The Death of Free Speech the ‘Canadian Way’

Donald Douglas by Donald Douglas on December 18th, 2011

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I’m not really up on all of the personalities, but the realities of progressive attacks on political speech are all too real to me.

See Kathy Shaidle, “(Making Someone’s Life a) Living Hell Is the Best Revenge.”

I’ll be checking Kathy’s site frequently (or more frequently than I already do) with anticipation of her big announcement. Meanwhile, she links to this cowardly defense of the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s “Section 13″ — which is the Canadian left’s vile bureaucracy that’s mounting a jihad against free speech up north by attacking and prosecuting conservatives who speak the truth, because as we all know, truth is the new “hate speech.” See Bernie Farber and Marvin Kurz, “Hateful Words Can Hurt.” And a key passage at the piece:

Another argument against Section 13 is that, unlike libel law, truth is no defence. But can it ever be “true” that victims of hate speech deserve hatred and contempt? Should someone be entitled to use a tribunal hearing to “prove” that, say African Canadians are inferior, that Jews are rapacious, or that all gays are pedophiles?

Truth is no defense? God, that’s so pathetically f-king stupid it makes me wanna puke. Hello? It doesn’t matter if the truth is painful or not — it’s still the truth. And notice how these idiots Farber and Kurz omit example of real conservative free speech. Did you point out that Islamists proselytize death to the Jews? Lock up that man for that, er, “hate speech”! These progressive asshats and their totalitarian minions will dictate what thoughts are acceptable. It’s already happening, of course, all around us. The world is upside down, in a big way. The biggest lies in today’s world are the inventions of the left. That the war in Iraq was a “debacle.” That the science of climate change is “settled.” That Israel, the Middle East’s original democracy, is an “apartheid state.” The list goes on. The common denominator is that progressives can’t win debate on the merits, so they use totalitarian methods to attack their opponents and shut down debate — despite their narcissistic chest-thumping to the contrary.

See also Closet Conservative, “OMGWords Caused the Holocaust AIYEEEE We’re ALL GONNA DIE!!!,” and Scaramouche, “The Ceej is Dead and Gone But Its Pro-Censorship Zombies Live On.”

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