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by Douglas J. Hagmann on Friday, September 6th, 2013

doubtsSince being given license to play the song Doubts by the remarkable singer and song writer Brittain Duckworth during the program breaks, we’ve received hundreds of e-mail requests asking for more information about the song. Many of those sending e-mails have said that the song captures their feelings and emotions in these uncertain times.

To accommodate the requests of our listeners, we are supplying a direct link to the song on YouTube and providing the lyrics below. Please let Mr. Duckworth know how much you like his work by posting a comment on his YouTube channel – and let him know where you heard his thought-provoking song – The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.

Thank you, Brittain, for being a friend of our program and for putting to music the sentiments of many people today. To listen to Doubts via YouTube, CLICK HERE (opens in new tab).

The things I think while I lie awake and contemplate at night
Are wearing me out

Maybe tomorrow the world will wake and get it right
But I have my doubts

So during the day I design machines of war
That scream through the sky
Because I for one, I like to go to bed free at night
Under these Stars and Stripes

And I have my doubts
That we’re coming out
Yes I have my doubts
And I have my doubts
That we’ll make it back out
Yes I have my doubts

But they’ll wind you up and pull the cord until your spun right out
And I don’t understand
So roll the dice and raise the price to feed the machines mouth
Call it the progress of man.

And I have my doubts
That we’re coming out
Yes I have my doubts
And I have my doubts
That we’ll make it back out
I have my doubts

So i’ll drink my stuff and raise some hell and shoot my guns
Until the end of my time

You can have the booze and go to hell and take the guns
But I know they won’t be mine

And I have my doubts
That we’re coming out
Yes I have my doubts
And I have my doubts
That we’ll make it back out
I have my doubts

So we’re all messed up and out of touch
Let’s text someone
Who’s in the other room

So don’t wonder why we don’t say hi
Or know anyone
I might as well move to the moon

So maybe I’m wrong
Well I hope that I’m wrong
So maybe I’m wrong
Well I hope that I’m wrong

The things I think while I lie awake and contemplate at night
Are wearing me out

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From Karen Silkwood to Michael Hastings, something is wrong

by Douglas J. Hagmann on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

This is article 338 of 471 in the topic Government Corruption
Image courtesy Canada Free Press

Image courtesy Canada Free PressImage courtesy Canada Free Press

Just a few short years ago, I would have likely considered the death of Rolling Stone Reporter Michael Hastings an “open and shut” tragedy after a cursory review of the open source evidence associated with this event. Based on a number of things I’ve recently seen and certain information which I’ve been given over the last few years, I have my doubts. Serious doubts. Legitimate doubts.


I am not writing out of lack of experience and exposure to such events, as I’ve spent the last 28 years of my life as a career investigator. In the mid-to-late 1970′s, I spent several years as a “first responder,” long before that descriptive phrase was ever used. In many ways, my transition from responding to tragedies of all kinds to the investigation of such events was a natural evolution, and set the stage for my current overlapping roles as an investigative journalist and a talk show host with the only goal of identifying truth and exposing lies, wherever the journey might lead.

Offering my background is to simply provide you with a frame of reference regarding how and why I am going on record to say that I suspect that there is something very wrong taking place in America, and it is not new. It is, however, becoming more refined and deadly, and perhaps even more common than any of us can comprehend or might be willing to accept. After all, it’s extremely uncomfortable for us to believe that there is an unseen darkness or a hidden hand that exists in our world as we personally know it.

We all have enough drama in our own lives to keep us busy, so why should we seek out more? We are busy today putting food on our tables, working multiple jobs to keep a roof over our heads, and are dog-tired from dealing with the stress in our own lives just to survive. Or perhaps those stresses are behind you, and you are merely trying to enjoy your life in retirement. So why would any reasonably sane person, at whatever station they find themselves in their lives, go looking for conspiracies where none might exist? Why would we subject ourselves to the mocking and marginalization that comes with questioning the official accounts of various incidents?

The answer, I submit, is that many of us are inherently moral and just who resent lie after lie served to us by those we have elected to represent us. We expect and deserve the truth as citizens. We are not the subjects of royalty, despite the acceptance by some to be treated as such. We care about the condition of our country and the world we are leaving to our offspring, and would not sleep well knowing that we’ve done nothing to protect our children and grandchildren.

The very institution that had once forced transparency in our government, the media formerly populated by persistently inquisitive journalists has been infiltrated, compromised and is now acting as an agent of out-of-control leaders who have given themselves the power to terminate, at will and without due process, anyone they deem a threat to the safety and security of our nation.

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Starving Students?

by J. D. Longstreet on Monday, February 18th, 2013

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I recall a fellow (when was a lad) who had made a deal with the local schools to pick up the school cafeteria food dumped by the students every day.  Back then, at least, the food from a school cafeteria REALLY sucked!  I mean, it was beyond bad…

But I digress.

The man I referred to above had a trailer behind his pickup truck and on that trailer he had multiple 55 gallon oil drums that he would practically fill to over-flowing every single school day.  This was food the students threw away, wouldn’t eat, didn’t want, and couldn’t stand.  This, uh, “refuse” he fed to his hogs.  He had some of the most well-fed hogs in the county, quite likely the state!

Please note:  This was a few decades before the Obamas and their “healthy food” experiments in our public schools.  If that old fellow was still alive to date, I’d suggest to him that he might want to look into some sort of contract with his local schools to pick their food refuse today.  Problem is, as the food has been described to me—I have serious doubts his hogs would eat it!

Of course, we can expect the enterprising student who will see an opportunity in all this and put himself through college bootlegging candy, chips, soft drinks, and other treats from his backpack, or locker, or the trunk of his car in the school parking lot.  (I am intimately acquainted with a fellow who did exactly that way back in the 1950’s.)

If I had children in school today, I would prepare their lunches and send them to school with food they would be sure to eat so their minds and bodies would be working at top efficiency during those critical hours they are supposed to be acquiring knowledge.

What we have here, in my humble estimation, is our “Progressive Overlords” training our kids to accept strong governmental power over them while they are yet young and their minds are malleable to such machinations. (Get ‘em while they are young and you’ve got ‘em forever!)

Come ON, folks!  This is not about food.  This is not about health.  This is about control of the masses.

The paternalistic ruling elite in America have so twisted our public schools—and the mission of our public schools—that they are now nothing more than indoctrination centers and training centers turning out good little Marxists much as some giant cookie cutter machine.

See, the government figured out long ago that there were at least two institutions upon which they could heap social experiments. One was the US military and the other was—you got it!— our public schools.  The kids have been at their mercy ever since.

This is just another reason to get you kids out of the pubic school system—any way you can.

Look, I don’t think our kids are “fat” so much as a result of what they eat as lack of exercise.  Sitting on one’s backside playing video games is not conducive to a healthy body. That is inarguable.  It just IS.

I am so old I remember when kids actually “played”—OUTSIDE!  They would be running, and jumping, and screaming for pure joy—and not because they were running from perverts or someone was shooting at them.

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Sprint to Tight Finish in a Nation Deeply Divided

by Donald Douglas on Monday, November 5th, 2012

This is article 1215 of 1298 in the topic 2012 Elections

A front-page report at yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, “Obama, Romney sprint to tight finish in a nation deeply divided“:


WASHINGTON — Against the backdrop of a sharply polarized nation, the long and mean-spirited 2012 presidential contest is barreling toward the finish with the outcome still in doubt.

President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney remain statistically tied in national polling, as they have been for much of the campaign. But the Democratic incumbent is clinging to a marginal advantage in enough key states to make him a slight favorite to gain reelection in a race that could still go either way.

Analysts in both parties expect Tuesday’s vote to more closely resemble the tight 2000 and 2004 elections, which came down to a single state, rather than Obama’s expansive 2008 victory. After years of weak economic growth and stalemate in Washington, opinion surveys show an electorate that is more divided than ever, especially along lines of race, age and party.

“We are deeply divided, and that has made a contribution to the closeness of the race. But the public is also divided about these candidates,” said independent pollster Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center. “They look at Romney now as a somewhat acceptable candidate, but they still have doubts about him personally with respect to trustworthiness and with respect to how empathetic he’ll be to people like themselves. They also have doubts about Obama and about his ability to turn things around.”

The future of a divided Congress is also up for grabs. Republicans are virtually certain to keep their majority in the House of Representatives. But barring a late GOP surge at the top of the ticket, Democrats are expected to retain control of the Senate, despite a potential loss of seats.

Romney has sought to frame the election around Obama’s handling of the economy, and an uptick in the unemployment rate going into the final weekend of the race allowed the Republican to tell voters that joblessness is worse now than when the president took office. At 7.9%, unemployment is also the worst for any incumbent seeking reelection since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

A nice piece, except for that quote from Andrew Kohut, the progressive hack.

Anyway, that image is from the Looking Spoon, “Obama and Romney’s Views On The Economy Make The Right Choice Crystal Clear.”

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Mickey Kaus: “NYT proves Romney right on Welfare”

by John Lott on Friday, August 31st, 2012

From Mickey Kaus’ post:

The smoking gun is always in the last place you look: I had some serious doubts about Mitt Romney’s ad attacking Obama’s welfare “waivers”–until I read the New York Times editorial denouncing it. Now I know Romney’s ad isn’t as accurate as I’d thought. It’s much more accurate.

The Times notes that one of the states proposing waivers from the 1996 welfare reform’s work requirements is Nevada–indeed,  Nevada was cited by the Obama Health and Human Services department when it quietly announced its plan to grant waivers on July 12 .**  Here’s how the Timesdescribes what Nevada wants to do:

[Nevada] asked to discuss flexibility in imposing those requirements. Perhaps, the state asked, those families hardest to employ could be exempted from the work requirements for six months while officials worked with them to stabilize their households. [E.A.]

“Exempted from the work requirements for six months.” That’s not just “weakening” work requirements–the safe, milder charge I chose to make a couple of days ago. It’s explicitly tossing them out the window for an extended period–“to allow time for their barriers to be addressed and their household circumstances stabilized”, in Nevada’s words.*** . . .

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American Thinker: Obama’s Forgeries

by Greg Hedgepath on Friday, April 20th, 2012

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 Obama: ‘Make it stop’!

From: American Thinker
April 20, 2012

For several years, an Orwellian-type fear of being “marginalized” held reporters and pundits back from questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of the presidency.  To raise an eyebrow at the bizarre secrecy of Obama was off-limits.  To question whether the historic definition of “natural born citizen” applied to Obama was taboo.

The era of fear, however, is happily winding down.  It will take some time for this realization to fully take hold.  But make no mistake: the tables have turned.

Like it or not, the ground has shifted, and it cannot shift back.  The evidence of Obama’s forgeries is not going away.

Up until this point, Mr. Obama controlled everything, including the talking points and burden of proof.

Rather than simply produce certified paper copies for state election officials and make the original available for officials to inspect in Hawaii, Obama played games with his purported birth certificate.  We were told for three years that Obama’s birth certificate had been posted online in 2008 — though it turns out that it was a scant certification.  In 2010, when confronted with the alarming doubts of the American people, Mr. Obama lamented to a sympathetic Brian Williams of NBC: “I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.”  The following year, out of left field, on April 27, 2011, Obama “released” the elusive birth certificate by posting a now-discredited file image online.

This time he wasn’t teasing.  It was “proof positive.”  Mr. Obama, in his robotic style, barked that it was time to stop the “silliness” and move on.

No one ever wanted Obama to get all crazy and walk around with his birth certificate plastered on his forehead.  But many took the reasonable position of wanting the mysterious birth certificate produced, not plastered or uploaded to a computer.  Many wanted Obama to produce certified copies for state officials and make the original available for inspection.

But because no authority forced him to comply with basic legal standards, Mr. Obama was able to create a sideshow atmosphere by selecting non-experts to verify his internet postings behind closed doors.  His media sycophants were able to make those who questioned Obama’s staunch secrecy appear as the unreasonable ones.  Somehow the burden of proof was erroneously placed on the citizenry to prove that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

Well, the burden never actually rested with the people to prove anything.  That was all smoke and mirrors.  No conspiracy theories are needed to demand that Obama comply with basic legal standards — especially in context of a state with a history of certifying foreign births as Hawaiian.

After Obama “released” the birth certificate in 2011, nonpartisan computer software experts immediately recognized that the embarrassing image had been computer-assembled.  Of course, few in the free press dared to report on the “silliness.”  Fox News quickly summonsed Adobe-certified expert Jean-Claude Tremblayto to conclude, nothing fishy here (but his ORC explanation has been demonstrably debunked by the control-test findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigative team — see below).

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Wisconsin Voter Integrity Questioned

by American Grams on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

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Wisconsin has been under attack by the unions and have undergone a number of recall elections. With the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker just around the corner you have to question the integrity of the elections with information like the following coming out.

High Error Rate in Milwaukee County Election Day Registrations Found

MacIver News Service | January 11, 2012

[Milwaukee, Wisc] A shocking new report by a Wisconsin Tea Party group raises serious questions about the diligence of poll workers in Milwaukee County.

The group, Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty, found errors on more than one third of all Election Day Registration forms completed for the April 5, 2011 election in Milwaukee County.

“We discovered 3,739 forms with errors,” said Larry Gamble, the groups’ spokesperson. “That 33.7% error rate is high enough to question the entire election process and raises doubts about having the accuracy and accountability required to properly manage elections.”

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Do You Need Psychological Treatment for Global Warming Skepticism?

by Doug Powers on Saturday, March 31st, 2012

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nullIf the underwhelming lack of convincing non-tampered evidence and numerous examples that the climate change movement is motivated purely by greed and a lust for power isn’t enough to convince you to believe Al Gore, well, they just might have to resort to alternate methods:

Comparing skepticism of man-made global warming to racist beliefs, an Oregon-based professor of sociology and environmental studies has labeled doubts about anthropogenic climate change a “sickness” for which individuals need to be “treated”.

Professor Kari Norgaard, who is currently appearing at the ‘Planet Under Pressure’ conference in London, has presented a paper in which she argues that “cultural resistance” to accepting the premise that humans are responsible for climate change “must be recognized and treated” as an aberrant sociological behavior.

So what’ll it be, deniers — medication, the psycho ward, or both?

Check out the story. Trust me, the photo of the University of Oregon professor is worth the click. It’s so good to know our tax money goes to support wackos like this.

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Countdown to Zero in Tehran and Jerusalem

by Daniel Greenfield on Sunday, February 5th, 2012

This is article 601 of 1260 in the topic International

There was a time when Israel did not deal with existential threats by urging the Americans to do something. That time was fairly recent. When Saddam decided he wanted to have his own nuclear reactor, fourteen Israeli Air Force jets put an end to his dream. The year was 1981.

The Reagan Administration supported a UN resolution condemning Israel which stated that it was in “clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the norms of international conduct” and which fully recognized “the inalienable sovereign right of Iraq, and all other States, especially the developing countries, to establish programmes of technological and nuclear development.”

Prime Minister Begin, easily the most conservative PM to hold the office, replied bluntly. “No “sword of Damocles” is going to hang over our head.”

Four years ago Israel launched a quieter attack was launched on a nuclear reactor in Syria, this time with the likely approval and assistance of the United States. Now after all the whitewashing of Iran’s nuclear program, it is coming down to the bottom line. Either a comprehensive attack will be launched or Iran’s nuclear program will pass the point of no return.

While there are some doubts about whether Israel has the capability to take out the program, in the past they have found innovative ways to do the impossible. It is quite likely that there is a plan on someone’s desk for getting the job done. The plan is probably bold, seemingly unworkable and reads as insane to experienced hands, but that would also describe the opening strike of the Six Day War or the Entebbe raid.

The question is why hasn’t it been carried out yet and the likely answer is Obama. Not just Obama, but the oddball mix of Clintonites and left-wing Chicago radicals who would be in a prime position to oppose or support any such move. Just as with the takedown of Bin Laden, it is likely that there are figures in the administration who support such a move and those who oppose it.

Israel has no doubt been hoping for a repeat of 2007 and an operation that takes place with the support and cover of the United States. A quiet operation that will mostly go unmentioned. Israel has been hanging on in the hopes that if it walks through the steps laid out by Washington D.C. then it will finally get the go ahead and any of the equipment and local support it needs to get the job done as comprehensively and safely as possible.

The Israeli cabinet and defense establishment has been having its own quiet debate on the subject, just as it before taking out Osirak. As then the lefties are opposed, but their best ammo comes from D.C. which has doubtlessly been stringing Israel along and promising that if Israel is patient then the problem will be taken care of. To the right the argument has no doubt been that the United States will not do anything and that Israel needs to do it alone.

Panetta’s statements in the past few weeks peg him as either an idiot or a man sending the signal that Israel is going to have to go it alone.

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Politics, "Inequality," And Becoming An Adult

by Austin Hill on Saturday, December 24th, 2011

This is article 16 of 82 in the topic Redistribution of wealth/socialism


It almost sounds like a curse word, doesn’t it?

For most of my life, American media, politics and pop culture have been defining “inequality” in the narrowest terms possible.  When the word pops-up in one of these contexts, it implies financial disparity between the “rich” and the “poor,” a disparity that is allegedly caused by grave injustices of the rich.

Nobody doubts that inequality and injustice exist in the United States, and at times the two are correlated. Yet the two concepts are not synonymous with one another, and instances of inequality do not always mean that something bad has happened.

So as the President of the United States and many other elected officials run for re-election on an agenda of “fixing” our alleged inequality problems, it behooves us all to pause and do some critical thinking.  If some types of inequality are normal and acceptable, then why do politicians insist that all inequality is a problem that requires a government solution?

Political rhetoric about the alleged injustices of inequality may temporarily allow me avoid certain adult realities. For example, if I believe the President’s assertions about the injustice of other people achieving more than I have, then I can allow myself to believe that somebody else’s success has caused my failure, which in turn allows me – at least for a while – to avoid taking responsibility for my failure. Yet this kind of chatter doesn’t help me become a better, more mature person, and it certainly does not make for productive public policy.

One of the most obvious examples of inequality without injustice is found in the events of Christmas, the holiday that many of us celebrate today. Millions of Americans – especially many parents- will be receiving far less in their traditional gift exchanging rituals than they will be giving.  There is “inequality” entailed in our receiving and giving ratios, yet we don’t mind a bit – we freely choose to give from our abundance without the prospect of “getting” much in return.

Cynics will claim that an analysis of Christmas gifting habits is no counter-example to the grave injustices of the other 364 days of the year. Yet the point here is unmistakable:  in the context of holiday gift exchanging, inequality is so normal and non-problematic that most of us don’t even recognize it.

But let’s look at the more crucial areas of our lives.  For example, let’s consider whether or not our nation is – to use President Obama’s terminology – “a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family, build a modest savings, own a home, (and) secure their retirement…”

It was a very provocative and important moment when the President raised this question on December 6th, during his now-famous speech at Osawatomie, Kansas.  And yet he never really answered it, at least not in any concise way.  He didn’t say “no, America is not a country where these things can be achieved” (which would have been a false answer), and he didn’t say “yes, America is that kind of place” either.

What President Obama did was to use the framing of his question to make several political assertions. For example, anyone who disagrees with his policies – namely the congressional Republicans – is guilty of leaving helpless American individuals to “fend for themselves” (whatever that means).

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