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Pair of Colorado Dems Explain How to Protect Yourself Without Carrying a Gun

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Why you don’t need to carry a gun to effectively protect yourself…

First up, Colorado Dem State Rep. Joe Salazar has a twofold message for women on campus: 1) You shouldn’t carry a gun because what do you think they invented rape whistles and call boxes for? And 2) You shouldn’t carry a gun because you might shoot somebody just because you incorrectly believed that person was planning to do you harm (you know how impulsive women can be), even though the man was in fact only observing you… maybe because he was doing research for his job as a Colorado state legislator or something like that:

From the on-deck circle, Colorado State Senator Jesse Ulibarry adds another effective way to defend yourself from a crazed gunman without carrying a gun yourself: Ball point pens:

This is exactly why the security guards who protect the Colorado State Legislature are armed with nothing except scissors, BICs and rape whistles. Or maybe not.

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Cower, Lock The Door, Grab The Scissors, Act Like A Sheep

by Bob Livingston on Friday, February 1st, 2013

Cower, Lock The Door, Grab The Scissors, Act Like A Sheep


The Department of Homeland Security has new advice for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in a situation where their workplace is being shot to pieces by a crazed gunman: cower under the desk, lock the door, grab the scissors, hope you don’t get shot.

In a ridiculously simplistic propaganda video entitled “Options for Consideration,” DHS mentions recent mass shootings — all of which occurred in gun-free zones — and gives instructions on the best ways to cower in fear and hope you don’t get shot. The video description claims it “demonstrates possible actions to take if confronted with a (sic) active shooter scenario. The instructive video reviews the choices of evacuating, hiding, or, as an option of last resort, challenging the shooter.” The challenge makes no mention of pulling out your own personal protection firearm, but does suggest grabbing a pair of scissors.

The ultimate irony is that at the end of the video, a group of law enforcement officers wielding personal defense weapons enter the workplace looking for the shooter. Anyone running out of the workplace with hands in the air is allowed to pass. Meanwhile, officers are going into office carrying the very weapons the gun grabbers want to deny lawful gun owners.

The overall message of DHS is clear: Take no action beyond pretending to be a herd animal and hope law enforcement gets there before everyone in the building is dead or dying.

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The Pro-Second Amendment Side Needs a Shift in How They Argue Their Case

by Doug Powers on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

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The Senate Judiciary Committee has been having hearings on gun control. On the pro gun control side, Gabby Giffords, victim of a crazed gunman, said “too many children are dying.” At a hearing in Connecticut, the father of a child murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary gave similar testimony (and gave some in the blinded-by-bias media a chance to show off their mad video editing skillz).

And on the pro Second Amendment side we most often hear testimony from Wayne LaPierre, somebody else from the NRA, or lawyers arguing on behalf of the Second Amendment. They make arguments on constitutional grounds and even speak about people whose lives are saved because they had guns — but where are those people? Ask them to come forward at hearings and press conferences.

Let’s face it, the left usually kicks the right’s ass when it comes to emotional arguments that are designed to tug at the heart so aggressively that onlookers are too distracted to use their heads to think through what’s actually being presented to them (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as we pride ourselves on being on the side of reason). However, emotional arguments can be constructed without selling out on the logic and common sense end of things, and that’s where the right needs to do a better job.

There certainly are no shortages of children (and adults) whose lives have been saved because of gun ownership. Almost every day there’s a story. Here’s one from just the day before yesterday:

A home invasion suspect was arrested at a hospital after a mother shot him during the crime at a Montgomery County home, deputies said Wednesday.

Erin, who asked to be identified only by her first name, told Local 2 she was putting her 6-year-old son to bed when she heard a loud noise coming from her bedroom on Mink Lake Drive Friday night.

“I threw the cover over my son and I took off running, screaming to the living room to let my dogs out,” she said.

Erin said she turned around and saw three masked men, pointing a gun right at her.

The woman had a gun — at least two actually — and it didn’t end well for one of the criminals. The other two fled, and the mother and her son were unharmed as a result.

Why can’t people like this be asked to testify against gun control? I’m sure some would agree to. Find mothers and fathers with children who can honestly say “if some of the more radical gun control measures you’re proposing were the law, my son, daughter and I would more than likely be dead right now.” I know, I know… a tragedy that happened is more newsworthy to the MSM than a tragedy that was averted (especially if they think the former helps push a liberal agenda and the latter a conservative one), but the pro Second Amendment side needs to more effectively address the method with which they’re being demonized.

Or… should we adhere to the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” rule?

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6 simple things parents can do in the wake of massacres without government

by Michelle Malkin on Monday, December 17th, 2012

1. Teach our kids about the acts of heroes in times of crisis.

Tell them about Newtown teacher Vicki Soto’s self-sacrifice and bravery. Tell them about Clackamas mall shopper Nick Meli, a concealed carry permit-holder whose quick action may have prevented additional deaths. Tell them about Family Research Council security guard Leo Johnson, who protected workers from a crazed gunman. Tell them about the heroic men in the Aurora movie theater who gave their lives taking bullets for their loved ones. Tell them about armed Holocaust Museum security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, who died fighting back against the museum’s nutball attacker. Tell them about armed private citizen Jeanne Assam, who gunned down the New Life Church attacker in Colorado Springs and saved untold lives.

2. Train our kids: When they see something troublesome or wrong, say something. If a young classmate exhibits bizarre or violent behavior toward himself/herself, other students, teachers, or parents, report it right away. If it gets ignored, say it louder. Don’t give up. Don’t just shrug off the “weirdo” saying/doing dangerous things and don’t just hope someone else will act.

3. Limit our kids’ time online and control their exposure to desensitizing cultural influences.

Turn off the TV. Get them off the bloody video games. Protect them from age-inappropriate Hollywood violence. Make sure they are active and engaged with us and the world, not pent up in a room online every waking moment.

4. If you see a parent struggling with an out-of-control child, don’t look the other way. If you are able to offer any kind of help, do it. Don’t wait.

5. We still don’t know the medical condition of the Newtown shooter. But we do know that social stigmas are strong. We don’t need government to take immediate, individual action to break those stigmas. There are millions of children, teens, and young adults suffering from very real mental illnesses. Be silent no more about your family’s experiences, your struggles, your pains, and your fears. Speak up.

6. Teach our kids to value and respect life by valuing and respecting them always.


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End Of The World? Only The Father Knows

by Bob Livingston on Friday, May 20th, 2011

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End Of The World? Only The Father Knows

This will be the last Freedom Watch I will write. The world as we know it ends tomorrow, according to Harold Camping, who said his calculations come from his reading of the Bible and comparing numerological calculations to historical events like the founding of Israel in 1948.

Camping has been broadcasting on his Family Radio Worldwide independent ministry that the Rapture — the time when Christians both dead and alive will be taken into heaven and a period of tribulation will begin on Earth — will definitely occur Saturday.

“Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment,” he said in January.

A lot of people believe it. There are news reports of unrest and gatherings in countries around the world as Camping’s followers prepare. One of his followers, Chris McCann, told Fox News he plans to spend Saturday with his family, reading the Bible and praying. McCann works with eBible Fellowship, which met for the last time on Monday.

“We had a final lunch and everyone said goodbye,” McCann said. “We don’t actually know who’s saved and who isn’t, but we won’t gather as a fellowship again.”

Likewise, I won’t be writing another Freedom Watch, unless…

Jesus is quoted in Matthew 24:36: “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.”

I’m not certain what calculations Camping used to come up with his date, but it takes a great deal of hubris for someone to think he knows more about God’s schedule than the Son of God. I, personally, wouldn’t deign to say Christ is coming tomorrow — or that He isn’t. Or that He is coming the next day or in 1,000 years.

But I do think it’s great that McCann will spend the day with family reading the Bible and praying. That’s something we should all do every day. After all, we are guaranteed only the time we are in. A heart attack, a lighting strike, a meteor, a bus, a crazed gunman and a host of other possibilities exist that could take us out in an instant.

And that’s why we should heed Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 24:44: “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

So this will be the last Freedom Watch I will write, or it won’t. But since we can’t be sure if the world will end tomorrow, we are going to go ahead and have Monday’s Personal Liberty Alerts™ put together this afternoon, as we normally would, so you can get it first thing Monday… if you’re still here.

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Dictatorship by Executive Order Could Be Headed Our Way; We Must Stop It

by Jerry McConnell on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

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imageOn Wednesday, November 03, 2010, the day following the national elections, Barack Obama proclaimed, “They ‘shellacked’ us” meaning the conservative Republicans won a hugely significant number of seats in Congress along with a large number of state governorships that had been held for the previous four years by the Democrats; and more specifically, the liberal Democrats.

Since that date, now two plus months ago, this same bunch of losers have done nothing to correct the mistakes and terribly bad moves they made to cause such a drubbing, in fact, they have done nothing but complain, label the voting public as fools and accomplices of nefarious politicians who lie, cheat and steal; the vices that have been largely proven to be more attributable to those same liberal Democrats.

On Saturday, January 08, 2011 a mentally deranged young man, Jared Lee Loughner, a reader of the Communist Manifesto, a book written by the German Marxist political theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels; also reader of the works of Adolph Hitler the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, commonly known as the Nazi Party and Chancellor of Germany prior to and during World War II; and follower of the American liberal Democrat Party, opened fire at a crowd who came to see and hear Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon, Arizona.

This madman, shot and killed six people including Republican U.S. District Judge John Roll, and wounded more than a dozen more including Congresswoman Giffords a Democrat; but did Obama’s followers attach any blame on their own people who are primarily of the same beliefs as the crazed gunman; most assuredly NOT, in fact, the only ones being blamed by the liberal Democrats and their mainstream media stooges were conservatives and Republicans in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Faced with these adverse conditions and results,  Obama is seen as losing his grip on leadership of the country mainly through loss of Congressional power and he is aiming for rule by fiat, or an authoritative decree, sanction, or order; in other words, by Executive Order.

This is affirmed by an information bulletin on January 14, 2011 created by the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) saying that “Mr. Obama has already decided that he is going to try to rule by Executive Order” even though “Executive Orders are unconstitutional, as they are simply interoffice memos from the “boss” of the Executive Branch to his employees.”

USJF Executive Director Gary G. Kreep, Esq., explains “Yes, Executive Orders are unconstitutional, as they are simply interoffice memos from the “boss” of the Executive Branch to his employees. And, in precisely the same vein, “Secretarial Orders,” the new “under the radar slider” used by Mr. Obama’s department heads, are equally unconstitutional. Executive Orders and Secretarial Orders bypass the U.S. Congress, which Barack Obama no longer controls.


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Giffords Episode Unleashes Leftist Venom

by Christopher G. Adamo on Thursday, January 13th, 2011

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Within hours after last weekend’s horrendous shooting rampage that left six dead and more than a dozen wounded including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a truly ugly picture of a segment of America has emerged. It does not reflect the isolated actions of a lone, crazed gunman in Arizona, but the monolithic behavior of a reprehensible liberal political machine and its lapdogs in the major media. Sadly, homicidal maniacs have plagued the human race since Cain. Such shameless propagandizing, in contrast, is a relatively new phenomenon.

The disgraceful but predictable blitzkrieg of accusations from the nation’s leftists was in full swing even before the splattered blood could be cleaned from the pavement at the Tucson Safeway where the attack occurred. Without knowing any of the specifics, liberals were immediately in front of every camera offering a veritable “who’s who” of American conservatives as being somehow complicit in motivating the acts of a solitary mad man.

Since that time, it has become abundantly obvious that “alleged” gunman Jared Loughner was anything but conservative, and is much more appropriately aligned with the morally rudderless and nihilistic counterculture that decries traditional America and its values. Regardless, the calamitous nature of this situation is obviously too valuable of an opportunity for liberals to let it pass by, merely because the facts of the situation do not fit their premises of what ails America.

So, despite the ongoing revelations that daily invalidate any supposed connections between Loughner, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or the Tea Party movement, liberal hysteria is not abating. It is a great time to cry “foul” and point the finger at every enemy of the political left, condemning them in the harshest of terms and demanding they henceforth be silenced by whatever governmental power can be invoked for this purpose. That this is all done under such sanctimonious auspices as “toning down the harsh rhetoric of recent years” would be comical in its irony, were not the impending consequences of this effort so dire for the future of the nation.

Fortunately, the modern “minutemen” on the right were quick to respond to the situation, rapidly and astutely anticipating the ghoulish glee and enthusiasm with which the leftists would seek to exploit this horrendous tragedy, all for the improvement of their own political fortunes and with total disregard of the facts and the sensibilities of those whose lives were devastated by it. Though the “nightly news” is devoid of such abundantly available information, alternative media outlets are overflowing with accounts of truly hateful and incendiary commentary from liberals in recent years, which most often failed to elicit even a shred of criticism from those like-minded commentators who now look down their pious noses at conservative America and excoriate it in the severest of terms.

That none of this caterwauling bears even the slightest connection to the horrible actualities of the Tucson tragedy, and likewise, none of the proposed “remedies” bear even the minutest chance of preventing any similar future occurrences, is inconsequential. It continues nonetheless. Once the dust settles on all of the appalling grandstanding and jaundiced media “analysis,” the fate of those who lost their lives or their loved ones is of little consequence if the liberal cause can be advanced.

Clearly the left is overplaying its hand.

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Obama’s Arizona memorial speech fails to mention his complicity

by Jim Kouri on Thursday, January 13th, 2011

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“Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own,” Sarah Palin said. “Especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence that they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.”

The President and First Lady bow their heads in prayer yesterday. Photo: USA Sentinel

When former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin uttered the above words on Wednesday, the news media and the left — often difficult to differentiate from one another — again pounced on her with snippy commentary and accusations that her past pronouncements contributed to the otherwise senseless slaughter in Arizona last Saturday.

“If anything positive can be attributed to the mass shootings by a crazed gunman named Jared Loughner it is the fact that many members of the news media removed their masks and ceased pretending to be unbiased arbiters of truth,” said political strategist Mike Baker.

“In my 30 years in politics, I have never seen such lock-stepping hatred for a politician by folks in the media and so-called political activists,” Baker said.

Meanwhile, these same Palin-haters gushed over President Barack Obama’s speech during a memorial service for the victims killed and wounded by an Arizona madman, Baker pointed out.

“Bad things happen, and we must guard against simple explanations in the aftermath,” Obama said at the Wednesday night memorial service for the victims.

“The truth is that none of us can know exactly what triggered this vicious attack. None of us can know with any certainty what might have stopped those shots from being fired, or what thoughts lurked in the inner recesses of a violent man’s mind,” he said.

But if  — as many on the left angrily accuse — there indeed is blood on the hands of Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or Fox News, then there must be blood on the hands, forearms, clothing and face of the current occupant of the Oval Office. When comes to using vitriolic language about opponents or fraternizing with radicals and killers, Obama takes a backseat to no one.

While Barack Obama’s friends and supporters in the news media have downplayed his friendship and business relationship with former terrorist — now a Marxist university professor — Willam Ayers, one aspect of the Ayers terrorism saga they completely ignore is his reputation as a cop-killer.

For instance, in Nyack, New York, Ayers’ terrorist group the Weather Underground launched an armored-car robbery that left two Nyack, NY police officers — Officer Waverly Brown and Sergeant Ed O’Grady — mortally wounded. In addition, the Brinks armored-car driver, Peter Paige was shot to death by the Weathermen.

Quite simply, Ayers’ group of killers left five children without fathers as a result of the brutal and vicious armored car robbery.

Progressives for Obama signatories include Weathermen Howard Machtinger, Jeff Jones, Steve Tappis and Mark Rudd. Machtinger helped author the mission statement of the Weathermen that called for revolutionaries within the United States to wage a ‘people’s war’ and attack from within.

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