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Obituary for Kenneth A. Korbut Beloved Brother, Cousin and Uncle

by John C. Drew Ph.D. on Friday, July 18th, 2014

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In the photo above, from left to right, we
see Ken’s childhood friends Donnie and
Mike Carroll, Chester Korbut - Ken’s father,
and Ken himself.

Kenneth A. Korbut, 60, of Milford, MI died July 13, 2014, at the home of his cousin Kevin Lawrence also of Milford, MI.

Kenneth was born December 26, 1953, in Detroit, Michigan. His parents were Chester and Eleanor Korbut. He was married to, and later divorced from, Henrietta Anaya. Kenneth worked as a journeyman carpenter in the construction business. Over the course of his life, he lived in various locations in both CA and MI. He enjoyed surfing, camping and spending time with his friends.

Kenneth is survived by his sister Patricia M. Drew of Laguna Niguel, CA; by his niece Michele Smith and her two children Alyssa and Dylan Smith of Huntington Beach, CA; by his cousin Kevin Lawrence and his two children Alexis Lawrence and Kelly LoGiudice, and by his cousin Michael Faivor of Austin, TX. Kenneth is also survived by his friend Ronald McNally. Kenneth was predeceased by his brother, Jim Korbut, 62, of Seal Beach, California on April 20, 2013.

Kenneth graduated from Warner Middle School in Midway, CA in 1968. While he was a student at Warner, he was elected the Christmas Snowball King which recognized him as being the school’s most popular male student. Kenneth played varsity football during his junior and senior years at Fountain Valley High School from which he graduated in 1972.

There will be a memorial service for Kenneth on Sunday July 27, 2014, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Highland Adult Activity Center on 209 N. John Street in Highland, MI. For more information on the memorial service, please telephone Kenneth’s cousin, Kevin Lawrence, at (248) 755-1195.

Consistent with the wishes of his sister, Kenneth’s cremains will be returned to CA and – at a later ceremony — scattered into the Pacific Ocean.

The family is requesting that memorial donations be made to support the college education of his niece’s daughter, Alyssa Smith. Please make all donations payable to Alyssa Smith and send them to the following address: Alyssa Smith, 5772 Venturi Drive, Huntington Beach, CA  92649. All memorial contributions to Alyssa’s college education will be gratefully acknowledged and wisely spent.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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Vicious cop killer honored with memorial built by Jersey City residents

by Jim Kouri on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

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Residents of a New Jersey neighborhood erected a memorial in the aftermath of a cop-killing to honor an alleged drug-addicted murderer, not the young police officer, according to local news reports on Monday.

During the weekend, when he responded to a burglary-in-progress call, Jersey City, N.J.,Police Officer Melvin Santiago was the victim of a surprise attack in which he was fatally wounded by gunman Lawrence Campbell. Upon arriving at the crime scene, in front of a Walgreen’s pharmacy, Officer Santiago’s fellow police officers fired and killed the Campbell when he refused to drop his weapon.

In a shocking demonstration of lawless bravado, residents of that Jersey City African American neighborhood created a prominently displayed sidewalk memorial not in honor of the slain young rookie cop, but to honor his killer as hero.

“This memorial says more about the residents of the city than it does about the man who ended the life of a kid who wished to protect and serve the very people honoring his killer,” said former New York police detective, Sid Franes, himself an African American lawman.

Some of the creators of the cop-killer memorial designed T-shirts that they taped to the wall on which neighborhood residents wrote messages in memory of the cop-killing Campbell.

The killer’s widow, Angelique Campbell, told a New Jersey cable television news reporter that she wishes her husband killed more police officers. While she wasn’t a witness to the shooting incident, she claimed that police officers were out to kill her husband. The cop-killer’s wife hours later apologized for her harsh language.

Angelique later apologized for her comments, but I don’t see how you can walk back something like that.

While Jersey Citydetectives continue to investigate the shooting, they claim that they were told that upon stealing the murder weapon, Campbell told a friend to watch the 11 o’clock news to see how famous he’d become.

Full disclosure: The writer, Jim Kouri, is the former director of public safety at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J. Several members of the Jersey City Police Department worked for him at that Jesuit university.

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Obama And Mandela: A Lot More Than Little White Lies

by John Myers on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

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Obama And Mandela: A Lot More Than Little White Lies


“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.” — Nelson Mandela, Jan. 29, 2003

Nelson Mandela, the former terrorist-turned-compromiser and the so-called “father of democracy” who served as president of South Africa, hated America. But progressive liberals loved him — none more so than President Barack Obama, who ordered that flags at the White House and all Federal buildings fly at half-staff through Monday, following Mandela’s death last Thursday at age 95. But that was only the start.

Obama, like so many black celebrities and members of the white media, has personalized his relationship with Mandela beyond all reason: “He no longer belongs to us; he belongs to the ages,” Obama said upon learning of Mandela’s death. The President added, “We will not likely see the likes of Nelson Mandela again.”

I have no doubt about that last statement. Can you think of another terrorist bent on killing and overthrowing a government with bombs and armed insurrection who went on to be considered the greatest statesman ever? And just in case you think that Mandela was never a terrorist but a misunderstood man walking in the steps of Mahatma Gandhi, then you are at odds with Washington. He was on the terrorist list until 2008.

No doubt, South Africans were upset when Mandela tried to blow up a hospital in the early 1960s. The difference between Mandela then and Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, is that McVeigh was a deadlier terrorist. Later in life, Mandela did say that he was glad he was caught and did not kill all those innocent sick people. Millions of people find it heartwarming that Mandela had a change of heart.

Check one for sainthood!

In the 1980s, when the Government of South Africa said that Mandela could walk out of jail a free man if he would simply renounce violence as a means to black majority rule, the great leader said no. Apparently, his wife Winnie Mandela was too happy necklacing her black opponents with tires filled with gasoline for her husband to make a false promise.

Check two for sainthood!

Then there is the fact that Mandela is now celebrated as the greatest human being of the modern era, perhaps any era. Larry King said on CNN that he knows of no greater person who lived in the 20th century than Mandela. Apparently, King has forgotten a lot of people.

But my favorite shout-out comes from Peter Oborne, who wrote last Friday for The Telegraph:

There are very few human beings who can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela is one. This is because he was a spiritual leader as much as a statesman. His colossal moral strength enabled him to embark on new and unimaginable forms of action. He could lead through the strength of example alone.

Check three for sainthood!

That makes two human beings who I have heard compared to Christ: Mandela and Obama. (After all, Oprah Winfrey called Obama the “chosen one.”)

What do both men have in common? Their roots are African.

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Obama Morphs Mandela

by Alan Caruba on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

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It will be difficult for Obama to be the center of attention when he attends the memorial of Nelson Mandela. Former Presidents Clinton and Bush will be there as well.

They have some things in common. Both were the first black president of their nation. Mandela was a communist and Obama is a communist. Both were sharply critical of the war in Iraq. Both regarded Israel as illegitimate.

Mandela evolved into a man who avoided recriminations against the wrongs perpetrated by his jailers and the system of Apartheid imposed on South Africa’s black majority. Obama never forgets or forgives anything he regards as criticism. Neither was, nor is a saint, but sainthood of a sort is being given Mandela in the wake of his death. Obama is more likely to suffer former President Carter’s fate.

No doubt we shall see his handlers—if not himself—put on the mantle of Mandela with copious comparisons. On word of Mandela’s death, the mainstream media launched itself into an orgy of encomiums, praising him for enduring 27 years in prison, but not mentioning that he was there as an agitator for the violent overthrow of the government; one that had lost any moral authority to remain in power. International opposition to that government eventually led to his release and the transition to his being elected to govern.

Most certainly Mandela suffered much during his long imprisonment. One can find little or no comparable suffering on the part of Obama who seems to have glided through a life whose official version bears little relation to what has since become known. He has kept his paper trail under lock and key, but there are some discrepancies that include his claim of being a “foreign student” at one point.

The effort to benefit from any comparisons with Mandela put in mind his early campaign and election efforts in which a clear line was drawn between Obama and Abraham Lincoln. Both of course came from Illinois political scene. When Obama announced his intention to seek the Democrat nomination on February 10, 2007 he did so on the steps of the capitol in Springfield. On the way to his inauguration, he pointedly took a train to Washington, D.C. imitating Lincoln’s trip. He was sworn in on the bible Lincoln used.

Obama’s efforts to borrow from Lincoln’s greatness have fallen far short of his aspirations.

While Obama, in his official role, meets with leaders of other nations throughout the world, the general consensus seems to be that he is not held in much esteem and, with justification, not trusted by some.

One wonders who he sees when he looks in the mirror. Is it a world class basketball player who, but for fate, did not make it to the Chicago Bulls? Is it a crooner like the many famed singers he has welcomed to the White House? Recently he let it be known he will stay on in Washington, D.C. after his second term ends and revealed that his dream job after that would be as host of ESPN’s Sports Center Top 10 list.

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Caveat on Nelson Mandela

by Humberto Fontova on Saturday, December 7th, 2013

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A Martian visiting earth this week, coasting TV channels and perusing papers, would have to conclude that among the items that most interest this planet’s news bureaus is the plight of former political prisoners, especially black ones.

Well, many Cubans (many of them black) suffered longer and more horrible incarceration in Castro’s KGB-designed dungeons than Nelson Mandela spent in South Africa’s (relatively) comfortable prisons, which were open to inspection by the Red Cross. Castro has never allowed a Red Cross delegation anywhere near his real prisons. Now let’s see if you recognize some of the Cuban ex-prisoners and torture-victims:

Mario Chanes (30 years), Ignacio Cuesta Valle, (29 years) Antonio López Muñoz, (28 years) in Dasio Hernández Peña (28 years) Dr. Alberto Fibla (28 years) Pastor Macurán (28 years) Roberto Martin Perez (28 years) Roberto Perdomo (28 years) Teodoro González (28 years.) Jose L.Pujals (27 years) Miguel A. Alvarez Cardentey (27 years.) Eusebio Penalver (28 years.)

No? None of these names ring a bell? And yet their suffering took place only 90 miles from U.S. shores in a locale absolutely lousy with international press bureaus and their intrepid “investigative reporters.” From CNN to NBC, from Reuters to the AP, from ABC to NPR to CBS, Castro welcomes all of these to “embed” and “report” from his fiefdom.

This fiefdom, by the way, is responsible for the jailing and torture of the most political prisoners (many black) per-capita of any regime in the modern history of the Western hemisphere, more in fact than Stalin’s at the height of the Great Terror. But the Martian would only learn that it provides free and fabulous healthcare and is subject to a “cruel” and “archaic” embargo by a superpower.

Here are some choice Mandela-isms:

“Che Guevara is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom.”

“The cause of Communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind!”

“There’s one place where (Fidel Castro’s) Cuba stands out head and shoulders above the rest – that is in its love for human rights and liberty!”

Here are a few items the Martian would probably never learn regarding Nelson Mandela or the Stalinist regime he adored:

South Africa’s apartheid regime was no model of liberty. But even its most violent enemies enjoyed a bona fide day in court under a judge who was not beholden to a dictator for his job (or his life.) When Nelson Mandela was convicted of “193 counts of terrorism committed between 1961 and 1963, including the preparation, manufacture and use of explosives, including 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate,” his trial had observers from around the free world. “The trial has been properly conducted,” wrote Anthony Sampson, correspondent for the liberal London Observer. “The judge, Mr Justice Quartus de Wet, has been scrupulously fair.” Sampson admitted this though his own sympathies veered strongly towards Mandela. (Indeed, Sampson went on to write Nelson Mandela’s authorized biography.)

In sharp contrast, when Ruby Hart Phillips, the Havana correspondent for the flamingly Castrophile New York Times, attended a mass-trial of accused Castro-regime enemies, she gaped in horror. “The defense attorney made absolutely no defense, instead he apologized to the court for defending the prisoners,” she wrote in February 1959.

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Comrade Mandela’s Secret Life

by Cliff Kincaid on Saturday, December 7th, 2013

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The South African Communist Party is admitting Nelson Mandela was a high-ranking member. Will the media report these facts? Or will the “myth” continue to prevail?

My friend Victor Lasky used to write books about liberal or left-wing figures that carried the name of the person and the subtitle, “The Man and the Myth.” He would compare the coverage of a political figure with the truth. The coverage of the death of Nelson Mandela has focused mostly on the myth. Key facts are being omitted, including Mandela’s secret membership in the South African Communist Party (SACP), which may shed light on the future of South Africa.

It’s very rare in all of the coverage, from Fox News to MSNBC, to find any reference to the central role that communism played in Mandela’s life. The evidence shows not only that he was a secret member of the South African Communist Party, but that he continued to deny membership in the party throughout his life. The cover-up is relevant to South Africa’s future and the role the SACP plays in the current government.

Mandela is being credited with trying to avoid a bloodbath after the black majority took power. But his denial of membership in the South African Communist Party, which turned out to be a lie, deserves attention and comment. What was he trying to hide? And was there more to it than mere membership in the SACP?

The SACP itself is not hiding the truth. In a tribute to “a true revolutionary,” its website declares, “At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our Party’s Central Committee. To us as South African communists, Cde [Comrade] Mandela shall forever symbolize the monumental contribution of the SACP in our liberation struggle. The contribution of communists in the struggle to achieve the South African freedom has very few parallels in the history of our country. After his release from prison in 1990, Cde Madiba became a great and close friend of the communists till his last days.”

As president of South Africa, Mandela spoke to the South African Communist Party on its 75th anniversary, referring to its “alliance” with the African National Congress and others ruling South Africa.

Some of the truth about Mandela’s secret life as a communist has emerged in various books over the years.

In Mandela: The Authorized Biography, Anthony Sampson writes that Mandela started out as an anti-communist but “was impressed by The Communist Manifesto and by the biographies of South African Marxists like Paul Bunting and Bill Andrews.” Sampson went on to write, “He was struck by the Soviet Union’s support for liberation movements throughout the world, and by the relentless logic of dialectical materialism, which he felt sweeping away the superstitions and inherited beliefs of his childhood…”  One of those beliefs was Christianity, and Sampson writes that Mandela “experienced some pangs at abandoning the Christian beliefs that had fortified his childhood…”

A photo in the book shows Mandela and his second wife, Winnie, at a 1958 wedding ceremony “attended by a few close friends, including the communist writer Michael Harmel.”

Harmel “joined our Party in 1939 and for the rest of his life the Party was his master,” states a tribute on the website of the South African Communist Party.

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by Stephen Levine on Friday, December 6th, 2013

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Even though Nelson Mandela was a great revolutionary leader who brought about significant and beneficial change in his country, let us not forget that behind the smile and affable nature, he was a militant communist.

Although initially committed to non-violent protest, he co-founded the militant Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) in 1961 in association with the South African Communist Party, leading a sabotage campaign against the apartheid government. In 1962 he was arrested, convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the government, and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Ravinia Trial. Read more.

Before we allow the politically correct progressive socialist to create another folk hero, take a closer look at the man behind the media myth. What you might find will often astound you as the media engages in revisionist history that eliminates troubling associations and actions in the very simplification of the story.

While Mandela fought against a great injustice, and paid a high personal price, in the final analysis, it was all about using the people to gain political power.

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Never Forget September 11, 2001

by American Grams on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Mourning America

by J. D. Longstreet on Friday, August 23rd, 2013

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tn_Reagan_Shining_City.jpg… And so, today we celebrate the short life of a constitutional republic formerly known as the United States of America.

In her former life she was a jewel whose glistening light illumined an entire planet and even “near space.” She was often referred to as “A shining City on a Hill.”

The charity of our now lifeless Titan was without compare.  She fed the hungry, rescued whole countries and even continents from the clutches of tyrants even as she had once rescued herself.  In return she asked only friendship from those she had saved from the darkness of dictatorial serfdom.  The downtrodden did not run away from her army. No.  Instead, they ran joyously toward her army for they knew that she brought, not only salvation, but justice and mercy, as well.

In her all too brief lifetime she was a force for good on this earth.  Now that she exists no more, that force for good is gone.  Evil is now loosed on the planet with no counter force to protect those unable to protect themselves.

In all her might she was unable to save herself from the evil within.  Her might was no match for the dark forces at work within her very on government to bring her downfall and to recreate her as a Socialist, Marxist, and Communist entity pulsating with a lust for power.

She was betrayed – betrayed by her very own citizens who did not love her enough to stand beside her and defend her from the denizens of the deepest parts of hell, itself.

Their weapon was ignorance.  A populace whose ignorance had been taught them in her very own public education institutions brought this giant of giants to her final resting place on the ash heap of history.  Here she will rest beside other colossi of nations whose fate, much as her’s, was sealed by their very own citizens.

The United States of America is gone.  She no longer exists except in our memories.  Now, instead of turning our faces into the wind and plowing ahead toward victory, we turn away from the breeze and allow the zephyr of fortune to blow us where ere it wishes.

We raise a glass to the glories of the United States of America and toast her memory.

A second glass we raise to the new Socialist States of America — and tremble as we bring the shaking glass to our lips and our eyes dart furtively around the room searching, in vain, for the government spies who watch our every move, for our own benefit, of course.

The ice-cold fingers of fear clutch our hearts as we wonder just how awful this new future will be without our beloved “Columbia” standing as a guardian at the gates of freedom.

And then we become conscious of the heavy blanket of guilt resting unpleasantly on our shoulders.  It is guilt well earned.   It is a guilt that accompanies the “Mark of Cain.” It is the guilt of a murderer.

We stand in horror at the memory of what we have done.  We have murdered our own country.  Her own children cut down the noble experiment in constitutional republicanism.

As we leave this mournful gathering, with our National I. D.

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Honoring Greatness

by T.M. Ballantyne on Saturday, August 17th, 2013

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Many (most?) may think of me as the ubiquitous bearer of bad news. For the record, I don’t waste time (mine or that of others) arguing with people with whom I irreconcilably disagree. I am willing to engage and discuss, presenting what facts I can, but I believe arguing is typically pointless, as it is always reflective of an emotional entrenchment (often on both sides, admittedly).

With that explanation as backdrop I hasten to add that I do not apologize for my often harsh criticism of those who are seeking (with great success, I might add) to “fundamentally transform” the once greatest nation on earth into the next Detroit (at one time one of the great cities on earth…which only lacked sufficient federal subsidies…according to those whose policies she warmly embraced).

Perhaps some have noted my equally-harsh attacks on those (Republicans all) who should be standing in the breach, but rather, prefer the accolades of the absurdly-monikored “mainstream” (if Billy Graham or Thomas Monson are Catholic) press, of “moderate” or “reasoned.” I prefer the more accurate terms groveling, or, more euphemistically, grossly (and inexcusably) ignorant…and all that the latter implies.

This is not, as we say, a Sunday School picnic! We are now – and for some time have been – at war with the enemies of freedom and all that is good! If those who still read my frequent diatribes are not aware of that fact, then one of us is apparently not very good at what we each do (write…and strive to comprehend what is written).

Happily for you, here is a man from an earlier era who fought the good fight very effectively (far more so, I’m sure) in his own, perhaps-less-confrontational way. I honor his memory.

Tom Ballantyne – Author

Bill Clark’s Divine Plan

by Paul Kengor on 8.12.13

Ronald Reagan’s top hand has died.

The most important adviser to President Ronald Reagan in his take down of the Soviet empire has died at the age of 81. His name was William P. “Bill” Clark, known to many as simply “Judge Clark,” and he was one of the finest human beings and Americans that this country has ever known. I can say that without exaggeration and with the intimate knowledge of someone who became not only Clark’s biographer but a close friend.

Actually, it was hard to be otherwise. I never met anyone who didn’t like and come to respect Bill Clark. Think about this: Could you name another person, in the Reagan administration or out, praised by figures as diverse as Edmund Morris and Cap Weinberger, Edwin Meese and Lou Cannon, Maureen Dowd and Michael Reagan, Human Events and the New York Times, Time and National Review, and even Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush? As to the last pair, when we prepared the biography of Clark for publication, it wasn’t a huge surprise when we got endorsements from both Carter and Bush. Only Bill Clark could inspire something like that.

And yet, if you asked Bill Clark how that could be, he would smile and say, “They’re easily deceived.”

No, they weren’t. In Clark’s mind, however, they were. This was a devoutly Catholic man of genuine saint-like charity and humility — praise he would characteristically and insistently deny.

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