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The Hypocrisy of “Diversity”….

by T.M. Ballantyne on Sunday, January 5th, 2014

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I’m sure we are all aware that “diversity” is simply the code word for acceptance of sexual deviance. The term “bullying” is likewise specifically designed to protect certain privileged lifestyles. I suspect that some of us are aware that “bullying” has been going on as long as civilization itself. It isn’t a good thing, of course, but that is why we have families, friends, and good people to come to the rescue of those who are being abused. We don’t need the intervention of legalized criminals such as Eric Holder to “assist” with these matters, when they themselves are the promoters of the very things they pretend to oppose. (Witness the “Justice” Department’s fomenting of racial unrest in the wake of the Trevon Martin media circus, while blatantly ignoring countless acts of brutal black-on-white attacks and beatings nationwide.)

The following was posted in response to an article about A&E’s decision to reinstate Phil Robertson (and ultimately Duck Dynasty, as there would have been no Duck Dynasty without him):

Note that A & E pushes for “acceptance of all people.” They make no distinction between “tolerance” – which they also encourage…while not tolerating Phil’s views and those of the vast majority of Americans: i.e., that homosexuality is, indeed, sin – and “acceptance.” As Christians we do not hate sinners, but we do hate the sins which enslave them and lead to the entrapment of others in those same sinful lifestyles. So tolerance is one thing, acceptance is quite another. Until God redefines morality – which He never will – we will not “accept” homosexuality or any other form of immorality. So, those who are “committed” to their own brand of sin and immorality will simply have to “accept” that God and those who “accept” his teachings will never “accept” their practice. Both acceptance and tolerance are a two-way street. That is precisely why we have the First Amendment…which specifically protects the right to speak out either for or against that which others believe and practice. We can – and should – also do that without hatred…all of us!

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Republican M.O. Bereft of MO JO

by T.M. Ballantyne on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

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he following was written in response to “A Plea to the Spineless Republicans” by Frank Camp on Friday, October 11, at Last Resistance (

The GOP has apparently become a relic of the past. If they cave on this…and they will…it should make it obvious to the People of this country (but probably still won’t) that they (the People, specifically the true Conservatives in the officially-despised Tea Party) are placing their trust in a horse which WILL NOT run, much less win. Obviously, “running” is precisely what they do best. The problem, of course, is that they fear the entire media establishment (Establishment Media, actually)…which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Left.

So, let’s get this straight: Those who wish to “fundamentally transform” the most successful country in the history of the planet (all the while “loving” it, Michael Moore-style), own the entire apparatus (apparatchik, actually) of “public opinion”…which speaks in direct opposition to the will of the People (often by even their own affected “polls”), and those we elect to represent US (and the U.S. – one in the same) obsequiously and obediently defer to the “RULES” established by this Ministry of Propaganda: i.e., do not speak or act against anything that this man wishes to do to bring down our country…or we will label you “un-American” (and, of course, racist, xenophobic, etc.). Yeah, that makes sense. And yet, the Republican “leadership” – and that seems to be the new definition of “oxymoron”, just as RINO has become the new standard for “redundancy” – and yet the GOP leadership, awaits the latest onslaught from the official, state-controlled media, with bated breath, to see just how “meanly” they are being portrayed.

All I can say to that is that anyone over the age of, say, 16, who doesn’t already know how those who oppose the remaking of America will be portrayed by the old-guard media, should not have been granted a high school diploma. Having said all of this, I will be shocked beyond belief if the old-but-not-so-grand “party” (perhaps a good descriptive after all) does not cave on this. For those unaware of the practice – or, more appropriately, the M.O. of politicians (primarily Republicans) is to make a pretense at having “done something,” only to retreat at the first sign of victory on the side they purport to represent…the old “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” routine. It is highly doubtful that Mssrs. Boehner, Ryan, and, I presume, Cantor (and, sadly, the majority of those on their side of the aisle – if there are, or ever were, two sides) ever intended to do any more than make a pretense at having “stood up” to our illegitimate “president.”

With great consistency, those who have refused to acknowledge his illegitimacy – the GOP, as well as his own “party” – have in the process become illegitimate themselves. We either uphold our oath to defend the Constitution, or we don’t. The Republicans have failed to do so up and down the chain of command, and across the fruited plain…and given the “purple mountains majesties” a new meaning. We have royalty now in America…along with court jesters whose own antics of self deprecation allow the monarch to save face…and appear even stronger in the bargain.

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The Comatose GOP….

by T.M. Ballantyne on Saturday, September 28th, 2013

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The following was posted in response to an excellent article at yesterday’s Freedom Outpost website. It is entitled “67 Million Missing from ObamaCare Slush Fund.” (

While this is just business as usual for our flagrantly illegitimate and abusive “administration,” our outrage here should be with the Republicans whom we continue to elect to “represent” us. They do not. Is there any reason why we should have to email or call them to ASK them to do something about this? If we had a mid-level manager in a company we owned, who was involved with the budget, and he didn’t become irate over something like this, he would be summarily dismissed. This is true of dozens of issues – Benghazi, the IRS Tea Party Prosecution Scandal, Voter Fraud in the last election, the “Justice” Department’s openly-announced refusal to enforce DOMA (or to investigate Black-on-White voter intimidation or crime), Fast and Furious, Treyvon Martin (with civil unrest actually being fomented by OUR government over this patent fraud), the “Arab Spring” (unrest being fomented by OUR State Department with the help of Google – all to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power), the NDAA, Homeland “Security” buying billions of rounds of high caliber ordinance, FEMA Camps all over the nation, the militarizing of our police, the institution of Martial Law (Boston), the illegal NSA gathering of personal information on every U.S. Citizen, the intimidation and prosecution of whistle blowers, the failure to protect our borders or prosecute illegal aliens, the absolute and abusive invasion of privacy and charade of Airport “security,” and the patent absurdity of disarming our soldiers on our own military bases, while refusing to prosecute (much less punish) those who slaughter our soldiers (in the name of Allah) as a result, even refusing to call it an act of terror…I could go on and on, and all of this is just off the top of my head!

WHAT ARE ANY OF OUR REPUBLICAN “REPRESENTATIVES” DOING ABOUT ANY OF THIS? You know the answer, don’t you? And they shouldn’t need to be told or begged to do any of it. Once more, this would be grounds for dismissal if an employee at any level didn’t address such obvious outrages on his or her watch!

Time for a Third Party. The People and their (our) Constitution are no longer being represented. Notice that the GOP is now attacking Ted Cruz, one of only three GOP Senators worth their salt (Lee and Paul being the other two). The GOP would be laughable if they weren’t specifically there to enrich themselves at the People’s expense. That being the case (and it is a matter of public record for the members of BOTH parties), it is absolutely time to change horses!

The time for compromising the Rule of Law, while simultaneously tolerating the abuse of it – by those sworn to uphold it – is past. The GOP is dead! Only the clinically insane would continue to vote for these people while expecting them to do something different from what they have ALWAYS done!

Has John Boehner represented us after WE gave him a clear majority in the House? To this day he is cutting deals with our illegal “president” over ObamaCare, in direct opposition to our clearly-expressed will!

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Honoring Greatness

by T.M. Ballantyne on Saturday, August 17th, 2013

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Many (most?) may think of me as the ubiquitous bearer of bad news. For the record, I don’t waste time (mine or that of others) arguing with people with whom I irreconcilably disagree. I am willing to engage and discuss, presenting what facts I can, but I believe arguing is typically pointless, as it is always reflective of an emotional entrenchment (often on both sides, admittedly).

With that explanation as backdrop I hasten to add that I do not apologize for my often harsh criticism of those who are seeking (with great success, I might add) to “fundamentally transform” the once greatest nation on earth into the next Detroit (at one time one of the great cities on earth…which only lacked sufficient federal subsidies…according to those whose policies she warmly embraced).

Perhaps some have noted my equally-harsh attacks on those (Republicans all) who should be standing in the breach, but rather, prefer the accolades of the absurdly-monikored “mainstream” (if Billy Graham or Thomas Monson are Catholic) press, of “moderate” or “reasoned.” I prefer the more accurate terms groveling, or, more euphemistically, grossly (and inexcusably) ignorant…and all that the latter implies.

This is not, as we say, a Sunday School picnic! We are now – and for some time have been – at war with the enemies of freedom and all that is good! If those who still read my frequent diatribes are not aware of that fact, then one of us is apparently not very good at what we each do (write…and strive to comprehend what is written).

Happily for you, here is a man from an earlier era who fought the good fight very effectively (far more so, I’m sure) in his own, perhaps-less-confrontational way. I honor his memory.

Tom Ballantyne – Author

Bill Clark’s Divine Plan

by Paul Kengor on 8.12.13

Ronald Reagan’s top hand has died.

The most important adviser to President Ronald Reagan in his take down of the Soviet empire has died at the age of 81. His name was William P. “Bill” Clark, known to many as simply “Judge Clark,” and he was one of the finest human beings and Americans that this country has ever known. I can say that without exaggeration and with the intimate knowledge of someone who became not only Clark’s biographer but a close friend.

Actually, it was hard to be otherwise. I never met anyone who didn’t like and come to respect Bill Clark. Think about this: Could you name another person, in the Reagan administration or out, praised by figures as diverse as Edmund Morris and Cap Weinberger, Edwin Meese and Lou Cannon, Maureen Dowd and Michael Reagan, Human Events and the New York Times, Time and National Review, and even Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush? As to the last pair, when we prepared the biography of Clark for publication, it wasn’t a huge surprise when we got endorsements from both Carter and Bush. Only Bill Clark could inspire something like that.

And yet, if you asked Bill Clark how that could be, he would smile and say, “They’re easily deceived.”

No, they weren’t. In Clark’s mind, however, they were. This was a devoutly Catholic man of genuine saint-like charity and humility — praise he would characteristically and insistently deny.

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NSA…a massive violation of our 4th Amendment Rights!

by T.M. Ballantyne on Monday, June 24th, 2013

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I just read this article “Americans Happy to Give Up 4th Amendment Rights.”

No, they are not. It is likely that those we saw cheering for the now apparently state-controlled Boston police, after illegally entering their homes without warrants, and forcing them out like common criminals, were just more choreographed hires of our tyrannical “Administration” – regime would be far more accurate. So we shouldn’t accept this as any kind of representation of the “voice of the People.”

Why would anyone believe the alleged “polls” which allegedly state that the majority of Americans are okay with this? The same people doing the snooping are also conducting the “polls.” Yes, it may well be that 40-45% of the populous – the uneducated along with those who went to college (same difference, apparently) – who are also on some sort of government assistance don’t care about their rights, but a majority still do. Part of the way that Lucifer – Father of Lies – sells his program is by telling us that “everyone’s doing it.” Clinton, Obama, Reid, Pelosi…they all say that “the American People” want this (gun control, Obamacare, you name it), or they don’t want that. Notice that what they say is always in direct opposition and conflict with your own experience and common sense. So, we mustn’t believe the incessant (never-ending) lie that “everyone’s doing it.” No, they’re not…and the ones who are are the 45% or whatever the number was that Mitt Romney correctly pointed to…before apologizing (which is exactly why he lost – aside from massive voter fraud).

So, my fellow Americans, trust your own intelligence, and don’t be so quick to write off your fellow citizens. That is exactly what the Left does. Their core belief is that “ordinary” people aren’t capable of taking care of themselves. Hence, we need them (the Nanny State) to do it for us. That is as false as it is arrogant, and we mustn’t fall for that lie. I, for one, believe that the majority of Americans – certainly every real American – still believe in this country, and in the principles upon which it was founded. We just need to stop accepting the lies of those who seek to control us as fact. They are not.

God bless us to each do the right thing, and to pray for our country. Meanwhile, the Republicans are not going to save us. Only a third party will do that. We won’t be “splitting” the Conservative vote, because if John McCain, Marco Rubio, and John Boehner are “conservatives” then we most certainly are not!

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Limited Marshall Law…in Tucson, AZ!

by T.M. Ballantyne on Monday, March 11th, 2013

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This action tells us two things: What the Federal Government will try to do; and what local governments are willing to allow their own party to get away with!  While the pretext for this seems innocuous enough (allowing military planes to fly over an urban area), the much more salient point is that the Obama Administration is pushing to see how far it can go. Beyond that, they are conditioning citizens to accept such overreaches as normal and expedient. As Tip O’Neal famously noted, however, ”There are no coincidences in politics.” IOW, there is a reason behind everything that politicians do.

What starts out as a seemingly innocent and necessary infringement (like, say, a “background” check – unless, of course, one is the Commander in Chief – astonishingly, no background check or security clearance required in order to be trusted with the nuclear launch codes…) leads to consequences never envisioned by most people, but which were the ultimate design of the politicians all along. This is the way Constitutions are rendered meaningless. The People (and even well-meaning elected officials…if there still are such things) simply start allowing “small” things which are not authorized, and eventually they don’t even bother to consider the issue, as the precedent (of performing unconstitutional and thereby illegal “official” government acts) has long been set.

MOST of what our government does today – literally, the vast majority of it – is completely outside of the very limited authority (specifically enumerated powers) granted to it by the sovereign People, under the Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land. Our system has been so turned on its head by our oligarchic rulers that while overreaching without our permission, and in opposition to the chains of the Constitution which were intended to bind their hands from committing such abuses into nearly every aspect of our lives, these petty tyrants (Congress, Executive, and Courts) also refuse to do the few things which they are authorized and expected to do under the authority of the Constitution: protect our lives (those of the unborn, as well as the living via our ever-so-porous borders), our liberties (which they now abuse by regulating us to a degree which would have scarcely been imaginable to the founders), and our property (which they now take at will through the extra-legal theft, and cavalier redistribution of the fruits of our labor to those who choose not to work). But it is even worse than that….

When we here in Arizona sought to do what the federal government has flatly refused to do – protect our borders – the absurdly-named “justice” department filed suit to prevent us from exercising our God-given right of protecting ourselves and our property. When states have sought to preserve the sanctity of the vote from blanket abuse and fraud – something no doubt required under federal law, Eric Holder has once again gone to court to prevent virtually every obvious, commonsense measure duly enacted by the People’s authorized representatives. Never have we witnessed or experienced such an egregious and brazen abuse of power since the days of King George, and his own abuses paled in comparison to those of our current illegitimate and “unenlightened” monarch!  The result is that we no longer live under the Rule of Law.

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Behold, The Man…(That Traitor, Ken Bennett)!

by T.M. Ballantyne on Monday, July 9th, 2012

This is article 74 of 81 in the topic Presidential Eligiblity

ken bennett Behold, the man...(That Traitor, Ken Bennett)!

At the risk of appearing sacrilegious, I here employ the phrase used by Pontius Pilate to mock Christ shortly after He had been scourged by his Roman captors. I do so not to compare the person of whom I will here speak with the Redeemer of Israel, but for the same reason Pilate employed the phrase – to mock its intended recipient.  Indeed, Ken Bennett, has been anything but a “redeemer” in his accidental-but-potentially pivotal role. In fact, the far more apt comparison would be with the man who misguidedly first uttered the phrase: Pontius Pilate.  Behold the man!

The comparisons are significant.  Firstly, Pilate did not wish to be in the role in which he found himself.  It was thrust upon him by circumstances.  He was not a brave man, and he had no desire to step into the breach. Perhaps that could be said of most men, but unlike Pilate and his contemporary Sonoran Secretarial counterpart, true men throughout history have stepped forward and done what needed to be done – in spite of any initial reluctance to do so – either on their part or that of others…perhaps even all others!

As for the Answer from Arizona, having been in on the notorious email chain from its outset, I can attest firsthand that his reluctance was predictable.  Some on the feed were optimistic as a result of his willingness to engage, and to take any action at all, but I had little doubt from his responses that it was pure (impure, actually) political posturing. Albeit we continued to supply him with ample documentation from the Hawaii Revised Statutes, state and federal Rules of Evidence, and a September 2000 report by the Federal Government’s own Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General (entitled Birth Certificate Fraud) in support of both his right and his responsibility to require proof of eligibility from the State of Hawaii for its obviously-favorite son.

Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey has famously noted that “There are no great men. Just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstances to meet.”  He might also have noted that those who fail to do so might indeed be considered “ordinary”, but can in no way be considered “great”…or be considered men at all, for that matter.

James Allen, in his classic monograph, As A Man Thinketh, correctly observed that “Circumstances do not make the man.  They reveal him to himself.”  (He had apparently read the Greek philosopher Epictetus who had observed the same thing some eighteen centuries before.)  So neither Pilate the Prefect, nor Bennett the Secretary (somewhat befittingly) can place the blame for their classic failures elsewhere.

Secondly, both Pilate and Bennett sought to wash their hands of their responsibility in their pivotal roles, or at the very least to minimize the significance of their betrayals. Pilate, of course, did so literally, becoming the classic example of any such futile attempt at self-acquittal.  In the case of the man who would be Arizona’s next governor, however, it didn’t stop there. The State of Arizona’s CAA (Chief Administrative Assistant) apologized that he’d even had to be involved, or been responsible, for his state’s involvement!

Let’s see if we can sort this out.

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ForgeryGate: An Open Letter To My Uncooperative Congressman Jeff Flake (AZ)

by T.M. Ballantyne on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

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Dear Jeff,

Jeff Flake SC ForgeryGate:An Open Letter to My Uncooperative Congressman Jeff Flake (AZ)You may recall our most recent meeting at the Red Mountain Tea Party,on April 2nd…but then again,you may not.  So let me take just a moment to go over what took place.

You possibly recall my asking “What does your oath,to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies,foreign and domestic,mean to you?”

I must say that I found your response to be quite revealing,to wit:  “It means that I will support…policies…that give effect to that oath which I’ve taken;that I won’t do anything that…would…put me in a position where I’m violating that oath.  That’s what it means to me.”

In order to be fair,Jeff,perhaps we could review together exactly what that oath contains.  Here it is:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,foreign and domestic;that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;that I take this obligation freely,without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter:So help me God.

Oops!  Looks like I misspoke,Jeff.  I said “defend and protect,” when it actually reads “support and defend”!  How clumsy of me…but the meaning,of course,is identical!  There’s obviously more to it – “that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same,” for example,and I presume that that is what you were referencing in your eloquent answer.

My question,however,clearly went to the first stipulation of that sacred oath (which you have now had administered to you by various Speakers five times over the past ten years.)  So I didn’t ask if you yourself would “support…policies…that give effect to that oath,” Jeff,but rather,“What…your oath,to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies,foreign and domestic, means to you….”

I don’t know if you were “reading ahead,” anticipating where I was going with that question,and thus avoided answering directly…or whether you had simply not considered that critical component of your oath…”So help [you] God.”   I’m sure you know the history of the oath you took,Jeff,starting with the oath taken by the very first Congress in 1779,but we’ll review it just the same.

The stipulation for such an oath was,of course (and still is,of course) contained in Article VI of the Constitution itself.  Here it is:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned,and the Members of the several State Legislatures,and all executive and judicial Officers,both of the United States and of the several States,shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation,to support this Constitution….

Being very particular to follow the recently ratified Constitution,the first Congress which had sufficient Representatives present by April 1,1789,to form a quorum,appointed a committee on April 6 to draft a bill on how the oath of office was to be administered.  It was entitled An Act to regulate the Time and Manner of administering certain Oaths,and was signed into law on June 1,1789,becoming “Statute I,” the first official law in the “Laws of the United States.”  Here is the original language contained in the oath:

I,A. B. [a Representative of the United States in the Congress thereof,] do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.

Apparently,the position held by the various parties taking the oath was added at some point for clarification.

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Malihi/Georgia Abstain….

by T.M. Ballantyne on Thursday, February 16th, 2012

This is article 51 of 81 in the topic Presidential Eligiblity

Not only did John Jay, Secretary of State at the time of the writing of the Constitution, and later First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, as well as one of the three authors of The Federalists, originate the “natural-born citizen” requirement – by suggesting it in a letter to Convention President George Washington, on July 25, 1787, one day after the original draft was started by John Rutledge and his Committee of Detail – but he was joined by fellow Federalist authors, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, who, as members of the Committee of Style and Arrangement, wrote it into the final draft some six weeks later. In other words, while it didn’t make it into the first draft, it was shepherded into the final document by the three central figures who championed the Constitution to the colonists for their subsequent ratification.

So think of it, here we had ALL THREE of the writers (under the alias of Publius) of The Federalists – THE universally-recognized means of persuading the citizens of the various states to RATIFY the Constitution. One of them, Jay, recommended the requirment to our first Commander in Chief, and later first President, George Washington, and the other two wrote it into the Final Draft, where it was voted on, passed, and ratified…and remains to this day.

So two weeks ago, the good judge, Michael Malihi, in a Georgia State Court, cites some obscure ruling from an inferior court in Indiana, while failing to provide any explanation for dismissing the various points of law cited by the plaintiffs (other than that he did not find their witnesses credible – a laughable assertion given each of their substantial credentials), and making no mention of the original intent of the founders in establishing this high bar for anyone seeking to become “the Command in Chief of the American Army.” And what was their (Jay’s) stated reason?

“…to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government.”

Yet with the stroke of a pen, Judge Malihi wipes out any elevated requirement for becoming the possessor of the nuclear launch codes, and the Leader of the Free World, by declaring anyone born in the country, regardless of the citizenship of his parents, a “natural-born citizen.”

In doing so, he wilfully ignores (or, if ignorantly, it is flagrantly inexcusable) the firmly established definition of a “natural-born citizen,” by Emerich de Vattel, author of Law of Nations, about which Convention sage, Benjamon Franklin, said the following:

“It came to us in good season, when the circumstances of a rising state make it necessary frequently to consult [it]. Accordingly, that copy which I kept has been continually in the hands of the members of our congress [the Constitutional Convention].”
And what, exactly, did Vattel have to say about “natural-born citizens” and the citizenship of their parents?

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The State of the Union….

by T.M. Ballantyne on Thursday, December 29th, 2011

This is article 167 of 471 in the topic Government Corruption

Well, here we are wrapping up the third year in our “fundamentally transformed” America…and all I can do is shake my head in disbelief, as well as displeasure!  Most of us have lived the better part of our lives in what was the freest and most prosperous nation on Earth.  Yes, we were aware that there were gross inequities – namely slavery, and the aftermath of racial prejudice and hatred left in its wake – coming from both sides.  It was ugly, and it was wrong.  Are there still racists?  Of course there are.  Are they all of one skin color?  Of course they are not.  Racism is simply one of countless expressions of man’s darker or more primitive self, and all enlightened people abhor it.

With that acknowledgement, I will repeat that this nation has produced more freedom and greater prosperity than any other nation in history.  Those nations which have pretended to be all for the “working man” and governmental control of the means of production, the market, and the economy, have with no known exception resulted in starvation, murder, and enslavement of entire populations – from Stallinist Russia, to Nazi Germany, to Fidel Castro’s “island paradise.”  Yes, those were wonderful experiments in destroying people’s God-given freedoms, and their sacred right to choose, for the ostensible purpose of “freeing” them from economic bondage…only to produce the worst kind of bondage – both economic and otherwise.  In a word, they have all failed…and failed miserably – without exception!

So where are we today?  We are madly doing everything we can to model our once-great nation after all of these colossal failures…all in the name of enlightenment and compassion.  We live in a country being ruled by a man and an administration which has no regard for our freedoms, for the Constitution, or for the Rule of Law.  The illegal occupant of the People’s House flaunts his illegality by mocking all as “carnival barkers” who dare assert the simple Constitutional requirement that he, our elected leader, be “natural-born.”  He has admitted that he is not, as his own website states that his father was a Kenyan (British) – not a U.S. – citizen.  (For any who doubt this, I refer them to my recently-released book, Oh Really, O’Reilly! – available through this website.)

Meanwhile, we have a “Republican-controlled” House, which is paralyzed with the fear of being criticized by an establishment media that has lost its readership and viewership to the point of near irrelevancy, while these same “leaders” ignorantly ignore the vast mainstream of the country who elected them.  And so, in their cowardly self-imposed paralysis, they refuse to do the simple work of demanding that the unidentified foreign occupant (UFO) of the Oval Office prove his legitimacy; nor will they demand that he cease to rule by Executive Order – including the sending of U.S. troops or the employing other military means to enter into “kinetic exercises” (military operations once referred to simply as “war”), without the consent of Congress.

And why?  One presumes because the president-elect is at least partially of African descent.  And so, with clearly the most lawless Department of “Justice” and Attorney General in our nation’s history, we are told that his only opposition stems from objections to the color of his skin…and the U.S. House quivers in its boots.

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