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Is Media Whore Donald Trump endorsing Anna Wintour as the Ambassador to England?

by Stephen Levine on Friday, December 7th, 2012

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We are living in a dangerous age, where foreign policy is of the utmost importance and when the personal representatives of the President of the United States should be more than major fundraisers. So I am surprised that businessman Donald Trump would actually tweet an endorsement of Vogue Magazine’s Anna Wintour as a potential nominee for a prestigious Ambassadorship to one of our most important allies.

“I am happy to hear that Pres.Obama is considering giving Anna Wintour @voguemagazine an ambassadorship. She is a winner & really smart!,”

I do not care how much money she raised or how much she promoted both Obamas on the pages of her magazine, something tells me that a fashionista with a demanding reputation is not the person to represent the United States in a time of foreign entanglements, especially when actual diplomacy instead of an imperious attitude and an ignorance of  international affairs, is required.

And I am amazed that a businessman with a real record of accomplishment would support this nonsense. Of course, Trump does have a reputation for seeking out celebrities and the media, so I wonder if he is really serious about this bad idea?

— steve

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Trump’s Las Vegas steakhouse briefly shut down – Not everything is “Trump Quality” behind the scenes!

by Stephen Levine

on Sunday, November 18th, 2012


Trump’s dump

You’re shuttered! Donald Trump’s restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip was briefly shut down after health inspectors found violations, including month-old caviar and expired yogurt.

DJT, the signature steakhouse at the Trump International Hotel, reopened Nov. 2 with a restored “A’’ grade — several hours after Southern Nevada Health District officials logged 51 violations during a routine inspection.

Inspectors found outdated, expired, unlabeled, mishandled and improperly stored food, according to the district’s Web site. Source: Trump’s Las Vegas steakhouse briefly shut down –

Bottom line …

Despite the self-promotion and superlatives, not every Trump project is first-rate or without flaws. Trump is famous for putting money into the façade and the promotion – and one wonders how much time, effort and money is actually put into the infrastructure, supervision and maintenance.

Petty much why I was surprised that the residents of Trump Place, the posh New York condominium complex that bears his name, replaced the Trump Organization with another firm as their resident management company; with many residents citing performance issues. <Source>

Trump, ever the master of self-promotion and media publicity, has put together this season’s Celebrity Apprentice by allowing some of the most uncoordinated, dysfunctional people from past shows to fight it out once again. I hope that this season is a little more than an episodic charity telethon combined with product placement opportunities. But then again, I now have lowered expectations of everything Trump except the golf courses.

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Trump Makes His ‘Special Announcement’

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

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We talked a little bit about Donald Trump and Gloria Allred’s “October Surprises.” Trump just revealed what he has, and it’s more of an offer than a revelation: Trump just said via a YouTube announcement that he’d write a check for $5 million to the charity of Obama’s choice if he releases all his college and passport records and applications.

So anyway, we all know there’s a better chance of Debbie Wasserman Schultz telling the truth about something or of Biden going gaffe-free for a month than of Obama ever releasing this stuff, so let’s get back to the business of focusing on winning the election.

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by Stephen Levine on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

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Between media whore Gloria Allred and media whore Donald Trump, it is hard to decide which one is more detestable. Especially if “The Donald” is planning to reveal the personal divorce papers that purportedly show Barack and Michelle Obama were contemplating a divorce. Unlike his birth certificate, social security card, passport and school records showing enrollment status and funding, the divorce records should be kept private if they were never filed and the divorce never happened. Just as I believe sealed court records should not be opened up for political advantage. You would think that both parties would adhere to some code of decency – but, then again, this is bare-knuckle politics with political power and BILLIONS of dollars of patronage at stake.

Donald Trump to reveal ‘divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama’, claims respected financial pundit

Donald Trump is to claim that he has unearthed divorce papers of Michelle Obama and the President, according to a respected financial pundit with links to the tycoon. It is alleged that the eccentric real estate mogul will claim that the documents show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up. Trump set the hare running on Monday by claiming that he was set to make an announcement on Wednesday that would be ‘bordering on gigantic’ and that it would ‘possibly’ change the Presidential race. <Source: Donald Trump to reveal “divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama,” claims respected financial pundit | Mail Online>

There have been numerous allegations that Obama may be a member of Reverend Wright’s “Down Low” club which arranged marriages between gay men and black women for the purposes of advancing their careers.

This is the third of a series of articles WND has developed from months of confidential in-person interviews with members of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago who have known Barack and Michelle Obama on a personal basis over many years. In the first story, members of the church claimed Barack Obama benefited from Wright’s “Down Low Club,” part of a documented underground subculture in which black men who engage in homosexual activity marry to maintain respectability in public. In the second story, sources said civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, along with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, arranged Michelle Robinson’s marriage to Barack Obama. Because of the personal risk the sources perceived they were taking to speak candidly about the president and his family, their identities have been masked.

Bottom line …

Regardless of the ugly trash pumped out by Allred and Trump, remember it is not about “he said-she said” or who may have been thinking of divorce. These are merely distractions, campaign ploys, to keep you from considering the real merits of the candidates.

Barack Obama and his fellow travelers in the House and Senate should be defeated on ideological grounds BECAUSE THEY ARE BAD FOR AMERICA. Mitt Romney, is our best hope – until 2016 – to get our economy back on track.

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by Stephen Levine on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Déjà vu …

What can Donald Trump possibly know that the campaign opposition teams have not revealed? Will Trump go “dirty” and reveal something scandalous or will he simply repeat allegations from someone like Joe Arpaio? Will Donald Trump be the new Gloria Allred?

Donald Trump said on “Fox & Friends” Monday that he’ll reveal “very big” news about President Barack Obama by Wednesday but declined to give any hints about his plan. Source: Donald Trump claims Barack Obama bombshell – Bobby Cervantes –

As they say, stay tuned!

UPDATE (via editor): Released on October 24, 2012 on YouTube

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Media Obsess About Trump and Find Nothing Controversial on the Left

by Roger Aronoff on Thursday, May 31st, 2012

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On a day that Barack Obama was giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a socialist, Dolores Huerta, who has praised Hugo Chavez; and just days after left-wing activist Al Sharpton was comparing Republicans to Hitler, the media were consumed with the horror of projected Republican nominee Mitt Romney sharing a stage with Donald Trump, who has raised questions about President Obama’s birth certificate and place of birth. The usual double standard is on open display.

On nearly every hour of programming on MSNBC and CNN the theme has been the same. How can Mitt Romney agree to hold a fundraiser with Donald Trump, who has continued making comments about Obama’s birth certificate?

Yet how many times have these same networks, particularly MSNBC, overlooked Obama’s past and current associations, with everyone from unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, to “comedian” Bill Maher, to the preacher of hate, Jeremiah Wright, to self-described communist Van Jones?

The point is, as far as the mainstream media are concerned, almost no one on the Left is controversial, no matter how crazy or radical they are. The media’s use of the “birther” issue is really a smokescreen to cover up a number of issues that have nothing to do with the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate or the place where he was born.

Roger Kimball, the Editor and Publisher of The New Criterion and head of Encounter Books, has written an excellent piece for Pajamas Media titled “Who Is Barack Obama? The Question that Won’t Go Away,” in which he questions his radical ties from the past, his sealed records on everything from college transcripts to why he gave up his law license, to the current controversy that the mainstream media won’t touch: the biographical pamphlet circulated by his literary agent, which said that he was born in Kenya. It remained that way for 17 years, undergoing several revisions, including that he became a U.S. senator, but it never changed his place of birth as Kenya, until just before he decided to run for president. The explanations have been that it was a fact-checking error, or a typo, neither of which makes any sense. Are we to believe that they pulled that fact out of thin air, that someone was confused when writing it, that Obama never saw it and asked to correct it? And maybe it wasn’t true, but he wanted people to believe it was, having no intention at the time to run for president. Who knows?

And what about the latest Jeremiah Wright scandal? Edward Klein, former editor of The New York Times Magazine, revealed in his book, The Amateur, that Wright was offered $150,000 to remain quiet during the Obama presidential campaign in 2008. More specifically, he was offered the money in an email “if he would shut-up and not criticize Obama anymore,” Klein told Sean Hannity on his radio show.

He named the person who made the offer as Dr. Eric Whitaker, the vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center and “member of Obama’s very tight inner circle.” Klein pointed out that “Whitaker’s hospital is the same one that paid first lady Michelle Obama $316,962 a year to handle community affairs for the University of Chicago Medical Center while her husband served in the U.S.

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Who Will Be Mitt’s VP Choice?

by Alan Caruba on Saturday, February 11th, 2012

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It’s still early in the Republican primary season and Rick Santorum has done very well in the Midwest, so it is time to ask, who will be Mitt Romney’s vice president choice? Okay, so some of you are saying Mitt will not be the GOP choice, but play along with me just the same.

Newt Gingrich/Rep. Ron Paul: Neither of these candidates would be a good VP choice because Newt is currently self-destructing and said vicious things about Romney. Paul is essentially a political sideshow whose appeal is mostly to the young who are not famous for turning out to vote.

Sen. Rick Santorum: At this point Santorum would appear be a good choice because he did well in the Midwest, but he has been lackluster in the other primaries and the likelihood that he will win enough delegates before the Tampa convention is slim. He is a good campaigner and a genuine conservative.

Sen. Marco Rubio: He is a very appealing young man and is a leading Hispanic Republican, but he has a constitutional eligibility problem similar to Obama in that his parents were born in Cuba and does not qualify as a natural born citizen to be President. Democrats are not likely to raise this issue, but serious-minded Republicans would.

Gov. Mitch Daniels: The Governor of Indiana, like Santorum, would arguably draw Midwestern voters, but he is a low-key personality who is not likely to excite voters from the East and West Coasts. He has a good record of governance, but the presidential ticket is as much a popularity contest as a political one.

Rep. Paul Ryan: He’s another young man with real potential in the years ahead. In debates he could eviscerate Obamacare and explain complex economic issues, but Ryan is more valuable in his present role in Congress now and into the near future.

Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi is a good campaigner and would likely bring much of the South to support the ticket. He has one of the best political minds in the party which he formerly led, but it is likely that he would be seen as a man whose time has come and gone.

Gov. Sarah Palin: Been there, done that. She is far too polarizing despite her appeal to Tea Party voters. She did not prove that helpful to the McCain ticket and is “old news” so far as most voters are concerned.

Gov. Jeb Bush: This is kind of a wild card choice. He has an excellent record as former Governor of Florida, but he is a Bush and that might prove to be a drag on the ticket for many who mistakenly blame Bush43 for the 2008 financial crisis that occurred just before the end of his second term.

Donald Trump: He is another wild card and despite his endorsement of Romney, Trump is all about Trump and is not a politician. In a race that will involve lots of class warfare, his wealth would be a liability. Let him raise money and fire away at Obama from the sidelines.

This brings me to two choices that would animate the Republican presidential race in ways that would benefit the laid-back Romney.

Gov. Chris Christie: He is a dynamite campaigner with a short, but good record as Governor of New Jersey.

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Trump to Make ‘Major Announcement’ in Nevada; May Endorse Gingrich

by Doug Powers on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

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Before we chew on any of the possibilities, it’s important to remember that the next season of Celebrity Apprentice kicks off in just over two weeks, and The Donald isn’t one to let a prime promotional opportunity slip by.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, there’s this from KLAS-TV:

An advisor to Donald Trump says he will make a major announcement in Las Vegas tomorrow. Sources tell the 8 News NOW I-Team Trump will endorse Newt Gingrich.

According to Trump advisor Michael Cohen, “Donald J. Trump will be making a major announcement tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. at Trump International Hotel & Tower, Las Vegas, Nevada… The announcement will pertain to the Presidential race.”

Gingrich says he’s in the dark as to what Trump’s up to:

“I have no idea what The Donald is going to do,” Mr. Gingrich said. “He is always interesting, and I don’t know of anybody who does a better job of getting attention by announcing that he will presently announce something.”

How valuable would a Trump endorsement be for Gingrich? Trump’s not exactly a staunch conservative, and that’s the kind of support Gingrich needs right now — especially since Romney’s been saying things that move him to the center so much that Mitt’s in danger of being mistaken for a fulcrum.

Other possibilities: Trump will announce a third party run while pitching the new season of Celebrity Apprentice — or Trump might announce an endorsement of Romney while pitching the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. Trump might also pitch the next season of Celebrity Apprentice while announcing an endorsement for Rick Santorum or Ron Paul. Another possibility is that Trump will announce plans for a new show called “The GOP Candidate Apprentice” which will award a substantial donation to the campaign of the candidate who can most effectively promote Celebrity Apprentice.

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Is Donald Trump right about Obama being grossly incompetent?

by Jim Kouri on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

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“So we should do something like bill China. Sue them in the World Court. As you and I discuss often, China is not our friend. They are our enemy. And we treat them as though they’re our friends, and they are taking the shirt off our grossly incompetent President’s back! And that, unfortunately, relates to our back because our country is suffering.” – Donald Trump, 2011

The flamboyant and outspoken Trump is possibly President Obama's worst nightmare. Credit: NewswithViews

2011 witnessed a politicized and opinioned Donald Trump who repeatedly bashed President Barack Obama. The denizens of the nation’s newsrooms appeared more interested in the question of whether or not “The Donald” would run for president as a third-party candidate than his comments. However, Internet journalists and talk radio hosts are analyzing Trump’s comments and informing Americans that one of America’s most successful businessmen believes President Barack Obama is a utter failure.

One of Trump’s major beefs with the Obama White House is its milquetoast relationship with the People’s Republic of China, a nation that “owns” almost a trillion dollars of the U.S. debt.

For example, the Defense and Energy departments are currently working under a government-to-government agreement originally signed on January 19, 2011, with the People’s Republic of China to establish a regional center of excellence there for nuclear security, according to American Forces Press Service’s report obtained by the Law Enforcement Examiner. And the agreement is expected to continue in 2012.In a statement from the Pentagon, Rebecca K.C. Hersman, deputy assistant secretary of defense for countering weapons of mass destruction, claims the effort will allow the agencies to leverage their expertise and resources for “maximum effect to President Barack Obama’s nuclear security agenda.”

However, Donald Trump and other critics said this announcement — ignored by most news media outlets –reveals that President Barack Obama and his national security team are either wrongheaded or have a hidden agenda in its relations with the People’s Republic of China.

“Are we returning to the days when we handed the Chinese technology that assists them in creating better weapons to threaten the US with?” asked political strategist Mike Baker.

In April 2009, from Hradcany Square in Prague in the Czech Republic, Obama called for reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the world and building a new framework for civil nuclear cooperation, according to the AFPS’ Cheryl Pellerin in a report to the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

A year later at the Nuclear Security Summit here, the United States and China agreed to strengthen cooperation in nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear security and the fight against nuclear terrorism, she said. Also at that summit, Chinese President Hu Jintao promised to build the Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security outside of the PRC capital of Beijing.

According to an Energy Department fact sheet, the agreement paves the way for its National Nuclear Security Administration and the Defense Department to work with Atomic Energy Authority representatives in China to create a central site for training in all aspects of nuclear security.

“In many ways, the [Department of Defense] is the supporting player here to the broader DOE objectives,” Secretary Hersman said, “but DOD brings strengths to table, particularly in …

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Trump Won’t Moderate Debate Hardly Anybody Was Going to Show Up For

by Doug Powers on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

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nullDonald Trump said he’s backing out of moderating an upcoming GOP debate because he’s still considering running for president as an independent. That and hardly any Republican candidates were going to show up regardless.

From the Detroit News:

The real estate mogul announced Tuesday that he was stepping back in order to preserve the option of running for president in case he’s not satisfied that the eventual Republican nominee can defeat President Barack Obama. The conservative website Newsmax was to host the debate Dec. 27.

But the debate has been in jeopardy ever since Mitt Romney signaled he would not participate. Other candidates bowed out. Only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum agreed to take part.

Trump’s announcement was absent The Donald’s usual flair for self-promotion. Just kidding — he got in a plug for his show:

The Republican Party candidates are very concerned that sometime after the final episode of The Apprentice, on May 20th, when the equal time provisions are no longer applicable to me, I will announce my candidacy for President of the United States as an Independent and that, unless I conclusively agree not to run as an Independent, they will not agree to attend or be a part of the Newsmax debate scheduled for December 27, 2011.

It’s a good thing somebody who might have a political agenda won’t be involved, and now we can get back to Republican debates being moderated by the always unbiased mainstream media.

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