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#ObamaCare Delayed Until 2015

by Donald Douglas on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

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Technically, it’s the mandate requiring that employers provide their workers with health insurance that’s taking a hit, but since that’s really the heart of ObamaCare — and the Supreme Court ruled as well that individuals who don’t buy insurance on their own must pay a tax — we’re really seeing the entire 2009 healthcare cluster-k being repudiated by the Obama White House. This gives Democrats a lifeline to save their sinking asses in the 2014 election, but since the Democrats are in effect admitting their own incompetence (and deception) the Republicans will have an even more powerful hammer to crush the idiot Democrat-Socialists a year from November.

At Twitchy, “Report: WH will delay Obamacare employer mandate until 2015.”

And at the New York Times, “Obama Administration to Delay Health Law Requirement Until 2015“:

The White House         @whitehouse

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it would delay for a year, until 2015, the Affordable Care Act mandate that employers provide coverage for their workers or pay penalties, responding to business complaints and postponing the effective date beyond next year’s midterm elections.

“We have heard concerns about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively,” Mark J. Mazur, an assistant Treasury secretary, wrote on the department’s Web site in disclosing the delay. “We recognize that the vast majority of businesses that will need to do this reporting already provide health insurance to their workers, and we want to make sure it is easy for others to do so.”

Under the 2010 law, employers of more than 50 full-time employees were required to provide them with health insurance starting next year or face fines. Numerous reports had suggested that some companies with payrolls at or just over that size were complaining that they would have to cut some jobs or switch some full-time workers to part-time employment.

The change does not affect other central provisions of the law, in particular those establishing health care marketplaces in the states — known as exchanges — where individual Americans without health insurance can shop from a menu of insurance policies. Under those provisions, subsidies are available for lower-income individuals who qualify.

However, it will be difficult for officials running the exchanges to know who is entitled to subsidies if they are not able to confirm whether employers are offering insurance to their employees. Enrollment in the exchanges is to begin on Oct. 1, and they are to take effect on Jan. 1.

Much of the administration’s public effort, especially at the Department of Health and Human Services, has been directed toward spreading the word to uninsured Americans, especially younger and healthier individuals whose participation is needed to help keep down the price of premiums for everyone else. About 15 percent of Americans are uninsured, so most individuals are unaffected, at least initially.

Behind the scenes, however, the administration has been fielding questions and criticism from businesses about the mandated reporting requirements — especially the Treasury Department, which has responsibility, given its oversight of the nation’s tax reporting system.


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Obama No-Show in Wisconsin Breaks Yet Another Campaign Promise; Plus Awesome ‘Democracy Died Tonight’ Video

by Doug Powers on Thursday, June 7th, 2012

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When Barack Obama was campaigning for president he promised the unions that wherever their rights to collective bargaining were being threatened, he’d be there marching with them:

Obama would insist he wasn’t a no-show, as evidenced by a tepid Tweet of support for Barrett — but that’s not exactly “walking the picket line” with the union brothers and sisters.

Here’s a map of the county-by-county results from yesterday. Red counties are Walker and the blue are Barrett:


Exit polls show Obama with a lead over Romney in Wisconsin, but this just can’t be comforting to The One.

Meanwhile, the left is reacting predictably.

Oh, and I finally found video of my favorite moment from yesterday’s election coverage. The “democracy died tonight” guy:

A lefty lamenting the end of freedom as we know it can only mean something good for America just happened.

Update: MSNBC declares that the winner of last night’s election is… Obama. Hey, nobody thought one little drubbing would be enough to yank their heads out of their asses, did they?

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NPR Tools Claim US is Only Major Country That Still Has Climate Deniers

by Doug Powers on Thursday, December 1st, 2011

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nullIdiotic assertion(s) of the day courtesy of NPR:

…on Tuesday night’s All Things Considered, Harris was followed by NPR substitute anchor Guy Raz lamenting to Obama climate negotiator Todd Stern that “we are the only major country in the world that is still debating whether or not climate change is real.” That’s apparently a serious embarrassment compromising our “leadership” role:

RAZ: Todd Stern, let me ask you about what you experience when you go to these climate conferences. Among other things, we are the only major country in the world that is still debating whether or not climate change is real. Do people ask you when you go to these conferences, you know, where is U.S. leadership on this issue?

STERN: I don’t think they ask so much where U.S. leadership is because I think people have seen President Obama in action. But I think people are quite befuddled by what they see in the U.S., in terms of the level of skepticism and even denial of basic science. Global warming is happening, humans are clearly contributing factors, and we have to act to control it. I think most people understand that.

Maybe these guys think it’s so hot and oxygen depleted because their heads are rarely seen anywhere except up their asses. According to the latest Angus/Reid survey on climate change opinions in various countries, the US does not have all the climate change deniers:

Since 2009, Angus Reid Public Opinion has conducted five three-country surveys on global warming. The latest poll outlines one of the lowest proportions of believers in man-made climate change ever recorded in Canada (52%). Still, Canadians are more likely than Americans or Britons to both believe in emissions as the primary source of global warming and to choose environmental protection over economic growth.

In the United States, despite the economic crisis, belief in man-made global warming has reached the high level that was observed before the so-called “climate-gate” controversy. In addition, the proportion of Americans who brand climate change as an unproven theory fell by five points, the biggest fluctuation observed in the past three years.

Britain has become the main source of skepticism, with the lowest proportion of believers in man-made global warming, and with a third of Britons acknowledging that they would foster economic growth even at the risk of damaging the environment—the largest proportion observed in all three countries.

As for “deniers,” not everybody is a climatologist, but most people do know how to read emails. Being able to comprehend Al Gore’s pet scam doesn’t require a science degree — just a bullshit detector.

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Biden Doubles Down: You’d Be For the ‘Jobs Bill’ if You Knew What it Was Like to Get Robbed or Raped!

by Doug Powers on Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Joe Biden gave a similar warning to Flint, Michigan, and the audio below is an even more dire warning from Pluggers — this time for the people of Philadelphia. The desperation is palpable and I think a portion of the audience even realized he’s crazy.

“Hiring more police” was just one of the reasons Sheriff Joe gave for supporting the first stimulus. Now he’s saying that since then the number of police has been dropping, so we need to pass another stimulus?

Hey Joe, people being sick and tired of getting robbed is kinda-sorta why you and your boss are going to get your asses thrown out of office next year:


Biden does give a fairly good argument for why people should exercise their 2nd Amendment rights though. Anybody whose only plan of defense is to rely on the police showing up immediately is begging to become a statistic in Joe’s next ridiculous “jobs bill” fear-mongering sales pitch.

Do you think they’re shooting their entire demagogic wad too soon? I mean, there’s over a year until the election, and they’re already at “if you’re not with us you’re going to be raped, robbed and murdered”? Not much room for escalation.

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Ideological Pushback

by Larry Wilke on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

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A few short hours ago, collectivist chameleon OWEbama was braying in an unusual tongue to another “special interest” group. Here the imbecility of ebonics flowed in the lumpy manner that only such gibberish can and OWEbama’s “priority” at that moment was telling the assembled to “stop complainin’” Today, OWEbama somehow found all of those mysterious “g’s” that he lost yesterday as the groups that he is meeting with today only hear that type of bastardized language from the folks who wash their cars and prepare their meals for them.. As well, they probably parked the limousine liberal’s cars and checked their coats for them as they strolled into see Othello..

The so called “priorities” of just a few hours ago, BLACK unemployment, BLACK job creation, have all been filed away until the next black powwow and OWEbama the Bolshevik beggar has taken the Left Coast stage. No more talk of minority “problems”, it’s time to lie to the “rich” who need to “pay their fair share”, right?

At his very first fascist fundraiser, OWEbama charged the assembled asses $35,800.00 per couple, no matter how that couple was comprised, male, female or “other”, for the chance to inhale OWEbama’s progressive perfume. I’ll bet that these enterprising liberal “patriots” didn’t scratch a check of an equal or greater amount to “pay their fair share” of the OBAMA debt and deficits that he has “historically” accrued..

Surrounded by liberal weasels from Micro-lib-soft, Farcebook and even with the “famous” he/she/it lady gaga at one of the collectivist collection plate parties, OWEbama had the chance to “renew the ardor of loyalists who have grown disenchanted with him”. (Fox News: Obama Attacks Republicans On West Coast Tour” 09/26/2011) This was intended to “buck up the faithful”. Yes it was, as long as the “faithful” BUCKED up themselves. If you couldn’t “buck up” to the Democratic degree required, you were left on the outside looking in as ALL Democratic underlings are left to meekly and subserviently do.. I find it humorous when OWEbama asks anyone for cash, since he personally “bucked up” the economy, who has any cash left..

Here was OWEbama surrounded by his “most liberal and deep-pocketed supporters..” They may have “deep pockets” but as liberals they certainly have shallow minds that are easily programmed to process piffle..

Now the OWEbama “attack” has “shifted from focusing on compromise with Republicans” to identifying them as “obstructionists” because they refuse to allow OWEbama the same wide berth that he had and abused when there were not nearly enough Republicans in Washington. This idiotic gamble makes as much sense as 2010’s mid term Democratic debacle of Republicans “turning back the clock” along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi calling Americans “un-American” and “terrorists” for having the temerity to disagree with the totalitarians of the left.. Where is Rodham and her “right to disagree with government” screed when we need her?

As OWEbama wails and moans and calls the opposition “obstructionists” he is “demanding their help in passing his $447 billion jobs bill”.. The liberals LOVE to name their Bolshevik bills attractive fibs like “jobs” bills or “debt reduction” bills or “stimulus” when in practical application, they are ANYTHING but.. Here we have a liberal “jobs” bill that focuses on unemployment “benefits” and “public works spending”..

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SUFA Officially Endorses Jack Bauer

by US Weapon on Friday, July 8th, 2011

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I was running through the news this afternoon, just wondering what it was that I was going to write a short article about. Tons of topics available, but most of them were going to take more time than I had available to work on an article. I saw a particular story and chuckled to myself that what I read wasn’t really “news” so much as it was “business as usual.” The article was chronicling the news that, and I know this will stun many of you into wandering the streets and muttering “there’s no place like home”, the nation’s largest teacher’s union has officially endorsed Barack Obama in his bid for President in 2012. First, isn’t it a little early to be endorsing a candidate? And second, does an endorsement actually mean anything anymore?

Let’s face it. A union endorsing the King of the Union Kiss Asses isn’t really news, is it? I mean, couldn’t the NEA just go ahead and announce that, going forward, they will officially endorse every Democrat running for President for the next several elections? And when it comes to kissing union ass, not only do Democrats do it well, but Barack Obama is the absolute best at feeding the union the lines they want to hear. Then again, Obama is the best at feeding just about everyone the lines they want to hear, which has led to several here at SUFA and also at the national level claiming that this President is the biggest liar we have had in office to date. That happens to be a statement that I agree with, for the record, although I am sure that it is because deep in my psychi, I am still unable to accept a black man as the President (because let’s face it if you are white in America, you are either overtly racist, or you are a racist deep inside in parts of you that you don’t want to admit to, but there are no non-racist white people, just ask the NAACP).

I was well aware that the NEA, which is based in, wait for it….. Chicago (I know, shocking, right? ) would be endorsing Obama long before this announcement. But doesn’t an announcement this early really tip their hand in a way that was perhaps foolish and certainly limited the credibility of the endorsement? We are still a year and a half away from the election. We are still a year away from the convention that will reveal the GOP nominee! The NEA doesn’t have any idea who the GOP candidate will be and they certainly don’t have any idea what the position of that candidate will be on the issues that may be important to the NEA union members. How can the NEA say that Obama is the best candidate when they don’t even know who the other candidate might be?

But doesn’t this really point out one of the ridiculous premises of the overwhelmingly ridiculous political spectrum in a poignant way? For the most part, don’t we already know that each group is going to endorse whatever candidate represents a specific party regardless of anything else? Is the Christian establishment going to suddenly endorse a Democrat for President? I think not. And the unions will endorse the Democrats.

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TSA: Touching sensitive areas

by Michelle Malkin on Thursday, November 11th, 2010

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I noted the growing brouhaha over TSA’s new, invasive security procedures at the airport compared to the agency’s lackadaisical treatment of illegal alien pilots:

Hands-off for law-breakers, hands-all-over for everyone else.

The old joke about TSA used to be that it stood for “Thousands standing around.”

Now TSA stands for Touching sensitive areas.”

Or, to put it more bluntly: Thousands squeezing asses.”

Reader Wes sent me a link to a few new wardrobe items he’s offering to discourage the homeland security gropers.

Check ‘em out:

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Obama Finds Dem Voting Base’s Lack of Eagerness to Be Suckered a Second Time Disturbing

by Doug Powers on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Everything Obama and the Democrats have done has failed epic-style, so now the president is prepping to blame the suckers who voted for Hope & Change the first time for not being properly motivated to be suckers yet again:

WASHINGTON – Admonishing his own party, President Barack Obama says it would be “inexcusable” and “irresponsible” for unenthusiastic Democratic voters to sit out the midterm elections, warning that the consequences could be a squandered agenda for years.

“People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up,” Obama told Rolling Stone in an interview to be published Friday. The president told Democrats that making change happen is hard and “if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.”

“Maybe if I throw all of your thankless asses under the Hope bus a month before the election you’ll really be motivated, you unappreciative bastards!”

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Why Doesn’t Obama Put Carville in Charge of the Gulf Operation?

by Doug Powers on Thursday, July 15th, 2010

It’s no secret that I disagree with James Carville politically on almost every issue, but there’s been nobody more vocal in pointing out the abject failure that is the federal response to the BP oil spill as well as the job-killing, moronic drilling moratorium.

On these things, Carville “gets it” on fronts both economically and environmentally. Here’s his latest rant against the government’s response from an appearance on CNN. Transcript via HotAirPundit (video here):

“The people here have been so let down, the levees, the Federal government let us down, the MMS colossally let everybody down, now the government after they let us down with MMS failed to regulate these clowns. Now they come in and say just blanket stop everything out there… The people at the Interior Department that issued these things don’t have the foggiest idea about life here, don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on… They have got to do something about this because the Federal government is about to kill us…”

My question is this: Why won’t Obama put Carville in charge of operations in the Gulf? And I mean of everything, from deciding if the situation warrants a drilling moratorium on down. He’s a local resident, so he’d be locally accountable as opposed to people who are pulling the strings from a cell phone at a golf course in Maryland, and he understands what makes the Gulf economy tick.

Obama has already enlisted Bill Clinton to try and help save the Democrats’ asses in the upcoming election — why not enlist the guy who helped get Clinton elected to get the operation in the Gulf straightened out before it’s politically fatal, if it’s not already?

It would make too much sense, and therefore would be a very un-Obama-like thing to do. I think Carville’s a stone’s throw from accusing the administration of dragging their heels intentionally instead of due to sheer incompetence and the inevitable snail’s pace of bureaucracy — and I hope he does end up saying that. All the more reason Obama should enlist his help in an official capacity before he totally goes off.

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