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The legacy of Obama’s illegal alien aunt

by Michelle Malkin on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

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The legacy of Obama’s illegal alien aunt
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2014

Zeituni Onyango, President Obama’s illegal alien aunt, died this week of cancer and other complications. I hope she rests in peace. America, however, should be up in arms.

Auntie Zeituni is an enduring symbol of all that is wrong with this country’s immigration “policy” — or rather, its complete lack of a coherent, enforceable system of laws and rules that puts the national interest first. She was a beneficiary of the welfare state run amok, enabled by bipartisan fecklessness. To the bitter end, she bit the hand that fed her with predictable ingratitude and metastatic entitlement.

Zeituni’s 14-year illegal overstay is a reminder that our temporary visa program is an abysmal joke. Like millions of foreign students, business people and tourists to this country, Auntie Zeituni obtained a short-term visitor visa in 2000. It had an expiration date. She was supposed to go back to Kenya in two years after traveling here with her son, who had been accepted at a college in Boston.

But like millions of other “temporary” visa overstayers, Auntie Zeituni never went home. And despite billions spent on homeland security and immigration enforcement, no one ever went looking for her to kick her out of the country after her time was up.

Auntie Zeituni had no job skills, no special talent, no compelling reason to keep her here in America as an asset to our culture or our economy. She didn’t value the American Dream. She was a dependency nightmare. She collected $700 a month in welfare benefits and disability payments totaling $51,000. Somehow, Auntie Zeituni also drummed up money to apply for asylum and finagled her way into both federal and state public housing in Boston.

She contributed nothing to this country. The only “work” she did was gaming the system, complaining about her lot and blaming everyone else for her problems while they subsidized her 14-year illegal overstay.

Auntie Zeituni’s ridiculous asylum application and what happened afterward are reminders that our asylum and deportation systems are appalling jokes. Auntie Zeituni’s bogus request was rejected by the immigration court system. A judge ordered her to return to Kenya in 2003. She appealed. She lost. A judge again ordered her to leave in 2004.

But Auntie Zeituni never went home. Like an estimated 700,000 other deportation absconders, she evaded the judicial order for nearly a half-dozen years and continued to feed at the government trough. When the Bush administration had the chance to put the pedal to the enforcement metal in 2008, they caved. Pandering to pro-amnesty forces, Bush officials issued a 72-hour cease-and-desist order to all fugitive apprehension teams to spare Obama embarrassment over his auntie right before Election Day.

As an Immigration and Customs Enforcement source told me at the time: “The ICE fugitive operations group throughout the U.S. was told to stand down until after the election from arresting or transporting anyone out of the U.S. This was done to avoid any mistakes of deporting or arresting anyone who could have a connection to the election, i.e., anyone from Kenya who could be a relative. The decision was election-driven.” Such stand-down non-enforcement orders are standard operating procedure in Washington.

Auntie Zeituni’s illegal activity and ingratitude were rewarded time and time again.

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by Stephen Levine on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

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I knew that politicians would do or say anything to gain or maintain political power. And, I also knew that a fifth column of progressive socialist democrats are attempting to destroy America from within, by infiltrating the top levels of government, the bureaucracy, our institutions, and the military. Many of whom believe that America’s past and present colonial behavior (their characterization, not mine) are the cause of the world’s troubles and despise the military – preferring to see a much weaker military and a much weaker soldier.

But, I cannot believe that the Republican Party would openly and knowingly allow our enemies, both foreign and domestic, open access to our military and the weapons they might need for their socialist revolution …  

Jeff Denham – Is this man really suggesting that illegal aliens should be granted access to our military to further HIS political career?


Conservative California Republican Representative. Jeff Denham is leading the effort to get his ENLIST Act (H.R. 2377), a military-style DREAM Act, added to the National Defense Authorization Act.

H.R.2377 — Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training Act
Sponsor: Rep Denham, Jeff [CA-10] (introduced 6/14/2013)      Cosponsors (43)

Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training Act or the ENLIST Act – Authorizes the enlistment in the armed forces of aliens unlawfully present in the United States on December 31, 2011, who:

(1) have been continuously present in the United States since such date;

(2) were younger than 15 years of age when they initially entered the United States; and

(3) are otherwise eligible for original enlistment in a regular component of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.

Requires the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) to adjust the status of an alien enlisted under such authority to the status of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence under provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act applicable to aliens who entered the United States prior to January 1, 1972.

Rescinds such lawful permanent resident status if the alien is separated from the armed forces under other than honorable conditions before serving the term of enlistment.

Source: House of Representatives

Does your congressman support illegal aliens joining our military, and who are these 43 co-conspirators who stand with the progressive socialist democrats? 

  • Amodei, Mark E. [NV-2]
  • Brownley, Julia [CA-26]
  • Calvert, Ken [CA-42]
  • Carson, Andre [IN-7]
  • Castro, Joaquin [TX-20]
  • Cooper, Jim [TN-5]
  • Delaney, John K. [MD-6]
  • Dent, Charles W. [PA-15]
  • Diaz-Balart, Mario [FL-25]
  • Duncan, Jeff [SC-3]
  • Enyart, William L. [IL-12]
  • Farenthold, Blake [TX-27]
  • Farr, Sam [CA-20]
  • Gabbard, Tulsi [HI-2]
  • Garcia, Joe [FL-26]
  • Gowdy, Trey [SC-4]
  • Gutierrez, Luis V. [IL-4]
  • Hanabusa, Colleen W. [HI-1]
  • Heck, Joseph J. [NV-3]
  • Hunter, Duncan D. [CA-50]
  • Issa, Darrell E. [CA-49]
  • Kinzinger, Adam [IL-16]
  • Lipinski, Daniel [IL-3]
  • Lofgren, Zoe [CA-19]
  • McCarthy, Kevin [CA-23]
  • McKeon, Howard P. “Buck” [CA-25]
  • Michaud, Michael H. [ME-2]
  • Miller, Jeff [FL-1]
  • Mulvaney, Mick [SC-5]
  • Nunes, Devin [CA-22]
  • Rooney, Thomas J. [FL-17]
  • Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [FL-27]
  • Runyan, Jon [NJ-3]
  • Schrader, Kurt [OR-5]
  • Scott, Austin [GA-8]
  • Southerland, Steve II [FL-2]
  • Stivers, Steve [OH-15]
  • Thompson, Mike [CA-5]
  • Valadao, David G. [CA-21]
  • Vargas, Juan [CA-51]
  • Veasey, Marc A. [TX-33]
  • Walz, Timothy J. [MN-1]
  • Wenstrup, Brad R. [OH-2]

Do these people understand that including this language in a bill to fund our troops is morally wrong. It is the same tactic used by the progressive socialist democrats who stuff their ideology-driven-bills into must pass legislation because there legislation could not stand on its own.

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Will the Coming Non-white Majority Kill Conservatism?

by Selwyn Duke on Friday, March 28th, 2014

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Greater MexicoIf “demographics is destiny,” where does the future of America lie?

According to Pew Research Center, in more government and less freedom.

Speaking to congressional aides during a Republican Ripon Society event, Pew vice president Michael Dimock analyzed America’s changing demographics. While the United States is currently 37 percent non-white, Dimock reports that the “millennials,” born between 1979 and 1995, are 41 percent non-white — and the next generation may very well be more than 50 percent non-white.

This has grave political implications, as the non-white electorate votes predominately Democrat: Approximately two-thirds of Asians and Hispanics support Democrats while the party’s vote among blacks is regularly a whopping 90-plus percent. In 2012’s election the figures were even more lopsided: Hispanics, Asians, and blacks voted for Barack Obama by margins of 71, 73, and 93 percent, respectively. In contrast, the GOP derives 90 percent of its votes from whites.

Drawing the common conclusion that as the white electorate shrinks so do Republican political fortunes, Dimock advises that the GOP tone down “anti-government rhetoric,” saying that it doesn’t “resonate” with younger, increasingly non-white voters.

Translation: Move to the Left.

While Dimock points out that these younger voters are less likely than their elders to be loyal to either major party, their ideology is decidedly liberal. As columnist Paul Bedard writes while reporting on Dimock’s conclusions, “Younger voters are both pro-government and pro-business, split over gun control, back abortion and believe welfare does more good than harm” but consider the GOP “politically rigid and ideologically out of step.”

Of course, some might suspect that being pro-big government and pro-business smacks of fascism, which, among other things, involves a strong nexus between big government and big business.

In a similar vein, Bedard also quotes pollster John Zogby, who has dubbed millennials “First Globals,” as saying:

There is a strong libertarian streak [among the younger generations], but they largely do not hate government if it can prove to be a problem-solver. They have no patience for loud debates and for bureaucratic entropy, favoring quick and streamlined forms of problem-solving and decision-making — just as they have learned in video games. There is also an upside to their all having received a trophy: They are great believers and practitioners in teamwork. This is potentially great news for Democrats and liberals (34 percent call themselves such).

Perhaps most interesting about the above passage is what’s between the lines. Is it possible to have libertarianism and big government? After all, the latter inevitably creates troves of laws, regulations, and mandates, which (except for “house-keeping measures” and such) are by definition removals of freedom. As for “loud debates” and gridlock, that is precisely the result of healthy representative government, of the balance of power prescribed in the Constitution among the three branches of government and between the states and the feds. In contrast, “streamlined forms of problem-solving and decision-making” are only possible in autocracies — dictatorships and oligarchies. And while “teamwork” is often necessary, one wonders if in this case it’s a euphemism for “collectivism.”

Of course, Dimock isn’t the first to observe the electoral impact of demographic shifts.

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How CPAC Stacked the Deck on the Amnesty Panel

by Michael R. Shannon on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

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Here’s a handy rule of thumb: If two of the four members of an immigration panel have Hispanic surnames you can bet it’s an amnesty panel in disguise. That was certainly the case at CPAC’s ‘Can There Be Meaningful Immigration Reform Without Citizenship?’

(This phenomenon is evidently peculiar to Hispanics. If two people named Schmidt and Kruger were on a panel it would be unfair to assume they enthusiastically support bomb damage reparations from WWII.)

Alfonso Aguilar and the Rev. Luis Cortes were joined by moderator Mercy Schlapp — a veteran of the Bush White House that was pushing amnesty until 9/11. The anti–amnesty speaker was Derrick Morgan of the Heritage Foundation and the afternoon’s advocate for the feudal system was Helen Krieble.

Schlapp set the tone when she remarked on the favor illegals were doing the economy by being here. Much like burglars boost an area’s GDP when they make the rounds of pawn shops.

Sbe was followed by Kreible, president of the Vernon K. Kreible Foundation, who said the debate should be about American principles: Equal treatment under the law, individual freedom and personal responsibility. So far so good, but then she reduced our choices to a false binary: Grant amnesty or do nothing.

The realistic option is removing the job incentive for illegals. But that is not a choice Kreible will ever entertain, because that would mean business can’t import serfs. She claims it’s wrong to set “artificial” limits on the number of workers you can hire. It’s Kreible’s belief that borders are a government matter, but workers are a business matter. In practice this means the federal government can keep Mohamed Atta out, unless he plans to mow your lawn.

What Kreible objects to is that ‘citizen’ word. She wants to implement a “red card” program that puts citizens in the penalty box. She would import workers without conveying citizenship or the right to remain after the job is over. This is similar to the wildly successful Turkish guest worker program the Germans had. Only problem is the Turks are still in Germany.

And while individuals should be “responsible,” American business is exempt. Right now if a US business thinks US workers want too much money, the business is free to open a subsidiary in Mexico and hire all the Mexicans it wants. But that’s a problem for agribusiness corporations, because shipping Alabama to Chihuahua would be a logistical nightmare. What’s more, sometimes the Mexican government seizes private business, you can’t trust the cops, ‘mordida’ cuts into profit margins and there’s always that decapitation problem.

So for Kreible the business solution is to flood the labor market by bringing Mexico here and let taxpayers deal with social costs.

Unfortunately for her there is no moral, ethical or conservative justification for bringing in foreign labor when unemployment in the US is over 7 percent and labor participation rates are at an all time low.

Alfonso Aguilar, director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, evidently believes the word ‘conservative’ is a verbal spice you sprinkle on leftist policies to make them more palatable for genuine conservatives. He wants conservatives to “own” the immigration issue by out–pandering the Democrats.

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by Stephen Levine on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

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Until you see Department of Homeland Security Agents and the TSA refusing pregnant Russian women – mostly the wives and girlfriends of wealthy, powerful, and politically-connected Russians – entry into the United States where they will gain a highly-coveted American passport for their child, then Obama is blowing smoke with his bullshit sanctions.


The slogan: “Give your child the main gift of their life – the US citizenship” – is posted at many agencies offering assistance with organizing labor in the United States. Mostly this service is offered in Miami, mainly because of its favorable climate.

The number of those willing to use the service is increasing every year. According to the manager of one of the agencies Vera Baranova, if last year they had a little over a hundred clients, by July of this year they already had 86. Moscow and St. Petersburg are not the only cities seeking assistance.  The agencies have clients from the regions, and even other CIS countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The price of a standard package is approximately 20,000 dollars, and a Caesarean section will be three thousand more. The price includes organizational services – help with a visa, meeting at the airport, and assistance with housing for rent during the stay. It also includes medical services (selection of the hospital, antenatal care, childbirth, tests for the newborn) and, of course, paperwork for citizenship. <Source>

Bottom line …

Most of what President Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats say is pure bullshit … conflating self-indulgent speechifying with actual action. Most of the world believes that Obama is a weak president – much like progressive socialist democrat Bill Clinton who refused to target bin Laden but saw no problem ordering a cruise missile to attack an empty aspirin factory. Leading from behind is an euphemism used by the media who cannot bring themselves to note Obama’s stunning lack of leadership.

– steve

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America Spirals Down the Socialist Sinkhole

by Alan Caruba on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

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America for its first century and a quarter was home to a capitalist system and philosophy that took it from a largely agricultural economy to one that saw the rise of its vast industrial base. In 1913 that changed with the creation of the Federal Reserve, a banking cartel, and the introduction of income taxes. It was a time that gave rise to socialist ideas focused on a central government that controls all aspects of the economy and the lives of citizens.

In 1917 the Bolsheviks seized control of Russia and began implementing Karl Marx’s and Vladimir Lenin’s Communism. That lasted about seventy years until the Soviet Union collapsed for the simple reason that neither Communism nor its cousin, Socialism, works. Freedom and justice go hand-in-hand with successful economies.

Even Communist China seeks to operate with a capitalist economy, participating in international trade organizations, and a banking system that supports business and industry. It retains political control. What we have been witnessing over the last century and this one is the assertion of more and more federal control by our own government.

In Venezuela, its citizens are in the streets protesting its Communist government. In the Ukraine, elements of its citizenry overthrew a president who preferred to ally with Russia than the European Union.

As an advisor to the free market think tank, The Heartland Institute, I receive their publications and visit their website for a great treasure of timely, pertinent information about trends and events in the nation. I recently received its quarterly report that led off with a commentary by its president, Joseph Bast, with whom I have been a friend for many years.

Drawing on a quote by Ronald Reagan who warned against “the anthill of socialism” Bast took a look at the Obama years with devastating accuracy for they are in so many ways a reflection of what is so wrong about socialism.

“Attacks on basic American freedoms are occurring at such a frantic pace and in such disparate arenas that it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture,” wrote Bast, pointing to the 2013 State of the Union speech by Barack Obama. “His top priorities were overhauling immigration laws, passing new gun-control legislation, expanding early childhood education, and raising the minimum wage.”

With surgical analysis, Bast dissected Obama’s policy objectives.

“Illegal immigration is down dramatically since the Great Recession started.”

“Gun-control laws don’t reduce crime, but armed citizens do.”

“Early childhood education programs don’t produce benefits that last more than a year or so.”

“And only six percent of the population is paid the minimum wage, and the overwhelming majority move quickly to better-paying jobs.”

It is Obama’s communist ideology that prompted these and other actions. It is his emersion in Chicago politics that has corrupted the Internal Revenue Service. It is his weakness regarding American exceptionalism that has caused him to back away from global leadership. It is his bashing of “millionaires and billionaires” that reflects his belief in “income inequality” when everyone wants to join their numbers and many do. The disaster of Obamacare reflects his desire to expand government control of the nation’s health system and reduction of the health insurance industry to a handful of selected companies.

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The Coming Collapse of the Welfare State

by Daniel Greenfield on Monday, March 3rd, 2014

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In 1935, the year that FDR signed the Social Security Act into law, the birth rate was 18.7 per 1,000. In 1940, when the first monthly check was issued, it had gone up to 19.4. By 1954, when Disability had been added, the birth rate at the heart of the Baby Boom stood at 25.3.

In a nation of 163 million people, 4 million babies were being born each year.

By 1965, when Medicare was plugged in, the birth rate had fallen back to 19.4. For the first time in ten years fewer than 4 million babies had been born in a country of 195 million. Medicare had been added in the same year that saw the single biggest drop in birth rates since the Great Depression.

There could not have been a worse time for Medicare than the end of the Baby Boom.

Today in a nation of 314 million, 4.1 million babies are being born each year for a birth rate of 13.0 per 1,000. 40.7% of those births are to unmarried mothers meaning that it will be a long time, if ever, before those single families put back into the system, and most will never put back in as much as they are taking out.Those children will cost more to educate, be more likely to be involved in crime and less likely to succeed economically. But even if they weren’t, the system would still be unsustainable.

Liberals and libertarians both act as if the crisis facing us can be fixed if we take more from the “wealthy elderly” or give them less. The crisis is born of demographics. It can’t be fixed by targeting the elderly because they haven’t been the problem in some time. It’s the same crisis being faced by countries as diverse as Russia and Japan. The difference is that Russia is autocratic and has little concern for its people while Japan shuns immigration and has a political system dominated by the elderly.

The United States however takes in a million immigrants a year who also take out more than they put in. In his 2013 State of the Union address, Barack Obama praised Desiline Victor, a 102-year-old Haitian woman who moved to the United States at the age of 79 and doesn’t speak English, but did spend hours waiting in line in Florida to vote for Obama.

Between 1990 and 2010, the number of immigrants over 65 doubled from 2.7 million to 5 million. 25 percent of these senior immigrants were over 80. Desiline Victor wasn’t an outlier. Elderly immigrants are also much more likely to become citizens, in part because the requirements for them are lower. Many, like Victor, don’t even have to learn English to be able to stand in line and vote.

15 percent of senior immigrants come from Mexico largely as a result of family unification programs. If amnesty for illegal aliens goes through, before long the country will be on the hook not just for twelve million illegal aliens, but also for their grandparents.

The welfare state has been spending more money with an unsustainable demographic imbalance. There are fewer working families supporting more elderly, immigrants and broken families. The Russians invest money into increasing the native birth rate.

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When will America end cash-for-visas racket?

by Michelle Malkin on Friday, February 28th, 2014

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When will America end cash-for-visas racket?
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2014

This may be the first and last time I ever write these words: America, follow Canada.

Our neighbors to the north finally have wised up to the international cash-for-visas scam. Last week, the country ended its foreign investor program that put residency up for sale to the highest bidder. We should have done the same a long time ago.

Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program granted permanent residency to wealthy foreigners who forked over 800,000 Canadian dollars for a five-year, zero-interest loan to one of the country’s provinces. The scheme turned out to be a magnet for tens of thousands of millionaires from Hong Kong and China. But as the Canadian Ministry of Finance concluded in its annual budget report this year, the program “undervalued Canadian permanent residence” and showed “little evidence that immigrant investors as a class are maintaining ties to Canada or making a positive economic contribution to the country.”

In several provinces, the foreign investor racket was riddled from top to bottom with fraud. Whistleblowers in the Prince Edward Island immigration office exposed rampant bribery among bureaucrats and consultants, who helped their clients jump the queue. The government failed to monitor immigrant investors or verify the promised economic benefits of the “investments.” The program didn’t just fast-track supposed business people with dubious business backgrounds, but also their entire extended families, who walled themselves in segregated neighborhoods.

Ads in Dubai bragged that investors didn’t even need to live in the country to take advantage of the citizenship-for-sale deal — and that their dependents could avail themselves of full health care and education benefits.

Fifteen years ago, an independent auditor hired by the Canadian government warned that he had “found that in many cases there was no investment at all or that the amount of that investment was grossly inflated.” The auditor nailed the expedient commodification of citizenship: “Canadians gave up something of real value — a visa or passport — and received very little in return.” He concluded: “A lot of people made a lot of money, mostly lawyers and immigration consultants who set up these bogus investments. It’s a massive sham. The middlemen made hundreds of millions of dollars.”

I’ve been issuing the very same warnings about America’s EB-5 immigrant investor visa program, created under an obscure section of the 1990 Immigration Act, for more than a decade. The details of the U.S. program vary, but the facade is the same: trading residency on the cheap for the shady promise of economic development. Just as in Canada, the U.S. racket’s alleged economic benefits are largely hype.

Who has profited? As I’ve reported previously, the real winners are former federal immigration officials who formed lucrative limited partnerships to cash in on their access and politically connected cronies. An internal U.S. Justice Department investigative report revealed years ago that “aliens were paying $125K” instead of the required $500,000 to $1 million minimum, and “almost all of the monies went to the general partners and the companies who set up the limited partners.”


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Muslim terrorist hired as Obamacare navigator in Obama’s home state

by Jim Kouri on Thursday, February 27th, 2014

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A former convicted Palestinian terrorist was hired as an Obamacare navigator in President Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois, with state government officials claiming they were unaware of a conviction for three terrorist attacks including a deadly food store bombing in Israel in 1969, according to a news report on Tuesday night’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”

The female jihadist, 66-year-old Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, was arrested, prosecuted and convicted by an Israeli criminal court for perpetrating several bombings, including an attack on a crowded food market, that left two college students dead in 1969. The convicted jihadist was later released from prison as part of an Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap.

According to Greta Van Susteren’s report, the two students — Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe — were mortally wounded when a box of candy bars containing an improvised explosive device (IED) hidden in it was detonated by Odeh and her fellow Palestinian terrorists.

Besides the two victims killed, 10 other customers were wounded by Odeh’s bombing on behalf of the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

According to the Fox News show’s report, the Department of Insurance for the state of Illinois without fanfare terminated Odeh’s employment as an Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) navigator.

A government official had told Miss Odeh that her firing was the result of a background investigation that found she was convicted in Israel for her role in the bombing of the supermarket as well as a bombing of the British Consulate in Jerusalem.

According to Van Susteren, she wasn’t fired because of her Palestinian terrorist background, but because she had not acknowledged her conviction on her government job application. As a result, on Oct. 22, 2013, Odeh was arrested for not disclosing her conviction for terrorism during her citizenship naturalization process in 2004, according to an FBI report.

Her criminal trial is scheduled for April and if she is convicted, Odeh will lose her U.S. citizenship and may serve up to 10 years for naturalization fraud, according to the FBI.

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DHS deputy chief boasts of Obama successes at Texas-Mexico border

by Jim Kouri on Friday, February 21st, 2014

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Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, during his two-day visit to Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday, met with U.S. Customs and Border Protection supervisory staff and rank-and-file agents while viewing enforcement operations along the Rio Grande River, in the Rio Grande Valley and at the Port of Anzalduas, and visited the Port Isabel Detention Center. He also boasted about President Barack Obama’s successes at border security and immigration enforcement.

Deputy Secretary Mayorkas also met leaders of the decidedly pro-illegal alien group Southern Border Communities Coalition, an organization that is no friend of the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“The [U.S. Border Patrol] agency has long acted with impunity in border communities. This must end if we are to achieve a meaningful border security in the southern border counties of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, which are home to an estimated 15 million people who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” according to Christian Ramírez, Director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC), which brings together 60 organizations from the US southern border.

In Fall 2013, the group worked with the ACLU to demand federal officials investigate the Border Patrols “abusive and harassing roving patrols.” They claimed that officers on these details have humiliated, intimidated, and threatened U.S. citizens, assaulted lifelong residents without reason, and damaged their personal property during unlawful searches.

But Mayorkas claimed that under President Barack Obama’s administration, Border Patrol apprehensions were at historic lows, reflecting fewer individuals attempting to cross the border; and CBP processed more than $2.3 trillion in trade through our nation’s ports of entry.

“One of the top priorities for this Administration, and for the Department of Homeland Security, is to strengthen our border security while facilitating the lawful trade and travel essential to our economy. The funding to expand and modernize the Laredo Port of Entry reaffirms our commitment,” said Deputy Secretary Mayorkas.

Mayorkas is tied to not only the Obama administration but also to Hillary Clinton. During his confirmation process for the DHS position there were allegations made about possible corruption in his office when he served as director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, according to the Associated Press.

AP reported that the inspector general at DHS was investigating Mayorkas’ role in getting a visa for a foreign investor for Gulf Coast Funds Management, a company run by Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony Rodham. Mayorkas alleged efforts on behalf of Gulf Coast allegedly happened after the foreign investor’s visa application was originally denied and an appeal was later rejected.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), “Understanding that members of Congress ultimately would not ignore the unequivocal objections of their constituents to amnesty, the Obama Administration opted to adopt a strategy of dismantling immigration enforcement in order to achieve the same ends. The Administration hoped that while the American people were focused on unemployment, crashing real estate values, banking scandals, health care reform, foreign policy crises, and countless other issues, they would not notice just what was actually taking place.”

“Appointing Mayorkas as the head of immigration enforcement is part of the Obama plan for amnesty and changing the nation’s demographic.

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