Marco Rubio embarrasses Obama and Senate democrats by telling the truth …

Stephen Levine by Stephen Levine on July 8th, 2011

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With all of Obama’s rhetoric that is reminiscent of Marxist-style class rhetoric, the truth is that taxing millionaires 100% will only amount to 10-days of government spending.

Rubio has it right … you need to create taxpayers, not taxes nor more rules and regulations.

Spend 20 minutes with this video and you will know more about the current budget issue than Barack Obama, his unvetted and unconfirmed czars and the rest of his fellow travelers – the progressive democrats with their hands in your pocket.

Learn why Obama is pushing his version based on nothing more than 2012 election politics.

In their own words …

Bottom line …

Common sense in language that everyone can understand. Well worth your time.

— Steve

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