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Heh: Bush Favorability Rating Now Higher Than Obama’s

by Doug Powers on Thursday, June 13th, 2013

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bushmissmeThis was inevitable, I suppose:

Gallup pollsters announced Tuesday that the last Bush in office is more popular than our sitting president. Forty-nine percent of Americans now see Bush in favorable terms, compared to 47 percent for President Barack Obama.

Bush’s 49/45 approval-to-disapproval rating split in the new poll also is the first time since 2005 – not-so-coincidentally the same year as Hurricane Katrina – that more Americans say they approve of his presidency than don’t. It’s also a major uptick from his favorability rating low of 35 percent in March 2009. (His high: 87% two months after the 9/11 attacks in 2001).

Bush is even gaining ground among Democrats, who give him a 24 percent approval rating, up 10 percent from his last day in office. Independents have also given Bush a double-digit approval bump since 2009.

That gap is probably bound to widen. Wait’ll Obamacare kicks in full-bore.

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by Stephen Levine on Friday, June 7th, 2013

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The more observant among you will notice that the number of cases where law enforcement harasses or intimidates civilians photographing their actions or merely watching their activities has risen dramatically. To the point where law enforcement authors routinely confiscate cameras, cell-phones or demand that civilians move off their own property using the threat of arrest as an intimidating factor. Even when confronted with bad behavior, the law enforcement family rallies around officers accused of wrong-doing – sometimes to the point of perjury and filing false police reports.

This bill is so poorly conceived and written as to endanger every New York resident that meets with the disapproval of a rogue, disgruntled, or angry police officer. Perhaps, the legislation should be extended so that any police officer who falsely claims harassment or writes a false police report should be fined and jailed, punishable up to four years in prison?

Senate Passes Bill Making the Harassment of a Police Officer a Crime

The New York State Senate today passed a bill that creates the crime of aggravated harassment of a police or peace officer. The bill  (S.2402), sponsored by Senator Joe Griffo (R-C-I, Rome) would make it a felony to harass, annoy, or threaten a police officer while on duty.

“Our system of laws is established to protect the foundations of our society,” Senator Griffo said. “Police officers who risk their lives every day in our cities and on our highways deserve every possible protection, and those who treat them with disrespect, harass them and create situations that can lead to injuries deserve to pay a price for their actions.”
The bill establishes this crime as a Class E Felony, punishable by up to four years in prison.

“At a time when shocking incidents of disrespect and outright confrontation are at an all-time high, the men and women who patrol the streets of our cities deserve every possible protection we can offer them,” Senator Griffo stated. “My bill would make it a crime to take any type of physical action to try to intimidate a police officer. This is a necessary action because we can see from the rise in incidents that too many people in our society have lost the respect they need to have for a police officer. We need to make it very clear that when a police officer is performing his duty, every citizen needs to comply and that refusal to comply carries a penalty.”

“Professionally, I am grateful to see this bill pass through the Senate. Our police officers have a very dangerous job and need the support of our government leaders to help make them safe,” said Utica Police Department Chief Mark Williams.

“All too often persons are physically challenging police officers in the line of duty. Currently in those instances where an officer is physically attack (short of sustaining a physical injury) the lawful charge is only a violation. The consequences are way too low for the offender and it sends the wrong message to the public.

Police officers are the public’s first line of defense to restore order in dangerous/chaotic situations. Citizens do not have the legal right to physically challenge the authority of an officer lawfully performing their duties.

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Romney Leading by 8 Points? Perhaps, If One Looks at Unskewed Polls!

by John Lillpop on Thursday, September 27th, 2012

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Anyone who has been following the presidential election polls with any intensity knows that there is something crazy going on!

Barack Obama’s economy is stuck in a quagmire of trillion-dollar deficits and ghastly unemployment; his Cairo Initiative has backfired into a messy anti-American uprising by Islamofascists in North Africa and the Middle East; Obama’s foreign policy is a nasty mix of self-deprecation and outright surrender to the most extreme Muslims imaginable; consumer confidence is in retreat and most Americans believe that the nation is worse off now than four years ago; the Afghanistan war is rapidly shedding any resemblance to the “smart” war that Obama declared four years ago.

At every turn, the Obama magic is gone and the reality of clueless leadership is ripping apart America as we know it.

Besides being all agog over ideology that simply does work, Obama is proving to be thoroughly incompetent and unsuited for his job based on raw ability.

His is a stunning combination of ideological silliness with pronounced ineptness.

Notwithstanding Obama’s record, in poll after poll, America’s amateur president defies logic and common sense by polling better than Mitt Romney, albeit by the smallest of margins.

Still, the fact that Obama is still in the hunt is amazing.

Why one wonders?

Perhaps the answer is that Obama is NOT ahead at all!

As reported, skewed polls may be giving the community organizer support where it actually does not exist:

NEW YORK (WND) – Arguing that most of the major polls reported by establishment media are “skewed” in favor of the Democratic a website contends that a true gauge of the presidential race, based on more realistic models, shows Republican challenger Mitt Romney leading by an average of nearly eight points.

In its daily readjustment of the polling data, also produces a table showing the spread in President Obama’s approval/disapproval ratio is an average of 8.8 percent more disapproval, as of Monday.

Not a single major poll or approval/disapproval index favors Obama when’s analysis is applied.

The website says there is Democratic bias in polling because of over-sampling Democrats based on voter exit polls in the 2008 presidential election, when enthusiasm for a then relatively unknown but charismatic presidential candidate boosted Democratic Party voter registration and turnout to historic levels.

Republicans have complained that the establishment media’s voter-turnout models can serve a partisan purpose by presenting margins that keep discouraged Republican voters at home thinking the election is already lost.

Signs Obama losing

Despite the establishment media narrative that the Romney campaign is behind and in disarray, there are abundant signs the Obama campaign is behind and scrambling not to lose further ground:

  • On Saturday, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina insisted to reporters that despite national polls showing Romney and Obama locked in a tie, Obama is still winning.
  • WND reported last week Obama’s chief financier, Penny Pritzker, has entered the Hawaii housing market to buy a retirement home for the president and his family that will be available not in 2016, but in January 2013.
  • On the eve of the opening session of the General Assembly, the Obama administration’s Middle Eastern policy appears to be imploding in the wake of the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in an attack that intelligence sources believe was coordinated by jihadists tied to al-Qaida.

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A Range of Response to Divisive Gestures

by Michael Medved on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

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In a range of different realms, prominent people fell victim recently to their own controversial comments and associations, illustrating the application of political correctness at both its most appropriate and most oppressive.

In the world of Grand Opera, a Russian bass-baritone got bounced at the last moment from a crucial starring role when news footage revealed a huge swastika tattooed across his brawny chest.

At the Olympics, the Greek team banned the participation of a controversial (and, not co-incidentally, very beautiful) triple jumper because she tweeted disrespectfully about African immigrants in her homeland.

And in the arena of fast food franchises, political leaders in two of the nation’s major cities threatened to block chicken-sandwich outlets because the company’s owner expressed his disapproval of redefining marriage.

These more-or-less simultaneous episodes of public figures plunging recklessly into hot water featured a number of common elements but enough significant differences to reach very different verdicts on the responses they provoked. Fairness and common sense argue that Bavarian opera authorities acted appropriately, Greek Olympic officials exercised faulty but defensible judgment, while self-righteous mayors of Chicago and Boston outrageously assaulted freedom of expression in order to score cheap political points.

In the case of rising opera luminary Yevgeny Nikitin, he chose to identify himself with the one symbol on earth that registers as most universally despised. Some news accounts described the swastika on his torso as a “controversial emblem” but there’s no real controversy over an insignia associated with genocide and xenophobia. Who, exactly, today defends the swastika and the Nazi system it represents? Nikitin now claims that “I was not aware of the extent of the irritation and offence these symbols would cause,” but that’s hardly credible for a 38-year-old international star who grew up in a nation that lost 20 million souls to ruthless German invaders. The baritone also explained that he never meant to invoke Hilterism with the twisted cross on his chest, but additional “body art” on his heavily inked corpus features Nordic runes used by the dreaded SS. In various interviews, the inevitably embarrassed artist says he got his Tuetonic tats when he was only sixteen and performed with a Russian heavy metal band, but the video that exposed his loathsome little secret clearly shows a performance involving a much older man. The scandal only exploded with such a resonant roar because he had been engaged to play the title role in an eagerly awaited new production of Richard Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman” at the Bayreuth Festival – permanently tainted as the Fuehrer’s favorite opera house (yes, he visited frequently) and still run by the great grandchildren of the venomously anti-Semitic great composer who established it. To their credit, Wagners of the new generation have gone to great lengths to separate their festival from all associations with Nazism, so the employment of a gifted singer who willingly decorated himself with Third Reich insignias became utterly unthinkable. Nikitin will now pursue his glittering career elsewhere, while shrugging off his tattoos as “a mistake of youth.” The bizarre case reminds us that everyone may make youthful mistakes but inscribing them on your flesh means they’re indelible.

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Notes to a Transvestite—With Love

by Rev. Austin Miles on Saturday, July 21st, 2012

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The pages of Christian Post are filled with interesting reader responses to the various stories posted there. A large number of LGBTQ folk keep check on all the stories, especially those dealing with same-sex relationships from a Christian point of view, looking for any reason to be offended.

Offense comes automatically if any articles referencing ‘gays’  strictly reports it without endorsing the gay lifestyle and indeed, promoting it. The journalism school I attended taught that news consists of information- facts. That is what journalists provide, while opinion is for editorials.

After the publication of my story, “Transgender Pastors Coming to a Church Near You,”  the response was immediate. That story is on this website or it can be seen by clicking on:this link:

A reader named Christina Johnson flew to the keyboard and sent a string of responses of disapproval. After tirade after tirade, this response was added under my story:

Christina Johnson
1:49 PM on July 15, 2012
Rev. Austin Miles: I have a question for you. Have you ever met a trans person before? I don’t mean just seeing a random drag queen in a pride parade. Have you actually sat down to have a discussion with a trans person of the Christian faith?
My response to Christiana followed:

Rev. Austin Miles
2:54 PM on July 16, 2012

Christina Johnson – Thank you for responding and for your question. Yes, I have indeed met many “trans-persons” whom I have been able to know when they have come to me for counseling (I am a certified chaplain), to battle the restlessness within themselves.

Every one is treated with love, respect and understanding. None of them, nor any of you out there, finds condemnation from me. And in my piece I did not state that all transgenders or gays are promiscuous. But many of all sexes are and I have found them to be consistently unsatisfied with any one partner.

Those individuals are constantly on the hunt, never feeling the full satisfaction of the grand climax with all consuming love and dedication of each partner to the other and then, with all-encompassing contentment, fall asleep in each others arms.

That is what I find lacking in those who are promiscuous. Love is commitment, devotion, dedication and love that will never die, or grow old. I love all of you and that is what I wish for you along with a total devotion and dedication to God.
Rev. Austin Miles

Still missing the point, Christina leaped to the keyboard:

Christina Johnson
12:36 AM on July 17, 2012

Rev. Miles –Thank you for responding. Most wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do so, and would simply delete my comment and ban me from commenting further.

Do you mean to suggest that the stories of those who don’t fit what you’ve described don’t matter? To say the very least, my partner and I have been through a lot in the three years we’ve been together. In that three years, we have helped each other to grow, and faced down a lot of each others’ demons together.

Ironically enough, none of it had to do with the “restlessness” that you described, and I think that we have a much stronger relationship than we would have otherwise since we have faced so much together.

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President Obama gay marriage is not a black thing!

by Lloyd Marcus on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the left’s in-your-face aggressive campaign to make homosexuality normal. Flipping through the channels, I caught a lesbian scene (two women kissing) on the Lifetime channel. The SiFi channel has a new series in which bi-sexual scenes involving the lead actress are a main staple of the show.

For crying out loud, I can not even get ideas to remodel my patio without homosexuality forced in my face on the Home and Garden channel. A homosexual couple is featured on most, if not all of their series. Given that gays are less than 2% of the population, clearly Home and Garden network producers are pushing the gay agenda.

And make no mistake about it folks, the left is extremely cunning and aggressive in their quest to make homosexuality considered normal — equal to heterosexuality. Heck, the left believes bisexuality is more enlightened and superior to both.

The left’s indoctrination of our kids regarding homosexuality begins in kindergarten. Kids are taught Heather having two moms is really cool. As for us old farts, they simply bully us into submission. They put us in a political stranglehold with our arms bent behind our back; apply painful pressure until we yell, “OK, OK, homosexuality is normal!”

Now, every time I deal with the topic of homosexuality, liberals go crazy! They cuss me out and say I hate gays. I do not. As cliche as this might sound, some of my closest friends and family, who I love dearly, are gay. But loving someone does not mean one should be forced to approve their behavior.

Calling the opposition “haters” is a tried and true effective tool of the left to get-their-way. If you disagree with government forcing taxpayers to fund abortion against their religious beliefs, the left says you “hate” women. If you disapprove of the president ignoring the Constitution to implement his Socialistic agenda, the left says your disapproval is really “hate” for a black man. If you say gay civil unions are fine, but marriage should remain defined as one man and one woman, the left says you “hate” homosexuals. The left actually exploits our sense of decency, compassion and fair-play. They know accusing us of “hate” will in many cases silence our opposition and give them whatever they want.

The left are pretty selective regarding who they call intolerant haters. For example, the left claims Christians are vitriolic haters of gays. While the Bible does call homosexuality a sin, it says “with loving kindness have I drawn thee.”(Jeremiah 31:3)

As a teen touring Maryland black churches while on the Baltimore Youth Choir, gays were active in the black church. Black pastors preached the Bible, but I never saw homosexuals mistreated.

Meanwhile, the Muslim faith has zero tolerance for homosexuals. And yet, the left defends Islam to the max. The Noble Quran’s punishment for unrepentant homosexuality is execution, crucifixion or cutting off of hands and feet. (The Noble Quran 5:33) So why does the left, which include the mainstream media, enthusiastically defend Islam while despising and aggressively attacking Christianity? The answer is the left has a problem with Jesus; but that’s for another article.

Recently, VP Joe Biden came out boldly in favor of same-sex marriage.

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Is this house big enough to hold my ego?

by Michael R. Shannon on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Even a property–rights conservative must admit it’s always an ominous sign when a prospective neighbor decides to give his soon–to–be–constructed house a name. There’s nothing that screams “Arriviste!” like a billboard in the front yard trumpeting the fact that your new home is so large it merits a title and will be petitioning for a Zip Code.

So it came as something of a shock to unsuspecting neighbors in the Hidden Springs community of Great Falls when Mrs. Young Yi installed a sign announcing construction of “Le Chateau De Lumiere,” when their own homes had been anonymous lo these many years.

I must confess we’ve privately called our modest shelter the “Fisher–Price House” because the siding was once bright yellow with equally arresting blue shutters. But we didn’t hang banners off the eaves announcing the fact or stock the front yard with random infants.

I believe the title of Mrs. Yi’s abode means “mansion of light” much like a bullfighter’s garish getup is called the “suit of lights.” But what the name lacks in modesty is more than compensated for by its addition of “diversity” to the blandly wealthy neighborhood.

According to the Washington Post, the 25,425 sq. foot behemoth is modeled on Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles. This asteroid, is ten times larger than the average square footage of a house built these days for lesser mortals. And it’s almost twice the size of the Virginia governor’s mansion, which comes in at a paltry 14,000 sq. ft.

Mrs. Yi’s plans call for European landscaping and, much like an airport runway, the manse will also boast a lavish underground lighting system, hence the “Lumiere.” She will also enjoy a pool, pool house, wine cellar, exercise room, billiard room, sauna, card room, rec room, gallery and a theater with a “concession space,” which may be how she plans to offset the mortgage payment. No word as yet on valet parking.

There’s something about Versailles that’s a magnet for pretension. Back in 2000 Michael Saylor, who was briefly a billionaire, unsuccessfully planned to build a mega–edifice in Great Falls also modeled on Versailles. His was to have a football field, although if he was really serious about the Versailles connection it should have been a soccer pitch.

Continuing to mix architectural metaphors Saylor declared, “I want it to be like the White House.” Saylorville was projected to cost as much as $50 million and he described it as, “part house, part embassy, part ceremonial” and all hey–look–at–me!

It’s somewhat ironic the house causing restless nights for the neighbors is being built by the owner of 1st Class Sleep Diagnostics Center, a chain with six locations in Virginia that treats apnea, snoring, insomnia and obsessing about construction plans.

The NIMBYs, I mean neighbors, are using time–worn objections that have been employed to prevent construction of everything from bike paths to nuclear reactors: It’s an eyesore, it’s too big, trees will die, it interferes with my view, it will lower property values(!) and it makes my house look small.

It’s difficult to muster much sympathy for either side.

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ABC/Washington Post: Disapproval of Obama Handling of Gas Prices at 65%

by Doug Powers on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

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This helps explain the abrupt moratorium on any mention of our algae-powered future in Saturday’s energy address:


(source: Washington Post)

President Obama’s Energy Secretary recently testified that his main focus is not to lower the price of gas but to decrease US dependence on oil. You’d think that those kinds of policies wouldn’t do much to endear people paying around $4 a gallon at the pump, and you’d be correct:

US President Barack Obama’s job approval rating, weighed down by soaring gas prices, has plunged below 50 per cent, giving his political opponents what appears to be an opening in the November election, a new opinion poll showed.

The survey by ABC News and The Washington Post indicated that only 46 per cent of Americans now approved of the way Obama is handling his job and 50 per cent disapproved.

The situation was a reversal from early February when 50 per cent approved of the president’s performance and 46 per cent disapproved.

According to the survey, the drop was attributed to soaring gas prices threatening to crimp America’s slow recovery from a recession.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts gasoline prices across the United States could average $4.25 (S$5.33) a gallon by May, up from over $3.60 (S$4.52) today.
The polls also found that 59 per cent of Americans had given Obama negative ratings on the economy, and 65 per cent disapproved of his handling of the gas price situation.

Additionally, misleading statements don’t seem to be having a positive effect on either the price of gas or the large disapproval number. Go figure.

Administration efforts to bring down the price of gas are underway. Those initiatives include accusing Republicans of waging war on women, discussions about tapping the strategic petroleum reserve, and accusing Republicans of waging war on women some more.

Something else that isn’t working is the ridiculing of Republicans calling for more domestic oil drilling:

A focus on “clean energy” and the theory that rising gas prices would force Americans to buy Volts is coming back to bite this administration (hoist by their own biodegradable, carbon-neutral, crony capitalist, Gore-approved petard), but they do appear to be trying to actively ward off events that might make the price go even higher before the election.

Update: Bring on the spinners:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar took to the White House briefing room Monday to defend President Obama’s energy plan after a new poll suggested high gas prices are eroding the president’s approval numbers.

Salazar insisted that Obama is reviewing short- and long-term actions to lower gas prices, while also noting that there are no quick fixes to the problem.

“All options are on the table because the president obviously feels the pain that the American people are facing,” Salazar said when asked if the administration would tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a 696-million barrel emergency oil stockpile.

Monday’s briefing is a strong indication of the White House’s concern with high gas prices, which have emerged as a threat to the president’s reelection.

I’m not so sure Americans will necessarily believe that somebody who’s about to fire up Air Force One, several C-130′s and C-17′s along with countless heavy ground vehicles for the campaign season can relate to their pain at the gas pump.

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Obama Asks Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling Another $1.2 Trillion So He Can Keep Saving America From Bankruptcy

by Doug Powers on Friday, January 13th, 2012

We knew this was coming. But like Vice President Pluggers always says, ya gotta spend money to keep from going bankrupt.

From the Washington Post:

President Barack Obama asked Congress Thursday for another $1.2 trillion increase in the nation’s debt limit, a request that is largely a formality but which carries election-year implications.

Congress has 15 days to reject the president’s request. Majority House Republicans, eager to criticize the president’s spending policies, immediately announced they would hold a vote next week on a resolution of disapproval.

It was the third and final such request the president was allowed under a deal the White House reached with lawmakers in August to prevent a government default.

Adding as much debt as Obama has is just plain unpatriotic. But don’t take my word for it:

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Well-Obama DID Promise to Change America!

by Rev. Austin Miles on Friday, December 30th, 2011

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Obama has fulfilled his promise (proclamation) to change America as the photo attests. This is an example of “San Francisco Values” that Democrat Nancy Pelosi is determined to see all of America embrace—UNDER THE FORCE OF LAW! (PHOTO COMING)

Indeed that very creature in the photo might be going to lunch somewhere in the city (which is perfectly legal in San Francisco), and plop his naked fecus filled butt in a chair that an unsuspecting patron may sit in later. Gross!

What is worse, if you are in that restaurant and your face expresses disgust or disapproval, the confused man can have YOU arrested for a hate crime. I kid you not. That is what Obama’s change in America has wrought. It is to be noted that the hate crime law was founded and pushed by the Jewish ADL (Anti-Defamation League). The Jews have actually sabotaged their own religion and culture.Why?

It is confused individuals like the one above, with the gender identification disorder, that is favored in the abominable new law, California SB 48, which MANDATES that our children in the public schools be taught to see these people as role models, to admire homosexuals, transgenders, cross-dressers, to emulate them, praise them, and help recruit others into those lifestyles.

This ushers in a new perverse freedom where anyone can use any bathroom, dressing room or shower they desire in the schools and can work openly in the school cafeteria and as teachers dressed or undressed as above. Macy’s created a furor recently when they fired a clerk who told a man he could not be in the women’s dressing rooms. Has the world gone nuts?

Wedding certificates no longer list “Bride” and “Groom.” They are now listed as Party 1 and Party 2. This is insane!  Again, Obama promised that he would change America. And he has!  He recently sent a Congratulations card to a ‘gay’ couple who went though a ‘marriage’ ceremony.

Apart from Obama’s attack on morals and family values, which is the very foundation for a successful country, the following stats were provided by Helen Trautman, CEO of Results Unlimited in Pittsburgh, who also furnished the photo:

This puts Obama’s economy measures into a much better perspective.

Lesson # 1:

* U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
* New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
* National debt: $14,271,000,000,000mc
* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000
Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:
* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
* Total budget cuts: $385

Got It ?????
OK now Lesson # 2:

Here’s another way to look at the Debt Ceiling:
Let’s say, You come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood….and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings. What do you think you should do?  Raise the ceilings, or pump out the crap?
Your choice is coming Nov. 2012

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