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Standing Up To Government Is Now Domestic Terrorism

by Bob Livingston on Monday, April 21st, 2014

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Standing Up To Government Is Now Domestic Terrorism


The political class is now demonstrating a level of hubris rarely, if ever, seen in the American system.

Within just a few hours, three of the top four most post powerful politicians in the country unabashedly revealed the low opinion they have of liberty and the American people and a willingness to persecute, prosecute and lie to those who advocate and fight for Constitutional government. And by their silence, the rest of the political class nodded their agreement.

First, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Bunkerville, Nev., rancher Cliven Bundy and the hundreds of Americans who rallied to Bundy’s defense domestic terrorists. Then, President Barack Obama brazenly lied to the American people in claiming that 8 million people had signed up for Obamacare and that the program was a success, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And early Friday morning, we learned Speaker of the House John Boehner has proclaimed once again to big money donors and crony capitalists that an immigration bill would be passed this year over the wishes of the majority of Americans.

Within hours of reports circulating in alternative media of Reid’s use of the Bureau of Land Management in his land grab on behalf of a Chinese solar energy firm, BLM pulled its goon squad of armed enforcers out of the area. It also scrambled to delete evidence from its own website that the area the Bundy family has used to graze their cattle is needed for “utility-scale solar power generation facilities on public lands” and that need was hindered by “trespass grazing” cattle.

Reid and his son Rory have worked in lockstep with the BLM and transnational green energy firms to wrestle land and use rights from American ranchers for years. Bundy is the last rancher standing in an area that once saw dozens of them.

What few reports on the standoff between Bundy and BLM that have made it into the mainstream media speciously claim the Bundy ranch is some 200 miles from the proposed site of the ENN Energy Group’s solar farm and panel building plant, and that the ENN project was shelved last year. Even the supposedly reliable “right wing” websites and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze have carried the Federal government’s water on this dispute. The two-faced Beck — who has called for a pitchfork revolution and sells shirts calling for one — even went so far as to call Bundy supporters “frightening” and compared them with Occupy Wall Street, which was a CIA-funded operation designed to foment unrest in America.

Claims have also been made that the Federal government owns the land in question. But the Constitution specifically describes in Article I, Section 8 what land the Federal government can possess, and there are subsequent Supreme Court decisions that lay out the legal framework. (Hint: It does not include protecting tortoises or building solar plants.)

A BLM document discusses the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone and specifically mentions the Gold Butte area (which includes Bunkerville) and “cattle trespass grazing” as being part of critical concern to future utility-scale solar energy development.

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Who Will Keep Us Safe? Certainly Not Government

by Bob Livingston on Monday, April 7th, 2014

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Who Will Keep Us Safe? Certainly Not Government


Any time I write that unConstitutional alphabet soup Federal agencies should be eliminated — whether on Constitutional grounds or to reduce the size and cost of Federal government — there follows a deluge of comments to the effect of, “But then who will reign in those evil corporations, enforce regulations and keep them from harming citizens?” and “Who will keep us safe?”

Thanks to years of propaganda combined with 12 years of indoctrination at the hands of the public (non)education system, most Americans are under the false belief that the U.S. government is an agent of good in the world and Federal agencies want to protect citizens from harm. Americans by and large have become statists: They believe that every transaction, every contract, every aspect of human behavior must be regulated for “fairness” and that only the state is capable of regulating “fairly.”

They have abandoned republicanism in favor of the sweet sound of democracy. In doing so, they have embraced fascism and tyranny.

Of course, statist politicians (which is to say the overwhelming majority of them) always couch their liberty-stealing ideas and laws in altruism and code words in order to get the people to support policies against their own interests. You’ve heard the terms they use: “It’s for the children;” and “To keep everyone safe;” and “It’s good for the environment;” and “We must act now to prevent another tragedy.”

The truth is that government agencies and laws are only as good as the people staffing them and enforcing the laws and, unfortunately, government attracts parasites and psychopaths like honey attracts ants and bears. And they are just as annoying and more dangerous.

History is rife with examples of government action ostensibly to “help the people” resulting in privation, destruction, death and turmoil. Anyone who has truly studied the history of governments around the world has seen that the elected class — with very few exceptions — is populated by a psychopathic mix of destroyers and seekers of wealth and power. They pay little mind to the consequences of their actions. What is relevant to them is their glorification, gratification and security at the seat of power.

So it is with little surprise that I saw reports that the Environmental Protection Agency has been conducting experiments on people — children included — to determine how they were affected by pollution. The EPA has been doing these experiments “for about 40 years” and it has authority to continue to do so under the Clean Air Act, which was passed by a “beneficent” Congress looking out for our welfare.

The newly released government report shows that the EPA was exposing people to dangerously high levels of toxins and pollutants without informing them of their risk for cancer and death. Those exposed included the elderly; those with asthma, heart and other health problems; and children. The exposure was to levels of pollutants up to 50 times greater than levels the EPA has deemed safe for human exposure.

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FLOTUS Brainwashes The Children

by Bob Livingston on Monday, April 7th, 2014

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On Wednesday, Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States (FLOTUS), planted her annual kitchen garden for spring. She was joined by 25 students from five local elementary schools and members of FoodCorps, a branch of AmeriCorps.

As she began her remarks, Obama proudly proclaimed that this year, the sixth year of her garden on the White House lawn, “… we’re doing [something] differently. We are going to plant something called a pollinator garden.”

“That’s great,” you say. After all, pollinators are in trouble; especially bees and monarch butterflies. And FLOTUS said as much. But it’s what she also said — and had the kids chanting — that’s the problem.

“So just for the folks at home who have not heard about a pollinator, but a pollinator garden helps to encourage the production of bees and monarch butterflies. And why do we need to do that?  You guys — just yell it out,” Obama said.

“Because they pollinate the plants,” said the students.

“They pollinate the plants, they help the plants grow,” Obama said. “But why do we need to help bees and butterflies — what’s happening to them? Yell it out. They’re dying because of disease — we don’t even know why some beehives are just totally disappearing… So we’re going to plant all kinds of flowers that attract bees and butterflies, which is not going to make the Obama girls happy because they don’t really like bees. But bees are good. Bees are a good thing. So you guys are going to help do that, and that’s the first time we’ve done a pollinator garden. Pretty cool, huh?”

Therein lies the problem, because what Obama said is a lie. And now the kids will repeat that lie and live with it.

We know what’s happening to the bees and the butterflies. They are not dying because of “disease.” They are being killed by neonicontinoids like clothianidin and thiamethoxam being used on plants to kill pests. The pesticides are absorbed by plants and transported throughout a plant’s vascular tissue, making the plant potentially toxic to insects. Neonicotinoids are chemically related to nicotine, the harmful ingredient in tobacco products.

Syngenta and Bayer are the leading manufacturers of the neonicotinoid variety of insecticides, and they claim there is no proof they are detrimental to bee health. But neonicotinoids are used on more than 100 million acres of corn, wheat, soy and cotton annually; and California beekeepers say their populations have been so decimated that many of the State’s almond growers won’t have enough bees to effectively pollinate their trees.

But it’s not just butterflies and bees that are affected. The American Bird Conservancy last year published a review of 200 studies on neonicotinoids that included industry research obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The study calls for the banning of the insecticide based on its toxicity to birds, aquatic invertebrates and other wildlife.

Bees are essential pollinators of plants used for food and — along with butterflies, bats, beetles and some small mammals — are key components of the food system. Bee populations in China have been so decimated by the use of insecticides that farmers employ people to pollinate their almond trees.

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When Republicanism Died And How To Revive It

by Bob Livingston on Monday, March 31st, 2014

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When Republicanism Died And How To Revive It


The government with all of its propaganda and police power is at war with the American people.

Governments always silently make war on their own citizens behind a propaganda front so as to alert as few people as possible. The less resistance from the people, the better it is for government.

One of the fastest ways to clear the mental fog is to realize that the two-party political system is only one. Anyone clinging to the illusion of two parties will be deceived to their grave. America has become a fascist state, and the whole Congress supports the agenda of the state. Any dissent expressed by the political class is frivolous pandering. Any expressed concern for the complaints of the people is feigned and contrived.

The election process in America has become a disguise for corruption that attracts the corrupt. When men and women go to Washington, they pretty soon learn that they are paid by the Federal government and, therefore, they are in the hire of the Federal government. No allegiance to their constituents is necessary and, as a matter of fact, there is very little pretension — at least until election time.

If Americans could restore their power over so-called elected representatives, this could cut out the smoke and mirrors of politics. I think the hour is late and even too late, but let’s try to reverse all the perks that our “elected representatives” have bestowed upon themselves. To do this we must first turn back the clock to see when and how Republicanism died.

The year 1913 was a terrible one for human liberty. The 16th and 17th Amendments were ratified that year, and the Federal Reserve central bank was established. The Federal Reserve created a fiat money system of theft for the benefit of the banksters and the moneyed elites. It is designed to impoverish the people. The 16th Amendment established a progressive income tax that the U.S. Supreme Court failed to strike down. The 17th Amendment changed the way Senators were selected, taking the appointing power from State legislatures and placing it in the hands of voters. That removed the final nail holding the checks and balances the States had in place over Federal power. Most of the nails were removed in 1861 when Abraham Lincoln shredded the Constitution, stripped Americans of their strongest check against Federal tyranny and invaded the secessionist States.

The result is that in 1913 the U.S. government was taken over once and probably for all time by moneyed power.

Many of the Founders — particularly the anti-Federalists — feared a powerful central government. So they established in the Constitution that each State’s legislature would choose its two Senators as one of the checks against a strong central government.

Depending upon their point of view, Founders either hailed or lamented the fact that, by simply refusing appoint Senators, the States could see the central government “destroyed” (William Richardson Davie) and “put an end to” (Samuel Johnston). Or, as Alexander Hamilton (who actually wanted a U.S.

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War Is Becoming A Tough Sell

by Bob Livingston on Monday, March 24th, 2014

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War Is Becoming A Tough Sell


Like two bulls preparing to square off over their love interests in the herd, the U.S. government war crowd (and other G8 members) and the Russian government are increasingly stomping the ground and braying with more bellicosity.

After making threats that Russia and Vladimir Putin would suffer “costs” and there would be a “huge price to pay” if Russia annexed Crimea, Putin scoffed. He then proceeded to move toward drawing Crimea further into Russia’s sphere, a move backed by more than 90 percent of all Crimeans.

The first “costs” turned out to be sanctions against a list of Russian lawmakers and oligarchs who are in fact likely Putin rivals rather than Putin allies, as I wrote last week. One of those “sanctioned” was Yelena Mizulina, who had little to do with Crimea but authored legislation banning homosexual propaganda to Russian minors. Who knew the President Barack Obama homosexual-pushing agenda would extend to Russia?

Putin responded by first falling out of his chair laughing. Then he returned the favor and sanctioned a few U.S. lawmakers and bureaucrats. The sanctions gave psychopaths like Weeper John Boehner and Sen(ile) John McCain — both on the list for Russian sanctions — an opportunity to thump their chests as if they’ve done something to advance the American cause.

Obama promised more sanctions and “economic isolation” for Russia. Putin promised to just exchange the U.S. for other trading partners. This move would be disastrous for the U.S. economy. And it would be equally disastrous for Eastern Europe if Russia cuts off the natural gas it supplies.

Putin’s belligerence and Obama’s response — perceived as weak by the neocon war crowd infesting the Washington, D.C., cesspool — is driving the war hawks insane. They seem to be itching to goad Putin into a shooting war.

Weekly Standard Columnist Bill Kristol — chief propagandist for the U.S. war machine — bemoaned that Americans are war-weary. He believes they just need to be challenged to awaken them from their stupor.

“A war-weary public can be awakened and rallied. Indeed, events are right now doing the awakening. All that’s needed is the rallying. And the turnaround can be fast,” Kristol wrote. His neocon propaganda rag is doing its dead-level best to lead that turnaround.

But consider that the U.S. has been at war since 1990. There is a generation of young adults who have never known their Nation at peace. Don’t the American people have a right to be weary of war — especially wars ginned up by Kristol and his neocon brothers on behalf of the banksters and globalists?

It seems Ron Paul may be winning after all. In the past two efforts to drag America into another conflict, the majority of Americans said “No!”

Also consider that as the Cold War ended, the U.S. told Russia it would not move NATO into Eastern Europe if Russia would move its troops out. But by 1996, President Bill Clinton was urging NATO to extend full membership to former Warsaw Pact nations in 1999. Every President since then has used NATO to further surround Russia.

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Is Ted Cruz A Demagogue Or A Statesman?

by Bob Livingston on Friday, March 7th, 2014

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Is Ted Cruz A Demagogue Or A Statesman?


Senator Ted Cruz offered red meat to conservatives during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday. His words will doubtless keep him in the top tier of GOP Presidential contenders.

He hit on three topics crucial to rolling back tyranny and restoring Constitutional governance:

  • Repealing the income tax.
  • Ending the “corrupt, interlocking system” of lobbyists, lawyers and consultants that are “suckling off of Washington.”
  • And the Federal Reserve.

Repealing the income tax and auditing the Federal Reserve don’t go far enough. The income tax is essential to Federal Reserve system because fiat money systems require regulation of credit and consumption. Though many people would like to see the income tax repealed, few understand what the income tax’s purpose is. (Hint: It’s not to fund the government.) I will explain this in more detail in my Monday column.

Efforts to audit the Federal Reserve cause the elites and banksters to go apoplectic. There is a reason. They want the people to remain in the dark about how the Federal Reserve is a theft system that transfers wealth from the producers and savers to the wealthy oligarchs who own government. Only one politician in the past 50 years has really understood the Fed and fought tooth and nail to expose it. He was cast by the mainstream media as a crank. But Ron Paul was a statesman.

On ending the revolving door between Congress, Congressional staffers, alphabet soup regulatory agencies and the corporations they are charged with regulating, Cruz is correct. We have pointed out this process in articles about the Obamacare law, Monsanto, Big Pharma and Thursday’s article on the monitor that the Department of Justice has installed at Apple. Almost without exception, laws passed by Congress and regulations issued by the bureaucrats today are written by and for the corporations and lobbyists to their benefit.

Cruz’s attack on the Fed and the crony system is curious, given that his wife works for Goldman Sachs, one of the chief beneficiaries of the system. That means that, by extension, he benefits from the system. Perhaps that tie gives him cover to demagogue the issues. Knowing they have Cruz’s wife in their pockets, perhaps the globalist elites believe they have Cruz in their pockets as well.

Whether Cruz is just a demagogue using conservative hot-button issues to put himself into contention for the Republican nomination or he really plans on tearing down the system remains to be seen. Remember that most politicians are psychopaths. We must watch what they do, not what they say.

One thing to note: The mainstream media and the establishment are treating Cruz as if he is just a crank.

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APG Believers Are The Flat Earthers

by Bob Livingston on Friday, February 28th, 2014

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APG Believers Are The Flat Earthers


Consensus is not science.

Supporters of the theory — and a debunked theory it is — of anthropogenic global warming claim that because a group of scientists have proclaimed that it’s happening, that means the science is settled. Evidence refuting the “settled” part of their “science” is irrelevant to them.

For instance, last month had this to say, “Despite the presence of a near 100% agreement on man-made global warming in scientific journals, it seems that deniers will always have something to cling to, even if it can’t be found in a scientific journal. The rest of us will just have to sit here and wait for them to catch up.”

And Secretary of State John Kerry, who once proudly proclaimed he voted against something before voting for it and never met an issue — except global warming — upon which he couldn’t equivocate, last week in Jakarta, Indonesia, said: “The science is unequivocal, and those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand. We don’t have time for a meeting anywhere of the Flat Earth Society.”

Psychopathic thieves like Kerry overlook the fact that the theory of a flat Earth remained “settled science” for many years.

Kerry also proclaimed, “We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific facts. Nor should we allow any room for those who think that the costs associated with doing the right thing outweigh the benefits.”

Add another “shoddy” scientist to the mix of “flat Earthers” and “head buriers.” Dr. Patrick Moore, who knows a little more about “science” than John Kerry knows about anything beyond spending his wife’s money — make that a lot more — told a Senate panel: “There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years. Today, we live in an unusually cold period in the history of life on earth and there is no reason to believe that a warmer climate would be anything but beneficial for humans and the majority of other species.”

Moore, the former co-founder of the environmentalist group Greenpeace, reminded Senators that an Ice Age occurred 450 million years ago when CO2 levels were 10 times higher than today.

For people like Kerry and President Barack Obama (who proclaimed global warming a “fact” in his State of the Union speech), the science is “settled” because they see yet another opportunity for a wealth-redistribution scheme and more government power. Since their “theory” doesn’t hold water against the fact that global temperatures have remained steady for almost 20 years, they want to stifle any debate over their theory’s validity.

Scientists and people like Al Gore use much the same tactic but for different reasons. They are in it for the money: Scientists don’t want their Federal grant gravy train to disappear, and Gore doesn’t want to have to give up his speaker fees and “carbon credit” get-rich schemes.

Their sycophantic followers have merely fallen prey to a cult. But it’s one that exists on cognitive dissonance.

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A Once Free Nation

by Bob Livingston on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

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A Once Free Nation


A once free nation’s descent into tyranny occurs one of two ways: either through sudden violent revolution or gradually over decades in fits and starts. America’s has occurred gradually.

Government conquers its citizens with gradualism because few understand it. Gradualism is imperceptible force.

America has evolved into a lawless state. There has been a breakdown of law and order, but only a few can see it. There are many layers of deception and those few who have become alerted see and understand at different levels.

The first trigger of alert is when a few people come to understand that government is organized crime and that government is in all-out war with its own citizens. The central purpose of Personal Liberty Digest™ is to raise the awareness of the people.

The U.S. Congress has, gradually, ceded its authority to the President and to the alphabet soup agencies of government that it created or allowed the President to create. Now the President rewrites laws on a whim, or chooses to not enforce them on a whim. This is the stuff of third-world banana republics. The imperial presidency feared by the Founding Fathers is in full operation. Yet the feckless Congress hardly whimpers about it and the people do little more than shrug their collective shoulders.

Even worse are the regulatory and quasi-military law enforcement agencies. These agencies, staffed by career bureaucrats and headed by statists with “altruistic” motives that always benefit either the cronies and well-connected or the growing government apparatus, create new standards and new regulations and new rules without regard to the Constitution and their effect on the American people.

Often the elites simply do not care how their policies will affect average Americans so long as the fascist system is rewarded or the State is made more powerful. Other times the detrimental effects are simply chalked up as unintended consequences or collateral damage.

Almost any crime can be carried out without overt force or resistance if it is done gradually. Somehow any process of gradualism escapes detection. Gradualism extends false hope and the illusion of reality.

One can poison himself and be dead immediately. On the other hand, we can be poisoned over time with fluoride in our drinking water, by vaccinations and inoculations, by toxins in our foods, and so on ad infinitum.

Gradualism does something else. It confuses cause and effect. As long as a process of currency depreciation is gradual, the people cannot discern the cause nor place the blame on the money printers.

Currency debasement has throughout history always been the method of choice of governments to steal and transfer wealth from the people to the government in subtle and secret ways so that the crowd never catches on.

This is going on now in our lifetime more than at any time in history. Yet there is no revolution. There is no blood in the streets. The propaganda still holds sway. The people still trust the system. The people remain calm.

Not only are the peasants calm, they have been deceived into believing that rising stock markets constitute a sign of prosperity.

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What’s Behind The Growing Pile Of Dead Banker Bodies?

by Bob Livingston on Monday, February 24th, 2014

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What’s Behind The Growing Pile Of Dead Banker Bodies?


It’s become a health hazard to be a banker. What evil lurks beneath the pile of bodies?

In growing numbers, the bodies of bankers are piling up in the streets — at least eight global financial types in recent weeks (and five others in the past year). And a financial reporter for The Wall Street Journal walked out of his house and mysteriously hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks.

So what gives? Three of the bankers worked for JPMorgan. One worked for Deutsche Bank AG. Others for companies not so prominent, i.e., not “too big to fail,” but possibly implicated in one or more of the number of investigations being undertaken in FOREX fraud and the LIBOR scandal. Maybe they uncovered something they shouldn’t have. Maybe they knew too much to begin with. Some of the “suicides” have been deemed “suspicious.”

Did they suddenly feel remorse for screwing over their depositors so badly? Or, possibly, they realized that the global financial crash that is coming will be bigger than anything ever experienced and don’t want to have to experience it.

Li Junjie, 33, worked in JPMorgan’s Hong Kong headquarters. He jumped from the building’s roof last week as police tried to talk him down. His friends told police he had been experiencing work-related stress. “The pressure of front-line sales and trading jobs has spread through to formerly calm back offices, where trades are checked to ensure compliance with regulations. Adding to those pressures, banks see their back offices as a cost, rather than as revenue generating. The pressure intensified after New York state’s top financial regulator, Benjamin Lawsky, demanded documents from over a dozen banks in a probe of trading practices in the US$5.3 trillion a day foreign exchange market. Manipulation of the benchmark Libor interbank lending rate has led to dozens of traders being fired and penalties topping US$6 billion,” reports South China Morning Post. But Junjiee had recently bought a HK$5.5 million apartment and planned a trip to Toronto where he had once held a job at Royal Bank of Canada.

Note from the Editor: As a reader you deserve to know the truth behind the economic disaster America faces. I’ve arranged for readers to get free copies of two books that reveal the sinister plot by the US Government to steal our wealth — a plot Merrill Jenkins, Sr. (the Original Monetary Realist) tried to expose at great risk. His books are hard to find, but these books include rare transcripts from his lectures. Click here for your free copies.

Gabriel Magee, 39, a vice president for JPMorgan’s corporate and investment bank technology department, worked in the bank’s European Headquarters in London. He fell from that 33-story building’s roof on Jan. 27. His parents say he had recently been given permission to work four days a week, was in a happy relationship with his girlfriend and talking about planning a family. They say there is no reason for him to have been on the roof.

Ryan Henry Crane, 37, was an executive director of JPMorgan’s unit that trades blocks of stocks for clients. He was found dead in his Stamford, Conn., home on Feb.

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Expatriation Continues To Increase

by Bob Livingston on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Expatriation Continues To Increase


Last year, 3,000 Americans bid their country goodbye and renounced their U.S. citizenship. The number was more than three times as many as in 2012, and almost twice as many as in the previous record year of 2011, when 1,788 turned in their U.S. passports. The 3,000 expats in 2013 was three times as many as the average of the past five years.

Expatriation is the only way to have economic freedom. Life in the U.S. is good if you are the 50 percent living off the government (this includes big corporations), but not so much if you are the 50 percent seeing two-thirds of your wealth confiscated to cover all the taxes you are required to pay.

If you are thinking of leaving the U.S., remember that all Americans are liable for income tax on their worldwide income. It doesn’t matter where you make the money.

From my studies, I like the countries of Costa Rica, Singapore and the Bahamas; and Uruguay would be a choice country. Uruguay is about as big as Missouri and has a mostly Italian, German and English population.

It’s hard to tell how long the U.S. non-system will last. You can be sure that desperate governments do desperate things to hold on to power.

All hardship and government oppression are based on a collapsing fiat paper currency. The more they print, the more they will need to confiscate from citizens.

According to tax lawyer Brad Westerfield, renunciations have increased since the implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Law, which was passed to target overseas tax evasion. Westerfield said that the first wave of renunciations in 2010 coincided with a part of the law that requires individuals to report foreign assets worth as little as $50,000. That’s in addition to a separate provision that forces Americans to disclose foreign bank holdings larger than $10,000.

There are only a very few people who will even think about expatriation, and fewer still who will actually go through with it.

Expatriated Americans have more freedoms than Americans within the United States. You can keep Medicare (if used within the U.S.), Social Security benefits no matter where you live, no income taxes and no capital gains on non-U.S. sourced income.

You still have to pay to the U.S. 30 percent taxes on Social Security and dividend gains on U.S. stocks, depending on how you file. Can you go back to the U.S. after expatriation? Absolutely, on a green card. There are many people living in the U.S. on “green cards.” But this puts you back totally under the tax system.

A word for the future: Regardless of what you think about what’s going on in the U.S. right now, things will get progressively worse. Then people will think more about leaving. It boggles the mind to think that if an American gives up his citizenship, he has far more freedom right here in the United States. Oh, well, expats can’t vote. Shame, shame! Voting is a sham anyway, and you know it. Our votes have been meaningless for 50 years.

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