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Reminder: Boston bombers not the first refugee jihadist brothers to plot against America

by Michelle Malkin on Saturday, April 20th, 2013

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More details are seeping out about how the Boston jihadist brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev came to the U.S. and managed to stay here despite security threat red flags raised to the FBI two years ago.

In case you’d forgotten, the Tsarnaevs aren’t the first set of refugee jihadist brothers to plot violence and terror against America — the land of opportunity that welcomed them. Here’s my column from May 2007 about the illegal alien brothers from the former Yugoslavia who were part of the al Qaeda-inspired terror plot against Fort Dix (NJ).

As I said then and say now again: The thanks we get, huh?

One more parting reminder: After being sentenced to life for their terror conspiracy, the Fort Dix Muslim plotters are spending their time in prison….recruiting new al Qaeda adherents and spreading jihad.


Jersey Jihadists, open borders, and the thanks we get
May 9, 2007
Creators Syndicate

Well, here is the thanks we get. Eight years ago, America opened its arms to tens of thousands of ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo. The first planeload landed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Military leaders worked day and night to turn the base into a child-friendly village. They coordinated medical and security checkups, mental health and trauma counseling and ethnic food preparations.

Soldiers from Fort Bragg traveled up from North Carolina to assist in refugee operations at Fort Dix. Then-U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mitchell M. Zais also assembled a team of about 80 soldiers from the U.S. Army Reserve Command in Atlanta. The New Jersey National Guard and American Red Cross teamed up to coordinate charity relief. The military also supported the relief effort’s interagency task force, headed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition to food and shelter, we provided translators, welfare consultants and Muslim chaplains. The base constructed prayer rooms and handed out Muslim “sensitivity” cards to the troops. Said Gen. Zais: “We want to welcome these people to America the way we might wish our grandparents and great-grandparents had been welcomed to Ellis Island.”

Fast-forward from 1999 to yesterday’s headline news: “Fort Dix Plot Aimed At Soldiers; Authorities Say 6 Islamic Militants Arrested, Were Plotting Attack At N.J. Base.” Three of the alleged plotters were illegal alien brothers from the former Yugoslavia. Another was a legal permanent resident from the former Yugoslavia. Another hailed from Jordan, and the sixth was a naturalized American citizen originally from Turkey.

According to the criminal complaint against Dritan Duka, one of the illegal alien brothers accused of knowingly and willfully conspiring with the jihadi gang to kill U.S. soldiers, the plotters have schemed for more than a year to murder our troops. They scoped out Dover Air Force Base and Fort Monmouth, as well as the port of Philadelphia, before settling on Fort Dix. One of the participants used to deliver pizza to the base — used to supply food to our men and women in uniform giving him business — and knew the military facility “like the palm of his hand.”

You think all our hospitality and charity bred good will in these young men — all in their 20s and enjoying the fruits of the American Dream? Forget about it.

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Demographic Tipping Point: Whites Now Less than Half of US Births

by Selwyn Duke on Sunday, May 20th, 2012

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Baby in WombBill Clinton once said that he looked forward to the day when whites were a minority in America. While he won’t live to see such a time, a demographic milestone that should send a tingle up Slick Willie’s leg was just reached.  Writes The New York Times:

After years of speculation, estimates and projections, the Census Bureau has made it official: White births are no longer a majority in the United States.

Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 49.6 percent of all births in the 12-month period that ended last July, according to Census Bureau data made public on Thursday, while minorities — including Hispanics, blacks, Asians and those of mixed race — reached 50.4 percent, representing a majority for the first time in the country’s history.

Obviously, a big reason for this demographic shift is migration – and mainly the legal variety.  As a result of Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act of 1965, the level of yearly immigration increased from approximately 250,000 prior to ‘65 to about 1,000,000 afterwards.  And its nature changed also: 85 percent of our new arrivals now hail from the Third World and Asia.  This radical departure from America’s traditional immigration patterns has created a demographic transformation possibly unprecedented in world history – except for cases of actual invasion.

If one blindly accepts the unproven assertion, “Our strength lies in our diversity” – which is much like saying my health lies in my cancerous tumor – he may join Clinton, Chris Matthews and other languid-minded leftists in a leg-tingling love-fest.  But the reality is that diversity isn’t a strength to be applauded – it’s an obstacle to be overcome. To understand this, you only have to study history and consider the fate of the former Yugoslavia: the Balkans are balkanized because of diversity.  And now the United States is being balkanized, too.Another problem is that “diversity” is a vague term; there are many kinds of diversity.  Not too many people care if you dine on Thai cuisine as opposed to Italian; or hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries.  People won’t take to the streets because you play cricket or curling instead of baseball.  But when deeply held beliefs concerning all-important issues divide citizens, it’s a different matter.

As for what’s helping diversify us into division, immigration, it is a vaguely understood institution.  And when people accept something because it’s fashionable, not really knowing what they’re getting, disaster can result.

We’re always wary of dangerous imports, such as contaminated goods from China or substandard medical devices from overseas.  It also requires vigilance when non-indigenous life forms are introduced into an ecosystem.  Some, such as the horse or soybean, blend in seamlessly and can be beneficial; others, such as pythons in the Everglades or the Brown Tree Snake in Guam, can disrupt an ecosystem and decimate native species.

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Did You Know Homeland Security is Monitoring the Internet?

by Alan Caruba on Friday, January 13th, 2012

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One of the lessons one learns in military basic training is “situational awareness”, a term that reflects the importance of watchfulness in combat. It can mean the difference between life and death. Police practice this as well, looking for people who seem out of place in a neighborhood.

The average citizen blithely ignores this when shopping or just going about their life, though many purchase private monitoring services to protect their homes against fire or theft or put up video surveillance systems to protect their businesses. I doubt there is any public place that does not have television cameras watching.

When it comes to protecting the nation, situational awareness is an essential element to spot a potential individual or group that might pose a danger. There is, of course, the potential for misuse or abuse, but that applies to everything government does.

The upside of such monitoring is contained in a short item from the Heritage Foundation’s January 12 Morning Line dispatch. “His plan was to rip apart nightclubs with explosives, unleash a wave of destruction on bridges, and open fire on police officers—all in sunny Florida. This was the murderous intent of Sami Osmakac, 25, an American citizen from the former Yugoslavia who was determined to spill blood, foment destruction, and bring terror to the United States all in the name of Allah. Fortunately, undercover FBI agents thwarted his efforts, making this the 44th foiled terrorist plot against America.”

I am a regular contributor to Harold Wylie’s excellent website, On a daily basis he gathers news about the effects of illegal immigration and related topics. He recently wrote to say that “my website has been placed on a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Operations Center Media Monitoring Initiative.” He learned about this during a visit to World Net

Is this a good or bad thing? Candidly, I thought it was a good thing because it suggests that someone at DHS recognized what an excellent “open source” of information Wylie’s site provides.

A government agency that’s “snooping” on Americans is not likely to issue such a notice and the sites listed represent, in government-speak, the opportunity “to collect information used in providing situational awareness and establishing a common operating picture.”

When one considers the billions the government spends on covert intelligence gathering, this is a far cry from “Big Brother.” Simply stated, DHS thinks that Wylie’s his site is performing a valuable service for their own Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement operation.

The cliché is that “being paranoid does not mean someone is not watching you.” There are so many sources of information available to individuals and groups regarding everything about your life that it bodes well to conduct oneself in conformance with common sense and the law. Meanwhile, your credit rating and other data are easily accessible.

Like millions of others I am on Facebook and DHS monitors both it and Spacebook. The occasional nutcase uses these social networks to announce to the world that he or she has bad intentions.

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“Lone Wolf” terrorist nabbed in multiple bomb plot in Florida

by Jim Kouri on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

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Osmakac showed hatred for the US in a video, in spite of the fact that the US military protected him and his family from the Serbian paramilitary's genocidal mission in Kosovo. Credit: DoJ File Photo

A 25-year-old Sami Osmakac today was charged for his role in an alleged plot to plant bombs at Florida nightclubs, a law enforcement office, and several local businesses in the Tampa, Florida area, according to a report obtained by the 14,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Osmakac is reportedly a naturalized U.S. citizen was born in the former Yugoslavia. The “lone wolf” terrorist suspect was arrested on January 7 for the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, the officials at the U.S. Department of Justice said today in a statement.

If convicted, he faces life in prison and a $250,000 fine, the Justice Department said.

A paid Federal Bureau of Investigation informant got a job at Osmakac’s business and recorded conversations with him discussing attacks on the U.S., according to court papers. The informant isn’t identified in an affidavit filed in support of the arrest warrant. He’s simply known as CI (confidential informant) by law enforcement.

Osmakac asked the CI for assistance in buying firearms and explosives, according to the official affidavit. He was arrested after getting an explosive belt, a pistol, hand grenades and an AK-47 assault rifle from an undercover FBI agent, but those weapons had been either neutralized or rendered inoperable, according to the DOJ.

Osmakac also made a home video announcing the reasons for his planned attacks, according to an FBI source contacted by the Law Enforcement Examiner.

The video has Osmakac saying he thought Muslim blood was more valuable than that of non-Muslims and that he plans to “pay back” the injustices suffered by Muslims, according to the affidavit.

The FBI staged a similar sting operation using a secret informant to arrest four men who were convicted in 2010 of plotting to bomb New York synagogues and shoot heat-seeking missiles at military planes. That operation was run by the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force.

It’s not known if the would-be Tampa terrorist has had contact with any organized radical Islamic groups or their affiliates.

“While I have consistently stated the overwhelming majority of Muslim-Americans are outstanding people, the reality is that radicalization within the Muslim-American community by al-Qaeda and its affiliates is a real threat to the security of our homeland. The Obama Administration recognizes this,” said Rep. Peter King (R_NY), chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

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