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Larry Wilke by Larry Wilke on February 4th, 2011

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With everyone’s attention focused upon the Mooselim takeover in Egypt, I just thought that I would keep everyone updated on the continual Obama/liberal focused destruction of America..

Nearly 44 million in America are using food stamps. (WSJ 02/03/2011) Please note that I did not state that nearly 44 million AMERICANS are using food stamps. Several million of these lucky liberal lotto winners/recipients “in America” are here ILLEGALLY. I am willing to wager that an unsavory amount of this “several million” are here to participate in the next assault upon America, which will no doubt be instigated by and carried out by, members of the “religion of peace”. In-between cashing these checks they complain of being properly profiled as terrorists at the airport so that those tasked with stopping them can be labeled as “Islaomophobics” in order for them to look the other way when the next “Magnificent Nineteen” comes through the terminal..

The rest are here just to use America as some benevolent ATM machine because the left has told them that they are “entitled” or that stealing my money and redistributing it to these socialist sponges is a “right guaranteed to them in the Constitution”.. This is the downward spiral that takes place when the left magically turns “privileges” into “entitlements” which then become “rights”.. Somehow merely taking up space in America “entitles” you to riches far beyond that which you might have “earned” merely taking up space in the land that you came from..

Here are a few depressing numbers from within this nearly 44 million.. 14.1 percent of the United States is on Obama Stamps. Washington DC, allegedly where Obama resides between weekly vacations, claims 21.9 percent of its occupant loafers are on the Obama Stamps. 20.7 percent of those in Mississippi are content with being “Downwardly Mobile, Obama Style”.. Texas somehow acquired 697,058 NEW mendicants over last year’s total.. Florida is saddled with an additional 563,646 NEW barnacles..

January’s Obama unemployment numbers are up. Who among you is surprised by this information.. “Job creation” is something the liberals like to talk about whenever they are surrounded by the “impartial” media or when they are within a well scrubbed “town hall forum”.. Elsewhere, when the topic is brought up, the liberals “change” the subject.

Gasoline will undoubtedly rise again as the price being demanded by the blackmailers has gone to over $103 dollars a barrel.. Remember that the “California Raisin” Nancy Pelosi PROMISED lower gas prices if the liberals were handed the House of Representatives a few years ago.. The left failed with this imbecilic “promise”, I don’t think that the Republicans during the “midterm massacre” made this kind of a moronic “promise” in order to grab votes but it would be nice if they addressed what the liberals failed to.. Example: remove the ridiculous number of taxes attached to each gallon of gasoline if not permanently, then at least temporarily..

So many idiot liberal pulers say, “all you do is say what Obama does is wrong, why won’t you ever say what you would do..” First off, the logical thing to deduce from the fact that I want America to SUCCEED is to assume that I would do EVERYTHING exactly the opposite of someone whom seems to, by his every political action, want America to FAIL.. Obama RAISES taxes, I would LOWER them. Obama REWARDS sloth, I would PENALIZE it.. Do you follow me?

If this logic proves too cumbersome for the liberals, I will explain what I would do on this topic alone as those who are conservatives already know what needs to be done regardless of topic.. As President, I would IMMEDIATELY begin charging twice the amount for any food items sent to this sandy cesspool. With each increase per barrel an equivalent percentage will be charged for ALL commodities exported to the Middle East. If you need an attractive slogan for this try: “Pay up. Otherwise, enjoy eating your SANDwich, Habib..”

After Obama has kindly given so many of his union buddies a free pass on the ILLEGAL health scare nonsense that everyone ELSE was supposed to pay, he has kept this momentum going by rewarding his “friends” with a free pass when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.. Maybe the new “Jobs Czar”, the former CEO of GE, had something to do with this exemption for GE? Nahhhhhhh..

The fact that ANYONE should receive a “pass” from Obama when it comes to the polluting of the precious environment should have every liberal enviro-nut job marching on Pennsylvania Avenue, however all that you hear relative to this is the sound of crickets.. Pollution is pollution, and according to the Al Gore acolytes, this certainly qualifies as “man made pollution”, so why the need for an “exemption” from Obama? Shouldn’t he want to penalize polluters like his threat to anyone who built a coal burning facility during the campaign? (January 2008, San Francisco Chronicle) Why would Obama want to reward his friends at GE for polluting? Why would the left allow him to do it? Lets look at these probing questions in their order of appearance..

Obama is a liberal, which is the same as the old style communist. They “redistribute” the income of OTHERS while squirreling away whatever they can secure both legally and illegally. The liberals don’t HATE money, they just hate the fact that certain people, people who DISAGREE with them, have it.. Obama rewarding his “friends” will pay him back PERSONALLY many times over, now and for years to come.

The more intriguing point is “why would the left allow him to do it?” If “polluting the environment” were actually the primary concern of the liberals, they would NOT allow him to do it. Again, it’s not “pollution” that bothers the left, its who happens to be doing the alleged “polluting” that becomes the problem that they scream about.. Obviously, GE needs to be “grandfathered” in on this one and I am sure that they will use the “job creation” ruse as its cover.. Could this be one of the “green” jobs that Obama “promised” or would this qualify as one of the “shovel ready” jobs “saved or created” by the Scamulous..

No, I am sorry but pollution is pollution unless one of the liberal “scientists” involved in researching/covering up “globaloney warming” can tell me otherwise.. A greenhouse gas is a greenhouse gas. Where is the left? Where are the enviro-lunatics? If you would like to try to find them they can be found hiding beneath the smelly skirts of the “feminists” who were silent over Bill Clinton’s chronic fondling (and worse..) of any woman within his grasp.. The same feminists who have NOTHING to say about how their “sisters” are being treated within the Middle East..

With the left, it has NEVER been about pollution, or feminism or any of the other faux fallacies they forward. Its all about the left’s desire to watch someone who is mentally malleable as they sweat and squirm.. Anytime that a liberal says that he is doing something for the “people”, rest assured that he is doing it for HIMSELF. Example: $harpton.. Feel free to fill in the blank..

The liberals have always needed a pulpit from which to preach to the masses. The “real” churches turned their backs on the liberals and their heresy. (Which is why all of the liberal pseudo “churches” or the leftist non-churches started popping up..) Since no religious pulpit was available for them (this motivated the liberal hate for the church) they turned to the only pulpit that was available to them. Their symbiosis with the “impartial” media was thus sealed and the media pulpit was exclusively the left’s from that moment onward.. The liberals hoped to invade every Sunday morning service in America, in the end they ended up invading every home in America through the “impartial” media which is now pumping out propaganda twenty-four hours a day to the entire world..

As everyone’s attention is turned to the effective distraction across the sea, I will remained focused on the distraction in the Slight House and his minions..

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