Obama’s deportation policy: A Machiavellian political strategy, say critics

Jim Kouri by Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri
on June 17th, 2012

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When President Barack Obama announced Friday that he will be bypassing the House of Representatives and the Senate and grant de facto amnesty to tens of thousands of illegal alien under the age of 30 with the stroke of his pen on an “executive order,” he may or may not have miscalculated the anger that his action would ignite, according to several lawmakers, heads of non-governmental agencies and law enforcement officials.

Young illegal aliens are here through no fault of their own, said President Obama, who is indeed fundamentally transforming America, say his opponents. Photo credit: Newsbusters

They claim Obama intentionally creates divisiveness for political purposes. “Divide and conquer” is Machiavelli’s gift to the game of politics, according to political consultants who spoke to the Law Enforcement Examiner.

Conventional wisdom is that any White House administration or government agency is better off releasing bad news or controversial information on a Friday afternoon when many Americans are preoccupied with their weekend plans and may pay less attention to the latest news stories, notes political strategist Mike Baker.

“You want to release bad news to the fewest Americans possible so you promulgate it on Friday afternoon,” said Baker.

“However, in this instance, within minutes of Obama’s Rose Garden announcement, the Internet bloggers and journalists were hard at work informing their readers about the President’s latest power grab,” Baker said.

Baker claims that the only media figures who will tell Americans the truth about this and other Obama actions are conservative talk show hosts and conservatives on the Internet.

“The news organizations are corrupt and it’s time Americans are told that again and again. These [news] people are not your fathers’ or grandfathers’ journalists,” said Baker.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers on Friday blasted President Barack Obama over his new policy, saying it is a political move to energize his party’s base in the upcoming election.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), vice chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee, announced plans to sue the Obama administration over its new measures to grant some illegal immigrant youth work permits and a legal stay in the country.

The Republican congressman stressed that he will be prepared to bring a suit and seek court order to stop the implementation of the policy, because such a policy should be adopted through the legislative, and not the executive, branch of government. King had successfully sued then-Governor Tom Vilsack over similar separation-of-powers issue.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said that Obama has put “partisan politics” and illegal immigrants ahead of the American people. “How can the administration justify allowing illegal immigrants to work in the United States when millions of Americans are unemployed?” he asked in a statement.

Many Republicans criticized Obama’s new measure as politically-motivated, aimed to win over Hispanic voters in the country especially since their numbers have surged over the years, thanks to the feckless politicians who refused to halt the “invasion” of illegal aliens, explained former NYPD police officer Iris Aquino, herself an Hispanic-American .

“This is a blatant and unprecedented attack [by Obama] on all American citizens and workers, as well as legal immigrants who have waited years to come to the U.S. legally,” said Jeff Schwilk, founder of the Southern California Patriot Coalition.

“Illegal alien families have arrogantly defied U.S. law by not returning to their home countries, despite increased ICE enforcement. They and their children have made the choice to stay here in violation of our laws. Rewarding illegal behavior encourages more illegal behavior,” Schwilk said..

“Obama’s rogue actions today represent a new level of dictatorial actions by an already law-defiant administration,” he added.

Schwilk is only one of many immigration reform activists – some of whom are attorneys — who believe President Obama purposely crossed the line separating constitutional and unconstitutional behavior by the nation’s Commander-in-Chief. They are being joined by U.S. lawmakers, especially those supported by Tea Party members.

For example, Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) stated right after Obama’s announcement, “This election year move by President Obama floods the weak job market with many more workers, who will be competing with unemployed and underemployed Americans for jobs they sorely need. We just saw unemployment and jobless claims increase these past few weeks, and the President is willing to make it that much more difficult for Americans looking for work.”

“All Illegal aliens, regardless of age, are by definition present in the U.S. unlawfully. Parents are responsible for their children under age 18. They have the obligation to obey the law, especially foreign laws regarding entry, presence, and residence,” said Schwilk.

“For Obama to grant blanket, mass amnesty to lawbreakers is not supported by law, nor by the majority of the American people who have stated clearly in poll after poll that they want our borders secure and our immigration laws enforced equally,” he added.

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