Open Letter to Wall Street Occupiers

American Grams by American Grams on March 27th, 2012

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Recently I have come to know a number of immigrants, many from communist countries, who are speaking up about what they see happening in the United States. They came to this country to obtain the freedoms not available in their homelands, and they cherish these freedoms more than anything. They are warning the citizens of the US of the correlations between their communist homelands and what they are witnessing in the United States today under President Obama. When you speak to them you can see the fear and feel the desperation, begging us to help stop what is happening in our country.

Below is a letter received from a former Russian citizen.

Dear Occupier:

Do you really mean all that Fair Share, Fair Shots, Social Justice, Equality? Do you know what these words mean in REAL life?

FAIR SHOTS means that 200 million innocent people were tortured and murdered by their own communist regimes in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, East Germany, Algeria and Cuba.

FAIR SHARE means that tens of millions of innocent citizens were and are incarcerated in the labor camps or mental institutions by communist regimes. Tens of thousands of them had died and are dying of starvation, extreme conditions, diseases and hard work.

SOCIAL JUSTICE means forced labor of the prisoners of the labor camps; no freedom, no liberty, no rights, and no justice at all under any communist regime.

EQUALITY means that the members of the government of the communist regime live in multimillion dollar palaces, having billions of dollars stashed in the Swiss banks, and the rest of the population lives in abject poverty, misery and constant fear and terror.

Communist government officials have their own dollar stores, private schools, exclusive universities, hospitals and excellent health care. None of it is available to citizens.

Communist governments take away weapons from the citizens by the decrees and then murder tens of millions of their own innocent people. They call it gun control.

You don’t believe me? Just Google the information on Labor Camps, Holodomor, History of USSR, History of Soviet Ukraine, etc.


Former citizen of Russia


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