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A History of the Disastrous Global Warming Hoax

by Alan Caruba on Friday, March 28th, 2014

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“It is the greatest deception in history and the extent of the damage has yet to be exposed and measured,” says Dr. Tim Ball in his new book, “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science”.

Dr. Ball has been a climatologist for more than forty years and was one of the earliest critics of the global warming hoax that was initiated by the United Nations environmental program that was established in 1972 and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) established in 1988.

Several UN conferences set in motion the hoax that is based on the assertion that carbon dioxide (CO2) was causing a dramatic surge in heating the Earth. IPCC reports have continued to spread this lie through their summaries for policy makers that influenced policies that have caused nations worldwide to spend billions to reduce and restrict CO2 emissions. Manmade climate change—called anthropogenic global warming—continues to be the message though mankind plays no role whatever
There is no scientific support for the UN theory.

CO2, despite being a minor element of the Earth’s atmosphere, is essential for all life on Earth because it is the food that nourishes all vegetation. The Earth has passed through many periods of high levels of CO2 and many cycles of warming and cooling that are part of the life of the planet.

“Science works by creating theories based on assumptions,” Dr. Ball notes, “then other scientists—performing their skeptical role—test them. The structure and mandate of the IPCC was in direct contradiction of this scientific method. They set out to prove the theory rather than disprove it.”

“The atmosphere,” Dr. Ball notes, “is three-dimensional and dynamic, so building a computer model that even approximates reality requires far more data than exists and much greater understanding of an extremely turbulent and complex system.” No computer model put forth by the IPCC in support of global warming has been accurate, nor ever could be.

Most of the reports were created by a small group of men working within the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia and all were members of the IPCC. The result was “a totally false picture supposedly based on science.”

The revelations of emails between the members of the CRU were made available in 2009 by an unknown source. Dr. Ball quotes Phil Jones, the Director of the CRU at the time of the leaks, and Tom Wigley, a former director addressing other CRU members admiting that “Many of the uncertainties surrounding the cause of climate change will never be resolved because the necessary data are lacking.”

The IPCC depended upon the public’s lack of knowledge regarding the science involved and the global warming hoax was greatly aided because the “mainstream media bought into and promoted the unproven theory. Scientists who challenged were denied funding and marginalized. National environmental policies were introduced based on the misleading information” of the IPCC summaries of their reports.

“By the time of the 2001 IPCC Third Assessment Report, the politics and hysteria about climate change had risen to a level that demanded clear evidence of a human signal,” notes Dr. Ball. “An entire industry had developed around massive funding from government. A large number of academic, political, and bureaucratic careers had evolved and depended on expansion of the evidence.

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USA now under full dictatorship…Congress continues 3 monkey policy

by Sher Zieve on Thursday, January 16th, 2014

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On 14 January 2014, Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama all but announced his dictatorship to the world. At a Presser photo-op, Obama announced the irrelevancy of Congress when he stated firmly: “One of the things I’ll be emphasizing in this meeting is the fact that we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need.”

“I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward…”

Our US Congress (you know…the House Representatives and Senators we elected to keep our country’s foundational structure intact) have betrayed the people almost as badly as has Obama. Obama betrayed Americans by lying about virtually everything he told them before his second term “election.” Congress has betrayed us by utilizing their 3-Monkey policy: ‘See nothing…Hear nothing…Say nothing’.

I have been writing that Obama planned his dictatorship well before he was elected and in 2008 when I wrote in my column “Is the USA Ready for an American Stalin?”: “After Obama is elected, all of his programs and people to keep him in power indefinitely – and to rid him of any and all opposition – will be firmly in place. You will not be able to vote him out of office. By the time he assumes the position of President of the United States it will already be too late. A democratic republic will last only so long as people of good will allow and fight for it. After they are gone – or removed – it is ended.”

I firmly believe that, without almost immediate action, we are almost to that point of irreversibility.

For some time now, Obama has been methodically nullifying the power of Congress and SCOTUS as co-equal branches of the US Federal Government. Now, he appears to be very close to making it official. Since Obama took the office a US President, he has been actively diminishing both the Legislative and Judicial branches of the federal government. He bypasses Congress with his own Executive Orders (many of which are patently illegal as they contradict the US Constitution and other US laws) and he and his Department of [In] Justice now regularly and often refuse to follow decisions rendered by the Supreme Court of the United States if they disagree with them. The Obama syndicate members also refuse to follow and uphold any and all laws they don’t like…and those that thwart their ongoing criminal activities.

Note: A President’s refusal to follow the US Constitution and other US laws is an illegal use of his power. Said POTUS must first go through a series of analyses to determine if said law in unconstitutional.

Since the tyrant took office, he has been quietly (except to some of us) preparing his rise to power from which he will not allow himself to be removed. Yesterday, he floated his trial balloon to see how the country would accept it. Reliably, the media largely ignored it. Will you? Will we?

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

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‘Wise Latina’ in Black Robe Exempts Catholic Nuns from Contraception Mandate!

by John Lillpop on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

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As ObamaCare, America’s health-care law from hell, continues its train-wreck journey towards self-annihilation, one of the most liberal judges on the US Supreme Court has supped from the cup of wisdom borne of good sense, found it spiritually gratifying, and has granted another exemption from the law’s onerous Mandate Madness.

Specifically, before dropping the ball to officially ring in the New Year at Times Square in New York City, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, self-described ‘wise Latina,’ dropped another ball on the ObamaCare ruse by exempting certain Catholic nuns from the ObamaCare contraception Mandate, at least until the full Supreme Court is able to rule on the issue.

As reported:

“Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Tuesday granted another exemption for an organization that objected to the contraception mandate tied to Obamacare, saying a group of Colorado nuns who sued over the rule on religious grounds should not have to comply with it until the high court considers the case on its merits this term.”

One wonders how the Founding Fathers would react to news that intervention by the US Supreme Court was necessary to prevent the bloated and incompetent federal government from forcing presumably chaste Nuns to purchase contraception services as part of mandated health-care?

No doubt the majority of the Founders would agree that America’s precarious decline into progressive insanity was sufficient cause for serious talk about a 2nd America revolution!

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Michelle Obama: Don’t forget to talk with your family about Obamacare on Thanksgiving

by Doug Powers on Thursday, November 28th, 2013

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This was at the end of the end of yet another OFA fundraising email signed by Michelle Obama:

P.S. — As you spend time with loved ones this holiday season, be sure to talk with them about what health care reform can mean for them — OFA has some tips to help get the ball rolling.

Because there’s no reason every Thanksgiving table in America can’t double as a re-education camp.

Here’s some of the pointers:


And by no means should the Obamacare holiday sales force mention the plummeting approval rating of the inventor of the product they’re trying to sell.

Such intrusions on the sanctity of my family’s Thanksgiving will probably be met with gentle resistance:



Point to ponder:

RB @RBPundit Follow

If you have to prepare talking points to arm your supporters with for THANKSGIVING DINNER, you are on the losing side of an argument. @DCCC

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Playing Billiards with David Hume

by Rev. Austin Miles on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

I became obsessed with the idea of playing a game of billiards with the late philosopher David Hume. But how? I stopped in the Los Medanos College (LMC) Laboratory where biology students were preparing to roll out a cadaver to study and dissect.


Philosopher David Hume

I made my way over to a rarely used section of the lab, which dealt with time lapse and accidentally backed into a button on a warped wall, which caused a blinding flash.

Incredibly, I found myself in a large room with a single over sized billiard table. The room was strangely Baroque in style. The door opened slowly and in walked a man wearing a brocade coat and a powdered wig. His nose was bulbous, his chin squat, yet there was a gentle quality in his face.

Could this be…the philosopher whom I vehemently disagreed with on paper? The thinker who seemed to devote his life and literary talents to bury historic Christianity? The man who stated that “Religious truth is illusory and that there was no such thing as a miracle?”

Without a word, we each picked up a pool cue. “Three-ball in the side pocket,” I declared. “NO!” he exclaimed with rising passion, “You cannot say with certainty that the cue-ball striking the 3-ball will cause that ball to move and drop into the side pocket.”

“But,” I protested, “the cue ball would be the cause to effect the 3-ball to move. In your own teachings you state that A, the ‘cause,’ always precedes B, the ‘effect’ and that there is constant conjunction for we always see ‘A’ followed by ‘B’, so my statement is valid.”

“But,” Hume thundered back with his Scottish accent, “you have never witnessed the event that you intend to accomplish, specifically this particular 3-ball moving upon the impact of the cue-ball and propelling it into a specific side pocket, so therefore you cannot make such a statement.”

“No?…then watch this!”  I pulled back the cue-stick, and thrust it forward with full power. It hit the cue ball which launched it forward where it struck the 3-ball with a resounding thud. A blinding flash filled the room.

I found myself standing on a deserted street in the ancient city of Vallejo. Walking through the ruins, I found a structure with a sign that proclaimed, “Teeter’s Restaurant and Pool Hall.” Before going inside I was greeted by the owner at the doorway. A little boy walking down the sidewalk pointed and said to his father, “That’s Billy Teeter, the greatest pool player in the world!”

Teeter’s eyes met mine. “Let’s play pool,” I said with authority. We circled the pool table, cues in hand. Teeter pointed to the table with his cue stick. “Three-ball in the side pocket,” he announced. “No No” I protested…“causality is not a quality in the objects we observe but is rather a ‘habit of association’ in the mind produced by the repetition of instances of A and B.”

Teeter’s face tightened. “Three-ball in the side pocket,” he said through clenched teeth.” No…NO! Hume says that while we do have impressions of contiguity, priority and constant conjunction, we do not have any impression of necessary conjunction.

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Don’t forget Obamacare’s electronic medical records wreck

by Michelle Malkin on Thursday, October 24th, 2013

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Don’t forget Obamacare’s electronic medical records wreck
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2013

Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, a Philadelphia orthopedic surgeon, has a timely reminder for everyone encountering the federal health care exchange meltdown: “If you think signing up for Obamacare is a nightmare, ask your doctor how the EMR mandate is going.”

The White House finally acknowledged the spectacular public disaster of Obamacare’s Internet exchange infrastructure during Monday’s Rose Garden infomercial. But President Shamwow and his sales team are AWOL on the bureaucratic ravages of the federal electronic medical records mandate. Modernized data collection is a worthy goal, of course. But distracted doctors are seeing “more pixels than patients,” Dr. DiNubile observes, and the EMR edict is foisting “dangerous user-unfriendly technology” on physicians and patients.

Instead of concentrating on care, doctors face exhausting regulatory battles over the definition of “meaningful use” of technology, skyrocketing costs and unwarranted Big Brother intrusions on the practice of medicine.

As I reported last year, Obamacare’s top-down, tax-subsidized, job-killing, privacy-undermining electronic record-sharing scheme has been a big fat bust. More than $4 billion in “incentives” has been doled out to force doctors and hospitals to convert and upgrade by 2015. But favored EMR vendors, including Obama bundler Judy Faulkner’s Epic Systems, have undermined rather than enhanced interoperability. Oversight remains lax. And after hyping the alleged benefits for nearly a decade, the RAND Corporation finally ‘fessed up that its cost-savings predictions of $81 billion a year — used repeatedly to support the Obama EMR mandate — were (like every other Obamacare promise) vastly overstated.

In June, the Annals of Emergency Medicine published a study warning that the “rush to capitalize on the huge federal investment of $30 billion for the adoption of electronic medical records led to some unfortunate and unintended consequences” tied to “communication failure, poor data display, wrong order/wrong patient errors and alert fatigue.” Also this summer, Massachusetts reported that 60 percent of doctors could not meet the EMR mandate and face potential loss of their licenses in 2015. And a few weeks ago, the American College of Physicians pleaded with the feds to delay the mandate’s data collection, certification and reporting requirements.

Dr. Hayward K. Zwerling, an internal medicine physician in Massachusetts who is also president of ComChart Medical Software, blasted the Obamacare EMR mandate in a recent open letter: “As the developer of an EMR, I sincerely believe that a well-designed EMR is a useful tool for many practices. However, the federal and state government’s misguided obsession to stipulate which features must be in the EMRs, and how the physician should use the EMRs in the exam room places the politicians in the middle of the exam room between the patient and the physician, and seriously disrupts the physician-patient relationship.” Zwerling’s call to arms appealed to fellow doctors to pressure the feds to repeal the mandate. “It is past time that physicians reclaim control of their offices, if not the practice of medicine.”

As I’ve mentioned previously, my own primary care physician in Colorado Springs quit her regular practice and converted to “concierge care” because of the EMR imposition. Dr. Henry Smith, a Pennsylvania pulmonary doctor, also walked away.

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Obamacare: the Hope and Change has turned into Hope and Hype

by Stephen Levine on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

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It is now apparent that President Obama’s mantra of “Hope and Change” has now turned into “Hope and Hype.”

Hoping that nobody will notice that the Obama Administration has thoroughly screwed up the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to the point of a bureaucratic tangled ball of yarn.

And, is hyping the non-existent benefits to keep the revenue flowing into the government’s coffers and the public’s attention focused on an improbable future – where the chickens will come home to roost after Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats have left office and Obama is either heading the United Nations as the Socialist-in-Chief or heading his own money-spinning Clintonesque foundation.

— steve

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‘Clean energy’ kick: Obama’s $7 billion plan to power Africa includes soccer ball generators

by Doug Powers on Monday, July 1st, 2013

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President Obama has pledged $7 billion for electricity and “clean energy” initiatives in sub Saharan Africa (how do you say “Solyndra” in Swahili?).

Part of Obama’s plan to power up Africa includes soccer balls that generate electricity. This just has to be part of FLOTUS’s Let’s Move program:

And then today, White House aide Mike Froman explained the soccer ball idea to the press aboard Air Force One, as the pool report details:

Mr. Froman also talked about POTUS’s efforts to help bring reliable power to Africa, which will be the subject of an event in Tanzania on Tuesday morning. He noted as one example an invention designed to bring electricity to many of the small villages that are not connected to the grid.

POTUS will cite on Tuesday two women from Harvard who invented what’s called the “socket ball” — it’s a soccer ball that has a small electric generator inside a soccer ball. As kids kick it around all day, it generates electricity and stores it in a battery.

Mr. Froman said that he and Mr. Rhodes tested out the “socket ball” and that it will be demonstrated Tuesday (though it’s not clear that POTUS will kick the ball around or not.)

The pool reporter quotes Froman as saying, “Kids play soccer all day long. They take the thing, the ball home, and you can plug a lamp into it and they can read at night. Or they can plug a cell phone charger into it.”

The people in Froman’s hypothetical example are living in a remote, off-the-grid village with no electricity but apparently there’s a cell phone tower just up the road.

Passing thought: They should make a “socket golf ball” and I’ll bet President Obama could generate enough electricity to power the White House for a year.

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The Benghazi Deception

by Douglas J. Hagmann on Thursday, May 16th, 2013

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It is interesting that the corporate media, like sharks attracted to chum in the water, is just now appearing to treat Benghazi as a political scandal similar to Watergate that took down former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon in his second term. While many people see the comparison, I not only see the comparison, but also sense a collusion of a different, more nefarious and less conspicuous type as well.

As the details of Benghazi are beginning to emerge from “whistleblowers” and the murderous events are being rightfully elevated to the proper realm of criminal conspiracy, other scandals have suddenly seemed to erupt, almost as if cued by a complicit choreographer. Most egregious misdeeds of the Internal Revenue Service, for example, that allegedly targeted Conservative groups, from 501(c)3 organizations to any group with Tea party or Constitution in their names, were suddenly “revealed.”

Other scandals of lesser significance, but nonetheless poking at the embers of public ire and intolerance are popping up as well. Watching the people who are reading the multiple news headlines on various news aggregation sites are like watching spectators at Wimbledon, as their heads move from side to side as they follow the ball in play.  The white noise of new problems are constantly erupting, resulting in a feeding frenzy in the waters surrounding the Executive branch.

While fascinating to watch, has anyone stopped to consider that the process of chumming the waters with a flurry of cascading news events, combined with a docu-dump of 100 pages of Benghazi e-mails is actually a methodically orchestrated diversion? What is it we are not supposed to be seeing amid the white noise of new controversies of varying values? Are we being told that we’re aboard the Queen Mary and being directed to look over the port side at the antics of the sharks attracted by the chumming of the waters while we’re actually aboard the RMS Lusitania sailing through the Irish Channel on the afternoon of May 7, 1915? Meanwhile, a torpedo fired from a German U-boat is traveling directly for our starboard side, and is about to take the entire ship down.

Like a levy that has been suspiciously breached, the informational flood created by these news events is without recent precedent. The timing of this flood is of particularly critical importance. The headlines are diverting our attention away from a critical window of investigative value relating to Benghazi. Could it be that we’re seeing a form of force majeure being implemented to overwhelm and distract us from something far more important to truth seekers and consequently, much more lethal to Obama’s second term? Perhaps the Cloward-Piven strategy adapted and modified for the modern news cycles of today?

The Watergate-Benghazi time continuum

It has become common practice to use the Watergate “scandal” as the basis for any controversy involving the President or the White House, having set some arbitrary high-water mark for behavioral tolerance involving a sitting president. Watergate is commonly used to describe an intricate web of criminal deception that took place during former President Richard Nixon’s second term in the White House, and is routinely identified as the cause that brought down Nixon’s presidency.

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Unraveling the Benghazi cover-up

by Douglas J. Hagmann on Saturday, May 4th, 2013

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ben2012It will be exactly 40 years ago this May 17th that the Senate Watergate Committee, a special, broad committee convened by the United States Senate, began hearings to investigate the Watergate burglaries and a criminal cover-up of those activities. At the epicenter of those hearings was then-President Richard Nixon. Just over a year later, the committee released its 1,254 page report of findings. When the dust settled, forty administration officials were indicted and several of Nixon’s aides were charged and convicted for obstruction of justice and other crimes.


A cover-up pointed directly to the White House. Facing impeachment proceedings, then-President Richard M. Nixon resigned, assuming his place in American history as the only president ever to resign. It was described as the worst scandal in U.S. history… perhaps until now.

If history tells us anything, it tells us that it’s not just about the crime, it’s also about the cover-up. It’s about seeking the truth but being stonewalled at every turn, and being treated as subjects undeserving of the truth rather than citizens asking reasonable questions but being denied answers.

The same level of inquiries that unraveled the complexities of the Watergate cover-up are required to unravel the ball of lies that surrounds the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including a sitting U.S. Ambassador. Within this ball of lies, however, exists not only the covert agenda of an administration, but the fate of the world. Unraveling this ball of lies will reveal official government actions that have been and continue to be performed in our name but without our consent. It will reveal a government agenda that has have spun wildly out of control, leaving no one accountable as we stand at a very critical moment in world history. It’s about a cover-up of monumental proportions that is reminiscent of, but hardly in league with, the cover-up of a generation ago.

Today, the stakes are much higher, as we stand at the precipice of a global conflict because of deeds being done in our name under a level of unprecedented and unchecked deception. Ultimately, it’s about getting the truth, which has been kept from each of us through lies of commission and omission, clever semantics, and outright refusals to provide answers to important questions. We were force-fed a preplanned lie from day one, much like the thinly veiled cover story of the Watergate burglary, but with much greater consequences.

All investigations, however, must have a beginning. On May 8, 2013, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will conduct a single, day-long hearing on the events that took place in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador.  Interestingly, the hearing is being conducted under the title Benghazi: Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage.

This one day hearing is being convened to “examine evidence that Obama Administration officials have attempted to suppress information about errors and reckless misjudgments,” and will include some witness testimony. That seems to be a fairly ambitious agenda for a single day of investigation in Washington. It is, however, a start, and an opportunity for all Americans to see just how deep the lies go.

Demanding answers

The hearing is a result, in part, of the “interim progress report” released by the House committee on Benghazi last week.

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