Wisconsin Supreme Court Vote Being Investigated

John Lott by John Lott

John Lott
on April 9th, 2011

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It is good news that the Waukesha County tabulation error is going to be properly investigated. Reuters has this:

Michael Haas, Government Accountability Board staff attorney, told Reuters on Friday the watchdog agency was looking into vote tabulation errors in Republican-leaning Waukesha County which gave the conservative incumbent a net gain of more than 7,000 votes — a lead his union-backed challenger seems unlikely to surmount.

“We’re going to do a review of the procedures and the records in Waukesha before we certify the statewide results,” Haas said.

“It’s not that we necessarily expect to find anything criminal. But we want to make sure the public has confidence in the results.” . . .

But what isn’t mentioned in the news stories is that all six member of the board have been appointed by the previous Democrat Governor. This is important for getting over the anger that many Democrats feel over having lost the vote.

The Government Accountability Board is overseen by six board members. All of them were appointed by former Governor Jim Doyle, a Democrat. . . .

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