Now They’re Making It Up As They Go

Bob Livingston by Bob Livingston on May 11th, 2012

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Now They’re Making It Up As They Go

Fearmongers say to beware the dog bombs, and they don’t mean to watch where we step.

Bombs in dogs, bombs in hard drives, bombs surgically implanted in people, invisible underwear bombs! Be afraid; be very afraid.

The fearmongers in government are getting desperate. Thanks to the rise of alternative media, fewer and fewer people are buying the mainstream media’s lies. They’re rejecting the police state.

So the fearmongers are making it up as they go and getting more absurd by the day. We are told al-Qaida can now turn anything and everything into a bomb. Even 18-month-olds are now terror suspects. But never fear; government is here to protect us.

What you don’t hear from the MSM is that the so-called terrorists are creations of the FBI and the CIA. Agents of our own government are the real terrorists.

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