Classic Liberal Election Tripe: James Carville — It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!

Stephen Levine by Stephen Levine on July 10th, 2012

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James “The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville is the democrat’s Karl “The Architect” Rove. Both men master manipulators of the political process which resulted in two genial, but majorly flawed, governors becoming Presidents of the United States. Whereas Rove gave us George Bush (43), a genial “laissez faire” moderate with his inept and corrupt crony capitalism, Carville gave us Clinton, a pragmatic leftist who disgraced the Office of the President with his sexual shenanigans; and malevolent and corrupt crony capitalism.

And now Carville and pollster Stan Greenberg want to make the case for re-electing Barack Hussein Obama, an inept, corrupt, poseur who has spent more money than all of the previous presidents combined – with little or nothing to show for his efforts.

We are still verging on the precipice of bankruptcy. A record number of Americans are out of work. We are being overrun by a hoard of illegal aliens. We are over-taxed and over-regulated. Our healthcare is discombobulated. The political system is corrupt beyond belief. And we are facing an uncertain future.

So why should I believe one word of Carville’s new book, “It’s the Middle Class, Stupid?”

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TITLE: It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!

AUTHORS: James Carville and Stan Greenberg

Hardcover  $26.95 | E-Book $12.99 | CD $29.95

ISBN 9780399160394

336 pages |  Blue Rider Press | 9.25 x 6.25in

Release Date: July 10, 2012

It’s all misdirection away from the truth …

“People have lost all faith in government, and for good reason. It’s the corruption, stupid. . . . [N]ow people just don’t trust the government anymore, and who can blame them? They’re right: government is corrupt and bought. And most of all, they get causality: the rich and connected control the government, and that contributes to the decline of the middle class.”

Carville turns the subject of political corruption to his own advantage by making the point that the rich and the connected control the government. Using a demonstrably true statement that is designed to position Carville as an unbiased and unafraid truth teller – which is an arguably false premise. No matter what resonant truths he may reiterate, you don’t get more politically corrupt and self-serving than partisans like James Carville.

The truth is that both political parties are corrupt and our nation is suffering from the greatest institutional political corruption in the history of the United States. Where pandering to the special interests; be they corporations, unions, individual investors or landowners, in return for campaign funding, media and voter support is nothing more than legally-sanctioned bribery.

But he fails to mention that this is the very modus operandi of the democrat party. Dividing America into individual constituencies and illustrating how they are victims of the system; then explaining that the democrats will redress their grievances if they are given the power to remedy these egregious wrongs. Pandering to the entitlement class with promises of more government goodies. Pandering to the illegal aliens with promises of a path to citizenship and access to more government goodies. Pandering to the gays with the promises of the type of equality which will mainstream their lifestyles. Pandering to the unions with the regulation that will result in more members and more pension money to manage. Pandering to the Marxist/Communists with promises to advance their agenda through unions and environmentalism. And pandering to the money-men with promises that they are exempt from pesky consumer-friendly regulations while they rip of the taxpayer’s money and consumers with impunity.

Not to mention a serious and fundamental issue that Carville ignores – even while branding Republicans as obstructionists – is that, as never before, our enemies have activated a political fifth column in America that is openly and actively seeking the downfall (or at least downgrade) of our nation using our own laws against us.

And that fifth column resides and wields power mostly within the democrat party which has moved so far left as to become the Marxist/Communist party within our nation. Whether it is extreme spending to the point of bankruptcy, extreme environmentalism to the point of significantly raising the cost of living or the commandeering of our health care system to exert control over individual lives and behavior; the democrats appear to be pursuing a course that would have America, the greatest nation on the Planet, become just another unexceptional member of the United Nations and susceptible to an international breach of our sovereignty.

Has Carville nothing to say about the Marxists and Communists who are not only openly welcomed in the White House, but given positions of authority and responsibility?

Let’s look at a couple of Carville quotes …

Budgetary reform and Paul Ryan

“Every cockamamie, goofball, jackass, stupid idea that has come up in the last 30 years has come from Representative Ryan and his ilk.”

The democrat-led Senate has failed their constitutional duty to pass a budget for three years. Unfortunately, the founding fathers did not include a penalty for this type of constitutional malfeasance. And every democrat-budget that has been proposed by the House of Representatives has been filled with special interest pork for the special interests. In effect, taxing the Middle class to purchase political support from the special interests. Paul Ryan sincerely put forth a budget that curtailed federal spending, an anathema to democrats, so he is castigated by Carville and his ilk.

Continuing class warfare

“Maybe Obama needs to go to the convention and say of his opponent, ‘You know, let’s concede, he will not raises taxes on the wealthy and I will. He has not taken any position yet. In fact, he’s promised to cut taxes on the wealthy; I will raise taxes on the wealthy. That’s a distinction in this election.’ … ‘Romney wants the Bush policy: I want the Clinton policy. What would you rather have, 2008 or 1998? Take your pick.’ Consultants, politicians have some balls and say that.”

The truth is that America deserves a tax cut and if it benefits the wealthy in a disproportionate manner, so be it. It is the wealthy, the producers and the investors, who fund capitalism and the growth of our economy. The government does neither as they produce nothing and act as a conduit for the redistribution of wealth. Appealing to the “have nots” by ripping entitlement funds from producers and investors does nothing but weaken America. Again Carville and his ilk are full of crap.

Education …

On Rick Santorum: “Given Rick Santorum’s portfolio of beliefs, it’s easy to see why he would favor ignorance over knowledge. … Santorum wants the federal and state government out of education entirely. He’s clearly afraid of the consequences of kids thinking for themselves.”

Marxists and Communists have always sought to change nations by indoctrinating and controlling the young. Given the union influence (adherents of the Marxist collectivist philosophy) on our education, we can clearly see where democrat-led school systems have destroyed traditional education in America. The idea that kids think for themselves rather than parrot the teacher-taught party line is laughable. The federal government has no business in education and has destroyed at least two decades of students with their nonsense. If one wants to look deeper into Marxist/Communist philosophy, one would see the “state as parents” which is almost the viewpoint of today’s school system. Consider that a girl does not need her parent’s permission to arrange a life-threatening abortion, but requires her parent’s consent to go on a field trip to a museum. Whatever other Santorum ideas that Carville finds strange or offensive, Santorum is absolutely correct when it comes from keeping government away from education.

   On Mitt Romney: “…a man for whom ‘being very well-off financially’ is clearly important. But education doesn’t seem to be something Mitt Romney thinks much about.”

Romney is about success, brought about by his belief system, education and hard work. As for Obama who is one of those highly-educated elite leftist fools that parrots professors and who hasn’t even managed so much as a popsicle stand. Whereas Romney worked, Obama benefited from affirmative action. Whereas Romney kept learning, Obama is stuck with the dogma of the left and the party line. Obama has no clue to how the economy works, how foreign affairs are managed or how healthcare requires reform – all he apparently knows is what is written for him and displayed on the TelePrompTer.

Media …

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that Fox will play less of a role in 2012, just as they didn’t have so much influence in 2008. I think they don’t have the power they used to. They’re certainly still a factor, as it were, and it’s not all about ratings, but I don’t think they have the same power. And look at Limbaugh: he doesn’t have the same power anymore.”

With firm control over the mainstream media, it is no wonder Carville is complaining about cable television and talk radio. Both areas where liberals have failed to gain traction. Mostly because of the shrill doctrinaire presentations that brook no dissent. Callers or guests holding opposing viewpoints or who ask pointed self-evident questions are given short shrift if they are not shouted over. The sole exception are the comedy shows like the Colbert Report or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s which use a news paradigm to subtly indoctrinate their audience as they poke fun at conservative ideas. If you want to compare Fox commentary with liberal commentary – watch the Bill Maher show and then watch Fox’s Sean Hannity. The contrast is striking. Especially because Hannity is speaking to ordinary people and Maher is playing to the left liberal elite.

Environmentalism …

“Only when rich people own Yellowstone will they be happy. Then when they buy Yellowstone they will want an exemption so they don’t have to pay property tax on it.”

This is the type of environmental nonsense that illustrates Carville’s democrat class warfare underpinnings. Notice he doesn’t mention that the democrats want to monetize and tax the atmosphere with their carbon credits and control over carbon dioxide. Something that will result in funding a larger and more oppressive government, not to mention redistributing great wealth in the Marxist/Communist fashion.

Partisan bullshit …

“Looking ahead to the November election, we feel really good that President Obama and the Democrats are focused on the economy and the fate of the middle class. We mean, really good. It was painful getting here and we still have some big choices to make, but we really do have a story to tell, and that makes all the difference.”

If Obama was so concerned with the economy he inherited from George Bush (43), that would have been his immediate priority. Not giving the Marxist/Socialists their big dream of controlling the population through the control of healthcare. Not by allowing the lobbyists to further revamp the financial system to their advantage and avoid the prosecution of executives which engaged in criminal conduct. Not by ignoring the firing all those regulators who failed their oath to serve and protect the consumer. Truth-be-told, Obama is a stuck-up elitist who doesn’t give a damn about the middle-class as he preens before the TelePrompTer and reads the words written by his fellow travelers. Nothing about him appears genuine – from his birth certificate, his social security or the narrative of his personal history.

Bottom line …

Carville is nothing more than a hyper-partisan apparatchik of the democrat party promoting himself and his brand.

He is dishonest and disingenuous when he claims to be looking out for the middle class. Does he not understand that the costs of all government, regulation and taxes disproportionately fall on the Middle Class in the form of  higher costs on goods and services which have been passed along to all citizens by the corporations affected by governmental nonsense? Does he not realize that less, rather than more government, results in greater benefits for America and her citizens?

If you really want to read this book, I suggest you wait until the day after the election and purchase a copy for 99-cents at the bookstore remainder table, or 25-cents at the local bookstore. Or for one-cent (if you don’t mind paying for shipping and handling) from the used books section of

The book is democrat nonsense. Unusable and unhelpful nonsense at that.

And while I find Carville amusing, I also regard him as being dangerous to the American way of life. My two-word review of this book: PARTISAN BULLSHIT!

In the final analysis, remember what the democrats have done to you in the past. Look at the inner cities under democrat control and imagine their spread. And look at the dunce in the White House. We need to remove these people from office. 2012 is only a start – and the real battle is likely to come in 2016. But if we cede power to Obama and his fellow travelers now, there might not be much of the America we love and know in 2016.

— steve

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