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by Stephen Levine on Saturday, June 29th, 2013

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Medical Justice for everyone employed and “paying taxes?”

Complications in legislation may look like unintended consequences, but when the democrats wrote Obamacare behind closed doors, with no republican input, and no provision for amendments, one believes they were looking for the day when they could use the provisions of Obamacare to extend government control into every facet of American life.

So it might be reasonable to expect that the democrats knew that one provision of Obamacare would severely impact small businesses with approximately fifty to one hundred workers. Seemingly giving an incentive to employers to hire the now “legalized” illegal aliens to avoid a fine of $3,000 or more. Encouraging employers to consider turning full-time employees into part-time employees, outsourcing, or simply making do with fewer people.

It is also reasonable to expect that the democrats may mount another one of their “justice” initiatives to remove the incentive by allowing “legalized” illegal aliens access to healthcare so employers avoid penalties.

Bad by design?

Lawmakers still have not resolved a problem …

With the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill set for a procedural vote later Tuesday, lawmakers still have not resolved a thorny problem under which the bill would effectively encourage employers to hire newly legalized immigrants over American citizens as a way of avoiding Obamacare’s taxes.

Under the existing Senate immigration bill, immigrants who have been in the United States illegally can obtain a provisional legal status after paying fines and meeting certain preconditions. But this population would have to wait at least 13 years to be able to obtain full citizenship, and it isn’t until then that they could qualify for government benefits such as Obamacare.

The problem arises when this rule interacts with another provision of Obamacare – the employer mandate. Starting in January, businesses with 50 or more employees who don’t offer workers health insurance that the federal government deems acceptable must pay a penalty if at least one of their workers obtains insurance on a new government-run exchange. The penalty is up to $3,000 per worker.

This means if the immigration bill becomes law, some employers could effectively face incentives of hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire newly legalized immigrants over American citizens, because the immigrant workers would not qualify for Obamacare benefits.

As the implementation of Obamacare approaches, there have been many news reports about companies considering cutting back full-time workers to part-time, or taking other actions to get around the mandate penalties. The immigration bill would offer employers another way out –hiring fewer American citizens and more immigrants with provisional legal status.

It’s not surprising that this unintended consequence hasn’t yet been resolved, because there’s no easy fix. One way of eliminating the problem would be to get rid of the employer mandate in Obamacare altogether – which would be a non-starter for Democrats. The other way would be to give noncitizen immigrants with provisional status access to Obamacare’s benefits – which would destroy any hopes of garnering Republican votes.  Source: Immigration and Obamacare’s employer mandate |

Is this another 1000+ page bill that will no be read by legislators before voting?

On Tuesday, THE WEEKLY STANDARD asked five U.S. senators about this problem, and none of them knew if it was a problem. “We’re trying to solve that right now.

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The Injustice of Penn State’s Punishment

by Selwyn Duke on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

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It is true that punishment should fit the crime, but it should also fit the criminals.

The NCAA just announced what sanctions it will impose on Penn State University (PSU) in response to the horrible child sex-abuse scandal that rocked the nation. Almost none of the sanctions, however, make sense. This is because they amount to institutional punishment — not individual punishment. Yet it was individuals who committed the acts of commission and omission in question.

The bulk of the sanctions fall into a specific category and are, reports CBS Philly, as follows:

• Penn State Football will be banned from bowl games and post season play for 4 years

• Initial scholarship reduced from 25 to 15 per year for four years….

• NCAA to vacate all wins of the football team from 1998 to 2011 and record will reflect change

• Football program on 5-year probationary period

Now, I’m no fan of football, but I am a fan of fairness. And harming PSU’s football program does nothing to advance justice. It simply means that the NCAA is going to punish a large number of people, such as the players involved in the program, the new coaches, and students and others who have an emotional or even financial vested interest in the program’s health, who had nothing to do with the scandal.

Then there is the matter of how the NCAA will “vacate” 13 years of the football program’s wins, which has the effect of eliminating famed, and now shamed, PSU football coach Joe Paterno’s status as the game’s most successful coach. But Paterno is dead; if he has cares, they don’t involve athletic triumphs. And what of all the innocent players who were a part of those victories?

Most significantly, though, unlike other examples of vacated wins, PSU’s wins occurred under the rules of the game. And they are part of history. Should we really take a leaf out of Stalin’s book and start erasing history when it displeases us?

NCAA President Mike Emmert justifies the sanctions with the following rationale: “[We want] to make sure that the university establishes an athletic culture and daily mindset in which football will never again be placed ahead of educating, nurturing, and protecting young people.” But this is either posturing or a pipe dream. As a government-commissioned study showed, the incidence of child sexual abuse is 100 times as great in government schools as it was among Catholic priests (and is still occurring), despite the absence of vaunted athletic programs to preserve. So what do these schools place ahead of protecting young people? Education itself? Should we handicap their educational programs to lend the appearance of justice done?

The reality is that whatever an institution’s nature or level of success, those within it will always have careers and reputations to protect; this is why we see a desire to cover up scandals in all walks of life. It is a human problem, not a football problem.

But something also widespread is the modern American problem of institutional punishments. And whether it’s the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, a corporation, or PSU, the issue is always the same: There’s a disconnect between those who commit the crime and those who do the time.

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Can one be truly black and patriotic?

by Lloyd Marcus on Thursday, May 31st, 2012

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Famed TV minster Bishop T. D. Jakes said when your “perception is off,” you do not realize or appreciate the true value of what you have until you have lost it. Is it fair to say that, in general, black America’s perception is off regarding their country which is, in reality, a tremendous gift from God?

Some may think me insane for suggesting that it was a blessing for my ancestors to be betrayed by fellow blacks, sold to white slave traders, separated from their families and shipped to a strange land to be slaves. But please, hear me out.

Interestingly, black America’s journey to fulfill their destiny parallels with that of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, separated from everything he held dear, sold into slavery and taken to a strange land. While the Bible says Joseph had great favor with God, Joseph suffered greatly including spending 13 years in prison for a crime of which he was innocent.

Through a series of divinely orchestrated events, remarkably, Joseph became a ruler of the very land which once enslaved and unfairly imprisoned him. Joseph was second in command to the King. Here is what the Bible says about Joseph brothers’ betrayal, “They meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”

We black Americans were betrayed by our African ancestral brothers. They meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.

And yes, blacks have suffered greatly in America. My 84 year old dad’s heart still bears deep scares from racism he experienced in his youth. When dad was a young Merchant Marine, while on shore-leave down in the south, whites tried to lynch my dad solely because he was “colored.” Dad’s white fellow shipmates rescued him, saving his life.

A point which is often overlooked and deliberately ignored by the Race Industry is that God has always provided a remnant of good, decent, mostly Christian white people to assist blacks in their struggle for liberation and equality.

The Race Industry which is for the most part fueled by the Democratic Party would have you believe all black progress in America has been achieved in-spite of and void of any assistance from white America.

While in reality, white Americans have assisted in every major black achievement. Blacks are only 12% of the population. Therefore, Obama could not have been elected without millions of white votes. Oprah would not be “Oprah” had she not been embraced by millions of white viewers.

American blacks are tremendously blessed to live in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet — for all who choose to go for it! And yet, I sense that most blacks consider it somewhat traitorous to their race to be patriotic. They possess an extremely tragic and destructive false perception of their country.

Black America, this is your country! A lot of white folks died along side blacks to give you the freedoms, opportunity and prosperity you enjoy today. During the Civil War 330,000 white and 30,000 black Union troops paid the ultimate sacrifice to end slavery.

During slavery, it was illegal to teach blacks to read. Still, white Christians taught blacks to read the Bible.

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William ‘Cold Cash’ Jefferson (D-Frigidaire) must report to the cooler soon

by Doug Powers on Saturday, April 21st, 2012


I’d honestly forgotten that William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana, wasn’t already in jail. It’s been about two and a half years since former Louisiana Rep. was sentenced to 13 years in prison for soliciting bribes, money laundering and other assorted crimes, which culminated in the authorities discovering $90,000 in cash in Jefferson’s freezer hidden in boxes of pie crusts and Boca burgers. Jefferson is just now about to begin serving the time:

A former Louisiana congressman who infamously was caught with $90,000 in cash hidden in his freezer will have to begin serving a 13-year bribery sentence within the next two weeks, a judge ruled Friday.

Democrat William Jefferson, who represented parts of New Orleans for nearly 20 years, was convicted and sentenced back in 2009 for taking roughly $500,000 in bribes and seeking millions more in exchange for using his influence to broker business deals in Africa.

But he has been free on bond, living in New Orleans while appealing his conviction.

The lesson to be taken from this from politicians considering a career in malfeasance? Always use Bribe-Loc.

A chilly stroll down Cold Cash memory lane here.

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