and everyone in sight. Whatever, he’s taken up the leftist cause of class warfare, attacking Romney from the left over his tenure at Bain Capital and the fact that he’s “rich.” No wonder Gingrich hangs out with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn.

Iowa Republican elites used dirty tricks to prop up Rick Santorum, falsely portraying him as the conservative alternative to Romney. But Santorum’s another neocon, gun-grabbing, big-government faux conservative, and he has no chance to win the nomination. He isn’t even on the ballot in Virginia, and he has virtually no campaign apparatus to speak of after placing all his eggs in Iowa’s basket. He finished fifth in New Hampshire voting, squandering his Iowa bounce.

As they did Santorum in Iowa, the mainstream media tried to prop up Jon Huntsman in New Hampshire. But repeated news reports of a late surge (which gave Huntsman false momentum in the minds of voters) could net him only a third-place finish. Huntsman, who actually governed Utah fairly conservatively, is running to the left of everyone in the Republican field. That’s not terribly surprising since his campaign manager is John Weaver.

Weaver worked for the McCain campaign in 2000 and 2008 and is a former Democratic operative. But no matter, Huntsman is not a serious candidate, despite what the MSM wants you to believe. He won’t even be on the ballot in Virginia, Arizona and Illinois.

Rick Perry, whose campaign would be dead after two dismal showings if not for a big war chest accumulated just after he entered the race and before he began stepping on his own tongue, has also decided to attack Romney from the left.

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Dinner with an Anti-Hunter

by Humberto Fontova on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

I’d just hung the deer by its neck on the swingset for skinning and butchering when….. “Oh Hum-BERTO! Puh-LEAZE!”

I looked over and it was our new neighbor Freddie, wailing from his patio door, his face a mask of horror and disgust. “Humberto! How COULD YOU? Why that’s AWFUL!”

Freddie moved here recently from San Francisco. People didn’t skin deer in their backyards there. Freddie used to open his back door, prance to the fence, and discuss the screen and stage with fellow wine sniffers. Now he opens his back door and finds an assassinated deer dangling with its tongue hanging out, and some guy in blood-spattered camo slashing at it with a skinning knife, between swigs from a sixteen-ounce Brewskie encased in crumpled bag.

I looked over after a hearty swig. “How could?” I belched. “How could I? It’s easy, Fred.” I wiped my bloody finger on my pants, held it aloft and curled it. “You do this,” then made trigger-pulling motions. “See Fred? See you easy? Bet even you could do it Freddie my boy. You’re good with your fingers aren’t ya? Aren’t…?”

“Oh! You… you…YOU!” —SLAM!

Good riddance. Then the door opens again and my wife, Shirley, storms out. “Haven’t I told you to do that SOMEPLACE ELSE? My GOODNESS! Can’t you… OH WHY BOTHER!” —SLAM!

Shirley’s always having coffee with Freddie. They get along famously. He’s a designer of some kind, designs Mardi Gras floats in fact. Always happens that way: straight women and gay men get along. Straight men and gay women…. well–I’ve never seen much of it.

But I was in no mood for sociological reflection. I was still giddy from the ego-buzz of a successful hunt.

Five hours later–sure enough– there’s Freddie’s distinctive knock. I opened and he dangled a bottle of wine from hand. Freddie looked primed to rip into the braised backstrap of the deer he denounced me for assassinating. Shirley had–naturally–invited him over for dinner.

“Monica!” Freddie called to my daughter upstairs. “Dinner’s served. Hurry before it gets cold.” Monica was home from LSU for the holidays. They get along well. Freddie helped pick her prom dress, did her hair, suggested a restaurant—the whole bit.

“Like your meat warm, do ya Freddie?” I said while pouring a hefty glass from his Chateau- something- or-other.

“Sure,” he twinkled. “Doesn’t everyone?”

“Of course we do!” I said while raising the wineglass.

“Oh brother,” Shirley sighed. “He’s starting already… Monica! Hurry down honey. Show’s about to start.”

“We all like it warm, Freddie, because that’s what fresh meat tasted like before the discovery of fire. Warm, the temperature of the blood of a living mammal. That’s how our primeval ancestors ate it, Freddie, like all predators.”

“Oh Humberto PLEASE!” Shirley huffed. “Not now. Can’t you….!

“Carnivores, especially those lovable cuddly wolves your California buddies get so giddy over, start ingesting prey while it’s still alive, Fred!” I gulped again, emptying the glass. “They hamstring or disembowel the elk to bring it down. Then dig in while it’s still moaning and writhing in agony. Those big furry puppies daydream about that when Cindy Crawford, Darryl Hannah, and Kim Bassinger nuzzle with them for the cameras.”

“That’s awful.” Freddie sighed.

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The Depression: Past And Future

by John Myers on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

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The Depression: Past And Future

PHOTOS.COM The greenback that was once revered around the world is now an asset that depreciates almost daily.

America’s recovery has run out of steam. Job growth is nonexistent. Stock indexes cling to highs set earlier this year. Barack Obama’s moneyfest has failed to right America’s listing ship. Yet no one from the Potomac to Wall Street has noticed the obvious — that the U.S. is facing a deflationary collapse worse than anything that has happened in 80 years.

I remember the Crash of 1987, Black Monday, Oct. 19. The only thing I had going for my family was that I held enough gold to somewhat offset the huge losses in my portfolio.

But I was lucky. The ensuing recovery meant that I never understood the hardship my parents and grandparents endured during the Great Depression. I worry that may change.

Bedtime Stories That Give Me Nightmares

Upon learning of the great stock market crash that swept away fortunes, my grandfather said to my dad, “Good riddance.”

The family homestead on Alberta’s prairies seemed a world away from the vexations on Wall Street in the autumn of 1929. My grandfather could not anticipate that the sweeping loss of wealth and confidence would impact his life.

When the stock market crashed, the price of wheat gyrated and began a long decline from $2.50 a bushel to a low of 25 cents a bushel in 1934.

But it wasn’t just the collapse in grain prices that almost bankrupted my family; it was the disappearance of confidence that cut a wide swath over all businesses.

My dad told the story of my grandmother. She had bought about 5,000 bushels of wheat. When the margin ran out, the brokerage firm Tull and Arden Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta, called and wanted more cash. These margin calls happened more than once. My grandparents decided to put up enough cash to hold them over. They sent Tull and Arden $5,000 above the margin.

Many brokerage firms were going out of business. My grandparents asked around and were assured that Tull and Arden would not fail.

My dad told me of the morning his mother came out of their farmhouse to say that the radio had just reported that Tull and Arden was bankrupt. The $5,000 in additional margin money evaporated; my grandparents’ lifetime of savings.

There was talk that Tull and Arden would make good on their clients’ losses. That did not happen. My grandparents never saw a nickel out of the $5,000 they had sent to support their contracts. It was gone along with the original $3,000 they had invested. That equals $100,000 in today’s money. (You can run the numbers yourself here.)

Because the family homestead wasn’t mortgaged, my grandparents were able to hang on — but just barely. Many of their neighbors were not so lucky. As confidence dwindled, so did credit. The economies of the world corkscrewed downward, and my family faced hard times over the next decade.

The Dollar’s Quarter Century Of Decline

We are staring into the face of an economic depression. Bankers are again nervous that other banks might turn off the tap. And the banking crisis of 2008 still plagues the global economy.

Already, banks have once again begun hoarding capital. And the modern economy cannot function when credit is not available.

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Snap Back: Stock Crash!

by John Myers on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

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Snap Back: Stock Crash!

PHOTOS.COM American stock indexes vaporized $2.5 trillion in assets over five days last week.

Stock indexes went postal on Washington’s debt deal celebration. Last Thursday, the Dow Jones industrial average declined more than 500 points, its worst setback since the Crash of 2008. Then on Friday, Standard & Poor’s downgraded America’s debt from AAA to AA+. In response, the market suffered an even greater setback on Monday, with the Dow Jones industrial average falling 643 points.

The sky is falling. If you don’t believe me, check what happened to the stock market just last week. American stock indexes vaporized $2.5 trillion in assets over five days last week, and the likelihood of a crushing depression now looms large. The only good news out of any of this is that Congress — that useless bunch of imbeciles — has gone on vacation. Good riddance.

The world is waking up to the reality that President Barack Obama and Congress have agreed only to waste more of our money. Investors get it: America is a runaway train headed for bankruptcy. Traders finally understand that Obama’s vision of Big Government is grinding the world’s greatest nation into a second-rate power at best. America, with all its debts, is being stretched past the breaking point.

Congress needs to own up to some of this mess. Just scant hours before the deadline of deadlines, Washington voted to pass a bill that would raise the U.S. debt limit by at least $2.1 trillion and cut spending by about half that amount over the next decade… or so says Washington.

This has created a big stir with the popular media, yet the government has not done its job. All this hubbub, and Big Government (just the way the Democrats want it) goes on.

But Republicans share some of the blame. The useless agreement involved wrangling, threats and even name-calling by our elected officials. The only reduction in deficit spending set in stone, for now, calls for the government to trim $900 billion in spending during the next decade. Other cuts may be made, but it is uncertain under the agreement.

Put that in perspective: Concrete spending reductions amount to $90 billion per year. Washington is expected to spend roughly $1.4 trillion this year, which it can finance only by further borrowing. These so-called cuts amount to only about 6.4 percent of the current deficit.

It is like a gambler who promises his wife to blow the family paycheck only at a discount resort in Lake Tahoe rather than Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Remember, the Federal government has promised to reduce spending more times than Charlie Sheen has promised to quit smoking crack.

The U.S. dollar continues to slump while gold has reached all-time highs, prices that were incomprehensible a couple of years ago. The once-unassailable U.S. dollar is sitting on death row. Washington has given it only a short reprieve — and judging by the reactions of the stock markets, a very short one at that.

Equity investors finally understand that the cinching sound they hear every time America raises its debt ceiling is the sound of impending doom.

I know from experience that all things — from debt to barbed wire — can be stretched only so far.

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llegal Alien Jose Antonio Vargas,: Get the Hell Out, and Take Your Tainted Pulitzer Prize With You

by John Lillpop on Friday, June 24th, 2011

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The story of Jose Antonio Vargas is hardly one of courage, hard work, and dedication to principle. His is NOT an American story that one can point to with pride.

Rather, it is a sad commentary about self-centered lying, deceit, and stealing through manipulation with no regard for the rule of law or other people.

It is about a nation that has lost its way and apparently no longer cares enough to enforce the rule of law, the foundation of our American Democracy.

The fact that Vargas and much of the mainstream media see his criminal behavior as justification for passing the race-based Dream Act is nearly as sick as his despicable criminality.

Jose Antonio Vargas is owed no sympathy or kudos.

He should be arrested and deported immediately, lest his persona be martyred by those who despise the rule of law, American sovereignty, language, and culture.

Adios, and good Riddance!

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Trump to self: I’m fired!

by Michelle Malkin on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

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Donald Trump squandered untold political oxygen exploiting the Tea Party while backing government bailouts, Obamacare, the porkulus, and wealth/property redistribution.

Now, he’s squeezing a 16th minute out of his announcement today that he won’t run for the GOP presidential nomination.

Good riddance:

After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the Presidency. This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country. I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election. I have spent the past several months unofficially campaigning and recognize that running for public office cannot be done half heartedly. Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.

I want to personally thank the millions of Americans who have joined the various Trump grassroots movements and written me letters and e-mails encouraging me to run. My gratitude for your faith and trust in me could never be expressed properly in words. So, I make you this promise: that I will continue to voice my opinions loudly and help to shape our politician’s thoughts. [sic]

Now, if only Trump could fire Newt

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