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Democrats on Benghazi and Cuba–“Same as it Ever Was”

by Humberto Fontova on Saturday, October 20th, 2012

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“I said we’d refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9/11—and today, al-Qaeda is on the run and Osama bin Laden is dead.” (U.S. President Barack Obama, October 11, 2012.)

“Let’s be clear, these protests (in Benghazi) were in reaction to a video that had spread around the region. We have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack.” (White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, September 14, 2012)

Let’s fast-reverse almost exactly fifty years:

(These missiles are) “nothing but refugee rumors. Nothing in Cuba presents a threat to the United States. There’s no likelihood that the Soviets or Cubans would try and install an offensive capability in Cuba.” (a sneering National Security Advisor, McGeorge Bundy, on ABC’s Issues and Answers, October 14, 1962.)

“There’s fifty-odd-thousand Cuban refugees in this country, all living for the day when we go to war with Cuba. They’re the ones putting out this kind of stuff (about missiles.)”( a sneering President John F. Kennedy, Oct. 15th 1962.)

For months prior to Bundy and Kennedy’s scoffing against the Cuban missile-mongers, dozens of Cuban exiles had been risking their lives by infiltrating Cuba and bringing out eyewitness reports of what remains the biggest military threat to the U.S. in its history. In the process, some of these Cuban boys were also dying by firing squad and torture at the hands of Castro and Che Guevara’s KGB-tutored secret police.

Exactly 24 hours after President Kennedy’s sneer against these Cuban exiles, U-2 photos sat on his desk showing those “refugee rumors,” pointed directly at Bundy, JFK, and their entire staff of Ivy League wizards.

The Obama Administration’s stupidity (and/or cover-up) regarding the Benghazi attack was exposed almost immediately. But how many of you were aware of the above “insights” by Kennedy and his “Best and Brightest?”

Thought so. And the reason is not far to seek. In 1962 we relied almost exclusively on the mainstream media. It sounds impossible, but John F. Kennedy was served by media toadies every bit as obsequious as those slobbering over Obama today. This collusion created a “slobbering love affair” and elevated political charade to a level Obama and his staffers can only envision in their sweetest dreams. This racket was made possible, of course, because no alternative media then existed.

The alternative media dug up and exposed much chumminess by “reporters“Monica Crowley and Martha Raddatz with Obama. But in their day “reporters” Sander Vanocur, James Reston and Ben Bradlee boasted openly about much closer chumminess with President Kennedy. And nobody batted an eye.

“The Ugly American –the bully and boor–has it coming,” seems another constant in the Democratic world-view. To wit:

“It is an extremely offensive video directed at Mohammed and Islam. Extremists and terrorists used this as an excuse to attack a variety of our embassies, including the one — the consulate in Libya. (U.S. President Barack Obama Sept. 12, 2012)

“The unrest we’ve seen around the region has been in reaction to a video that Muslims, many Muslims find offensive.” (Jay Carney Sept. 12, 2012.)

Now let’s fast-reverse to an interview President John F.

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Full Disclosure, Please, CBS and HuffPo

by Humberto Fontova on Sunday, July 24th, 2011

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Say The New York Post(owned by Rupert Murdoch) hired Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s daughter to denounce several U.S. legislators and a former U.S. President as “insane”—but described this apparatchik for a terror-sponsor innocently as a “columnist” and “Teheran-based news analyst.” Might the disclosure of her employment and pedigree merit media mention?

But the Huffington Post just hired the daughter of the president of a terrorist-sponsor’s “parliament,” for this very task and nobody bats an eye–mostly, of course, because few people know the details. As a service to Townhall readers, here’s the details: the HuffPo columnist is named Margarita Alarcon and her terror-sponsoring employer is Stalinist Cuba. Margarita’s father is Ricardo Alarcon, who has functioned as Castro’s Foreign Minister, ambassador to the UN and today functions as the president of Stalinist Cuba’s “Parliament.” In 2000, during a major crackdown by the Bush Administration against Cuban spying, Margarita’s father was denied a U.S. visa.

So shameless and relentless has been Ricardo Alarcon’s a**kissing over the decades that, upon Fidel’s frequently-predicted retirements, Alarcon was usually named the likely heir to Cuba’s Stalinist throne.

Unsurprisingly, Marco Rubio (son of Cuban refugees) heads the list of legislators denounced in the Huffington Post by the loyal daughter of Fidel Castro’s most slavish cabin-boy. Margarita Alarcon also functions as a “Havana-based” columnist for Castro’s Pravda-founded and trained media. In fact, her columns appear just to the left of Fidel and Raul Castro’s official pronouncements. So in running her articles, the Huffington Post is essentially transcribing (and translating) a Stalinist regime’s propaganda for the benefit of English readers.

From Margarita’s HuffPo bio we do learn that: “raised in New York City, Margarita has spent most of her adult life in Cuba. She has been traveling to the United States since her return home in the early 1980s.”

“Awwww, well isn’t that nice,” might react the typical Huff-Po reader. “She’s a worldly traveler, probably with a backpack, eager to expand her cultural horizons, like so much of her generation…Awwww.”

In fact her “raising” in New York occurred during her father’s lengthy stint as Fidel Castro’s Ambassador to the U.N. “Virtually every member of Cuba’s U.N mission is an intelligence agent,” revealed Alcibiades Hidalgo, who defected to the U.S. in 2002 after serving as Raul Castro’s Chief of Staff and Cuba’s ambassador to the U.N.. In 2003, 14 of those U.N.-stationed Cuban spies were rooted out and booted from the U.S.

Interestingly, The Huffington Post’s bio on Margarita Alarcon informs that, “she has not been back (to the U.S.) since 2003.”

No reason to single-out the Huff-Po, however. CBS has also run Margarita Alarcon’s articles, describing her innocently as a writer for Havana’s Casa de las Americas. Well, in 1983 a high ranking Cuban Intelligence officer named Jesus Perez Mendez defected to the U.S. and spilled his guts to the FBI. Among his spillings we encounter the following: “The Cuban DGI (Directorio General de Intelligencia, Castro’s KGB/STASI trained Secret service) controls the Casa de las Americas.”

Castro’s Intelligence services are touted as among the world’s best. So Margarita Alarcon is probably good at her job. But the Huffington Post and CBS (those noisy proponents of “full-disclosure!” by Republicans) could be more forthcoming about what that job is.

Norman Bailey, a high official in the U.S.

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“Bigots” and “Haters” Invite Refugees to Celebrate America’s Birthday

by Humberto Fontova on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

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When Cuban refugees by the thousands landed amidst “gun and religion-clinging people” with ingrained “antipathy to people who aren’t like them,” the potential for trouble was enormous. When young southern Americans just starting the travails (and joys) of careers and families suddenly found masses of excitable foreign-tongued, octopus-eating strangers applying for jobs besides them, working besides them, worshiping besides them, moving in next door–the potential for trouble was enormous.

In our case especially. In 1961 shortly after the Bay of Pigs betrayal we landed in New Orleans, deepest darkest Dixie. Worse, the city then hosted a huge NASA project, attracting blue collar workers from surrounding states, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi. Here’s backwoods states synonymous with hate and murderous bigotry–and here’s the social class most prone to it.

After all, Peter Fonda says Easy Rider was gunned down here. Oliver Stone says JFK’s murder was hatched here. Showcasing its villainy is a long-time fetish of Hollywood screenwriters and casters. We’d be lucky to get a welcome with mere tar and feathers. Firebombs and nooses were more likely.

My father was one of Castro’s tens of thousands of political prisoners at the time, listening to the gallant Che’s firing squads every dawn, wondering when his turn would come. My mother wondered too, but she didn’t much time to indulge in things like despair. She was alone in a strange country, penniless and friendless, with three kids to somehow feed, shelter and school. Two nephews were also under a death sentence after fighting to the last bullet at the Bay of Pigs. (Actually, we had it relatively easy. Most Cuban refugee families can relate stuff ten times as hair-raising and heartbreaking.)

But a knock on the door in those early days and a burly stranger visible through the window wasn’t exactly comforting. We hadn’t been living in the humble apartment complex for long when it came. We peeked through the window, “AHHH!! Is that a WHITE HOOD?!!

No, it’s Mrs Jeffrey from next door with her bleached blond bouffant.

“And what’s she carrying?– AAAHHH!! Is that a shotgun?! A rope?! A bomb?!”

No. It’s a basket of fried chicken. And that’s Mr. Jeffrey behind her. He’s coming to offer help translating that job application.

The Jeffreys were originally from Texas. To liberals the place probably denotes religious nuts in Waco and sadistic yahoos dragging people to their death behind pick-up trucks. To us it’s Mrs. Jeffrey with her big basket of food, and more importantly, with her big Texas smile. A few days later she took my mother shopping with her. Next day she consoled her during another sob-fest.

Mr. Jeffrey was a WWII vet and knew some Spanish. I’ll never forget him sitting next to my mother, swerving from fiery rage to silent sympathy while apologizing to her in a heavy Texas twang for JFK’s Bay of Pigs backstab- as if it was his doing, as if he hadn’t done enough for others’ freedom already!

But as Mr. Jeffrey saw it that was his flag on those ships off the Cuban coast in April 1961, his flag on the planes overhead. And his President who gave them the order to scram as Soviet artillery and armor poured in and Cuban patriots fought to the last bullet. Mr.

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Entitled Americans Vs. Cuban Cigar Maker

by Doug Giles on Sunday, June 26th, 2011

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Once again this spring my daughter Regis and I were fortunate to spend two weeks hunting bears in Alaska with four Purple Heart recipients. As God would have it, three out of the four warriors were able to let the air out of some beautiful black bears and, thankfully, we got the majority of these hunts on film for our upcoming PETA petrifying TV show. Delicious.

Before splitting for Alaska and joining the best of the best for a black bear smack down, the Padrón Cigar Company in Miami gave my friend Oscar a box of cigars to bless our guests for putting their lives on the line for our freedom, families and flag. Muchas gracias to the Padrón Family. Rest assured, Señor Padrón, they welcomed and enjoyed the cigars immensely. The gentlemen who roasted these bad boys during the trip told me to tell you, “Thank you very much!” So, thank you very much.

I have long been a big fan of Padrón cigars. I love their entire lineup of smokes from the Family Reserve, to their top shelf 1926 series, to the 1964 anniversary edition, to their Padrón series, especially the 7000. I have never had a bad Padrón; their cigars have always rocked my world, and that’s why they will have a permanent place in my beautiful humidor.

Aside from Padrón’s generosity in giving cigars to our nation’s finest during our hunt and apart from being impressed time and time again with the quality of their smokes, I was also duly impressed by the story of how Padrón cigars came to be—especially in light of the fact of how many whiners in our nation have become giant, wet-diapered entitlement clowns. Not so with José Orlando Padrón. Check it out in José’s own words:

In 1962, I arrived in Miami, an unknown city in a foreign land. I had to start from zero. At first I received $60 monthly as government aid given to Cuban refugees. I was thirty-six years old, strong and in good health. Every time I cashed that check, I felt like a burden on the country that had taken me in. For many days, I looked for a job and did not find one. Every night, I went home and thought of the future. I was determined to do something so that I could support my family.

One day, Raul Fernandez, a friend who worked in the Cuban Refugee Office, asked if I had any carpentry skills. I said I did. He gave me a gift—a small hammer—which he asked me to put to good use. The hammer made me feel I had the necessary tool to become self-sufficient and not depend on government hand-out. During the days, I worked as a gardener. At night, I did carpentry work with the hammer.

My dream was to save enough money to open a factory to make great cigars, like the ones we used to smoke in Cuba.

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