Democrats Backing Away from Occupy Wall Street

Donald Douglas by Donald Douglas on December 15th, 2011

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See Roll Call, “Occupy, Liberals Can’t Get Together.”

A planned meeting today between the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Occupy Wall Street activists was scuttled late Tuesday after Roll Call inquired about it, highlighting increasing tensions between Democrats and the movement.

While Democrats are adopting the movement’s “99 percent” language, they are increasingly retreating from the protesters themselves and their anti-capitalist rhetoric. Some in the party view the Occupy activists — camped out in grubby tent cities around the country — as a potential liability in 2012.

“Democrats should reject Occupy Wall Street as the spokesmen for the 99 percent,” said Kelly Bingel, who served as former Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s (D-Ark.)chief of staff until 2005 and is now a partner with Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti Inc. “The chance of those guys going out and voting or encouraging anyone else to vote is very low.”

Another Democratic lobbyist and early supporter of President Barack Obama agreed. “I think Democrats need to stay away from embracing OWS. We can acknowledge their frustrations without embracing their movement,” he said. “They are too fringe-y and don’t play well in middle America. Let the Republicans be the party of the angry right. We need to be the party where moderates feel welcomed.”

Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus apparently got cold feet after someone leaked news of the planned #OWS meeting to the press.

Obviously not all Demo-Commies are backing away from these drug addicts, murderers and rapists. Walter James “Occupy” Casper aggressively defends the movement, whining about how it wouldn’t be fair to brand all the movement’s supporters as criminals and communists. No doubt Racist Repsac3 is especially thrilled by Occupy’s anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish bankers.

Video Hat Tip: Lew Waters.

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