White House ignores House subpoena’s on Solyndra

John Lott by John Lott on February 23rd, 2012

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So much for the most open administration every. Remember also the Obama administration claims that only nonpolitical officials dealt with this loan? From the Washington Examiner:

President Obama and his West Wing aides ignored a subpoena of documents pertaining to the Solyndra loan guarantee even after congressional investigators met with White House officials to negotiate the scope of the subpoena, according to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. . . .

House investigators requested 12 categories of documents designed to explore a range of issues, such as Obama donor and Solyndra investor George Kaiser’s role in the solar company receiving a loan gaurantee.

White House counsel disputed the initial subpoena in November, calling it “a significant intrusion on Executive branch interests.” Committee officials met with Obama’s attorneys to negotiate the subpoena, but the White House failed to produce the documents by the February 21 deadline.

“Despite an all star cast of presidential aides that have their fingerprints on Solyndra,” Upton and Stearns observed, “Larry Summers, Carol Browner, Ron Klain, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Jim Messina, Dan Pfeiffer, Jay Carney, Cecilia Munoz, — the White House is having great difficult turning over relevant internal documents.”

The investigators said that Obama’s aides have not answered questions about the White House role in restructuring the Solyndra loan, who told Solyndra officials to delay announcing layoffs until after the 2010 midterms, and why the company received so much attention from senior advisers to the president. . . .

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