This is How We Win in November

Jason Whitman by Jason Whitman

Jason Whitman
on March 9th, 2012

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This is how we win up and down the ballot in November. Let me repeat that; this is the formula for winning Republican races across the board in this critical election cycle.

We should be hammering the president on the Keystone XL pipeline

We should be pounding the issue of the escalating debt

Then there is the issues of crony capitalism and scandals such as Fast and Furious

We need to change the narrative on the Democrats “War on Women” 

The center-right in this country needs to form a united front on these issues, drive them relentlessly, without giving in. Whenever the question of contraception comes up, answer with “the president is engaged in a war on the first amendment and the economy still stinks.” The Democrats are on empty, all they have is vapid issues to drive emotionally based arguments. Let’s hit them hard with reality.

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  1. SGBeveridge Says:

    The GOP should start NOW to highlight the failure of the left wing administration,every “green” company that failed,and the mounting debt that we all face.Put America back to work….

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