House GOP Has Plan to Cut Spending $6 Trillion Over 10 Years; Dems Want to Keep Spending

Jerry McConnell by Jerry McConnell on April 16th, 2011

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Everyone in the United States and also, the rest of the world, knows that this country is spending money like mentally challenged Democrat politicians.  Come to think of it, that’s exactly what has been happening as our socialist-minded, free living for their constituents and heavier payments for the job producing entrepreneurs, liberal Democrats continue to insist on destroying the very financial fibers of our nation.

Compare these two statements from two U. S. House Representatives of each political apparatus; one by the top budget committee person for each:

For the Republicans – Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.:  “People 55 and over would remain in the current system, but younger workers would receive subsidies that would steadily lose value over time. Ryan says those who can pay more will have to do so while lower income Americans will still be covered.”

For the Democrats – Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-MD: “They force seniors to leave the Medicare program and go into the private insurance market where costs continue to rise day in and day out.”

How out of touch with reality and common sense is that top Budget Committee Democrat Van Hollen?  What part of GOP’er Paul Ryan’s statements “People 55 and over would remain in the current system,” (and) “those who can pay more will have to do so while lower income Americans will still be covered” does he NOT understand?

Van Hollen speaks Americanized English; it just must be that he can not interpret or understand it.  Ryan’s statements could not have been made much clearer than how he presented them and yet Van Hollen insists that the GOP Budget Committee Chairman said the opposite.

Let’s look again:

Ryan – those (seniors) 55 and over will remain in the current system and those who can pay more will, while lower income Americans will still be covered.

Van Hollen – they (GOP) force seniors (those 55 and over) to leave the Medicare program into the higher cost private insurance market.

How could anyone in their right mind interpret Ryan’s statement to mean the exact opposite from what he has very simply stated?  Van Hollen is plain old fashioned LYING; stopping the truth at all costs.

Of course it’s the Democrats’ favorite trick of telling the BIG LIE over and over again until their one fourth of our population who are dependent on the small favors they receive from those same prevaricators and purveyors of services for votes are thoroughly sated with the lie and will reward those charlatans with their votes that perpetuate the status quo; their poverty and the Democrats in office.

The real truth of the matter is simply that the socialist liberal Democrats just absolutely refuse to STOP WILD AND CRAZY SPENDING; they MUST spend, spend, spend until our country is destroyed.  It may sound unbelievable but it is Obama’s mission to turn our country into a United Nations lackey state controlled by the One Worlders of immense wealth.

Their hapless and hopeless leader, the villain Obama, that is solely responsible for the country-destroying, treasury depleting, out and out unconscionable, if not illegal, absolute throw-away, give-away schemes to enrich his stable of “pay them and they’ll vote” modern day slaves; the constant 25 percent of the population that are absolutely deep in his pockets now has the gall to state publicly that the Republican budget offers a vision that is “wrong for America.”

Obama re-hashing the tired old Democrat mantra

Obama also accuses the Republicans of “seeking to dimantle venerable safety net programs” and the re-hashing the tired old Democrat mantra, of “choosing tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of students and older adults on Medicare.”  This coming from a man who not only is in the process of dismantling our entire structure of governance and existence by ruining our economical resources and delivering us to a United Nations order of Islamic Sharia Law and One World Order dictatorship.  He deserves to be exiled.

You know of course, don’t you that these poor, unappreciated and so very hard working legislators are going on vacation again; what’‘s that?, you didn’t? Well it’s true; they are headed home this weekend for two whole glorious weeks of daily TV and press interviews and constituent wallet squeezing to fatten the reelection campaign coffers.

Hey,  it’s has been almost two whole months ago since they had a vacation; don’t be so picky.  And the way I like to think about the national legislature being on vacation is that we are in a “safe” period while they are not legislating and spending our tax dollars. Like it or not, they have to get started on their campaign to remain in office that begins any given day now for the November, 2012 national elections.

This hurry up and vacate the Washington, DC landscape was made possible by the continued fleecing of the American taxpayer when the budget for the balance of this fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2011) was passed with the feeble and inept reduction of $38.5 billion of spending cuts; such cuts representing such a miniscule percentage of the overall total as to make it not even worth touting as a saving.  I guess though that it was an anemic improvement over continued spending.

While these pols are resting we had better hope that the ones with mental deficiencies such as Chris Van Hollen, D-MD, who thinks that allowing seniors to remain covered for Medicare means that they will have leave Medicare for private insurance.

It was thinking such as that for people in leadership positions that has caused this country to be on the cusp of a FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR overall debt that our children for generations will be digging out from under.

Remember that in November, 2012.

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