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Obama congratulates Kenya’s new president in midst of riots, killings

by Jim Kouri on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

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President Barack Obama on Saturday sent a message to Kenya’s new leader, Uhuru Kenyatta, congratulating him on his political victory over his presidential opponents in Kenya’s heavily contested election, according to the White House. However, violence intensified after Kenya’s highest court ruled in Kenyatta’s favor.

“On behalf of the President and the people of the United States, we congratulate Uhuru Kenyatta on his election as president of Kenya. We also congratulate the people of Kenya on the peaceful conduct of the election and commend Raila Odinga for accepting the Supreme Court’s decision,” the Obama White House said in a press statement.

Obama’s message also called on the Kenyan people to peacefully accept the results of the election despite past differences.

Kenya’s Supreme Court on Saturday upheld Kenyatta as the duly elected president of Kenya after reaching an unanimous decision that the March 4 elections were fair and honest.

The court’s decision was announced after Kenyatta’s rival, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, filed a petition at the Court disputing Kenyatta’s victory.

According to the court decision, Kenyatta won 50.07 percent of the votes, while Odinga won only 43.4 percent of the ballots.

“We urge all Kenyans to peacefully accept the results of the election. The electoral process and the peaceful adjudication of disputes in the Kenyan legal system are testaments to the progress Kenya has made in strengthening its democratic institutions, and the desire of the Kenyan people to move their country forward,” said Obama’s White House statement.

At least four people left dead in the streets following a demonstration turned violent in Kenya’s city of Kisumu late on Saturday. The protest began following the news that the supreme court upheld the victory of Uhuru Kenyatta, according to the local news media.

The demonstration degenerated into an intense battle with Kenyan police officers, as members of the mob threw rocks and used makeshift weapons against the police.

The demonstrators also stoned motorists smashed car windows, and barricaded roads with debris and large bonfires. Trouble had started after the police tried to stop the demonstrators from barricading the road and destroying public and private property.

Personal loss for Obama family

Malik ObamaPresident Obama’s elder half-brother — suffered a crushing blow to his political career when he lost in his first political race for governor of Siaya County, Kenya, during that African country’s national election cycle, according to a law enforcement source in Israel. Malik, 54, ran as an independent candidate for the governorship, according to Israeli law enforcement agent Jake Kellerman.

Malik – a practicing Muslim – is also facing criminal charges that he severely beat his wife and that he also seduced 17-year-old Sheila Anyango and made her his 12th wife even though under Kenyan law she was under the age of consent, said Kellerman who once served as a U.S. police officer.

Sheila told the Muslim Times that “marrying him [three years ago] has been the biggest mistake of my life. He beats me, but mostly he’s just nasty and quarrelsome.”

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So How’s That ‘Arab Spring’ Spread of Freedom and Democracy Thing Working Out?

by Doug Powers on Sunday, June 24th, 2012

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I sure am glad that earlier this year President Obama pledged $800 million in US aid to help out the “Arab Spring” countries — Egypt in particular. What direction is that headed?

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi has officially won Egypt’s presidential election and will be the country’s next president, the electoral commission has announced.

Morsi picked up 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him about 51 per cent of the vote. His competitor, Ahmed Shafiq, the final prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million. More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated.

Farouq Sultan, the head of the election commission, delivered a long speech before announcing the results in which he defended the body’s “independence and integrity” amidst what he called meddling by unnamed political factions.

The two candidates filed 456 complaints about the electoral process, Sultan said, most of them allegations of either forgery or Christian voters being blocked from polling stations in Upper Egypt. The vast majority of those complaints were dismissed.

Look what the cleric introducing Egypt’s new president said. Also, feminists should be thrilled because this is obviously ushering in a new era of women’s rights in Egypt. And I take it “Allahu Akbar” means “we welcome democracy”… right?

Just last week Joe Biden called the Arab Spring a “democratic movement.” Nice timing there, Plugs.

Obama’s message of congratulations to Morsi and claim that this is a great victory for freedom and democracy in 3… 2… 1…

I’m reading some opinions saying that MB critics should chill out over this and look at the good news: Egypt just experienced a free election. I’ll put it this way: The country’s odds of ever experiencing another one just dropped dramatically.

Update: Gee, that was fast:

White House spokesman Jay Carney issued the following statement in response to the Egyptian presidential election:
A baby Egyptian protesting the government.png

“The United States congratulates Dr. Mohamed Morsi on his victory in Egypt’s Presidential election, and we congratulate the Egyptian people for this milestone in their transition to democracy.

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Florida fights back against Holder over illegal voters purge

by Jim Kouri on Thursday, June 7th, 2012

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Florida government officials yesterday responded to Attorney General Eric Holder’s and the Obama Justice Department’s claim that its statewide examination of voter records to identify illegal voters is illegal. One of the Sunshine State’s top officials stated Wednesday that it is Holder and Department of Justice officials who are in violation of the law.

“The Florida Department of State has a solemn obligation to ensure the integrity of elections in this state. Permitting ineligible, non-citizen voters to cast ballots undermines that mission and erodes the justified faith the electorate has in the fairness and reliability of the electoral process,” said Florida Secretary of State Kenneth Detzner in a letter to the Justice Department.

“As Florida’s Chief Election Officer, I am committed to ensuring the accuracy of Florida’s voter rolls and the integrity of our elections. It is my duty to protect the right of all eligible voters who are able to participate in the process. This is the security that voters and candidates expect from us in every election. The Department will continue to act in a responsible and cautious manner when presented with credible information about potentially ineligible voters. No one that has the right to vote has been denied the opportunity to cast a vote, and as the Secretary, it is my duty to ensure that remains the case,” stated Detzner’s letter.

Supporters of Florida’s voters check say it is a legal means of clearing voter rolls of non-citizens or deceased registrants. But leftists and advocates for illegal aliens call it part of disenfranchising minority voters.

“When will the GOP fight back against the Democrats’ tired accusation that Republicans are trying to stop minorities from voting. It’s the Democrats’ ‘get out the vote machine’ that needs to be investigated. It’s the Democrats who stand to gain by ignoring illegal voters,” said political strategist Mike Baker.

“As has been said in the past: If you wish to know what the Democrats are planning, just listen to what they accuse Republicans of doing. Democrats disenfranchise American citizens when illegal aliens, legal immigrants and other ineligible voters cast their ballots. They are canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens,” Baker said.

Detzner said Florida’s actions were consistent with federal voting laws and his pointed comments indicated that Florida had no immediate intention of giving up its enforcement program.

On June 1, Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice Department demanded that the State of Florida — considered a vital electoral state — to stop checking voter records in that state’s probe of illegal voter registrations.

T. Christian Herren, who heads the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, had warned Detzner in a separate letter last week that an ongoing search for and purging of non-eligible voters in Florida appeared to violate the 1965 Voting Rights Act that protects minorities.

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Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness | The White House

by Stephen Levine on Monday, March 19th, 2012

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Considering the massive corruption and incompetence associated with the political and bureaucratic control of the United States government, under what circumstances would the citizens of the United States and the individual states allow the Executive Branch of the Federal Government to set aside the Constitution and assume control over the people and resources of the United States?

Given the demonstration of non-existent leadership and the bureaucratic ineptitude in handling regional disasters, I can think of only two circumstances that would provoke this extreme reaction.

An all-out nuclear war and an attempt at a procedural coup d’état by the ruling elite.

Or is there another purpose?

Shutting down the Internet and mass communication ability of the mainstream and alternative media in case of a compromised national election – where massive fraud and interference with the electoral process is probable and that the authority of the newly elected leadership is suspect.

I would suggest to the people of the United States, that should the federal government seek to illegally assume power over the nation, the States themselves, acting individually or in concert, would assume all responsibility for regional command and control – and might seek to re-constitute the United States along the lines of the original Constitution.

But this is all speculation, as it appears that the President’s Executive Order may have simply been issued to update an older executive order to include infrastructure items that did not exist in previous Executive Orders.

However, there is another worrisome detail to be considered. That of a toxic and ideologically corrupt administration seeking to ferret out all of the weak spots in our nation in order to convey an advantage to our ideological enemies. That such an index of vulnerabilities, would, in and of itself, constitute a strategic weapon of incalculable strength as to convey a military advantage to an aggressor nation.

As far as I can see, there are a number of potential Constitutional Crises looming …

One, the unequal and disproportionate power of the Supreme Court in that they are usurping the sole power of Congress to make the laws which govern our land.

Two, the Constitutional right of each branch of Congress to set its own rules – which has led to the subversion of fair and equitable procedural policies in favor of ideological and corrupt actions.

Three, the usurpation of power by the Executive Branch in which certain appointed officials usurp the powers of Senate-confirmed cabinet-level officers and act as a shadow government – with little restraint or control. It has been clearly demonstrated that Agencies of the Executive Branch have attempted to exert increasing control over our natural resources and by extension our entire economy. Likewise it has been clearly demonstrated that Agencies of the Executive Branch have attempted to exert increasing control over the citizens of the United States by co-opting the payment and delivery modalities of healthcare – giving the government unprecedented control over who lives, dies and under what conditions their lives may be compromised by the denial of care for purported economic reasons.

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The World’s Oldest Profession

by Burt Prelutsky on Thursday, November 25th, 2010

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It was amusing to watch the desperate Democrats trying to turn foreign donations to the electoral process into a major issue. Voters would have to be even dopier than they are to be overly concerned with chump change from foreign donors going to the Chamber of Commerce when China holds the mortgage on America.

The funniest moment came when Bob Schieffer, on Face the Nation, asked White House hatchet man David Axelrod if he had any proof that the Chamber was actually using foreign funds to help elect business-friendly candidates. Axelrod replied, “Do you have any evidence that it isn’t?” The notion that people are guilty until proven innocent strikes at the core of American jurisprudence, but desperate times clearly call for desperate measures.

In the case of Axelrod’s boss, it meant that he would tell the New York Times that he misspoke (about a thousand times) when he announced that the trillion dollar stimulus bill would lead to millions of shovel-ready jobs. Of course Obama had no idea when he made that claim that those shovels would eventually be used to help bury his administration and the Congressional stooges who voted for the pork-filled bill.

Getting back to Axelrod and his rebuttal to Shieffer, I haven’t heard anything quite so insipid since I was in grammar school and every insult was countered with either “I’m rubber, you’re glue, and whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you” or the equally dazzling “I know you are, but what am I?” At least, Mr. Axelrod can be assured that if his present gig doesn’t work out, he can always go on tour as the world’s tallest six-year-old.

To be fair about it, there are still a lot of people out there who think Obama, Pelosi and Reid — otherwise known as the axis of evil — are doing a bang-up job. Most of those people are those blacks who give their ears to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their votes to the Democrats; college students who have never had to hold down a job or pay for their own beer or income taxes; and union members, who have all the attributes of sheep except for providing us with wool and lamb chops.

Unless you are a student of history or are very old, you would have no way of knowing that once upon a time unions served an honorable purpose. These days, however, they are as necessary as an appendix, except, of course, to the DNC, which depends on them for campaign funds and “volunteers.” On the chance that you are one of those simpletons who continue to hold unions in high regard, please defend the fact that after spending millions of dollars campaigning for ObamaCare for the rest of us, the unions then turned around and demanded waivers for themselves.

Many people contend that when electing a president, it is better to go with a candidate who has been a governor, not a senator.

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Ballots, Ballots And More Ballots.

by Skip MacLure on Saturday, November 6th, 2010

The reports continue to come in from around the country. From California to Connecticut, ballots are being ‘found’. On the left coast, two million votes have yet to be counted.

Small wonder with strong rumors (as yet unconfirmed) of SEIU goons working the election count, along with at least one report of electronic machine tampering and another story of a precinct in Danville Ca., where the one electronic vote machine was not working. Voters were told to vote on provisional ballots ‘which would be counted at some time later’.

Provisional balloting has always been a pet peeve of mine. More so since the very scenario described above happened to me about three years ago. There had been a lot of registration shenanigans going on, and when I went to vote at the precinct where I had been registered for nine years I found that my name had been removed from the voter rolls. I was informed that I could vote using a provisional ballot… just like any illegal alien. Well, I’m here to tell you that it was a hot time in the old precinct that day!

Eventually, I got a communication from the County Registrar of Voters apologizing and saying that they couldn’t understand what happened, but assuring me that it would not occur again.

We have allowed the left to command the election place for far too long. They’ve been digging up dead bodies, registering dogs and goldfish, using their union thugs to intimidate voters… The public unions have far too much sway over policy and the electoral process.

I’ve avoided writing about the whole California debacle and I’m not going to try and do it here, but California needs to understand that Jerry Brown is owned lock, stock and Birkenstocks by the public unions.
Jerry Brown will steer this state into bankruptcy.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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Greta van Susteren nails Gloria Allred

by John Lott on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

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Greta nails Allred, making Allred look like a political opportunist. A copy of the interview is available here.

van Susteren: Gloria, I got to get — you know I like you, Gloria, but I think this is absolutely unthinkable! Let me tell you what you’ve done. Three things. One, you’re getting your client deported by putting a big neon sign, Hey, I’m here illegally, I signed documents falsely, and I’ve done that under penalty of perjury, saying that I was — that this is my Social Security number. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is, is I think your inferences from this document, this Social Security document — I think you got it all wrong. I actually think it helps Meg Whitman and her husband because I think that’s the more reasonable inference and you’d get barbecued if you took it to court. And finally, on the eve of an election, to raise something like this, which has the possibility of smearing unfairly, calling someone a liar and subverting the electoral process.

So all three things — and you know I like you, but I think all three things are rotten. So go ahead. Respond. . . .

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