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Confessions: Obama Thinks He’d Fit in Better in Europe

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

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Obama, speaking in Sweden today, proved again that he is absolutely incapable of going overseas without bashing the country of which he’s president:

“You know, I have to say that if I were here in Europe, I’d probably be considered right in the middle, maybe center-left, maybe center-right, depending on the country. In the United States, sometimes the names I’m called are quite different,” Obama said at a joint press conference.

Then stay there. Problem solved.

Watch the video below. It comes off more like a confession in a therapy session than an American president’s statement in a foreign country. This is a man harboring a lot of resentment:

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Paid liar Bob Gibbs: Issa should apologize for calling Jay Carney a ‘paid liar’

by Doug Powers on Monday, June 3rd, 2013

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The only way referring to Jay Carney as a “paid liar” is an inaccurate statement is if Carney works for free, and that’s certainly not the case.

From Real Clear Politics:

Gibbs says Issa’s comment that his successor in the White House, Jay Carney, is a “paid liar” is “hurting the Republican cause.”

GIBBS: Can I tell you — well, first of all, Darrell Issa should call Jay Carney and apologize this morning.

Gibbs’ gripe is that Republicans are politicizing the IRS scandal. Meanwhile, Oversight Committee investigators interviewed an IRS employee who claimed that Washington is throwing local IRS workers in Cincinnati under the bus. And by “Washington” I highly doubt the employee was referring to Darrell Issa.

Can 88 people fit under a bus?



First rule of Paid Liars Club: Don’t talk about Paid Liars Club.

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Effective ad placement in story about support for Elizabeth Warren presidential run

by Doug Powers on Monday, April 15th, 2013

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Earlier I was reading a story at the Boston Herald website about the possible political future of Dances With Identity Theft, which is titled “Elizabeth Warren winning support for 2016 White House bid.”

After a couple of paragraphs there was an ad that pops up on a rotating basis, and it fit perfectly with the subject of the story:


When the picture is clicked it goes to a YouTube video about the Mashpee Wompanoag Tribe taking on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. No word yet on whether Fauxcahontas supports their cause.

Target marketing at its finest.

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Putting A Cap On 2012

by Bob Livingston on Monday, December 24th, 2012

Putting A Cap On 2012


I think we can all agree that 2012 was an interesting year.

As it was a Presidential election year, headlines were dominated by election news. But election politics was only part of what made 2012 interesting: There were wars and rumors of more wars, large storms and the ongoing worldwide financial crisis. All of these played a part, in one way or another, in the recent election.

But there were a lot of other newsworthy events as well: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate (and the media’s disinterest), the imprisonment of Brandon Raub (and the media’s disinterest) and a related issue, the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the self-immolation of the Republican Party and ongoing efforts by the elites to establish one world government. To look at some of the big issues of the year, I’ve chosen the 10 most commented upon of all my articles from the past 12 months.

In addition to providing a refresher on some of the year’s biggest stories, this exercise may also serve to help educate our new readers who may have missed some of these discussions and to rebut some preconceived biases some have — as evidenced by their comments — when they first arrive at Personal Liberty Digest™.

So here they are, counting backward beginning with No. 10. I hope you enjoy the year in review.

Suspending All Logic

Believing without doubt the official birth narrative of President Barack Obama — that he was born to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. in a hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Aug. 4, 1961 — requires a complete suspension of logic.

Last month, I pointed out in How Can Anyone Be A Birther? a partial list of reasons to doubt the official story. Note that I say it’s only a partial list. There is enough evidence to produce reasonable doubt in the minds of reasonable people that Obama is not a natural-born United States citizen as required in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

Obama has for several years claimed he was born in Hawaii. He has also claimed, through his official biography with a literary agent and as a young man in Hawaii, that he was born in Kenya.

Both of those are not possible. Therefore, one is a lie. Obama is, among other things, a liar.

To read the rest of this article, click here.

So You Think You Are Free?

So you think you are free? After all, we have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that “preserves” our freedoms.

So you think you’re free? Ask Brandon Raub what life in a free country is like. He was kidnapped from his home by the FBI, Secret Service and local police over Facebook posts in which he questioned 9/11 and accused the Bush family of committing crimes. He was held for a week with no charges and had a psychiatrist threaten to medicate and brainwash him.

He’s not alone. John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, who gained Raub’s release, says calls coming into his organization reveal a pattern of abuse.

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Obama Campaign Manager Highlights Difference Between Pushing the Elderly Off a Cliff and Achievement

by Doug Powers on Monday, August 13th, 2012

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How come Paul Ryan’s $700 billion Medicare “cuts” that would have no effect on anyone over 55 and increase options for retirees as they’re grandfathered in (if you’ll pardon the expression) would be the equivalent of pushing grandma off a cliff, but Obama’s $700 billion Medicare cut to shovel the money into Obamacare was an achievement?

That was Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter in a rare fit of honesty.

Meanwhile, President Obama called Paul Ryan a “decent man” that he happens to disagree with because he wants to kill old people.

Speaking of that, according to David Axelrod, Paul Ryan is eager to kick his own mother off Medicare.

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So how does this fit in with all the predictions?: “No global warming for 15 years”

by John Lott on Monday, April 9th, 2012

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From the Global Warming Policy Foundation:

The graph shows the global annual average temperature since 1997. No statistically significant trend can be discerned from the data. The only statistically acceptable conclusion to be drawn from the HadCRUT4 data is that between 1997 – 2011 it has remained constant, with a global temperature of 14.44 +/- 0.16 deg C (2 standard deviations.) . . .

I am sure that a lot of predictions can be pointed to.

In June 1986, Dr. James Hansen made a prediction to an AP newspaper reporter, which was carried in Oxnard, CA, of a 2 degree temperature rise by 2006. . . .

Temperatures did rise, but they rose by about 0.4 degrees.

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It is Still a BFD (Provided the ‘D’ Stands for ‘Debt’)

by Doug Powers on Saturday, March 24th, 2012

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It’s been two years since President Obama signed the Unaffordable Care Act and Joe Biden uttered his now famous “this is a big f-ing deal.” The Obama campaign is still doing some fundraising off the Plugs’ fit of giddy, power-grab induced Tourette syndrome:


This is ripe for Republican mockery. I’d suggest the GOP counter by selling a design like this:


For the record, the debt has increased $5 trillion during Obama’s just over three years. Saving America from bankruptcy is expensive!

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Easy Peasy, Cheddar Cheesy

by Jimmie Bise Jr. on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

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Last night was certainly interesting for me, politically and personally. First, the live recording of The Delivery was plagued with occasional internet outages that I very much hope are not related to these acts of sabotage alleged committed by disgruntled, striking Verizon workers.

Then, once my internet connection did stabilize (too late to finish this post so it would drop at its customary time), I learned that the public sector unions, who spent millions upon millions in a fit of juvenile temper to recall enough Republicans to take over the Wisconsin state Senate, failed about as completely as they could have. Democrats won two of the 6 seats they targeted for recall but will face two recall elections of their own next week. The most likely result of the Great Wisconsin Hissy Fit is that Democrats will have spent a lot of money that could have helped union workers struggling to pay the bills in the Obama Economy in order to win one seat in a state legislature.

On the whole, not a bad night, technical problems notwithstanding. Oh, the picture of Che? That’s Justin Hart’s contribution to the victory dance. I approve!

The show post will be out a bit later today, so keep your eyes peeled!

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AmeriCorps’s favorite scandal-plagued mayor: Friend of the Obamas Kevin Johnson

by Michelle Malkin on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

AmeriCorps’s favorite scandal-plagued mayor
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2011

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, FOTO (Friend of the Obamas)

A prominent Democratic politician who had been banned from receiving federal aid three years ago over fraud charges is once again raking in government funds from the very same program he abused. It pays to be a FOTO — Friend of the Obamas.

Our publicly-subsidized con artist is Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson. He donated the maximum individual amount to Obama for America, campaigned across the country for Obama in 2008, and bragged to California media during his mayoral run about his friendship and access to both Barack and Michelle Obama. The Obama administration’s Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) recently bestowed Johnson’s city with an AmeriCorps grant worth more than $650,000.

The money will flow into Sacramento’s “Get Fit Now! Initiative,” which will hire 124 AmeriCorps members “to teach fitness and nutrition education to children and offer adult fitness classes for their parents. They will also set up school-based gardens where children will learn how to grow fresh vegetables.”

That’s a lot of fertilizer-shovelers employed in the name of “public service.” If the award smells funny, it should. For Johnson, AmeriCorps has indeed been all about service – self-service, that is.

In 2008, the independent Inspector General overseeing AmeriCorps, Gerald Walpin, concluded that Johnson and aide Dana Gonzalez had squandered hundreds of thousands of a nearly-million-dollar grant earmarked for his non-profit youth organization, St. HOPE. Based on Walpin’s investigation, AmeriCorps’ parent organization (the aforementioned CNCS) suspended Johnson and Gonzalez’s access to federal funds. Here’s a refresher on their fraud and abuse that led to the ban:

*Using AmeriCorps members to “recruit students for St. HOPE Academy;”

*Using AmeriCorps members for political activities in connection with the “Sacramento Board of Education election;”

*Assigning grant-funded AmeriCorps members to perform services for Johnson such as “driving [him] to personal appointments, washing [his] car, and running personal errands;” and

*Improperly using AmeriCorps “members to perform non-AmeriCorps clerical and other services” that “were outside the scope of the grant and therefore were impermissible” for “the benefit of St. HOPE.”

Johnson didn’t get jail time. Instead, the Democratic U.S. Attorney in Sacramento cut a cozy settlement deal so Johnson could avoid criminal prosecution. The deal also allowed Johnson to re-pay just a fraction of the money he siphoned from AmeriCorps coffers for personal gain – and it freed Johnson to receive federal Obama stimulus money for Sacramento. (My most recent check of the website shows the city has taken in at least $32 million in stimulus cash.)

In keeping with this administration’s brutal war on whistleblowers, Inspector General Walpin was unceremoniously fired and smeared by Team Obama. The White House baselessly questioned the veteran watchdog’s mental health and accused him of political interference. The First Lady then installed her former chief of staff, Jackie Norris, in AmeriCorps’ top management to ensure – in Mrs. Obama’s own words – that they remained the program’s “No.

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Sacrifice: The Obamas Personal Trainer Flies to DC From Chicago a Few Times a Week

by Doug Powers on Monday, February 28th, 2011

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Rest assured, Mike Huckabee will aggressively defend this practice ASAP.

From J.P. Freire at the Washington Examiner:

With a schedule as hectic as President Obama’s it must be hard to stick to a training regimen without help — but why does he insist on having his old trainer fly out from Chicago to D.C. regularly when Obama and his wife exhort the rest of us to drive less? And in a recession? According to Ashley Parker at the New York Times, Obama’s fitness czar Cornell McClellan comes out to D.C. every week:

Mr. McClellan grew up practicing martial arts, eventually earning a black belt, and as a college student realized that he had a knack for working with people. He owns Naturally Fit, a personal training and wellness center in Chicago, and now spends part of his week in Washington at Mr. Obama’s request.

“It was an easy sell for me, because I thought of it as kind of a duty, to serve the president,” said Mr. McClellan, who works out with the first couple, often in the early morning, at the gym in the White House residence. Mr. and Mrs. Obama both try to exercise for at least an hour every day, and Mr. McClellan says he usually sees them two to four times a week, depending on their schedules.

Read the rest here.

The “buy local” campaign the White House pushes must be meant for the rest of us — there are dozens and dozens of personal trainers in the DC area.

The White House has expressed a desire to reduce carbon emissions produced by the government, and Obama recently allowed 40,000 federal employees to telecommute for a week to cut down on travel emissions. It seems as if a trainer a thousand miles away could be just as effective appearing in the gym on a big screen TV.

And if all other workout options failed they could play “where’s my purse” to stay in shape as prescribed by Let’s Move — it’d be cheaper and better for the environment than flying a guy to and from DC several times a week.

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