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Obama makes ‘clean coal’ a more prominent energy strategy

by Doug Powers on Saturday, May 12th, 2012

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Being a US president on the primary ballot in a coal producing state and losing ten counties and 40 percent of the overall vote to a challenger who’s in a federal prison 1,200 miles away will prompt you to make some messaging tweaks.

From The Hill:

The Obama campaign added a section on “clean coal” to its website this week after House Republicans alleged that the president’s “all-of-the-above” energy plan neglected the fossil fuel.

“President Obama has set a 10-year goal to develop and deploy cost-effective clean coal technology,” the website now says.

“The Recovery Act invested substantially in carbon capture and sequestration research, including 22 projects across four different areas of carbon capture-and-storage research and development.”

As of Wednesday, the website did not include “clean coal” in a graphic outlining the president’s much-touted “all-of-the-above” energy plan. The graphic mentions oil, natural gas, biofuels, wind, solar and nuclear.

Asked about the change, Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said “clean coal” has “been an essential part of the president’s all-of-the-above energy strategy.”

Environmentalists and others say there’s no such thing as “clean coal.” Drudge has a link to Joe Biden in 2007 saying that coal power and corn syrup are greater threats to humanity than terrorism. First the same sex marriage conflict, and now this? Who will be the one to evolve this time?

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Coal Powered Green Car Charging Station at WalGreens

by Greg Hedgepath on Friday, February 10th, 2012

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Hidden Taxes

This is pretty sneaky. I wonder how many people think this power just comes out of the ground? Perhaps these greentards think this is magic solar powered Popsicle stick  that instead of melting in the sun leaches energy from the sun and it is stored in invisible floating flywheels.  Bet that last part went right over most peoples heads. Anyway this is a real problem for shoppers at WalGREENS. Weather they are asked or not they are subsidizing and encouraging this now proven climate hoax and paying for the fuel that is getting these GREEN-CARS from point a to point b.

Walgreens  is working with NRG Energy, a George Soros funded company , 350Green, got $1mn federal; stimulus plus another $1mn form Illinois tax payers and Car Charging Group, that received $15mn in Stimulus  funds to install these Coal Powered Green Car Charging Stations in select markets.

I have one question. What does a person in one of these cars do when they have been told a massive snow storm is arrived, you must leave in a hurry for what is starting to look more like a BLIZZARD.  It is 2:30 in the afternoon and your 20 miles from home and its really coming down now.  The roads become totally impassable. How long do you think you will get before your battery gives out and you morph into a pop-cicle sitting in the coroners office?  That is right, you may die without either being able to finish evacuating on foot or getting a ride from someone in a more formidable vehicle that runs on fossil fuel!

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for the innovation but it needs to be all funded by free market capitalist. It needs to be able to make it own its own merits as a viable product that satisfies a need or craving from the end consumers.  The government should not be playing wall street with my tax dollars.  What gives them the right to be the countries stock broker betting on one company over another.  END ALL SUBSIDIES NOW! Oil, Gas, Ethanol, Green! end em all.

Now before you try to call me a AGW denier let me tell you YOUR RIGHT, but I am not against green energy, I have 1000kw solar panel kit I bought with my money and built.  I also have experimented with several wind turbine designs in my backyard.  So don’t try to slam me as anti-green innovation.

One last thing I would like to make note of for our President however before I end this blog post.  Mr. Obama, you should be aware sir that  just like the ATMs stole jobs from bank tellers these coal powered charging stations are going to steal jobs from fuel delivery truck drivers and service station attendants.

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Electricity Parks and Progress for Chile

by Paul Driessen on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

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Progress improves lives. It brings better, cleaner, more energy efficient technology. It reduces poverty and improves working conditions, health, nutrition, living standards and social equity. It generates revenues to pay employees, churches and taxes, support government programs, and protect the environment.

There can be no progress without investors, inventors, innovators and businessmen – or without developing energy, minerals, forest products, agriculture and the economy.

People engaged in these enterprises should provide quality products and services, at fair prices, to create jobs and meet people’s needs. They should be honest and ethical in their dealings with customers, employees, neighbors and regulators; transparent in their dealings with others; and accountable for their mistakes. That is the meaning of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

CSR also means providing consumer products and reliable, affordable energy, with minimal pollution, so that people can cook, heat their homes, travel and work.

American billionaire, Chilean landowner and development opponent Doug Tompkins does not agree. He became wealthy through manufacturing and global trade – by making expensive clothing from organic cotton in big factories, using petrochemicals and metals that required more land, water, mining, oil drilling and electricity to produce. He is a capitalist and industrialist, who took advantage of modern technology and the global economy to get rich.

But now that he is rich, Tompkins has become a leader of the Deep Ecology movement, which claims the world faces an environmental apocalypse. Now, he opposes modern technology, energy, economic development, and global trade for Chile. Now, he says trade, development, consumerism, fossil fuel use, and cheap energy are not sustainable. Now, he says they will cause catastrophic climate change and a collapse of ecosystems.

He has targeted Chile, because it has rich mineral resources, ecological treasures and a successful free market economy.

He thinks it is OK for him to travel the world, have multiple homes and enjoy a very comfortable life. But it is not OK for Chile to develop further, generate more electricity, and ensure greater progress and opportunity for its people.

His Deep Ecology Foundation and other American foundations give millions of dollars every year to environmental groups to oppose HidroAysen, other electricity projects, and economic development in Chile. They also bought land in Chile. They say it was to “preserve ecosystems and genetic banks.” It was really to create kayaking and hiking areas for themselves, and block north-south travel, transmission lines, economic development and true social equity in Chile.

The foundations and activist groups are all corporations. They should operate according to the CSR standards they demand for profit-making corporations. But Tompkins and his corporations believe they should be held to different standards.

They think they should be allowed to exaggerate or misrepresent science, use scare stories that have no basis in fact, and be less than honest about what they are doing. They see no need to be transparent about who is getting paid how much by whom to oppose electricity and economic progress.

They think they have a right to dictate Chile’s future, keep families from achieving their economic dreams, and reduce government revenues and people’s living standards, by preventing new development.

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‘Why resort to shenanigans and corruption to make green energy a reality?’

by Marita K. Noon on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

We all know about Solyndra. We are learning about Fisker, the start-up electric car company, which received a $529 million loan from the Department of Energy. Touted by Vice President Biden as “a bright new path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs,” the cars are being manufactured in Finland. These are big stories being covered by the major media outlets. And these are only two such stories out there.


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about two smaller stories from little states where shenanigans, at the least, and possible outright corruption, at the worst, were engaged in attempting to push through supposed green-energy projects. While researching those, another shady story surfaced: Rhode Island’s Block Island Wind Farm Project.

Back in 2004, in a different political and economic world, the RI General Assembly passed a Renewable Energy Standard that states: “fossil fuel prices are extremely variable and created economic hardships for employers and families, and increased use of renewable energy can both lower and stabilize energy cost.” The ratepayers of RI were sold a bill of goods that renewable energy can lower energy costs.

Republican Governor Donald Carcieri wanted to make RI the first state in the country with an offshore wind farm. In 2008, he pushed the Block Island Wind Farm project. It may give him a longed-for legacy—but it will not “lower energy costs.” The RI Public Utility Commission rejected the project as “commercially not reasonable.”

Undaunted, Carcieri and the General Assembly, in a late-night session, rushed to change the law, mandating that the PUC reconsider its rejection—a decision that would ultimately guarantee the project’s approval.

Within the plan, hatched by then-Governor Carcieri’s administration, is a guaranteed 3.5% price escalation for Deepwater Wind Inc., the New Jersey-based company developing the project—pricing starts at 24.4 cents/kwh, which will become 47 cents/kwh in 20 years. However, earlier this year, because of a drop in natural gas prices—the source fuel for most of RI’s electricity generation—the RI PUC approved a rate decrease from 9.4 cents/kwh to 6.9. Wind power rates nearly quadruple current prices logically should have sunk the Block Island project.

Nevertheless, it has continued forward.

The project’s viability was based on a politically motivated Power Purchase Agreement. After the PUC did ultimately approve the PPA, three groups appealed the decision to the Supreme Court: two businesses based on economic damage and irrational decision making, a conservation group who’d initially supported the project but became concerned about inappropriate process and backroom dealing, and the Attorney General who believed the project was bad for consumers.

The 2010 election brought about changes.

The new AG, Peter Kilmartin, was in the legislature at the time of the dead-of-night rule change that allowed the Deepwater Wind project to go forward. He’d voted for it. No surprise, as the new AG, he dismissed the former AG’s appeal.

Former Carcieri chief of staff Jeffrey Grybowski is now chief administrative officer for Deepwater Wind.

The Supreme Court heard the remaining two appeals despite a conflict of interest. Justice Maureen McKenna Goldberg’s husband, Robert, had received $100k as a lobbyist for Deepwater Wind. Not surprisingly, the Supreme Court upheld the approval of the PPA.

But more rule changes are in order.

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Misplaced Zeal

by Larry Wilke on Monday, September 26th, 2011

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Are you tired of hearing about Solyndra?  Get over it.  Solyndra is nothing more than the perfect Marxist microcosm of the ENTIRE OWEbama “experiment”..  Please allow me to explain..

Today’s New York Times starts the Bolshevik ball rolling..  The headline, like everything allegedly about OWEbama needs a bit of clarification and it only gets worse from there..  “In Rush to Assist Solyndra, U.S. Missed Warning Signs”.  Does anything seem out of place there?  Notice that OBAMA didn’t miss these “warning signs”, the “U.S.” did..  This is the equivalent of OWEbama “blaming” “Congress” for all of HIS woes..

“Obama’s visit to the Solyndra solar panel factory in California last year was choreographed down to the last detail.”  No kidding..  The problem is that that is a fact, a fact that OWEbama and his Politburo are trying to evade as effectively as possible..  EVERYTHING prior to the “visit” was “choreographed” by OWEbama and friends..  EVERYTHING..

In May of 2010 OWEbama, while “visiting” the company that he saw as the beacon of envrio-imbecility said, “it’s here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future..”  Next $535 million of YOUR tax dollars were shoveled to this “company” so that OWEbama could “reassert American dominance in solar technology while generating thousands of jobs..”  Not so fast there, Brownie..

“Reassert” American “dominance”?  The ENTIRE green scam is geared towards ENDING “America’s dominance”..  The left insists that all of their demands relative to this collectivist crackpotterie be implemented immediately and ALL of their harebrained heresy destroys jobs, handcuffs those who create jobs and marches America backwards..  The whole “fossil fuel” fantasy comes to mind.

Please note that almost EVERY “hybrid” or “eniviro-friendly” vehicle is about the size of a roller skate.  They HAVE to be because the “power” generated by these over-priced, over-subsidized flaccid fuels made from recycled gym socks isn’t powerful enough to keep the pilot light on your stove lit, let alone to allow you to pass another car on the highway..

The liberals persist with their demands.  Their demands for higher and higher gas mileage is met through taking steel from the vehicles and replacing it with Styrofoam..  When you can fold up your car and put it in your back pocket, 100 miles to the gallon doesn’t seem illogical but the idea of surviving a collision with a “normal” vehicle certainly IS illogical..

As well, the liberal idea of ENDING American “dominance” is also intertwined with the liberal “green” religion.  The liberal “scientists” will NEVER be able to create a fuel or a series of batteries that can sufficiently power an eighteen-wheeler.  American “dominance” relies on manufacturers being able to deliver large amounts of their products to their customers in a timely manner.  How many trips will it take to deliver goods in a “vehicle” the size of a shoebox?  Fifty?  Sixty?  How many times will our driver need to “recharge” before ending at his destination?  ANYTHING to slow the idea of commerce or capitalism..

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Harry Reid Springs to Action Introducing the Jobs Bill

by Doug Powers on Friday, September 16th, 2011

Paths to prosperity

President Obama has said “pass this bill” over a hundred times now, and I think the arm twisting is working. With that fire lit under him, Harry Reid took to the Senate floor this morning and said the following:

“Well, for most Americans, [bike paths] are absolutely important. It’s good for purposes of allowing people to travel, um, without burning all the fossil fuel on the highways. I got up this morning really early, and went out and did my exercise. I’m not exaggerating — scores! — at least 30 or 40 bikes — so scores may be a slight exaggeration — of people, not just for exercise, traveling to work. Backpacks on — they are going to work. That’s what bike paths are all about!”

Bike paths are all about people riding bikes on them? I yield the remainder of my time to the insightful Senator from Nevada:

Expect to hear more from Harry about the urgency of passing the American Jobs Act tomorrow. Has he told you the pomegranate story yet?

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Obama’s Jobs Speech is D.O.A.

by Alan Caruba on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

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Not only is President Obama’s forthcoming “jobs” speech a self-inflicted embarrassment when he was told he could not deliver it to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday—the first time any President was refused the day and time of his choosing—but it is essentially D.O.A.; dead on arrival.

Every one who has had to endure the last two and a half years of Barack Hussein Obama knows he has no idea how to “create” any jobs other than government jobs or how to cut through the Gordian knot of Washington’s regulatory and taxation bureaucracy. For starters, since taking office his administration has accelerated regulations more than the entire two terms of the man he blames for his problems.

Obamacare has stalled hiring as businesses large and small wait for its repeal. Already repealed by a vote in the House of Representatives, if the November 2012 elections give the nation a Republican Senate and President, this huge burden will be removed. On September 1, Wayne Crews, a vice president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and nationally recognized authority on federal regulations, wrote a commentary in The Washington Times in which he said, “Mr. Obama’s slate of yet more regulations is beyond merely alarming in this tense environment. The Federal Register already stands at more than 54,000 pages so far this year.”

Crews especially cited the cesspool of over-regulation, the Environmental Protection Agency, for its proposed “Maximum Achievable Control Technology” pollutant control mandate for fossil-fuel utilities, for cement plants and boilers widely in hospital and factor use, for “dust” that is stirred up during normal farming, and for power-plant coal ash.

Obama just asked the insane EPA to withdrawal its proposed ozone rules that Steve Milloy of says “would provide no health benefits, but cost $1 trillion per year in compliance, and kill 7.4 million jobs by 2020.”

“Far from a jobs agenda,” said Crews, “Mr. Obama advances an explicit anti-jobs program, one totaling hundreds of billions of dollars in costs and hundreds of thousands in jobs lost and jobs that can never appear. On top of an orgy of rule-making, our government, as deliberate public policy, prohibits access to safe and efficient extraction of fossil fuels on land and offshore.”

Everyone agrees that small business and entrepreneurship is the engine that actually creates new jobs. Crews noted that “Back in the early 1990s, the proportion of all regulations impacting small business stood at 14 percent of the total number of regulations. Today, 21 percent of rules impact small businesses—up three percent from 2009.”

Obama has also become well known for his advocacy of “green jobs” and, one day after Wayne Crews was lamenting the regulation explosion, Stephen Moore was writing in The Wall Street Journal that “President Obama is expected to seek another $250 billion or so in new stimulus funds next week, with plenty of money for clean energy and the creation of so-called green jobs.”

Future economists will calculate how much money the Obama administration has wasted on the fantasies of wind and solar energy, but what we know for sure is he has utilized all the powers of government to ensure that access to the fossil fuels on which ours and every other economy worldwide is based is thwarted, slowed or punished.

Moore wrote of an Obama-appointed U.S.

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Fukushima – Reason to Abandon Nuclear Power?

by Doug Edelman on Saturday, March 19th, 2011

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Before entering into any political discussion relative to the events following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, I must first express my sympathies with and support for the people of Japan! What a horrific series of events they have endured and continue to face! “Tragedy” doesn’t begin to approach the magnitude of the impact on the nation of Japan and its people. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

As I write this, the efforts to cool the Fukushima nuclear plants are still ongoing. The scale of the event is approaching that of the Three Mile Island accident, but at this stage is still well short of the Chernobyl disaster – and it is unlikely to ever progress to that level. There is hope that power will soon be restored and cooling will be enabled – which will be the first step to resolving the situation.

The problems with the Fukushima Nuclear Facility have re-ignited the debate and re-invigorated the Anti-Nuke crowd who now point to this incident as reason to abandon nuclear power.

It seems to me that this puts the Anti-Nuke, Anti-Fossil Fuel Enviro-nuts on the horns of a dilemma. If we can’t meet our energy needs with nuclear, and we can’t burn fossil fuels, how will they plug in their Chevy Volt? Windmills and solar panels blanketing our landscape couldn’t BEGIN to meet our energy demands!

To their argument that the Fukushima incident exemplifies an inherent flaw or failure of Nuclear Power, the clear answer is, “NONSENSE!”

Let us examine a few facts: There are many hundreds of nuclear power generation plants operating around the world. Sixteen countries depend on nuclear power for at least a quarter of their electricity. France gets around three quarters of its power from nuclear energy, while Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and Ukraine get one third or more.

Japan’s 55 plants produce 1/3 of the electrical power for that nation. Nuclear power generation has been around for over 40 years. In all that time and with all those plants operating, there have been so few incidents that the 2 big ones, 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl, are seared into our memory, and the more minor incidents are all but forgotten.

Most of these incidents involved short-lived releases of small amounts of radioactive contamination. But even the more serious events were hardly catastrophic… Who remembers October 5, 1966 when the core of an experimental reactor near Detroit, MI experienced a partial meltdown when its cooling system failed?

Hundreds of nuclear plants have operated for decades without incident, and the last significant incident before the Fukushima event was in 1999 when workers at a Japanese plant mixing uranium with nitric acid to make nuclear fuel used too much uranium and accidentally set off an uncontrolled reaction. A number of plant workers were exposed to radiation, and local residents were ordered to stay indoors for a time. Not exactly a world-shaking event.

The point being that nuclear accidents are rare, and usually overblown.

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White House considers draining America’s Strategic Oil Reserves to further hide inflation

by Greg Hedgepath on Sunday, March 6th, 2011

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Tap here tap now?
Is this Obama’s frail response to Americas contrived Energy Crisis? Or is it all part of his Agenda to Fundamentally Transform America?

Click Image to read full Yahoo News article

Why is the Obama administration not issuing more offshore permits? Why are we not opening up more land leases in areas of America already proven to host huge oil reserves. Why is it not public knowledge that oil is NOT A FOSSIL FUEL. America, we can no longer sit back-end continue to eat this ‘Green Crap‘ we are being feed by the leftist that seem to be running the show now.  Owners of oil rigs and derricks need to take this matter into their own hands.  Fire up your rigs drop those drill heads down and start cranking.  DRILL HERE DRILL NOW! To HELL with Obama’s unjust Executive demands.

This is not Madison Wisconsin where democracy means the unions must prevail regardless of financial reality.  Walker was voted into office precisely to deal with these problems and he is doing what his constituency has asked him to do.  Just like with Obama’s unjust executive demands on our energy sector.  This to has been ruled on already!  Obama’s orders have been overturned by one Federal Judge after another.

So I say to you that have invested your lives in the oil rigs, DRILL DRILL DRILL!.  Look at what the Obama administration has done to further this transformative agenda with out legal authorization.  Is it not obvious that this is all by design.  Can it not be seen that this is capitulation to Green Energy before it is ready?  The Obama administration has been served multiple injunctions demanding Salazar to lift the moratorium on off shore drilling and issue permits again.  Obama has been told to overturn an illegal Heath Care mandate he and his socialist party put on the free citizens of the United States.  The Obama administration has done what they want to do with each of these rulings.  They continue to force their illegal offshore drilling moratorium on the oil industry. Yeah Ok I conceded they gave one permit out… but to BP! You have to ask, of all the companies why did Salazar issue the first permit to BP?  They continue to offer waivers to States and companies for the unconstitutional HealthCare law further showing its weakness and pointing out it is nothing more than a way to control people not take care of their health.

This administration continues instituting its dictatorial demands on the citizenship with no regard of what is constitutional law.  They are in a war on the states if you would.  That my friend is the definition of Treason.

Since Obama took office his administration has played with the way the already cooked numbers fall out to show the state of the nation in his own terms, not those based in reality.

That’s one. And then another proposal they make is to — sorry — to change the cost of living index.

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The Pathology of Liberalism

by Burt Prelutsky on Monday, February 7th, 2011

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If I had the authority, I would use enhanced interrogation methods on progressives. It wouldn’t be my intention to hurt them. At least that wouldn’t be my sole intention. I would simply want to compel them to face facts and to quit parroting left-wing lies.

For one thing, no matter what AARP and the New York Times would have you believe, most Americans don’t favor ObamaCare. Even a lot of Democrats don’t. That’s why it took bribery and intimidation by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, to get the damn thing enacted.

Another fact of life is that the federal government does not create jobs, except those jobs in government that those of us in the private sector are then forced to pay for through our taxes. The only way the feds can help employment is by lowering taxes and eliminating the endless regulations that, thanks to the ecological zealots, hogtie business for the sin of pursuing profits and placing the comfort and well-being of human beings over that of such lower life forms as snails, spiders and ecological zealots.

For one thing, no matter what AARP and the New York Times would have you believe, most Americans don’t favor ObamaCare.

It is time that Congress and the president acted like adults and quit pandering to those who keep insisting that people control the climate. If we did have such powers, we would have done away with snowstorms, hurricanes and really rotten weather during the World Series. It is also time that we quit pretending that wind and solar power will ever replace fossil fuel. If wind power had such magical properties as the fruitcakes would have us believe, Washington, D.C., would have been a fossil fuel-free zone years ago.

Until something better comes along, we are stuck with natural gas, coal, nuclear power and oil. That being the case, it’s high time that we begin building more nuclear reactors and start drilling in the ocean, in Alaska and anywhere else in America where the geological experts tell us there is oil to be found.

At the same time, the moratorium on building oil refineries must be ended. Who the heck is in charge, anyway? The Chinese? The Saudis? Mahmud Ahmadinejad? Al Gore?

One might, if one were of a kindly nature, pay lip service to idiots and even con men, but only a person out to sabotage America would allow such folks to dictate our energy policy.

Either we want to be free of dependence on the various anti-American despots in the Middle East, Russia and Venezuela, or we don’t. And if for some reason that escapes me, we aren’t serious, it’s time we quit whining about the high cost of gasoline. The folks selling the stuff to us are not our friends. They have every reason on earth to gouge us. But that’s inevitably the fate of suckers, saps and crybabies.

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